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Aiyoyo, Najib lantik Wong Chun Wai jadi ahli lembaga pemegang amanah

Di antara para con-sultant melambak-lambak yang telah dilantik oleh Perdana Menteri Najib Razak keliling pinggang, satu lagi yang termasuk dalam senarai panjang “perunding pakar” dengan tag harga mahal-mahal mereka ialah CEO The J-Star Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai.

Najib adalah penaung Global Movement of Moderates (GMM) Continue reading “Aiyoyo, Najib lantik Wong Chun Wai jadi ahli lembaga pemegang amanah”

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KJ’s delicious irony on the CEC reelection

“DAP has to ask itself why Malays won’t join the party even though it has been around for a while,” Khairy Jamaluddin is quoted as saying in response to the DAP central executive committee election results. See today’s Malaysiakini, ‘Khairy taunts “undemocratic” DAP‘.

KJ notes that Malays won’t join DAP.

That’s okay. If Malays refuse to do so, the same objective can be achieved the other way around. Dapsters can always join Khairy’s Youth Ministry. Continue reading “KJ’s delicious irony on the CEC reelection”

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Pemilihan CEC: Calon-calon Melayu DAP masih dipandang enteng

Seramai 1,823 perwakilan telah mengambil bahagian dalam proses mengundi dalam pemilihan DAP pada bulan Disember 2012 sementara dalam pemilihan DAP yang baru berlangsung semalam, 1,725 orang ahli telah membuang undi,

Dalam pemilihan asal tahun lepas, 68 calon masuk gelanggang dan nama-nama mereka dikekalkan dalam senarai ulang.

Continue reading “Pemilihan CEC: Calon-calon Melayu DAP masih dipandang enteng”

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DAP re-election: Zairil proves his ‘Chinese’ credentials

Lim Guan Eng obtains 272 votes less today than he did when DAP originally held its central executive committee (CEC) election in December 2012. According to the latest announcement on the vote tally, the Dear Leader logged 1,304 votes compared with the 1,576 votes he had gotten the last time during the invalid party electon. Continue reading “DAP re-election: Zairil proves his ‘Chinese’ credentials”

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Makhluk belaan British dan belaian Umno

Fakta sejarah: Cina di Tanah Melayu memang sokong gerila komunis (MPAJA) dan the Malayan Communist Party (MCP).

Dr Khong Kim Hoong, seorang bekas pensyarah profesor madya di Universiti Malaya berkata: “The MCA was never accepted as an alternative to the MCP by those who were even mildly sympathetic to the cause of the communists.”

Continue reading “Makhluk belaan British dan belaian Umno”

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Pasal abu Chin Peng, MCA bertengkar dengan KDN

Satu lagi kenyataan akhbar dikeluarkan MCA hari ini:

“in retaliation to mine [Heng Seai Kie] and other MCA leaders, [Deputy Home Minister] Wan Junaidi was also reported to have said that “MCA is free to voice its opinions, but the government makes the decision in the end.”

“By this, is Wan Junaidi trying to say MCA is not a part of BN which is the current ruling government?” — statement by MCA publicity bureau chairman cum MCA deputy national organising secretary Continue reading “Pasal abu Chin Peng, MCA bertengkar dengan KDN”

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The City Harvest Church cover-up and how evangelistas operate

It is in fact “common” for churches to discreetly fund evangelism projects with a “secular face” in countries that disapprove of open gospel preaching, according to lawyer(s) for six City Harvest church leaders who are being charged for corruption, embezzlement and fraud.

The defence for the church told the Subordinate Court yesterday that there was nothing wrong about their underhanded methods, said an article in the [Singapore] Straits Times. Continue reading “The City Harvest Church cover-up and how evangelistas operate”

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UPDATED: Chin Peng’s legacy of Bintang Lima

The J-Star reported today: “For what he has done, it was done because he loved the country.”


Hat-tip to Mulan for the lead. — 2.02pm, 18 Sept


The J-Star splashed a big picture of Chin Peng on its front page today with the provocative banner headline ‘Dead but not buried’.

In the inside pages, the headlines were ‘Chin Peng’s last wish to go unfulfilled’ and ‘Chin Peng’s ashes should be allowed home, says Kit Siang’, spanning pages 10, 11, 12, 14 and 24.

Continue reading “UPDATED: Chin Peng’s legacy of Bintang Lima”

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Pemerkasaan agenda Melayu; golongan miskin India tetap disisih

Purata jangkaan hayat untuk seseorang lelaki di Malaysia ialah 72.0 tahun.

(a) Seseorang lelaki Cina di Malaysia pada puratanya akan mencapai usia 74.5 tahun. Seseorang lelaki keturunan India di Malaysia pula pada puratanya akan hidup sehingga umur 68.0 tahun sahaja.

Continue reading “Pemerkasaan agenda Melayu; golongan miskin India tetap disisih”

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Kolumnis J-Star dilantik jadi pengarah komunikasi PKR

Kolumnis JStar yang disebutkan itu ialah Fahmi Fadzil, iaitu setpol Nurul Izzah.

Sifat sesumpah The JStar memang terlalu licik. Misalnya, kolum Fahmi pada 30 Ogos telah dihiasi dengan gambar patriotik Jalur Gemilang tetapi isi kandungan rencananya mempromosi bendera Malaysian Spring pembangkang. Continue reading “Kolumnis J-Star dilantik jadi pengarah komunikasi PKR”

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Tun Dr Ismail: Kalau dah hidup segan mati tak mahu, baik cerai saja

Selepas kekalahan teruk MCA dalam pilihanraya Mei 1969, Timbalan Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman menyatakan pendapatnya:

“Thus in the 1969 elections the sensitive issues of National Language and Special Rights handicapped the Alliance generally and caused the bloodshed of May 13th. Continue reading “Tun Dr Ismail: Kalau dah hidup segan mati tak mahu, baik cerai saja”

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Media pembangkang mendakwa “Muslims don’t own the word ‘Allah’; they never have”

Pengarang The Nut Graph Jacqueline Ann Surin dalam rencananya tentang kemelut kalimah Allah bertajuk ‘BN-style resolution to Allah issue‘ telah mendakwa perkataan ‘Allah’ bukan milik orang Islam serta puak Muslim tidak pernah pun memilikinya.

Membalun Menteri Agama Jamil Khir Baharom sebagai seorang yang tidak keruan percakapannya, Jacqueline Ann Surin menulis:

“Hence, Jamil Khir’s proposal for an interfaith dialogue is either a half-baked public relations exercise to demonstrate that the Malaysian government is fair to all, or, Allah help us all, the minister doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

Continue reading “Media pembangkang mendakwa “Muslims don’t own the word ‘Allah’; they never have””

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DAP logo prominently displayed by The J-Star

The photo below appeared in both the print edition of The J-Star today as well as in the Bintang Lima’s online version in the article titled ‘Gearing up for Mid-Autumn festival‘.

You can see the DAP ‘Ubah’ hornbill mascot complete with the party’s rocket logo on the right of the picture. Continue reading “DAP logo prominently displayed by The J-Star”

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Allah issue: Christians say it is “urban terrorism” by “BN-sponsored fascism”

A Christian peninsular High Court judge delivered the ‘Allah’ verdict on 31 Dec 2009. You can read the full text of Justice Lau Bee Lan’s judgement HERE.

Peninsular Christians have accused Umno of starting the whole Allah issue. Read The Nut Graph article of 12 January 2010 which said that far from being a moderate Muslim state, Malaysia has become “a fascist state under BN rule“.

Continue reading “Allah issue: Christians say it is “urban terrorism” by “BN-sponsored fascism””