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KJ poll participants, you’ve been heard loud and clear

Look who is KJ’s most attuned cheerleader…

The J-Star late yesterday evening reported Khairy Jamaluddin as saying “I am now going down to meet Youth members at the grassroots level. Thankfully, the reception (from them) has been positive“.

The J-Star article was filed at 5:37pm.

Hmmm, the reception to Khairy has been hugely negative in the poll that I ran in my blog yesterday morning.

Consistently 80-82% of the poll respondents voted ‘No’ to Khairy throughout the day (yesterday Monday).

At 3pm yesterday, Blog House Malaysia chairman Syed Akbar Ali recorded my “Will you vote KJ?” poll as showing that 82.04% rejected Khairy (SAA’s screenshot reproduced below).

OutSyed The Box- Survey Sokong KJ

At 6.30pm yesterday, a printscreen by blogger Din Turtle of the survey results indicated 81.68% of the online poll participants had responded NEIN, NEIN to KJ, (DT’s screenshot reproduced below).


A distressed commentator at Din Turtle’s blog (screenshot below):

Will you vote KJ?

Anda Mahu KJ Sebagai Ketua Pemuda - - dinturtle - Blogger PARTI MELAYU 2013-09-10 16-13-36

At midnight, the Warta Rakyat blog observed that the poll was showing 80.26% against KJ and only under 20% who were for him to lead Umno Youth (screenshot by Warta Rakyat admin reproduced below).

KJ is without a doubt unpopular with those who took part in the poll.


Currently @ 5.15pm Tuesday, the poll has attracted 910 respondents of whom 80 percent have said ‘No’ to KJ.

By the way, the number of respondents to my poll is a respectable figure considering that the Merdeka Center (Jan 23-Feb 6, 2013) survey which interpreted a dip in Najib Razak’s popularity was conducted only among 1,021 respondents.

Do click to view – you can register your vote HERE – and let’s see if the voting trend tonight remains as consistent as yesterday where 4 out of every 5 persons polled seem to dislike the youngest de facto ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia.

[Note: Granted that those taking part in this poll would possess an inbuilt bias according to my blog demography which is Malay pro-establishment. But then again, it is all the more reason that the Umno top leadership should take notice — precisely because my audience is largely Malay pro-establishment.)


Those whom the Chinese adore …

… spell disaster for Umno.

What is Umno to make of such a striking ‘reverse’ phenomenon, meaning that those whom the The J-Star likes, the Malay grassroots don’t like?

e.g. The pro-DAP Jerusubang paper simply loves Saifuddin Abdullah whom The J-Star quoted as saying, “He [Saifuddin] declared that he was a Malaysian first and a Malay second”. Yet Saifuddin recently failed to defend his Temerloh Parliament seat.

Umno had fielded 11 Parliamentary candidates for Pahang the last general election and won 8 seats. Saifuddin was one of Umno’s three losers.

He had contested in a constituency with a 64.33% Malay electorate, which going by the ethnic support pattern of GE13, should have been one in the bag for Umno. Yet Saifuddin was rejected by the Malay grassroots in semi-rural Temerloh and losing narrowly to the Islamist dark horse, PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan.

The lesson to take away from Saifuddin’s loss is that those whom the Chinese (The J-Star‘s evangelista Firster readership) love are, on the other hand, usually not palatable to the Umno core (read: the Utusan type).


Umno beware the Scissorati and MCA

And now we have the Curious Case of Khairy’s Star Appeal.

In the morning of Sept 9, many Malays gave a thumbs down to Khairy in my poll. Later in the same day, The J-Star quickly runs an evening story quoting the Son-in-Law making a claim that he is being given a “positive” reception by Umno Youth members.

I have been reliably informed that self-professed “hottie” Regina Lee (KJ’s press secretary) used to be a hot favourite staffer with the acting Star CEO Wong Chun Wai.

