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UPDATED: Chin Peng’s legacy of Bintang Lima

The J-Star reported today: “For what he has done, it was done because he loved the country.”


Hat-tip to Mulan for the lead. — 2.02pm, 18 Sept


The J-Star splashed a big picture of Chin Peng on its front page today with the provocative banner headline ‘Dead but not buried’.

In the inside pages, the headlines were ‘Chin Peng’s last wish to go unfulfilled’ and ‘Chin Peng’s ashes should be allowed home, says Kit Siang’, spanning pages 10, 11, 12, 14 and 24.

The Jerusubang paper gleefully pointed out that the exiled former communist leader had died on the 50th anniversary of Malaysia Day.

“Personally, I really don’t want to have to listen to either the Prime Minister or his Cabinet on Malaysia Day” said the J-Star resident tukang cerita Karim Raslan, also today in his weekly column.

The J-Star on Sunday (15 Sept 2013)

Incidentally, our Malaysia Day (Sept 16) coincided with Lee Kuan Yew’s 90th birthday yesterday. This delightful fact is highlighted by The J-Star in its print edition today.

The ‘stars’ could not have aligned more perfectly — the anniversary of Chin Peng’s death will in future be commemorated on our National Day while tributes to LKY eclipsed our golden jubilee.

Meanwhile on page 6 (print edition) are blurbed the following stories to be found in The J-Star Online: ‘Chin Peng and I’, ‘Ambiga: Attacks helped make Bersih more popular’ and ‘Samad Said’s secret’. Wow, terribly impressed with the MCA-owned paper — it chose to feature both the Bersih co-chairmen Ambiga and Pak Samad in conjunction with the celebration of our country’s birth.

Exploring the new political landscape

Evangelista Bintang Lima

Note The J-Star‘s five-star logo.

More impressive is the paper’s two pages on Sunday – see scan above – devoted to the young Malays in Pakatan whom The J-Star is attempting to image boost as media icons like it did previously for “DAP SuperCyber Bullies” @hannahyeoh and @imokman.

Lim Kit Siang’s Malay political secretary was most prominent in The J-Star Online (screenshot above).

The young lady pin-up in the Bintang Lima publication is Dyana Sofya, Kit Siang’s pol-sec.

She is interviewed by Scissorati Tashny Sukumaran. Below (see tweet below) is the sort of stories commonly filed by this J-Star reporter Tashny.

Twitter - tashny- Any questions for the hemsem ... 2013-09-17 12-34-56

The above is a fair sampling of the kind of news slant that the Star Media Group is delivering daily to its 5.63 million audience.

Umno’s election is coming up. The J-Star is quite obviously cheerleading Khairy Jamaluddin.

KJ might have a challenger for the Umno Youth post. To find out more about the man planning to take on KJ, you can pop in at Din Turtle’s — ‘Kenali Akhramsyah, Pencabar Ketua Pemuda KJ – MENARIK NIH!

Who wants to bet that the poor guy (Akhram) will be given sly and subtle stabs in the back by the Sneaky Scissors.



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56 thoughts on “UPDATED: Chin Peng’s legacy of Bintang Lima

  1. The day the Star supports a UMNO individual its an indicator that this person must be in line with the opposition’s agenda. KJ was instrumental in opening the ‘Pandora Box’ during Tun Dol era that gave people like Anwar and Zaid Ibrahim creditability to the malays voters.

    1. What ethnic Indians need are a chance to start a new life as bumis in their motherland india.
      IF UMNO can spend 70 millions to bring back DAP voters why cannot UMNO allocate 1 billion for ethnic Indians to use as capital to start life in Mumbai or chennai?

      Its a win win situation.

    1. An Ipoh tycoon who made his money in construction is one of CP’s staunch supporter & probably a benefactor. This tycoon was even trying to recruit a few writers to “tell” CP’s story as a precursor to a planned attempt on regaining his citizenship.

      One would presume that CP’s roots are very deeply entrenched in the Silver State thus the allegation that the DAP cousins are related to him would possibly be not without merit. That said, the cousins don’t need an association with the CP to be infamous. They are “class acts” in their own right.

