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Info Minister: Penang ban on ‘Tanda Putera’ is stupid

Communication and Multimedia Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek said the ‘ban’ on Tanda Putera in Penang is stupid as it will be impossible for Lim Guan Eng to block the film from reaching audiences in his state.

The May 13 movie directed by Shuhaimi Baba – better known for her Pontianak franchise – is scheduled for release nationwide today.


Shabery said that even should Penang cinemas comply with the DAP-led state government’s “request” not to screen Tanda Putera, nonetheless in today’s world of borderless information dissemination, it is inevitable that the movie would find its way eventually to the protected viewers.

He questioned whether, supposing if Tanda Putera was aired by Astro two or three months down the road, would Guan Eng be able to ban the cable TV station from reaching Penangites.

It is an unprecedented move by any state government, said Shabery, to use its powers in an attempt to ‘ban’ a film — the matter of which comes under the purview of the film censorship board and Home Ministry.

Earlier Penang DAP exco in charge of local government Chow Kon Yeow had announced that the state government would direct its Penang Municipal Council and Seberang Prai Municipal Council to issue “letters” to all cinemas under their jurisdiction and “request” them not to screen the film.


Local councils are the authorities responsible for issuing an operating license to the cinemas.

Shabery, who was met at the Raya open house hosted by Bukit Bintang Umno Youth chief Tengku Azman Tengku Zainol Abidin last night at an open-air eatery in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, also said that Guan Eng’s heavy-handed response smacked of taking Malaysians back to the era of Lee Kuan Yew when an authoritarian government always knows best.

“DAP is PAP”, added the Minister.

Continues with ‘Tanda Putera, Melayu dungu dan calon/parti “sampah” pilihan golongan yang kurang arif

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44 thoughts on “Info Minister: Penang ban on ‘Tanda Putera’ is stupid

  1. Hahaha Penang, DAP, LGE, LKS… Demokrasilah, Kebebasan Bersuaralah, Khalifah lah….. Penipu besar.. baru penang maaa.. belum dpt Malaysia.. dpt Malaysia kalu, 100% movie dtg dr tanah besar dan Taiwan

  2. DAP makin menjauhkan diri drpd org Melayu… teruskan tindakan bodoh LGE yg tak pernah cerdik pun

  3. someone say that UMNO is one step ahead of the opposition parties.

    DAP fell to UMNO’s trap.


    1. Do you why Nichol David remains World Number 1 for 8 straight years and deserve the title? and Why Lee Chong Wei is World Number 1 but always lost where it matters most?

      That’s the analogy.

  4. if DAP’S supporters and other Cina still can’t still see how hypocritical DAP is after this issue, i really don’t know what to say about them laa..

    DAP komplen about freedom of expression, but they want to ban movies pulak.

    Hipokrit betul laaa this DAPisPus.

  5. The DAPster has gone apeshit with the Tanda Putera thing on Malaysiakini.

    SS Dhaliwal
    Movies have an uncanny influence to have an influence especially if they are made right and directed at the malays who are not that smart
    NaN/NaN/NaN NaN:NaN:NaNpm | Report

    “malays who are not that smart”. So SS Dhaliwal is SO smart. He is just fucking racist and supremist. It (yes it) thinks it is so superior.

    wira Will TGV and GSC invite the wrath of cinema goers in urban Penang after knowing how they voted in the last general election? Even the rumor that an UMNO leader of the Bukit Bendera division owned a certain petrol station in Green Lane in the aftermath of that torn poster of the previous CM drew the real owner out to plead against a boycott. This is getting interesting.
    NaN/NaN/NaN NaN:NaN:NaNpm | Report

    “certain petrol station in Green Lane”. Wrong facts. The station is owned by a female mualaf.

    old timer Boycott all cinemas that show the film. That would be an interesting event.
    NaN/NaN/NaN NaN:NaN:NaNpm | Report

    So since we cannot see Tanda Putera, my movie night will be Kick Ass 2.

      1. Helen, no she was not only well known for her Pontianak franchise. She was known way early for Selubung, Ringgit Kasorgga and Layar Lara. I suggest you to watch them if you haven’t already.

        Ironically most of her movies (before she delved into period themed movies, like Hati Malaya and now, Tanda Putera) had the tarik tali of an urban values with traditional values among Malaysians. No, she does not cerita only about the Melayus in her movies, she had always make it a point to be inclusive way before Tiara J did musical theater Puteri Gunung Ledang. She had made 1Malaysia movies way before 1Malaysia was coined by our government.

        But of course to these people, the one who had not known her or her movies, like LGE and gangs, Namewee has taken that spot with flying colors, with his 1Malaysia Cina Kencing Melayu scene!

  6. Local authorities have no jurisdiction on the content of the film. It is the auspices of KDN’s LPF.

    The Cinema is also bounded by FINAS rule that require “wajib tayang” local movie to be shown. Otherwise, their icense will be withdrawn.

    Will Finas has the balls to act? Since the new Director General is as balless as Lim Guan Eng who fear rakyat will know what DAP did that summer of 69, it is left to Shabery to show that at least someone in Najib’s cabinet has balls.

    So far it is Guan Eng that has the guts to do something.

    1. re: “Local authorities have no jurisdiction on the content of the film.”

      Am aware. But the council can turn the screws on the cinema operators in other ways like make the process of renewing their licence/permit difficult, or finding fault with the premises or other means to disrupt the smooth running of their business.