Umno-ites can draw from this episode a sound strategy based on the warning that ‘Sugar is bad for you’.

i.e. The more syrup that The J-Star — c.f. weekly columnist Karim Raslan’s paean to the so-called Umno “polished gem” — pours to sugarcoat the Chinese’s preferred figurehead, the more Umno should realise that such a character (Anwar 2.0) is disastrous for the party.

Destination: Iceberg


Delegates at the upcoming Umno general assembly should be given a door gift of mini inflatable lifeboat.


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35 thoughts on “KJ poll participants, you’ve been heard loud and clear

  1. Re. Currently @ 5.15pm Tuesday, the poll has attracted 910 respondents of whom 80 percent have said ‘No’ to KJ.

    The remaining 20% are DAPsters and “I am not Indian actually”.

    1. Ini masaalahnya bagi orang Melayu dan ahli UMNO. Mereka telah di manipulasi oleh golongan kecil. Salah siapa? Salah kita sendiri sebab alpa. Tapi semakin ramai Melayu mempunyai resources dan masa untuk memikirkan masa depan Melayu maka orang mcm Khairy ni tak ada yang mahu.

      Khairy di sukai oleh STAR akhbar cina dan India kristian.

      Khairy di sukai oleh Cina Singapura kenapa?

      Dari tindak tanduknya kita dapat teka prinsip Khairy adalah untuk memperkayakan dirinya dan kroni mamak dia.

      Tenguk saja, barisan pemuda untuk Mt termasuk mamak Merican. Tenguk saja Puter UMNO India tua Azeez Rahim.

      Subahan Kamal yang totok India di warwarkan di NST sebagai Mb selangor. Sharizat mami.

      Jadi ahli UMNO perlu lebih serius dalam memilih pemimpin. Mereka akan di rasuah oleh tokay dan kerajaan asing Cina jangan tak tahu.
      Masa depan pemerintahan Melayu di tangan pemikir Melayu yang ramai. Seorang tak akan cukup pintar untuk mengnangani bangsa asing.

      Blogsphere merupakan satu otak Melayu yang memberi pandangan bernas untuk kebaikan melayu. Kepimpinan cyber!

  2. Mini inflatable Ubah bird would be better received one would think. At the end of the assembly, the rubberized hornbills which don’t take to water in the Dapsters don’t already know, can be used to fuel a bonfire outside PWTC.

  3. I say no lah KJ. You’re such of a Liberal fella. Not suit to be in UMNO. U should be in PKR or DAP.

    1. I say NO too.


      1. KJ reminds me too much of Anwar when he ran for Deputy post.
      2. Wasn’t he found guilty of money politics?
      3. His association with the money-hungry corporate raiders.
      4. Pak Lah
      5. I don’t like his face

        1. Bloggers monkey-KJ

          saya pula tak suka tengok dia poyo rempuh polis bagai masa US mai Malaysia untuk sidang ASEAN, kononnya nak bagi memorandum ntah apa ntah…Nampak sangat DRAMA kuat!

          Cakap la ngan FIL dia dan suruh la depa jumpa dia masa depa jumpa FIL sekali kan senang, tapi nak tunjuk kata dia tu ultra, sebagaimana Pemuda should be, nampak sangat out of place!

          No to Ketua Pemuda.
          Yes for more debates with Rafizi pandan!

  4. KJ has an uphill task to convince people that he is in UMNO not for his own monetary gain, but for a ‘non-selfish’ reason to continue to fight for Malays rights and their associated privileges, and more importantly the survival of Malay dominance.

    I am still trying to figure out why KJ wants a “place” in UMNO politics (besides the obvious monetary gain and power).

  5. KJ has his strengths and weaknesses.

    During the KB by-election who was on the ground meeting people and campaigning – KJ. Where were the others who are so critical of him now? He tripled his majority in his electorate since 2008, so he is developing a following.

    He can also out-debate most PR apparatchiks. Name any other Youth leader that can compare and the silence is deafening. He remains an asset to UMNO because he shows UMNO remains a party big enough to accommodate all Malays and their aspirations.

    Without him, UMNO can kiss the urban electorates, even Malay majority ones goodbye for a generation.

