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Why Umno really cannot trust MCA anymore

Press statement by the MCA Presidential Council on crime fighting (10 Sept 2013)


“There are suggestions to reintroduce preventive detention laws like the previous enforcement of the Emergency Ordinance. A balance must however be struck between the rule of law, human rights and police powers to maintain law and order.

We feel that immediate legislative reforms to combat crimes are needed.

MCA is of the view that instead of reintroducing preventive detention law, we propose that powers provided under the existing Prevention of Crime Act (PCA) 1959 should be fully utilised …”

MCA is taking a position against the reintroduction of the ISA and the EO.

However, the party mouthpiece is to the contrary. The J-Star acting CEO and group editor Wong Chun Wai in his editorial titled ‘Off with the kid gloves‘ (4 Aug 2013) urged that “you have to deal with criminals the hard way”.

Wong Chun Wai wrote:

“Enough is enough. Let’s not expect our cops to fight crime with their hands tied behind their backs. Let them do their job with our support and the necessary laws to clean up the streets.”

Wong declared that “Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and the Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar have the fullest support of this writer to crack the whip on criminals who don’t deserve any sympathy from us”.

His tough guy words would certainly warm the cockles of Zahid’s heart.

Wong is furthermore in full support of Zahid’s methods. Below is what Wong wrote in his op-ed last month:

The harsh reality is that you have to deal with criminals the hard way. You cannot expect a criminal to volunteer a confession over a cup of coffee, and then be whisked to the courts to be charged and convicted. That doesn’t happen in real life and even movie makers would not use that script because it is simply unrealistic.”

The stand taken by the MCA Presidential Council is however quite different. The council believes that a “balance must however be struck between the rule of law, human rights and police powers to maintain law and order”.

Neither the hot air farted by Wong nor the liberal sensitivitity expressed by the reform-minded author of the MCA press statement really matters at the end of the day because the Chinese party no longer has any locus standi since the exodus of its supporters to the DAP.

The purpose of this posting is not to delve into both their stance because one is the consummate lalang who cannot hold a principled position while the other is yesterday’s old newspaper to wrap fish with.

On the contrary, my purpose in posting this is to highlight how The J-Star says one thing but the MCA says another.

While the MCA is taking a nuanced point of view and recalling “human rights”, the J-Star group editor is all guns blazing, with Wong scoffing: “I fear some of these people with their purported lofty ideals and principles are not in touch with the sentiments on the ground.”

Wong Chun Wai whinged: “Thanks to the human rights advocates who successfully pushed for the abolition of the Emergency Ordinance and the Banishment Act, many of these hardcore criminals are back in business.”

“It may be fashionably liberal to preach civil and personal liberties but the overall interest of society surely must always come first,” lectured Wong. Ouch.

Our sensitive, liberal and reform-minded author of the MCA position paper who is observant of “human rights” must be feeling the sting of Wong’s rebuke on his cheek.

The ostensible position held by the J-Star group editor can be gleaned from Wong’s following declaration:

“Let’s be blunt: I’d really like to know how those who oppose the introduction of a preventive law against criminals would react if they or their family members were to be robbed and beaten to a pulp by these scums.”

Wouldn’t you infer the above passage as Wong endorsing preventive law (ISA, EO)?

Okay, so it’s like this: MCA is anti-ISA whereas The J-Star is pro-ISA.

What is the implication of MCA and its media mouthpiece having different views on crime-fighting?

Well, the implication is that the MCA mouthpiece says one thing to Umno but the Chinese party leadership actually thinks the opposite.

The J-Star says what Umno wants to hear about keeping ISA and the EO.

While in reality, the owner of the paper is actually against the idea to bring back both preventive detention laws.

Now let’s look at it from the Umno lens — Umno hears one story from the MCA’s media when behind Umno’s back its long-time coalition partner is really cooking up an opposite story.

