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J-Star takes potshots at Tanda Putera

Comment by Sabahan18 @ 2013/08/29 at 9:45 pm

In Komtar (Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak) Tanda Putera no show

Curious about Tanda Putera

Pengarang The Star Online
The Star Online editor Philip

 Failing flat

Below tweets by the J-Star reporters. Go to the paper’s Storify for the rest of the Bintang Tiga evangelista attitude.

Tanda Putera - live on Storify - Nation Patrick

Tanda Putera - live on Storify - Rashvin

The rest of the J-Star story can be read @


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65 thoughts on “J-Star takes potshots at Tanda Putera

  1. “As a docu, it failed. As a drama, it was boring. As a historical piece, it fell flat.”

    Exactly what I thought. Acting was rigid and I saw vehicles and buildings that obviously were made after 1969..

      1. The message is that Suhami Baba does a bad job of directing period movies.

        I watched parts of Hati Malaya and Tanda Putera and both of them had wooden acting, cliched plot, and rigid melodrama. I have seen better works from local film students.

        1. “I watched parts of Hati Malaya and Tanda Putera ”

          You came late to the cinema or you left early?

            1. Cheapskate! So do you expect us to take your commentary seriously? Commentaries base on watching parts and parts only?

              At least better than HH and Conrad, commenting the film and the director without ever having to watch the movie. That I give to you!

              1. Do you think I am going to spend time and money to watch a poorly made movie? I am glad I actually streamed it from a pirate movie website as it saved the trouble of going all the way to the cinema, and paying money to waste an evening and get bored.

                1. Good for you AC-DC. Till the day these cowards (unfortunately the Komtar Potentate falls into this category with his attempt at banning) don’t ban movies etc which offends their sensibilities, don’t fall into the suckers trap of “not judging until you have seen it.”

                  These same morons don’t have the cajones to let market forces decide a fate of a movie, book, artwork etc, in other words letting people make up their own minds if they want to censor or not.

                  This hack director provides plenty of ammo with what she says and this is more than enough to pour scorn over her “creative” ability or lack thereof.

                  1. Now that Tanda Putera has been shown, The New Village should be screened at the theatres too.

                    But I found the trailer for the New Village to be just as cliched and formulaic. It was just like those period drama serials you see on evening television with a cliched storyline. I wonder if the trailer did justice to the movie itself.

                    1. As someone who thinks that cinema halls are places of worship I’m always attempting to discover Malaysian films which transcend whatever constraints that Malaysian society places on them.

                      I think U-Wei has done a pretty good job when it comes to the above, with Kaki Bakar going on my list of all time great flicks.

                  2. ‘But I found the trailer for the New Village to be just as cliched and formulaic. It was just like those period drama serials you see on evening television with a cliched storyline. I wonder if the trailer did justice to the movie itself.’

                    ACDC, don’t kid yourself just yet. You being smart ass kiasu that you are. Sabar. Tunggu satu tahun dan tengok itu filem tu la ah, brader.

                    ‘I think U-Wei has done a pretty good job when it comes to the above, with Kaki Bakar going on my list of all time great flicks.’

                    And as for you ayya, I’m sure you had read it some where. Don’t know why. Somehow I just did.

  2. Helen,

    I have only watched Cerita Melayu “Bunohan” as recommended by many film critics in the recent past.

    Now since, LGE and his gangs really hates this movie, I will take my family to enjoy the movie.

    Thank you LGE for promoting this movie.

  3. Kita ikut saja lah teladan Jepun;

    ….Award-winning Japanese film on the atomic bombing of Hiroshima – About 500,000 teachers from around the nation chipped in to help finance the filming.

    “Bomb survivors in Hiroshima wanted to share their experiences in the form of a movie, and we would like to pass down their desire to future generations,” said Masako Tsukamoto, a member of the Otsu group. THE ASAHI SHIMBUN…

    Tanda Putra should come up with Tanda Putra Part 2. This time turn it into weekly drama series?

    1. Lama juga director tak buat filem ketiga Pontianak.
      Cadangan: Jangan buat Pontianak 3 pasal itu Maya pun sudah tua. Rainbow boleh masuk tapi lead mesti Melayu – nanti semua bising.

      Buat reboot Pontainak. Kena multiracial memandangkan ada Pontainak bukan Melayu. Kena ada Pontainak Cina, Pontianak India dan Lain-lain Pontainak termasuk Banglatianak dan Myamnak. To be fair Male Pontianak dan Gay Pontianak.