    1. Re. He tripled his majority in his electorate since 2008, so he is developing a following.

      In Rembau yes he can. Let’s see in Lembah Pantai, Subang Jaya or in other TOTOK UMNO stronghold.

      Re. Without him, UMNO can kiss the urban electorates, even Malay majority ones goodbye for a generation.

      With him, UMNO already lost the urban voters.

      Dah pergi duduk diam dan ulangkaji supaya dapat CGPA3.75 and above dan tak payah bayar balik PTPTN. Fyi currently, you are consuming and wasting our TAX MONEY…

    2. But the problem is that Khairy and his moderate faction are rivals to the conservative and right fringe faction in UMNO. This explains why they are persistently trying to sabotage and undermine Khairy and his team. “Cantas-mencantas” in full play.

      And Helen Ang’s increasing attacks on Khairy can be factored to his employment of an ex-Star newspaper employee. Before this, there were not many articles about Khairy. If you hire a person who used to work for the pro government newspaper she has a grudge against, expect to feature in her blog almost daily.

  6. Helen I wish you put another option of the answer instead of “yes” “no”. The additional one is “tak ingin”. I’ll vote for the third then

  7. Hi Helen,
    My take is Khairy will win handsomely and most likely unopposed.
    Fact No 1. Not all members will be voting though the number of voters is higher.
    Fact No 2. Khairy has the support from most the UMNO Youth Head Division in the country
    Fact No 3 The UMNO Youth head Division control the youtjh branches.and its members
    Fact no 4. Khairy has been going around the country for support from the division since two years ago – good rapport between him and the division head.

    The same thing will happen to other post contested in UMNO. Therefore you will hear less about money politic this time but there should be some sort of agreement between the candidates and the division heads. If you think Hishammudin gonna lose the VP post, better pray hard…

    Politic is more than money….. in UMNO or any political party the top post mean power and influence. I am praying and hoping the UMNO members will vote based on performance rather than the personality and personal benefits.

    1. quote,”I am praying and hoping the UMNO members will vote based on performance rather than the personality and personal benefits.”unquote.

      kambing can certainly fly…….

    2. Mohamad Fazil,

      “Kerana iman dn takwalah orang melayu dapat membaca bahawa nasib mereka akan seperti Yahudi jika UMNO tumbang pada PRU13”.

      Jadi itulah yang paling penting. Apa guna bercakap pasal “performance” jika hasilnya hanya dinikmati oleh segelintir pihak. Masalah Najib ialah ia terlampau percaya golongan tidak beriman.

  8. Helen, notice the pic on KJ as oppose to the two that you had featured previously on Mukhriz.

    Despite liking the kakak, they surely tak suka Mukhriz, do they?

  9. Bekas Ketua Polis Negara, Tan Sri Musa Hassan hari ini undang-undang dah tak ada taring & mencadangkan agar undang-undang baru menggantikan Ordinan Darurat (EO) yang dimansuhkan pada 2009 memberikan lebih kuasa kepada polis untuk membendung jenayah dengan lebih berkesan. Siapa puncanya & salah siapa?

    Perdana Menteri Kedua Malaysia, Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak adalah pengasas Undang -undang Keselamatan (ISA) ketika beliau membentang rang undang-undang tersebut di parlimen pada 22 Jun, 1960. Kita semua amat berhutang budi di atas wawasan dan pandangan jauh Allahyarham. ISA cetusan beliau telah membuat demokrasi di negara kita cukup selamat dan aman.

    Amat malang sekali, harapan dan aspirasi Allahyarham kini tidak dipersetujui oleh sebahgian rakyat di negara ini, termasuk anak kandungnya. Ya…..Najib telah menderhaka kpd ayahandanya sendiri dan juga kpd bangsa & tanah air, kerana ikut telunjur & nasihat Pemandu & Konsultan Liberal (Khususnya Idris Jala, KJ, Omar Ong & Kalimullah)dan juga desakan pihak pembangkang, Najib telah memansuhkan ISA & EO.

    1. Dear Encik Othman,

      Let me clarify this.

