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The Star CEO says Tanda Putera did not blame Chinese for May 13 riots

The J-Star group editor and acting CEO Wong Chun Wai seems to be feeling the heat from Malay bloggers.

So now, to curry favour from the Malays, Wong is slamming the “hysterical hostility” (headline of his column today) against Tanda Putera … even though it was his own reporters who were the first to mock and ridicule the movie plus his own paper that was regurgitating Lim Guan Eng’s criticisms.

Wong wrote:

“Reaction to the movie Tanda Putera is one example. The hysterical hostility towards the movie is unbelievable. I was among the earliest to be invited by Datuk Shuhaimi Baba, the director, to watch the show and to give my views.”

Since Wong claims that he was among the very first to be given a sneak preview, I Googled to see what he had penned about the movie previously.

On 24 Feb 2013 in his column ‘A hot , hot fight‘, Wong Chun Wai wrote:


“Umno is keeping its grip on the votes of these Felda settlers. Last week it was reported that over 3,000 Felda settlers were shown a surprise preview of the Tanda Putera film, which traces the efforts of Umno in achieving independence, the work of Tun Abdul Razak, and the May 13 racial riots.

“The movie, which has only made selected screening, was shown during a special gathering of settlers at the Putra World Trade Centre.

“It is also clear that it will be the majority Malay voters who will decide the outcome of GE13. They will decide if they want to support the transformation policies set up by Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak or plunge for a radical change with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as the new PM.”


Astro Tanda Putera ridicules
Someone slashed the poster and some other media folks want Tun Razak to be swept into the dustpan, it looks like

Wong Chun Wai’s second mention of Tanda Putera in his writings was on 16 April 2013 in an election piece titled ‘GE13: It’s still all to play for in Gelang Patah‘.


“Kicking off his speech, he [Lim Kit Siang] led the crowd, in Mandarin, chanting continuously “that on May 5, the government will be changed”.

“Then, he rapidly fired his ammunition against Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for allegedly portraying him as a Chinese chauvinist who played a role in the May 13 racial clashes.

“He drew his firepower from the yet-to-be publicly released movie Tanda Putera and Bahasa Malaysia newspaper Utusan Malaysia. He kept his admirers cheering with his trademark oratory, switching easily from Mandarin to Bahasa Malaysia.”


The above two mentions are all I could find in The J-Star Online with regard to what Wong Chun Wai had said about Tanda Putera before today.

[In case I may have missed another entry, you are welcome to cross-check using other search engines and alert me if I’d indeed inadvertently omitted anything through searching via Google.]

So even though Wong was among the earliest to be invited by the director to preview Tanda Putera, he appears not to have much to say earlier about the movie until this current damage control piece, following the slagging that his Scissorati gave it on opening day.

And now Wong Chun Wai claims “In Tanda Putera, the Chinese were not blamed for the riots but the communists and political activists were”.

The thing about someone like Wong, who runs with the hares and hunts with the hounds (gergaji dua mata), is that he is walking a tightrope doing the talam dua muka act.

You know what they say about setinggi-tingginya tupai melompat, akhirnya akan jatuh ke tanah juga. At some point Wong will fall off that tightrope he is walking, and then the hunting hounds will tear him to pieces.

The heat is on already. Let’s enjoy the sight of the multi-million ringgit overpaid J-Star company director, group editor, acting CEO and consummate evangelista dance like a chameleon on a hot tin roof.



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29 thoughts on “The Star CEO says Tanda Putera did not blame Chinese for May 13 riots

  1. Now this is more like it. Very good on picking it up.

    But remember Helen, even writing about Wong Chun Wai is unhygienic. In the words of Mitch Leary (In The Line of Fire) – “Did you delouse? The man’s a professional liar.

    1. YESSSS!

      Talent Corps must lure back all the overseas Dapsters with big fat carrots.

      Better still, expand Talent Corps and Pemandu and appoint more con-sultants so that more Dapsters will be tempted to return.

      1. You are right. Talent Corps should expand so then we can have a talent Corpse Party. Lols. These days we have to find humour in all the news, otherwise life gets really grimly depressing.

        I’m just waiting for MCA to officially announce they are teaming up with DAP, so the Star can openly campaign against the BN. And hopefully that will finally provide the much-needed smack to the head that the Umno leaders will finally wake up. Now we know why the Malays have more than ten words for that English word STUPID.