      1. And this wreaks of abuse of power. If Anwar used his power and influence to stymie the sodomy investigation back in the day, and was subsequently punished for it, then I am sure legal action can be taken against not only the cinema operators, as claimed by the director, but also the DAP swine who threatened them.

  7. The penangites made the right decision for dumping the hyper hypocrite Umno BN in 2008 and 2013. EVen the nasi kandar sellers in mainland and island are happy with the state government now.

      1. Coolies,

        You still have that ‘coolie’ mentality after eon years your ancestors first set foot in this country as coolies. Keep it up and you’d be an endangered specie and highly in demand – to be hunted down, that is

  8. Sama sahaja politik cina dap ini dengan melayu umno. Mereka terlalu gemar menunjuk kuasa. Bilakah agaknya ahli politik malaysia ini mahu matang.

  9. saya tidak fikir tindakan LGE membuktikan bahawa “So far it is Guan Eng that has the guts to do something” – kata News Addict.

    saya melihat tindakan beliau lebih kepada tindakan seorang yang terlalu takut dengan bayang-bayang sejarah silam yang dilakukan oleh bapanya LKS yang bakal ditayangkan dalam filem Tanda Putera ini.

    apapun, saya lebih suka tunggu dan lihat reaksi penonton yang dijangka akan menilai filem ini samada ianya cuma membangkitkan nostalgia dan berakhir dengan cakap-cakap atau akan menimbulkan polemik yang lebih panjang……

    saya pun nak ke pawagam jugak tapi bikan di Penang….hehe

  10. lim guan eng big mouth lidah bercabang. freedom of speech, freedom of expression.. poorah.. bullshit. now i can see true colour of DAP. he is taiko now… do you think the malays will trust him?

    the more kuku besi and anti malay the more the malays become ULTRA.. thanks DAP by doing this we Malays forever never trust the DAP and chinese majority.. before got power to Putrajaya you show us what the chinese can do to Malays.. proven in Singapore, penang. this is big lesson to us the Malays never and ever trust you eventhough you try to be friendly to us.

      1. Jangan lupa bahawa Ketua Pemuda MCA Wee Ka Siong pun mengetengahkan pendekatan yang sama.

          1. I am very certain that all MCA leaders including Chuak Soiled Leg voted for the opposition in GE 13. Tidak syak lagi mereka ni gunting dalam lipatan. Apa lagi Najib mahu buat? Gendang Cina dah, beri makan percuma dah dan dengar khabar akan beri tanglung pulak. Najib masih bermimpi untuk mendapatkan pelukan hangat daripada kaum Cina tapi kaum Cina tidak peduli. Kesian Najib!

  11. kerajaan selangor (suara dap tak kurang kuat jugak) & kelantan tak mau join ke? this is merely a lks & co’s personal fight. what if they produced own version also based on facts 100% in name of kebebasan bersuara, apa macam?

  12. The Komtar Potentate and his apparatchiks really know how to screw principles in a big way.

    What is amazing about this whole fiasco is that it displays the submerged racism in PR kool aid drinkers.

    While I have no idea if Tanda Putera is really the load of horse manure its own director makes it out to be, I do not for one minute believe in censorship or banning or whatever other forms of control are used to make Malaysians even more of a culture of “offendedness”.

    If I had it my way, there would be a double bill of Tanda Putera and The New Village.

  13. During Ramadan and Hari Raya, DAP’s tried to ‘woo’ Malays closer to them by engaging themselves in bersahur, berpuasa, held open housela..

    Now DAP is ‘shooing’ Malays away from them by banning this movie in Penang.

    Talk about conflicting actions.

    Is DAP mad or simply stupid?

  14. Airport leaking water, flooding on roads, crime– claim they are under purview of federal government. Cinema playing movie that depicts the true swine-like nature of DAP leaders– suddenly the laws can be bent to suit DAP needs.

    DAP make pigs look bad. At least PIGs follow the laws of nature. DAP doesn’t follow any laws. They’d break the law of gravity it could make the Lim dynasty look good.

    1. re: “DAP doesn’t follow any laws.”

      They’re shape shifters too. Can easily and fluidly take on whatever form expedient to suit the time and purpose.

      If the DAP evangelist leaders are consummate opportunists, what does that make their followers?

  15. Biasanya laju itu Towkey2 cetak rompak kasi bikin CD haram? Ini kali apa macam?

    BTW subs kena adakan dlm berbilang bahasa kerana ramai Rakyat Malaysia yg cannot communicate in Bahasa Kebangsaan tak faham.

    Tak bole usahakan jual movie online ke? Anak saya kat Jordan dn Russia, siblings dan kawan2 mereka kat UK pun teringgin sangat nak tonton serentak?

    1. Tapi depa dah sabotak KL Gangster 2..dah ada online, kesian Shamsul dan Yusuf Haslam! Sapala yang punya angkara tu!

      Kawan saya (husband dia producer Azura terbaru) kata ada seorang produser famous kat Malaysia ni ada connection dengan taiko DVD cetak rompak!

      Filem-filem, kalau mau untung lebih, atau filem tak laku, kalau mau cover cost, boleh jual sama itu taiko melalui ini produser!

  16. Kawan Cina aku dah tonton.. nothing wrong.. it’s purely history and academic.. LGE stupid he said..

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