      In 1960, D R Seenivasagam accurately predicted what would happen when the ISA bill was tabled.

      Rising to debate the Internal Security Bill on 22 June 1960, D R Seenivasagam called it

      “a vicious and repulsive document, a document which is repulsive to all those who believe in democracy”. He found it “difficult to believe any citizen of this country could have drafted this Bill if he has the interests of his fellow citizens at heart”.

      “This Security Bill not only attempts to deal with terrorism, but it also attempts to deal with any citizen who dares to open his mouth,” he added, and charged that the Government’s motive in promulgating it was “intimidation, political intimidation, not only of political organisations, but of the people of this country”.

      For this the then deputy prime minister Tun Abdul Razak had promised in 1960 that the ISA will only be used against the communists.

      It is not me against you, but rather enlightening the truth without hijacking the true intend for political desire or nuance.

  10. Helen dear…

    Tak ada yang dalam barisan kerajaan sekarang mampu mengawal ekonomi dgn baik. Perbendaharaan negara semakin hari semakin tipis, defisit negara semakin membengkak semenjak ketiadaan Tun Mahathir. Pelaburan yg ada (khususnya Wilayah Pembangunan Iskandar, JB) hanyalah berbentuk “Bubble Economy for short term gain”. Tanah dah tergadai & dimilikki orang cina saja. Duit pelaburan dah habis dibelanja sakan yg tak ada pulangan; dan juga disakau oleh puak-puak liberal.

    On 31 October 2003, Dr. Mahathir stepped down as the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia. Dr. Mahathir is credited with having turned Malaysias economy from agriculture-reliant to industrial-base, at the same time elevating Malaysia’s position as the 17th biggest trading nation in the world. During the Asian financial crisis of 1997/1998, Dr. Mahathir is credited for having resisted the International Monetary Fund aid and implementing Malaysia’s very own formula for economic recovery which remains a model for economic success. Under Dr. Mahathirs leadership, Malaysia also played a prominent role in the international arena and was made the chairmen of the Organisation of Islamic Conference & Non-Aligned Movement, having assumed both seats in 2003. Dr. Mahathir is declared to be The Father of Modern Malaysia in recognition of his contribution in turning Malaysia into a modern, advanced and industrialised nation.

    Era pemerintahan Tun Mahathir selama 22 tahun merupakan PENCAPAIAN PALING TERBAIK seorang Perdana Menteri sejak dari zaman Almarhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman sehinggalah ke Najib Razak. Malaysia berada di puncak kegemilangannya dalam semua aspek dan rakyat menerima limpahan kemakmuran hasil pemikiran NEGARAWAN ULUNG sehinggakan beliau layak berada sebaris dengan PEMIMPIN PEMIMPIN BESAR DUNIA saperti George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Nehru, Ghandi dan pemimpin pemimpin besar dunia yang lain.

    Sampai ke hari ini PENCAPAIAN Tun Mahathir tidak dapat ditiru, diulang atau dicopy-paste oleh dua Perdana Menteri selepas beliau Abdullah Badawi dan Najib Razak. Bukan saja mereka berdua GAGAL meniru atau menyambung kecemerlangan yang diasaskan oleh Tun Mahathir bahkan mereka juga GAGAL mempertahankan kecemerlangan, kegemilangan dan kemakmuran Malaysia yang dikecapi oleh rakyat selama ini. Kegagalan dua Perdana Menteri selepas Tun Mahathir kini mencetuskan keresahan hampir semua lapisan rakyat yang merasakan ketidaktentuan bila bercakap pasal iklim ekonomi dan politik negara hari ini.

    Abdullah Badawi telah MEMUSNAHKAN dan MERUNTUHKAN segala “asas” yang telah dibina Tun Mahathir selama 22 tahun dalam waktu hanya sepenggal pemerintahan beliau. Najib Razak pula sehingga hari ini masih gagal dan terkial-kial cuba memulih dan membina semula apa yang telah diruntuhkan Pak Lah. Mana mungkin Najib Razak mampu membina semula apa yang runtuh bila beliau sendiri mewarisi THE DOMOLISHING TEAM dari Pak Lah dan tidak punya keberanian untuk menukar team ini selama hampir 5 tahun menjawat jawatan Perdana Menteri. Sehingga selepas menubuhkan kabinet baru paska PRU13, pun beliau masih juga mengekalkan ramai AHLI AHLI dalam The Demolishing Team Pak Lah, terdiri dari para Konsultan Liberal & PEMANDUL yg telah memandulkan Najib.