      Saya cadangkan kita buat cerita Pontainak sejarah.

      Pontianaks vs Tokong The Pontainak Killer
      Dalam 3D dan IMAX (in selected theatres only).
      Edisi 35MM untuk tontonan Felda.
      Juga dalam English dubbing dengan Hong Kong celebs in US slang untuk tontonan penonton yang high class.

    2. We should do the movie on the Japanese Occupation in Malaya, where the Cina DAP were practically being hunt down by the Japanese. Cina DAP during that time according my late dad had to wear songkok and baju Melayu to avoid and hide from the Japanese.

      How about that?

      Tak tahulah nak cakap apa cina ni kat mana-mana pun orang tak suka, the Japanese, Korean, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, the US, the UK. In the US and The UK Cina DAP will automatically identify themselves as Malaysian for fear of backlash and to differentiate themselves from Mainland Chinese. .

      1. On the contrary, we should support the filming of a movie about the Japanese Occupation of Malaya depicting how the Chinese merchant class colluded with the Japanese Military to flee/rob/plunder not only their fellow Chinese but also other Malayans.

        That way, present day Malaysians, specifically the younger generation of Malays and other Natives, will have a much clearer understanding of the nature of these Chinese.

        I believe such a film will also receive a much more favorable response from Malaysian public since the majority of the actors playing lead characters are going to be Chinese.

        1. Do not forget to include the collusion of some Malay leaders with the Japanese. That way all Malaysians regardless of race will know how the ruling one percent take them for a ride.

          1. Also please include the time when the Japanese had left the country much to the delight of the komunis! A lot of story to tell wor. Meaty stuff!

      2. Countries u listed sikit sangat tuuu. Solomon Islands, Tonga, many African countries rata rata la – Google aje. Semua host countries face similar problems bukan kat Malaysia saja.

        Jenis ni lain sikit, sejarah sendiri mereka sembunyi, anak cucu pun tak tau asal usul sebenar mereka ni. News dari J-Star sekadar untuk mereka yg gedik2 jadi lebih tergedik. Bangsa Jepun amat beza, sekali kena bomb cukup2 insaf.

        Series drama Tanda Putra 11 ajak Negara2 lain join dan Jacky Chan co-direct sure Academy award materia. Movie dia Sinjuku Incident best (hmmm) kena tengok ya. Here we will understand kenapa ujud Kongsi gelap, why TOO many of them are so anti Gomen/Establishment and KOPEK (mengaku Malaysians tapi sepatah tak faham Bahasa Kebangsaan, adat dan budaya orang tempatan sebenda pun tak reti).

        1. The Malaysian Chinese should watch a Chinese movie ‘Back to 1942’. It tells the story about villagers in Henan who had to flee their village because of famine. They had to travel hundreds of miles by carts (the privileged ones) and on foot (the majority) in the dead of winter. During their journey, they were attacked by the Japanese who dropped bombs on them and many were killed. Because of hunger, many also had resorted to cannibalism. Chiang Kai Chek did nothing to help these refugees and as a result, millions of them died.

          It is based on a true story and it is an eye opener. Remember that your ancestors were not amongst the privileged ones. There is nothing to grandiose about your race as your ancestors were merely coolies and were imported by the British to come here as they had foreseen bleak future for them in their own motherland. And yet your people (the majority of you) berkelakuan sombong, bongkak and biadap to the natives. Kaum Cinalah satu kaum yang tak sedar diri! Dimana-mana negara pun amat membenci kaum ni. Why? Ask yourself!

          1. Sebab tu la orang gasar behave like how they had been behaving. These are not aristocrats are they? Maybe we had ask too much from these orang gasar?!

            1. islam 1st,

              Agree. Maybe we had expected too much from these keturunan coolie. The assumption is since they are from the same stock as the Japanese and Koreans, they would have the same budi bahasa and tatasusila. Tapi anggapan kita salah.

          2. arab american should watch homeland, a series produced by the great american, no doubt the american would claim inspired by true story.

            i believe the arab of the 6th century have immense sympathy and heart toward famine, people suffer under tyranny and definitely abhor on cruelness by invaders and warmongering idiot. but look at their cucu cicit today.

            watch homeland, see what the terrorist did to the merciful and frail american.

  4. As a film..I must say that I was quite dissapointed. A lot more could be done. Perhaps Uwei or Dain would have made it a better film.

    But after watching that film, I have learned to respect Tun Razak and Tun Ismail a lot more than I have. Kudos goes to their wives as well.

