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J-Star tuduh Adnan Yaakob bersifat perkauman

Karenah Scissorati menyergah Adnan Yaakob sebagai rasis boleh dibaca @

Bukan sahaja The J-Star tetapi MCA juga turut menghentam Menteri Besar Pahang itu.

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UPDATED: Chin Peng’s legacy of Bintang Lima

The J-Star reported today: “For what he has done, it was done because he loved the country.”


Hat-tip to Mulan for the lead. — 2.02pm, 18 Sept


The J-Star splashed a big picture of Chin Peng on its front page today with the provocative banner headline ‘Dead but not buried’.

In the inside pages, the headlines were ‘Chin Peng’s last wish to go unfulfilled’ and ‘Chin Peng’s ashes should be allowed home, says Kit Siang’, spanning pages 10, 11, 12, 14 and 24.

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