      1. That’s interesting indeed. Yes, the guys are infamous on their own and don’t need their uncle’s stardust to rub on them.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Namawee will produce another movie with CP in it, sort of Tanda Komunis. I bet there are enough Dapster tycoons to finance it.

        1. ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if Namawee will produce another movie with CP in it, sort of Tanda Komunis. I bet there are enough Dapster tycoons to finance it.’

          I can see that coming too. Maybe the title Ubah sikit, Tanda Patriot. To Dapters CP kan hero!

  2. bring back his ashes, so i and millions other Malaysian can piss on his grave . Yes bring it back !, give us a chance to express it our self!!!

    1. First of all did really Chin Peng died on the 16 Sept 2013 ,I have doubt on that , in to days worlds anything could be done to look majestic ,what more in Thailand .

    2. good idea.. why not bring this idiot back and let give us a chance to show our ‘love’ to this animal..

    1. for them, that is not meritocracy. That is fair if they do it. But if other do it,than it will became meritocracy. See the different, it ok for them but not for others.

      ;D sarah

  3. Re. “Who wants to bet that the poor guy (Akhram) will be given sly and subtle stabs in the back by the Sneaky Scissors.”

    Let’s do another poll Akhram vs. KJ. What say you? A lot of positive response received by this guy in other blogs.

    J-star tak akan bertindak selagi mamat ni tak mendapat perhatian ramai…..

    I hope he won’t pull out. Win lose or draw, at least he has the balls “Sebagai Anak Jantan Melayu Yang Tahu Apa Itu Erti Perjuangan Sejati” dan “Bukannya Menang Atas Dasar Rasuah”.

        1. If I am not mistaken Ali Rustam was one of them as well. KJ Kitol got to keep the post despite proven guilty

          Meantime, the support for Akram is encouraging. He needs to start doing the reach out program/plan and social media rally PROMPTO.

          KJ is selling himself in the J-star and hoping for the Liberal Malay support, I think most Liberal Malays are not UMNO members while the TOTOK UMNO are mostly UMNO registered member and higly unlikely to root for KJ.

          This is one of the saddest comment posted by in Akram’s blog:

          “Anonymous said…

          akhramsyah boleh menang sebab khairi jamaludin mmg tak boleh diharap nak bela nasib org2 muda melayu serta suka kasi rasuah sana sini abg saya pun pernah makan rasuah dgn dia tp abg saya dah bertaubat sebelum beliau meninggal dunia..khairi suka ugut dan rasuah org..ramai cacai2 dia sana sini serta kaki2 bodek semuanya..tunggulah nasib mereka kt alam barzah nanti baru padan muka!

          5:12 am”

          I hope everyone in here will start posting comment in Akhram’s blog to start the rally going.

            1. Re. the Scissorati would have no hesitation to sabo him should he step up to the plate and contest their preferred candidate.

              I can’t see from which angle though as Akhram is plain new and without a past (not that I know of). Somehow I agree with you that he must have got the blessing and back up from you know who.

              and Sit ludos incipiunt ……: )


  4. It’s interesting that Chin Peng not only passed away on Malaysian Day but also in the same year the New Village movie is supposed to come out. Some coincidence. Wonder how long has been Chin P eng dying or was it sudden death?

    It’s also interesting that while The Star or DAP probably tried being subtle in their attempted positive portrayal of Chin Peng and his Communist party some of opposition affiliated Malays directly and loudly proclaimed him as hero. Those Malays must be really confused. I’m confused why a capitalist tycoon would be a fan of the Communist Party too.

    1. It was never about communism, which think is an alternative economic system rather than the terrorist ideology peddled by PKM. Admit it, Chin Peng is a hero to most Malaysian Chinese,because he is Chinese and lifting a rifle to shoot at a Malay and overthrow the Sultan is probably a dream in the corners of the Malaysian Chines psyche,

      already they are admonishing Malays who celebrate Chin Peng journey into hell in Facebook, I had a snipe with some of them…my god.. these cina bintang tiga kristian dare quote Koranic verses to counter me.. and then I say.. u preach love and compassion but still believe in hell right, so by abrahamic faith standards which for murderers and traitor, chin peng has one way ticket to hell… case close.

      1. re: “these cina bintang tiga kristian dare quote Koranic verses to counter me”

        Yes they do quote the Quran willy-nilly. I shall highlight this.