    Ironically this film had made me more wanted Najib to leave ala Tunku as depicted in the film with calls from the grass root and Tun M, of course! The more also I get to despised Nazir for his remark was the antithesis of what his father had fought for till his death. I doubt any UMNO leaders are willing to sacrifice the way the late Tun Razak and his close confidante and Timbalan, Tun Ismail. Maybe Tun M would. He would have made Tun Razak proud, if he gets to witness the progress we had made as a nation being led by him.

    After that, the perjuangan had just gone downhill. We have gone from a PM who had slept throughout his tenure to a PM who seems awake but couldn’t stop to daydream. It is all my periuk nasi and nothing else, for UMNO leaders these days. Shame on them. The pengkhianat bangsa sure knows what I’m talking about!

    Ya but a lot of Melayu Bodo! Melayu Balik Kampung! And Ptuihhhhh! Ptuihhhhh! Ptuihhhhh!
    Ah there’s one Cina who had kencing at the bendera Selangor Datuk Haron’s flagpole and proclaiming “Haron, lu boleh berambus kl kami punya” klu xsilap la!

    But the movie tries to be fair by potraying bad Cina and bad Melayu with good Malaysians caught in the middle!

    Anti DAP and Communists like Helen should have watch the film!

    1. Am watching tomorrow. Also reading Tun Dr Ismail’s biography The Reluctant Politician.

        1. The book says that Dr M wanted MCA to stay out of government after the May 1969 elections and the party’s losses.

  5. Ms H. The whole Tanda Putera is just a Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP storm in a tea-cup – for want of an issue or horse, even any filem will do – just to create big noise and attract the attention of the naive, the holy-holy and the like. Otherwise, after failing to grab power at Putrajaya in 3 EASY STEPS, 1997, 2008, 2013, how to wait till 2018 or explain to the spiritual Boss, LKY, why the poor fella had to wait more than 47 long years seeing these DAP fellas contemplating their navels or having fun and games like all Malaysians including myself. Malaysia Boleh !

  6. They not taking potshot. It looks like Agenda to me. Why send two non Malay to view film? The Rashvin guy is obviously biased and cock eyed even before stepping into movie theatre while the Patrick guy probably go to the same church as big mama Hannah Yeoh. At least balance up with a Malay view on the movie. The muka bulat editor should relocate his office to Komtar. Hitler Lim Guan Eng will like him much much. Betcha Rashvin and Patrick will shed tears and give glowing review at New Village screening.

    1. What is wrong with sending two non Malays to watch the movie?

      Are non Malays not qualified to review the movie?

  7. what do you expect from this group of perasan hebat high class bunch.. after this if they ever get the chance to watch the the new village movie they will say it is a TRULY MALAYSIAN movie.. they will praise it as a must watch movie. for all malaysian.. bla..bla..bla.. boleh blah lah

  8. I guess when you’ve run out of bombs, shells and bullets to shoot at it, sticks and stone will also do la.

    Minds are like parachute, they will work only when they are open.

  9. Hi Helen,

    1. Whatever, those skunks will always in their bad smell. The Malays will never be their good friends. When are they going to accept the facts that ” learn from history”. Are they really Malaysians? I doubt it.

    2. Very funny indeed. So called ” educated” but very low in morality. From my observations, their comments in blogs, fb, digital medias etc undermining all the Malay leaders, overall the Malays and Islam. Any chance, such issues will be at their fingger tips. No more brains ! Again, educated with no brains ! Parrots of course, to the belief that was propagated during pre merdeka days. One race ! Only the chinese race !

    3. They say Ubah ! What type of Ubah? Don’ t even try to be true Malaysians ! For the past 50 years, the gen X, gen Y will never be XY or any other scientific names given, in the name of Rakyat Malaysia. The soul is empty. What do you expect ?

    4. My advice is to young chinese Malaysians, open up your minds, Tanda Putra is to learn the history, the true story of Negara Kita, Malaysia Berdaulat, Tanah Tumpah Darah ku. Ubah yourselves not be “jumud”.

    5. Being respectful to your neighbours and not being ” enemy to the state”. Mix and learn !

  10. Since we are talking movies, the DAPsters are criticizing Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh again, this time in a Hong Kong film webpage. The story about the Crouching Tiger sequel. What is wrong with this people?

    Nurul Izzah says:
    May 19, 2013 at 12:35 am
    I will not watch this movies if Michelle Yeoh was started in this Malaysia .
    She was traitor of Malaysia ,for all Malaysia who still want justice for Teoh Beng Hock ,Altantunya ,Kugan and blackout 505 .please boycott this movies if Michelle Yeoh was in.