I’ll illustrate to you the above proposition through two cartoons,


(i) Below is what The J-Star is telling Umno, i.e. look, the Malay guy is standing in the middle and remains the most important figure in the show.


(ii) Below is what the MCA is plotting for the DAP to achieve, i.e. UBAH! Ini kali lah … let’s just for once put the Chinese guy in the middle and it’s about time we steered the sinking ship.

The Chinese taking the centrestage

Sudah terang lagi bersuluh. The discrepancies between The J-Star and its majority share owner is when the Malays are bamboozled.


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38 thoughts on “Why Umno really cannot trust MCA anymore

    1. I’ve been told that I’m making the J-Star top bosses have sleepless nights.

      If I rajin sikit and burn the midnight oil, I might even be able to make some of the MCA bosses lose sleep. This is worth the effort of me staying up late to blog.

      1. ‘Sudah terang lagi bersuluh.’

        Memang sudah terang lagi bersuluh, tapi rumah Najib takdak api wor! How like that?

        Anyway Helen, I sincerely believe WCW nak tone down sikit sifat dua alam DAP Star, sebab Zamkata tempoh hari masih berbekas!

        Tapi terkantoi pulak dengan MCA official stance.

        Dissected by Helen plak tu.

        O mak ai, WCW esok pagi sure moody!

        1. re: “WCW nak tone down sikit sifat dua alam DAP Star, sebab Zamkata tempoh hari masih berbekas”

          I wouldn’t believe WCW. His evangelista gang will tell you Allah never belonged to Islam, Bak Kut Teh is an organic vegetarian dish and May 13 was not a race riot. He probably had some spin to tell Zam.

          1. ‘Orang-orang Cina tidak boleh menjadi ahli Pas tetapi sebelum tahun 1966 mereka boleh menjadi ahli UMNO dan MCA yang bersekutu dengan UMNO.’


            …bekas Perdana Menteri Malaysia pertama dalam buku bertajuk “Sebelum dan Selepas 13 Mei”, terbitan Utusan Melayu Sdn. Bhd. Kuala Lumpur, 1969, bab ‘Kongsi-Kongsi Gelap dan Orang-Orang Cina’:

      2. Helen,

        Again it is about mind boggling attitude of UMNO that tolerates MCA.

        I am not the only one who wonders why is it UMNO needs MCA when the message in the election is very clear: total rejection of Chinese towards MCA. A political party must garner support to be relevant.

        In local contexts it means that MCA must win in Chinese majority constituents the way UMNO wins in Malay areas. Only winning Chinese areas will show that MCA is relevant. Winning in Malay majority areas, courtesy of UMNO to save MCA from being literally wipe out will not bring respect.

        And MCA simply will not win in Chinese areas as it refuses to face DAP. Facing DAP is by telling off the Chinese that there is no no two way about it: that the only possible way(viable) way for chinese is cooperation with Malays. Not seizing political power the way practised by DAP.

        As for Wong Chun Wai’s comment in supporting Dr Zahid, I am not surprise. It is does not take a genius to understand that firmness is the only way when one handles criminals. Perhaps those who like to mock police everytime one detainee dies in lock up now realise how dangerous life on street nowadays without preventive laws.

        As For Najib, I hope he understands that he might not be lucky again next time around. Despite trying to please the Chinese (appearing in advertisement to CNY but ignores Hari raya) he was soundly rejected by Chinese. But Malays still votes for UMNO.

        Next time around Malays I believe they will not that charitable. They may view Tun Razak as iconic. But Najib better realises that they too can dump him.

        And for Najib to avoid that, he must act. Start the cleaning act. start by reshuffle Cabinet after UMNO General assembly. And please do away with nonsense like “party Queen”, “flamboyant son of ministers” or arrogant Ministers who won election through UMNO ticket but now belittle the Malays.

        Unless Najib wants to become “Ketua pembangkang”.

