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Pengarang The Nut Graph: Wishing for another May 13

Pengarang Kristian The Nut Graph Jacqueline Ann Surin mambayangkan Umno mahu detik hitam 13 Mei berulang.


Media pembangkang (The Nut Graph) mendakwa “Muslims don’t own the word ‘Allah’; they never have

Perebutan kalimah Allah: Pandangan ekstrim media pembangkang (The Nut Graph)


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27 thoughts on “Pengarang The Nut Graph: Wishing for another May 13

  1. Ann surin, I ask u since when did u use the kalimah Allah in ur prayer? or didn’t u?

    The national language is used by the Sabah Herald. No one prohibits its use. The “issue” isn’t about our national language. Its about “Allah”. The Herald wants Allah to be used in its BM publication. U faham tak Ann surin.

    Tanda Putera isn’t about 13th May. TP is a story about the last days of the great leaders Tun Razak and Tun Ismail. Have Ann surin menonton tak?

    1. Hello fiends, I mean friends. There is no need for May 13 to have lasting peace in Malaysia.
      the Chinese, who have been enriched by UMNO Presidents especially Mahathir now cannot understand why there are Malay Sultans and Constitution. They have become anglicised and christianised like colonisers and thanks to UMNO Presidents have been beneficiary of trillions of subsidies.
      I would suggest using these billions to help the westernise Chinese migrate to CAnada or Australia or New Zealand. Many of my Chinese friends have migrated AT THEIR OWN cost and effort. Imagine if UMNO Presidents provide funds and a Chinese Affairs Department instead of subsidies for resettling in western countries it would make the country peaceful.
      Of course for this to be palatable to UMNO Presidents/Nazri, UMNO members may have to create a fund too, so the Chinese vacuum can be replaced. UMNO members can contribute to a fund to enrich UMNO Presidents sons, daughter/brother/brother in law son in laws, fathers etc legally. It is better for the Malays to understand why UMNO Presidents/Nazri love the chinse business community so much and find a legal financial/lamborghiny/humvee solution. No need to hide ma. We Malays know whats going on with UMNO leadership. Everyone would love a lamborghiny ride.

  2. I think what she mention is right. The right wing Malay groups really wish to have another 513 not only te Malay wants to harm and act violence against the non Malay also they want to use religion as an issue like Helen to provoke the Malay to bully against the non Malay.

    1. ‘I think what she mention is right. The right wing Malay groups really wish to have another 513 not only te Malay wants to harm and act violence against the non Malay also they want to use religion as an issue like Helen to provoke the Malay to bully against the non Malay.’

      malaysian, tell me, that statement of yours is not provocative enough? Got brain or not?!

    2. OMG!! Helen!! why you provoke us to bully non Malay? This guy seems so confident about your influence to us. Surely your secret admirer..

    3. No need May 13 ma. We Malays are rich enough now to help chinese migrate peacefully and orderly. Not like now where the Chinese have to do everything themselves. Airfares, jobs placement, visa, 6 months rental would surely be appreciated UMNO.

  3. Well.. some of them Jerusubangite wish the godless Communist Chin Peng to be Prime Minister..

    So this is pretty mild by crazy standard

  4. PR bloggers have no respect what so ever. Its TUN Razak, not Razak.

    And its funny how she’s blaming the whole “Allah” issue on the BN Government, but never mentioning how even PAS opposes to it as well.

    1. re: “PR bloggers have no respect what so ever. Its TUN Razak, not Razak.”

      It’s a writing convention to omit the titles. Publications like The Nut Graph have a greater ratio of overseas to local readers compared to Malay portals like KL Post and Perak Today (these traffic stats can be checked at Alexa ‘cos TNG would cater to a disgruntled Dapster diaspora readership abroad.

      “Tun” is our Malaysian honorific. The title may not be known to Mat Salleh readers in other countries and some of them might actually make the mistake of thinking he is Mr Tun (rather than Mr Razak).

      International publications like The Economist would not be referring to “Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak”. They would write of him as “Mr Najib”. So Jacqueline here is just showing her high class lah.

  5. Malays are very mild, laid-back people. We do not go on the offensive, as can be studied in our history (but of course, some people want to re-write the history of the Nusantara). We negotiate, we cajoled and in the last few decades some of us learnt to bribe.