        1. re: “Now we know why the Malays have more than ten words for that English word STUPID.”


      2. WCW nak tone down apa yang Zamkata tu Helen!

        Lagipun mana bley tahan you 24/7 ‘follow’ dia…lu bikin dia tak bley tidur wor!


        1. re: “Lagipun mana bley tahan you 24/7 ‘follow’ dia… lu bikin dia tak bley tidur wor!”

          You needn’t worry unnecessarily for him ,)

          I’m monitored 24/7 by more parties — The J-Star, DAP, MCA and to some extent by Malaysiakini and TMI (the latter two in the course of the same monitoring presumably that they do of other political bloggers from whom they can get news leads).

          I sleep just fine. But maybe unlike Datuk Seri WCW, I don’t have multi-million ringgit periuk nasi to jaga.

      3. Yes this guy is paid to write what he is told to but i watched that movie and i have my own inferences

  2. Walaupun ada peribahasa orang putih ‘better late than never’ tetapi adalagi satu peribahasa orang putih juga menyatakan ‘the damage has been done!’

    Maka perkataan maaf atau setara dengannya sudah tidak relevan lagi!!

    Sampai bila ‘lesson learned’ hendak diadaptasi oleh segelintir orang berpengaruh ini?!

    Entah la..

  3. Hi Helen,

    1. Saya ada baca sudah masa CSL berundur – gesaan LTL. Saya juga berfikir begitu. Sebagai Presiden MCA dengan majlis tertinggi nya, sudah terpesong perjuangan nya. Kumpulan ini begitu aktif mencelah dan memberi persepsi negatif, menghancurkan Mmelayu, Islam dan menjadi anti kepada dasar kerajaan. Lesen besar setelah kalah dalam PRU 13. Sepatut nya mereka bangun apabila mana-mana pihak membuat onar. Tambahan sikap cina dan india yang terlalu kurang ajar sehingga membelakangkan semangat Rukun Negara.

    2. Sepatut nya cina yang berpendidikan, fikiran mereka lebih terbuka. Bukan hentam sembrono. Dalam kes Wong Cun Wai, tulisan nya bagus tetapi realiti nya, dia menggalakkan permusuhan di dalam dada akbar yang di terajui. Ada kah ini di namakan keadilan? Atau beliau memang suka parti keadilan ? Itu hak beliau. Tetapi sebagai rakyat Malaysia seperti yang beliau gambarkan dalam artikel nya, perlukah beliau bermuka-muka ? Saya tahu FMT sungguh suka kepada hipokrasi penulis-penulis begini. Tiada sesuatu yang baik mengimbangi fikiran pembaca kerana sikap editor nya juga selari. Begitu juga The Star !

    3. Dalam masyarakat majmuk, bukan hanya satu pihak di bebankan. Bukan juga hanya jari telunjuk menuding. Bukan hanya kelebihan bangsa sendiri untuk memiliki segala-gala nya. Bermula kejadian 13 Mei, rangkuman sikap seperti ini masih lagi berapi-api ! Bila kah hendak di padamkan ? Bila masyarakat peniaga cina terbuka fikiran menyumbang iklan mereka di akbar Melayu ? Secara benar, jika ini masih jadi praktis dari masyarakat cina, luaran nya hebat tetapi dalaman penuh kepura-puraan dan kebencian. INI YANG MESTI DI UBAH !!

    Orang Melayu memang seperti Sajak Nukilan Usman Awang. Kenapa politik sempit menjadikan masyarakat cina sentiasa menyondol….

  4. I find generally WCW and a few other senior editors quite reasonable even when they criticise the govt. But the editorial control, which seemed to be a bit loose before, now seems to be totally MIA.

    For example, in the case of the student being hit with chair. Is this worth a such high profile coverage ? Unless of course the reporters are hoping for another SK Pristana kind of racial issue. This is the kind of coverage that got the Star banned during the Operasi Lallang if I recall.

    While the NST devoted several pages to the new Education Blueprint, the Star gave it less coverage and highlight than the case about the Bosnian sperm.