        1. re: “As for Wong Chun Wai’s comment in supporting Dr Zahid …”

          WCW is the consummate lalang.

  1. Truuukk.. ceeeng. Wayang cina. Berbagai karakter. Sudah terang lagi bersuluh !

    Under heavy make up everything can be done. No body knows who is the real actor/ress behind the main role.

    Actually, we know their game. Biar saja lah kumpulan tidak berbudi ini perbodohkan diri masing-masing. Nanti bola tertendang masuk gol sendiri.

    “Tipu olang silalu, mane muleh idup sinang” – Cakap dulu-dulu dimana semua bangsa cina amalkan, tapi dalam diam terus menipu, dan kini di bawa semula ke era limapuluhan, enampuluhan. Hanya segelintir yang hidup seperti cantik nya iklan akbar pertama di atas. Bukan yang di tipu di bawah nya..

    Mulut lain Hati lain. PM Najib called it Chinese Tsunami… sendiri tidak mahu UBAH, salahkan orang lain. MALU.

  2. It took MCA 56years of hard work to convince and deliver 90% of the Chinese voters to DAP. Ooops including Penang!

    Letih tu Helen.

  3. Haha your effort of provoking the Malay to go against the Chinese will be fruitless as UMNO have absolutely no balls to do anything on MCA. Don’t over estimate your effort. Your effort is at best a side show for WCW, he is simply untouchable.

  4. Ms H. Both the weak leaderships of the Red MCA and the Blue Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP are up a greasy pole with the UMNO paper tiger below.

    Why ask for something unattainable when the Red MCA then Blue did not do so since 1957? And as for the Blue DAP then Red since 1966 had been shouting ‘Malaysia for Malaysians which gained them no credence. Even the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore dares not shout now, ‘Singapore for Singaporeans’ at Hong Lim Green.

    In politics, it is a game of studied movements to gain kudos but not knocking one’s head against the hard wall like the DAP or in the case of the MCA which followed the dictum of ‘Shouting in the East (claim to do things) and do battle (make money) in the West !

      1. kids cant be serious meh? we have here the little red book mao from the east that wrote all reactionaries r paper tiger, n the watergate blues nixon from the west who speculate that had lky lived in another time and another place, he might have attained the world stature of a sir churchill, yr fav plime minister.

        1. HY. You are still wearing your pre-puberty Boy Scouts shorts. Let me know when you start shaving ! I recommend you a good shaving cream. Boy ! By the way your English is lousy because you have not been listening to our good and beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad of the famous UMNO fame. Acha Boy ! For your information, I was appointed Advisor to the world famous Smithsonian Institution Washington DC, the only Asian ever to be so appointed to this day. I told you we are all very serious here on this distinguished Blog. Don’t make a fool of yourself tangling up with me, Boy !

          1. u mean the infamous 1974-78 education minister that play a key role in conversion of eng meduim school into malay medium school, and today want us to learn s&m in eng? u must be engaging in too much sm activities until yr brain lose control of yr mind and start talking hmmm rubbish?

            btw, seem like u r not only a blitish nationalist, u r too an amelican patriot! but dont the white told u a first asian/black/nonwhite in a multi-racial society a symbol of racist and discrimination past? lu still act manyak sombong kat ni wayang kulit, typical inferior fake anglo mind. pity.

            1. HY. The more you talk, the more you show your slip, Boy ! And you talk so much you want to blame the good Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for something which he did not do. IT WAS THE MINISTER OF EDUCATION JUST BEFORE THE GOOD TUN WHO CHANGED THE RULES ON ENGLISH AND DISAPPEARED INTO SARAWAK WITH THE GOOD TUNKU LOOKING HIGH AND LOW FOR HIM in 1968 ! You are out of synch, Boy ! This shows all your comments cannot be true or factual. PLEASE DO NOT HATE THE WRONG GUYS ALL THE TIME, THE GOOD TUN, THE BRITISH ETC.