    It takes extreme provocation to get the Malays all riled up and ready to amok. May 13 was one example. And what we see happening in the middle east has us worried enough about the persecution and discrimination against our religion. And hijacking the name of our god, our One and Only Allah is, for most of us, a form of provocation. Only it hasn’t reached the extreme, intolerable level yet for the amoks to come out.

    So don’t stir the hornets nest and they will not come out to swarm you. That’s one of the main lessons of May 13, just FYI.

    1. OrangKampung,

      Precisely. I told off one of my chinese friend that Malays are very patient. They may keep things in their chests, But they are not stupid.

      And he was dumbfounded when i told him about provocations againsts Malays prior to May 13, 1969.

      And I mocked him that how nice of entire community is willing to pawn their interests to perpetuate Lim dynasty.

  6. aku dah lali dgn segala perangai orang mcm Jacqueline. Terbukti yg mereka memperjuangkn agenda DAP i g dari dulu lagi.

    Orang cina tak akan habis mengutuk sejarah orang melayu . Mereka tetap akan anggap orang melayu sebagai kaum yang tak cukup produktif atau maju. Cina bukit chauvinist pandang rendah kpda semua kaum lain. dah memang naluri diorang macam tu.

    Lebih baik orang cina hidup jauh-jauh dari orang melayu. Pergi lah duduk kat negara orang putih. Ingat mat salleh nak bagi kuasa politik kpd golongan orang mata sepet? Tidak sekali . Cina aje yg tak sedar diri.

      1. Cina or Cheena or chink– my metaphor for any one who wants to liberalism by denying the budaya of the majority

  7. Kalau ade apa sekala jenis perusuhan susah ya Cik Ann. Jgn langsung berangan yang bukan2.

    Sekarang ni pun kalau bekalan air or TNB terputus 4jam, atau jalanraya jam, kapalterbang delay pun orang ramai dah mengamuk maki hamun Gomen.

  8. “Home Ministry forbids a non-muslim group from ‘saying’ Allah and then attempts to prevent it from publishing in Malay’?

    ayat ‘spinners’ yang sengaja memburukkan keadaan.
    sejak bila pula seorang non-muslim dilarang menyebut ‘Allah’? sekiranya dilarang sekalipun, mana mungkin kerajaan mengawal berjuta mulut bukan islam dari menyebutnya?

    kedangkalan orang seperti J Ann Surin ini memang amat jelas tetapi dah sifat memutar-belit sudah sebati dalam dirinya maka keluarlah pelbagai tuduhan konon bijaksana.

    sudahlah ayat putar-belit, menghina arwah Tun Razak dengan cuma ‘Razak’ dan kemudian menuduh bahawa orang Melayu ni ibarat pengganas adalah lagi bentuk kebiadapan pendokong DAP yang diprinsipkan oleh moyangnya (Chin Peng), digarap oleh atoknya (LKS), diterap oleh bapanya (LGE) dan diajar guru-gurunya di sekolah vernakular…..!

    dan dia sendiri tentunya mengajar anak-anaknya (jika ada) supaya legasi penderhakaannya boleh diteruskan ke generasi akan datang!

    apa punya oranglah……!

  9. This Jac used to be in the Star right? Then went over to the Sun, Mkini, the Edge, etc if I am not mistaken. I heard she left the Nut Graph (ran out of money) and now works for a training company.

    1. I’ve used to read her piece, mostly merapus, in thesun. Then she had written about enjoying her saturday quietly at home rather than keluar for Bersih 1.

      Suddenly she blah and buka NutGraph. Tak pernah teringin nak baca pun.

  10. Jacqueline Ann Surin ( is the co-founder and the editor of The Nut Graph. She is an award-winning journalist who also co-founded with Cindy Tham and Danny Lim in early 2008. A journalist since 1994 first with The Star, then The Edge and theSun, she is also the author of Shape of a Pocket. She gained an M.A. in Media Studies at Sussex University in England as a Chevening scholar, and studied journalism in the United States under the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship. In 2007, she received the Excellence in Opinion Writing Award from the Society of Publishers in Asia for her Shape of a Pocket column which she continues to keep at The Nut Graph. She was also named by London-based Article 19 as the Pioneering Women’s Voices Candidate for Malaysia in commemoration of International Women’s Day in 2007. As of September 2010, Jacqueline is part of the collective of writers and editors who is maintaining The Nut Graph as a weekly.

    Pusing sana pusing sini rupa rupa tempat perguruan adalah The Star

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