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DAP logo prominently displayed by The J-Star

The photo below appeared in both the print edition of The J-Star today as well as in the Bintang Lima’s online version in the article titled ‘Gearing up for Mid-Autumn festival‘.

You can see the DAP ‘Ubah’ hornbill mascot complete with the party’s rocket logo on the right of the picture.



All this covert promotion that the MCA-owned paper is constantly and consistently doing for the DAP makes you think …

If the DAP is the hornbill, what kind of bird is the MCA?

Answer: MCA is the cuckoo.


Answer: Brood parasitism


What is brood parasitism?

Excerpt below from a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) article on the topic by Gareth Huw Davies.

‘The Life of Birds’

“[Birds that] resort to cunning to raise their families. These are the ‘brood parasites,’ birds which never build their own nests and instead lays their eggs in the nest of another species, leaving those parents to care for its young.

The cuckoo is the best known brood parasite, an expert in the art of cruel deception. Its strategy involves stealth, surprise and speed. The mother removes one egg laid by the host mother, lays her own and flies off with the host egg in her bill. The whole process takes barely ten seconds.”

Spot the parasitic egg — Can you see it?

Also see Stanford University article ‘Brood parasitism’ about the cuckoo:

Female European Cuckoos lay their eggs only in the nests of other species of birds. A cuckoo egg usually closely mimics the eggs of the host (one of whose eggs is often removed by the cuckoo). The host may recognize the intruding egg and abandon the nest, or it may incubate and hatch the cuckoo egg. Shortly after hatching, the young European Cuckoo, using a scoop-like depression on its back, instinctively shoves over the edge of the nest any solid object that it contacts. With the disappearance of their eggs and rightful young, the foster parents are free to devote all of their care to the young cuckoo. Frequently this is an awesome task, since the cuckoo chick often grows much larger than the host adults long before it can care for itself. One of the tragicomic scenes in nature is a pair of small foster parents working like Sisyphus to keep up with the voracious appetite of an outsized young cuckoo.”

Due to the phenomenon of brood parasitism, the MCA nest (J-Star, Utar, Ktar) does not incubate MCA eggs but instead hatches DAP (cuckoo) eggs. This is why Scissorati and Utar/Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman lecturers and students are not pro-MCA but pro-DAP.

The sucker host birds are in reality feeding the cuckoo chick which is not their own offspring but a parasitic interloper.

DAP’s cuckoo nature is seen in how their evangelistas parasitically prey on the ‘Allah’ word and try to pass of their Christian god as being one and the same with Allah (the host “nest”).


So if DAP is the hornbill and MCA is the cuckoo, then what is Umno?

Answer: Cuckold

Umno is the cuckold,

i.e. a husband is made a cuckold of when his wife sleeps with another man and passes off her lover’s baby as the unsuspecting husband’s. The word ‘cuckold’ is derived from the trickery of the cuckoo.

The Umno-led government is in charge of agencies like Mara whose hostels subscribe to The J-Star newspaper whose contents are always promoting the DAP evangelistas – as in the case of the Ubah mascot photo today – and read by young Malays studying in MRSMs.


Umno is feeding the birds



Umno menempah maut


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43 thoughts on “DAP logo prominently displayed by The J-Star

  1. Lol, I learnt something today about cuckoo bird; ornithology was never a subject of interest for me

  2. Thank you Helen…BTW ada beberapa Perkasa members di Istana Kehakiman yang mahu Najib turun dan digantikan dengan Muhyidin, kalau Najib masih tak sedar diri dan terhegeh-hegeh dengan orang-orang Cina yang sudah jelas tolak dia!

    Perkasa pun lepas PRU13 sudah jumpa Najib, tapi nampak macam takdak perubahan!

    ‘Umno is the cuckold,’

    Mahathir time mana ada UMNO dayus sedayus macam ni!

  3. I saw the documentary in animal planet – all about birds. Including one of the species that you have described. Interesting. Man do learn from animals’ behavior. Moonwalk dance by MJ also inspired by small beautiful male birds that were found in the thick forest ground of Amazon.