              1. i dont wear slip, u may check with the host if she did :)

                “play a key role” is a relative term as response to your relative fetishism of “good and beloved”, u cant even follow the simple flow of context n call me out of synch? so pray tell what have yr good and beloved did for eng btw 1970 to 2002? imagination will do, no need fact.

  5. Helen, this is a first for the Star and I think you should personally contact the reporter and congratulate him. That printing such damning piece of reportage and more importantly saying the Moral Center of the Universe to be filthy is indeed requires real guts. I can imagine the Holy Queen of SJ on the phone with the Star as we speak demanding answers and the head of the aforementioned reporter.

    THE SUBANG Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) must stop issuing licences to massage parlours or health centres within its vicinity.
    The sudden increase of these centres, especially in Puchong and Subang Jaya, was attracting both adults and teenagers, said former MPSJ councillor B. Awtar Singh.
    “Since 2008, the state has stopped issuing licences for massage centres but MPSJ seems to be the exception, ignoring the state government’s guidelines,” he said.
    The Puchong Perdana MIC chairman said MPSJ should instead allow for more 1Malaysia clinics, MPSJ counters and public complaints centres in Puchong to be set up as these places would benefit the public and help resolve community issues.
    During the recent MPSJ full board meeting, its president Datuk Asmawi Kasbi had said the council would continue to issue licences to more massage parlours or health centres if there was a demand for such services.
    He said currently there were 211 massage parlours operating under their jurisdiction.
    He said since the townships in Subang Jaya were expanding rapidly, there was more demand for such services.
    Some of these centres offer foot massages, therapy sessions, facial massage and other traditional massage services as well as Chinese medical treatment.

    Perhaps someone could tell me if massage parlours are kosher under Evangelist Christian moral principles.
    BTW did you notice that only SJ and Puchong seem allow such activities freely. Since both are the epicenter of Evangelist Christianity, I wonder if there are any links between Anak Bangsa Malaysia, Evangelism, DAP and getting back (and other parts of the anatomy) rubbed??

    1. Its all about the money brother ! Money and more money. It kinda tells you that these people are ethically corrupt.

      Evangelical Christianity is a cult that exists for the sole purpose of making money. But in this case, religion is employed. Oops sorry, it should read “religion + entertainment = cult.

  6. umno (baru) will never tendang mca out cos they are business partners. tanpa mca umno (baru) susah, tanpa umno (baru) mca mampus. the minister of transport position is still vacant….cuma ada ‘acting’ saja. they can’t survive without each other, holy matrimony katakan.

  7. “I’ve been told that I’m making the J-Star top bosses have sleepless nights.”

    Gosh, what a colossal ego you have.

    1. re: “Gosh, what a colossal ego you have.”

      Tell me which writer doesn’t.

      WCW’s ego is bigger than Putrajaya (all 5,000 hectares of it) ‘cos he thinks The J-Star is untouchable.

      It may be true that his paper is untouchable as long as MCA remains under the BN umbrella. So let’s see how much longer the MCA will be able to make a cuckold out of Umno.

      1. waaa Helen para yg akhir tu memang kelas you..

        aku pun tak terfikir yang UMNO rupanya ‘cuckold’ atau lebih dayus dari dayus!!

        aku dah share pos ko ni dlm FB aku..

  8. Sebab-sebab kenapa UMNO tidak seharusnya terus mempercayai MCA? (saya terjemah ke Bahasa).

    pokok persoalannya ialah adakah MCA boleh dipercayai lagi?

    saya fikir tidak.

    sebab: telah terbukti mereka ini talam dua muka…sudahlah bermuka dua, lidah pun bercabang!

  9. DAP– can’t trust them. MCA– can’t trust them.

    Just to be on the safe side, I will not trust any Chinese.