    WCW really needs to tighten the editorial control or he’ll be facing a lot more heat in the coming days and weeks. At the present rate, one of his reporters will get the paper into a real big trouble.

  5. Re. While the NST devoted several pages to the new Education Blueprint, the Star gave it less coverage and highlight than the case about the Bosnian sperm.

    That’s because the Bosnian sperm case is more, shall i say titillating thus the kind that appeals to the constituency The Rocket Star is now serving.

    1. ‘That’s because the Bosnian sperm case is more, shall i say titillating thus the kind that appeals to the constituency The Rocket Star is now serving.’

      Ya lor, Angmoh wat. And how dare they jokes that she was a Malay bohsia!

    2. Spot on. Their reports is a reflection of their readerships’ tastes (or a lack of it). If the main objective of the Star is to make money for MCA, then I would suggest MCA too apply to the ROS to convert it from a political to a Sdn Bhd – MCA Sdn Bhd. Probably their will have better success.

    1. I notice all the gangster haul up by the police force are in Penang? Is it on purpose and “salah UMNO/Melayu”, or Pulau Pinang memang sarang gangster?

    2. On another point I don’t think LGE is in HK and PRC for investment, I suspect he’s there for makan angin, meet up with his business contacts and speak to media like some big shot global stateman. There is absolutely no point in going to HK and PRC for FDI as they never been Penang’s traditional source of investment. Penang’s FDI performance is so bad in 2012 and it is gonna be bad in 2013 too. Had a BN CM did as badly, the dapsters would have demanded for his head.

      1. ‘big shot global stateman.’

        More of a big shot global gangster I reckon. I bet tailos kat HK pun seram tengok LGE!

        ‘Had a BN CM did as badly, the dapsters would have demanded for his head.’

        You know these gangsters can only talk, talk and talk cork only!

      2. Calvinsankaran,


        Actually Guan Eng can be compared to people like Mohd sabu, the court jester. They are devoid of ideas. All we hear from them are blaming sessions all year around.

        And Guan Eng behaves more like Emperor of China. He self styles himself as ‘son of heaven’. Criticizing him is tantamount to racism and pettiness. Only he can criticize. Others(especially from UMNO) must submit.

        Guan Eng’s style is creating enemy and bad blood. He has no qualm insulting Malaysia in foreign land. What he does not realise that these foreign investors do not look highly on him. If he can belittle his own country, what about his treatment to others?

        Instead of attacking Najib, why not spend time on how to attract investors to Penang

        1. ‘Instead of attacking Najib, why not spend time on how to attract investors to Penang.’

          And they say that Penangites lari to Singapura because of UMNO. Kalau kerja tarak, mana boleh tunggu sana pulau? Mau ciak apa, pangsai?

          1. Actually when he came to power, he vowed to bring back the Penangites from Singapore. There was so much talk among Dapsters around the country about how LGE is creating an Utopia in Penang. There were many Dapsters outside Penang wanted move to penang.

            But what happened was Penang’s FDI crashed and burned and instead of reversing, LGE has increased the talent drain. Many people in Penang (esp in high tech industry) have the feeling of hopelessness and that Penang’s glory days are over. I never fail to tell them “**** you very much for voting the Dear Leader in. You suckers deserve it!”.

        2. Shamsul,

          As I said, I don’t think LGE is going overseas to attract investments at all but for personal and political reasons. He wants to build up his image as an international leader and at the same time run down BN and meet up with Dapster diaspora.

          If you notice, he always meet up with students and other malaysians and talk about politics in every trip. So now who is abusing the public funds? If he wants conduct political ceramah he should do on his own time and money.

          I also suspect he’s meeting some people he would rather not meet publicly in Malaysia (like his political funders). I believe he and DAP has many funders based in HK/PRC that’s why he’s there very often.

          I agree with you that instead of attacking Najib or BN, he better focus on attracting FDI since Penang’s investment has plunged so badly that it will end up along with Kelantan if left unchecked. While Penang is burning Nero Lim is busy lecturing people and running down BN.

          1. Calvinsankaran,

            And i notice how defensive Guan Eng is. He is seeing imaginery enemy everywhere.

            And he behaves as if he is “son of Heaven” incapable of being criticized.

            And he is the berst manifastation of ‘tin kosong’.

            “cakap saja.kerja tak jalan”

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