    To add more, burung selasih ( really beautiful birds) and the “dongeng” behind it, much believed by malays in the past, especially by bomoh, could generate wealth…. These birds are abundance in Sulawesi, one of Java islands if I’m not mistaken, depicted in the documetary.

    Well, Helen, kudos. You have done it again! What happened to Umno- ngites? Still chasing rainbows ?

  4. I have this itch that I want to stand in front of the Wisma MCA building during its coming party election, holding a sign board which says, “MCA MEMBERS, DID YOU ACTUALLY VOTE FOR BN DURING GE13?”.

    Should I? Shouldn’t I? Should I?


      Umno delegates should raise this question kat PAU nanti.

      1. My Chinese DAP friends dah mula kompang tentang sikap dan arah tuju MCA in FB.

        What does that tell you?

          1. You should do a write up about Datuk Michael Chong. Another “Tan Ah Eng” in the making. Semua masaalah pun orang cina cari dia,

            LKS and LGE jadi tukang karut orang cina. Ibarat kisah Henny Penny [YouTube], begitulah nasib orang cina ditangan DAP sebenarnya.

            1. Michael Chong kuat kerja untuk orang Cina tapi apa yang dia dapat ? Disindir. Kawan saya DAP Cina kata Michael Chong ni tak guna, tak dapat buat apa-apa, tapi bila dilanda masalah, orang Cina pergi cari Michael Chong.

              LKS dan LGE ni bukan setakat jadi tukang karut orang Cina. Mereka berdua ni juga jadi sindiket jual candu kepada orang Cina. Jual pil khayal pun ada. Waktu kempen PRU13, mereka kata kalau undi DAP, Cina akan berkuasa. Janji-janji DAP ni pun samalah macam candu, macam pil khayal.

            2. re-quote: “LKS and LGE jadi tukang karut orang cina. Ibarat kisah Henny Penny [YouTube], begitulah nasib orang cina ditangan DAP sebenarnya”…dengan dibantu oleh CSL and MCA!

      1. Patut rename Menara DAP. MCA dah nak gulung tikar dah. New beginning for the Chinese Malaysian community.

    2. No need. Pay for a bunting that reads ” Property of DAP” and put in front of the building.

      In front of UmNo HQ put a big picture of a cuckoo bird.

  5. you should hold a daily contest called “mencari barang tersembunyi di dalam paper thestar” and the items are hornbill, rocket, hannah yeoh and lge..

        1. Readers are welcome to help with the monitoring and to alert us (it’s too much of a job for me to do alone). We can log the entries in the Starwatch page.

  6. Dah cemuih dengan lambang roket ke?

    Tu la, cousins kat Mainland semua dah begitu advance sekali dan berjaya lancarkan roket buatan masing2.. roket kat sini dah puluhan tahun habis tinggi pun yang ikat dengan buluh kat pokok nyiok, kalau cucuh dgn api sekadar jadi ashes aje!

    One fine day who knows dapat kepala otak yang gedik2 they may decide to name their God after this bird pulak. Endless possibilities.

  7. Helen,
    MCA the cuckoo?
    it should be the other way around.. the MCA is the host bird that is feeding the cuckoo eggs.. so, the DAP should be the cuckoo birds and cuckoo eggs..

    1. Umno is the host bird, and MCA is deceiving Umno into believing that the eggs and the chicks are BN when really the eggs are DAP-opposition and the chicks are evangelista hatchlings.

      1. Umno host bird, MCA cuckoo eggs.. when the tiny cuckoo birds ready to fly DAP inflate their huge hornbill to scare off these birds and harvest the birds nest la!

        1. They will send PAS to do all the rituals b4 climbing step poles to collect those nest. Keadilan help tarik2 bulu and clean the poops fm these nests. After the season’s over, UMNO starts building the nests all over again and the cycle continues.

    1. I’ve been waiting for them to come out of the closet. I m still waiting. This duplicity/complicity thing has been going on for way too long. But since their middle name is cowardice, they won’t come out, unless their bosses say “its showtime”.

      1. Yes, it’s not the fact of The Sneaky Star being pro-DAP that is an issue but their duplicity and internal sabotage.

      1. islam1st. The good thing about me is that I want everyone to be rich and have no hangovers or hangups over sex and its peccadilloes !

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