  10. KESIAN Iguana Eng.

    Dapat ancaman bunuh ditwitter tapi tak buat laporan Polis, sebab katanya Polis tak buat apa-apa…

  11. Ms H. As I have said so many times before that the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, in order to be in the mainstream of Malaysian politics must vote for the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties and forget what the Opposition or the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore had to say. See how true it is when I said the weak Red MCA and the Blue Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP are up a greasy pole with the UMNO paper tiger below which will eventually turn into a real tiger with the latest pronouncements by the Prime Minister. We are now no better than when the British were here. And I had also said some Chinese are so clever as to be stupid because NO CHINESE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD INCLUDING CHINA WILL VOTE AGAINST AN INCUMBENT GOVERNMENT ! And in a diverse country like our beloved Malaysia, they behaved like robots wanting to change the Government for what purpose. Listen to the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore ? When the Malaysian Chinese are treated the best of all in Malaysia, not in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and the rest of the World. This why I also said that those Malaysian Chinese below 40 lack cultural ballast, argumentative, and hollow. And the clear illustration like now, these 84 percenters are outmaneuvered without any say in the ruling Government’s Policies. Have these 84 percenters considered why the weak Red and Blue leaderships of the Chinese are so smug ? Have they ? Maybe even prepared to sit another 47 years doing nothing but take only allowances from the Governments or seats which they control ? So, these Federal and State ADUNS are A-OK chaps, what about the 84 percenters who are now left dangling in a position worse than 10 May 2013 ?

    1. re: The “84 percent” is a figure plucked out of the air by WCW when previously his paper denied the Chinese tsunami and has thus far not published any analysis of firm data wrt to Chinese votes in GE13.

      84% by the pro-DAP, tsunami-denying Jerusubang paper is a conservative estimate. Most feedback put the Chinese support for the oppo much higher and closer to 90%.

      1. Ms H. No matter whether it is 84% which is published or 90% which I also agree with you, the end result as you can see – the irresponsible weak leaders of the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, for reasons best known to themselves if they are not beating the DRUMS FOR THE BRILLIANT LEE KUAN YEW WITH HIS 9 FAILED POLICIES FOR SINGAPORE have utterly misled these Chinese who did not behave like the Chinese of old fresh from Tong San. AND AS I HAVE SAID THIS LOT OF CHINESE BELOW THE AGE OF 40 HAVE BEEN DE-TRIBALISED THROUGH URBANISATION AND THE NEP ! There are lots of things in this beloved country of ours which they do not understand BECAUSE NOT ONLY HAVE THEY BEEN DE-TRIBALISED BUT ALSO BEEN COMPARTMENTALISED !

    2. Ms H. It is alleged a Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP stalwart owns a RM 1 Billion estate in Sabah. I always like all people to be rich. No problem,

  12. Ms H. A good pointer for the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, to note is as long as the BN as led by the UMNO with their 13 component parties observes the rule of the laws, implements fair and transparent policies, maintains a normal and functional bureacracy and eschews making money with GLCs and only rule us, THERE IS NOTHING MUCH THE OPPOSITION CAN DO till the 14th General Elections. See how the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, have been conned by whoever ! This is confirmed by today’s pronouncements by the Prime Minister. And my personal view is that Pulau Pinang will enter difficult times as it is not Singapore ! It was fun and games with the bongo bongo voodoo choral and dancing troupes with all the feel good feeling provided for with ex-gratis by the BN since 1957 – while this lasts ! All the insults, the vulgarities, obscenities, etc flung around without a care in the world. What goes round must come around !

  13. Ms H. Finally, see how two important issues which were minor issues years ago became the obstacles in the mind-sets of the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese. eg. i) the wherewithal of our existence in our beloved country in relation to the other communities – this is a life long job to sort out ii) the Mandarin language which is just a language but now politicised for no reason at all. This is why a credible political leadership of the Chinese is so important to regain the trust and goodwill of the other communities. ARE THERE CHINESE TO TAKE UP THIS SACRIFICE ?

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