      2. There are Malays who seems to wish we get rid of Sultans also. No surprise if they are in agreement with some quarters to celebrate CP as a hero.

        1. Komunis in whatever colours should be banished from this land. Diberitakan bahawa, salah satu sebab kenapa gerakan komunis di Malaya, gagal menarik minat orang-orang Melayu, kerana konsep tidak percaya akan Tuhan. Satu lagi bahasa yang menjadi kekangan.

          Melayu yang sokong komunis sekarang entahlah agama apa ye?

  5. DAPsters preach political freedom… but then they assign inferirority to others not alligned to their political choice.. words like dogs, prostitute, mamak kutty then become the lingua franca of the the loving and compassion jerusubangite communists

  6. Ms H. We Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, must back WINNERS and not LOSERS like those around the World. It wil take awhile for these brainwashed Chinese folks to see the REAL BRILLIANT LEE KUAN YEW WITH HIS 10 FAILED POLICIES FOR SINGAPORE !

    This is Malaysian Politics, Malaysian Chinese politics in transition. Those who think they cannot be burnt by fire, this is a good time to learn.

    Do these folks know what is 13 May 1969 ? For starters, there were curfews which caused a lot of businesses to close and stall-holders who not only lost their business but sometimes, their lives as well.

  7. I dont understand how the DAP supporting Malays can just watch in silent the support shown by DAP leaders like LKS and Karpal Singh towards the late communist Chin Peng.

    1. Setem. The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP did nothing for the Malays, Chinese, Indians and all since 1966 but only contemplated their navels and shouted ‘Malaysia for Malaysians’ which even the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore now dares not shout, ‘ Singapore for Singaporeans ‘ at Hong Lim Green, Singapore. It is not only the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians and all who have been brainwashed to see something which is NOT THERE. Wake up, fellow Malaysians ! On the other hand, the DAP leadership is doing very well for themselves, thank you !

      1. Setem. Wonder of wonders ! What we know as the BLUE MCA is now RED and the RED DAP IS NOW BLUE via Lee Kuan Yew and Washington DC links. White man speaking with fork tongue ?

      2. re: “Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore”

        Uncle, previously you said 9 failed policies. So what is this 10th one?

  8. KataOrangOrangTua Kalau handak rosakan tanaman, racunlah akarnya. Kalau mahu rosakan bangsa, racunlah sejarah mereka.

    Maka kita faham lah mengapa puok tu dok cuba racun sejarah kita.. hingga komunis diangkat sebagai wira…

    Hehe hidup Melayu!!!

  9. All these people who called CP a hero I guess do not have any members of their families or close family friends killed or maimed by the communists during the Emergency. Well I do. To call CP or any of these communists heroes, is equivalent to me pissing on the graves of my relatives. I’d rather piss on CP’s ashes.

    1. Yeah. Like my late honourable chinese grandmother said, if she found him in afterlifes she will make sure that he will be send to hell. Until her dying days she pray for this. So much hate for CP in her family until now.

      :( sarah

      1. Chin Peng pun banyak kacau famili Cina. Susahkan orang Cina. Bunuh orang Cina. Tapi Cina sekalang, DAP kakis, semua sokong wor!

        Helen, apa pasat ini macam?

        1. Melayu UMNO semua salah. Itulah jawapannya.
          Dulu Chin Peng terrorist tapi oleh kerana kebaikan Evangelista he has been forgiven. Perhaps he will go to heaven.

          Ingat UMNO not forgiveness until after kiamat.
          That is the answer.

        2. “Chin Peng pun banyak kacau famili Cina. Susahkan orang Cina. Bunuh orang Cina”

          Tanpa Chin Peng DAPster lagi banyak. UMNO lagi sakit kepala.

          1. Ya lor, UMNO malas bodo sakai good for nothing backward kampung people. Kalau tak kerana CP first class nationalist hero, Melayu semua masih kena jajah wor!

            Melayu kena ucap terima kasih kepada CP sebab bunuh Melayu for Merdeka.

            Macam Bush katalah, semua tu nak buat macam mana, collateral damage!

            Tun Chin Peng!