    1. re: “Abdullah Badawi telah MEMUSNAHKAN dan MERUNTUHKAN segala “asas” yang telah dibina Tun Mahathir selama 22 tahun dalam waktu hanya sepenggal pemerintahan beliau.”

      Dengar khabar KJ yang menjadi kuasa di sebalik taktha. While the PM was sleeping …

      1. Helen,

        Unfortunately the current PM is sleeping too. He is unable to identify genuine concern among malays. Instead he relies on advices from those whose intentions are questionable

    2. “Bukan saja mereka berdua GAGAL meniru atau menyambung kecemerlangan yang diasaskan oleh Tun Mahathir bahkan mereka juga GAGAL mempertahankan kecemerlangan, kegemilangan dan kemakmuran Malaysia yang dikecapi oleh rakyat selama ini.”

      Encik Othaman Ahmad, apakah sebenarnya kecemerlangan yang diasaskan Tun Mahahtir? Berapakah pendapatan anda? Berapakah pendapatan orang Melayu? Tun M sendiri mengatakan orang Melayu adalah pengemis di negara sendiri pada tahun 2012.

      Dongeng pencapaian ekonomi Tun M perlu di kualified kan. Tun M telah memperkayakan orang-orang Tiong Hua dan Hindu sehingga menjadi billionaire itu tepat. Fakta yang memalukan dan menaikan kemarahan orang Melayu kini didedahkan oleh Forbes.

      Dan kekayaan ekonomi Cina di Malaysia berdasarkan buruh murah bangla yangmurah, pemusnahan hutan tropika yang tidak boleh diganti dan subsidi gas dan disel beratus bilion!


      Jadi jelaslah En Othaman tidak mengetahui ekonomi Melayu dan Cina. Fakta yang jelas seperti alrian keluar 207 bilion yang dibawa keluar oleh orang Cina dan India boleh dibaca di
      Sudah tiba masenya En. Othaman keluar dari taman khayalan dan menghadapi krisis kepimpinan melayu sekarang.

      1. Prejudice is a great time saver without facts made plausible like how we seem to know it all without actual participation. The discovery of truth is a painstaking process which is currently assisted by just being an armchair critic with preconceived opinion based on weakened reasoning power and false appearance to feed one’s self doubt.

  11. MALAPETAKA pertama…..kerana adanya 2 ekor tikus yang cuba membaiki labu! mujur tikus pertama asyik tertidur manakala tikus kedua pula sudah takde telor.

    MALAPETAKA kedua…….masih ada lagi tikus-tikus yang berusaha untuk mendekati labu berkenaan kononnya untuk membaiki dengan lebih baik lagi.

    MALAPETAKA ketiga……ada tikus-tikus berlainan genetik yang menganggap diri mereka ibarat ‘Perfect Gentlemen’ yang sedang memasang perangkap supaya semua tikus-tikus lain ikut cakap mereka dan mereka yang akan berkuasa untuk membaiki labu berkenaan.

    MALAPETAKA keempat….semua tikus-tikus berkenaan terlupa bahawa mereka sama-sama tinggal dalam labu yang sama yang sudahpun hampir pecah….!

    MALANG bagi kita semua kerana semua ahli politik kita adalah bernama POLITIKUS!

  12. It looks like certain quarter is still working very hard to push the number up, despite it is considered DONE and GONE for KJ Kitol as at early of this entry.

      1. KJ had kalahkan Mukhriz didn’t he, there nothing that he can’t do. It was told some HongLeong tauke had bribed some UMNO figure so much for PAU alone.

        I wonder how much are they getting these days?!

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