    AhQue says:
    May 20, 2013 at 2:44 am
    if she is not a politician – why is she so close to the politicians and politics.
    She is a prostitute. Money can BUY her.
    I will boycott her. I hope everyone does too.

    chky says:
    May 19, 2013 at 8:08 am
    i will not go for michelle yeoh’s movie too, between it’s illuminati.. satanic worship

    TMLim says:
    May 22, 2013 at 8:01 am
    what she does in realife does not reflect on the movie she does..then I think you should boycott all jacky chan film too..

    I support PR & goes to many of their event.

    I will boycott michelle yeoh, but i’m not gonna boycott a good movie IF the movie is good..

    wut if all big movies like transformers 4, avengers 2, star wars 7, etc have michelle yeoh in it? then, PLEASE DONT WATCH..but I can gurantee u sure go download it or buy pirated dvd to watch it inside you house, even if your mouth speak otherwise.

    yakuza says:
    May 19, 2013 at 6:29 am
    I will boycott this movie if michelle yeoh start in this movie,she a disgrace to all malaysia ,
    Come on hire other actress,this old chick is just overated .

    Ernie says:
    May 19, 2013 at 9:03 am
    I will boycott this movie too if michelle yeoh in it. Pointless to support her since she support racism (against Chinese) and media blackout by Barisan. What i heard she receive lot of money and contract by supporting this party.

    Tuachi says:
    May 21, 2013 at 3:38 am
    Yap, no loss for boycotting her movies.she is overrated and not much of a good actress anyway except for her no lingo part in James Bond 007.A one time bond girl and a BN polisher is what she is really good at.MY family and I even boycott the milk brand that she endorsed.

    TMLim says:
    May 22, 2013 at 8:05 am
    btw, dat is not her movie..she’s not the main actor, she’s not the director & not even the “HER MOVIE”…lol

    1. Michelle is doing great. There’s no need to worry for her. She’s an international film star. Her audience is global. If these gangsters boycott her films, its their business.

      What can we expect from these gangsters ? Let me remind you that these gangsters are the descendants of coolies brought by the white men from China from the 17th century right up the late 19th century. The triads and other criminal groups now terrorizing our streets are the progeny of these coolies. Remember this.

      1. Re. If these gangsters boycott her films, its their business.

        Hong Kong entertainment industry is controlled by the gangster. Michelle has been there for ages and has dealt with worst. She is not only business savvy but also street smart.

      2. Re: “The triads and other criminal groups now terrorizing our streets are the progeny of these coolies. Remember this.”

        Seriously ? You really want to go with this ?

        1. “The triads and other criminal groups now terrorizing our streets are the progeny of these coolies. Remember this.”

          Why, which part you can’t seem to relate yourself into?

  11. Jaguh demokrasi, jaguh liberalisasi, jaguh free speech, kebebasan berugama, gender right, gay marriage blah..blah.. blah…..bila tiba kat wayang Tanda Putera — tak boleh tak boleh sebab dah kena ke batang hidung sendiri.. itu tak bagus ini tak bagus — tapi bila tiba wayang yang war-war parti komunis malaya –ok, ok, ok —- betullah tali barut dan cucu cicit parti komunis malaya.

  12. Dap lidah bercabang. now LIM guan eng cakap dia tak pernah kata Tanda Putra diharamkan. cuma menasihatkan saja. Tapi dalam surat PBT dia arahkan Tanda Putra diharamkan di pawagam.

    Takkan kali ini typo error kot. dulu excell typo error. Cec technical error. Tanda Putra mulut error. hai ya how come DAP have this type of leader. kata slogan CAT..apa punya CAT. Transperancy digunakan hanya waktu tertententu, masa tertenttu dan orang tertentu..

      1. Lebih kepada tak fasih dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan Negara sendiri. Maka miscommunication atau yg keluarkan surat cuba pusing2 bagi nampak lembut sikit. Anih, ttangan surat sorang Melayu.. Gang Melayu jenis Zairil ke?

        Tu pasal apa saja Utusan mereka terlompat2. Surat ROS pun mengangis tersedu2… issshh KOPEK betul.

        1. Macam Hannah Yeoh yang salahkan kerani Melayu yang tulis anaknya sebagai Cina. Samalah macam mamat Melayu yang tandatangan surat kaki buli LGE, so dia boleh buat alasan bukan dia yang tulis atau arahkan surat tersebut ditulis, tapi salah mamat Melayu tu yang menurut perintah. Lidah Bercabang Papan Atas!

    1. AK47,

      Thanks for the link. I didn’t read all the comments but from what I had read so far, I could gather that many Singaporeans are not happy with their government policies. They also feel that they have been sidelined when comes to job opportunities as preferential treatment are given to foreigners from other countries including Malaysia. And yet Malaysian Chinese are still not satisfied for what they have in Malaysia and yearn to be like their Singapore brethren because what they see is $$$$ signs.

      1. Aku Melayu. The 90% of the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, are stupid because they are the best treated in Malaysia better than in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and the rest of the World. These Malaysian Chinese behave like this for 2 reasons. i) The weak political leadership of the now red MCA and the now Blue Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP ii) The de-tribalization of the Malaysian Chinese (only) below the age of 40 from urbanization and strangely, the NEP! No Chinese in the whole World will vote against the ruling Government except by the Malaysian Chinese who look like Chinese but actually, they are hollow, argumentative and without a cultural ballast. The decades of brainwashing of these naive souls by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore and the compartmentalization of bad news on Singapore by the Malaysian Government made the Malaysian Chinese mind-set without a proper political leadership. On the one hand, the Blue turn Red MCA leadership was focus on making money and left to us to resolve since 1949 1) the wherewithal of the existence of the Chinese in Malaysia and in relation to the other communities. 2) the unnecessary politicization of a language, Mandarin.

        1. Sorry. I continue. On the other, the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP founded by LKY in 1966 spent 47 long years doing nothing for the Malays, Bumiputras, Chinese, Indians and all but contemplated their navels and picked quarrel with others. Now LKY has published a book which hinted that the DAP leadership might be sleeping with the wrong fellas. This shows the inferior intellect of the DAP which could not even takeover Putrajaya in 3 EASY STEPS in 1997, 2008, 2013 ! And even the brilliant LKY bungled with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore. What do you expect this dysfunctional DAP leadership to do ? It can only do worse as you can see every day, quarreling, complaining, insulting etc.etc. A political party is formed to rule not to quarrel !

          The Malaysian Chinese must find themselves in themselves and not be hoodwinked by all these smoothies from across the seas, the Seven Seas.

      2. Aku Melayu. Your interpretation is correct. the 90% of the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, are stupid vide. Tremeritus, LKY’s book, HY big mouth comments etc. The Chinese are the best treated in Malaysia better than in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and the rest of the World. But their political leadership in the now Red MCA and the Blue DAP is weak and self

        1. And also to an extent certain Indians and Malays who had wanted to become the ‘90% Chinese’ by emulating among others, their rhetorics.

    1. Thanks again AK47. BTW, are you also ‘Mubarakchan’ a regular commentator in che det blog? If so, I’m curious to know why do you use the name ‘Mubarak’, if you don’t mind satisfying my enquiry mind?

      1. AK47,

        It is very interesting to note that Singapore (no. 81) fared worst than Malaysia (no. 64) in term of democracy. In fact Singapore is in the same league as Guatemala and Tanzania! HaHaHa! Surprise! Surprise! DAP leaders are eager beavers to emulate PAP and had hookwinked the Chinese community into voting for them en bloc in GE 13 by their rhetoric bullshits ‘freedom of expression, justice for all and DEMOCRACY’. Yes, DEMOCRACY Singapore style!

        One of the commentators called PAP government of Singapore ‘Leegime’, then DAP government of Penang should be known as ‘Limgime’!

              1. HY is sure a communist sympathizer. All this while I thought HY was a ‘she’ judging from her, oops, Pardon me! his comments. Maybe HY is a he/she….who is also full of emotions (again judging from HY’s comments) .

                She did, oops, sorry again! He did take a potshot at AK47 for agreeing with me. HY denounced me a wannabe American…..blah, blah, blah…..Well HY, I’m a Malaysian and don’t intend to renounce my Malaysian citizenship although have been offered American citizenship many times. I’m very patriotic and a nationalist and my migration to the US is solely based on my husband’s job prospect in Malaysia and the difficulty of getting a Malaysian PR. If these 2 issues could be solved, I wouldn’t want to live in another country except Malaysia. Although I have been in the States for many many years, I couldn’t care less about American politics and couldn’t be bothered whether the President is a Democrat or a Republican. But I do care very much who is the PM of Malaysia.

                1. Re. HY is sure a communist sympathizer.

                  Are you out of your mind. HY is an UMNO victim dulu kini dan selamanya…

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