  10. I am glad he chose to die on 16th Sept, cause when next we celebrate Malaysia Day, we will do so with a sense of closure and jubilation that the man is finally ashes. His intent to return will not be hanging in the air, it will be buried with him. But I won’t be surprise if idiots who called him a hero will celebrate him like Guy Fawkes.

    1. Re. I am glad he chose to die on 16th Sept,

      He didn’t get to chose. Bila ajal datang menjemput tiada siapa pun dapat mempercepatkan atau melambatkan walau sesaat pun.

      1. I love conspiracies, theories or not. I’m pretty sure some one will soon start theorising that his death was on some other date but choose 16/9 for its significance. Lol.

  11. the Communist party is dead……. but the Communist mindset lives on in many a min yuen. september 16 will always be malaysia day and also the day Ong Boon Hua got his one way ticket to hell

  12. About 1,000 members of the Malaysian security forces were killed during the Emergency and for that, Chin Peng should be killed 1,000 times over. He was a terrorist and a murderer.

  13. JStar is really such a Chin Peng loving paper.
    Read this artcile

    “For what he has done, it was done because he loved the country.”

    The salesman said the bloodshed that occurred during the Emergency era was unavoidable, and it was unfortunate that murders were part and parcel of strife

    He loved the country so he killed many people. How logical.

    I was wondering whether anyone knows of any budget tours to Tokyo to visit the Yasakuni shrine. Because the generals loved the country the Chinese are rightfully killed. So logical (using JStar logic)

    Let us look at Malaysiakini.

    “Prmaju: These are the facts: Without Chin Peng, the British would not have granted independence on a platter to Umno. It was Chin Peng whom the British feared. He fought the Japanese so valiantly; the British gave him two campaign awards and an OBE.

    Did Umno do anything to fight the Japanese? Collaboration there might have been, but certainly no one from Umno fought the invaders. The British knew, if they stayed, Chin Peng would give them hell until they were driven out, just like the French from Vietnam.

    The British knew Chin Peng ‘s dogged determination, so they did the wise thing, they pulled out gracefully and gave Malaya independence.

    Umno happened to be at the right place and right time. Not only did the British grant Malaya independence, they also gave Sabah and Sarawak to Malaya. Umno was lucky to benefit from the work of others.”

    So Chin Peng is so berjasa. Prmaju must the decendents of the Cina Beng who was not butchered by the Japanese or the Communist Party. It must be UMNOs fault…. hem.

    The Chinese are blessed as they are massacred by the Japanese and the Communist. The dead are lucky because they could meet God (Jerusubang one) early and go to heaven early. Very logical. Those who did not die are cursed to walk alive in Malaysia, become 2nd class citizens and tortured by the evil UMNOputras.

    Only the DAPster could have such good sense.

  14. So much fuss about Chin Peng’s ashes.

    “If we manage to prove it is Chin Peng’s ashes, although I wonder how it is going to be done, will Malaysia be the first country to repatriate someone’s ashes?.

    Senang sahaja. Tahan sahaja ashes itu, ambil court order lepas itu flush dalam jamban.

    Sorry I ada dendam dengan orang tua itu. Saya ada kenalan yang mati kerana orang tua itu.

    1. Yeah…me too. Let just say I don’t want his ashes come back to Malaysia. And the one who support and idiolise him was #**** to me.

      ;O sarah

  15. Malaysiakini atau KomunismeMalaysiaKini? Penuh dengan tribute pada Chin Peng. Aduhai macam dia Evita Malaya ke.

    “He has left us, but he is with the people forever.”

    “With the greatest pain and deepest sorrow, we announce the passing of our beloved leader and our dear comrade Chin Peng (@ Ong Boon Hua) who departed peacefully at the age of 89 on Sept16, 2013 at 6.20am (Malaysian time 7.20am) in Bangkok, after a long struggle with illness.

    “He has thus ended a glorious life in combat and finally left all his compatriots of all races, comrades-in-arms, relatives and friends as well as the people’s cause, for which he devoted his entire life, and his beloved Motherland.”

    Kak Helen, saya nak cadangkan kak Helen highlight pejuang-pejuang negara kita seperti Sarjan Hassan dan Sybil Kathegesu yang terkorban kerana memelihara Tanah Tumpah kami daripada Jepun dan Komunis.

    Chin Peng tak layak. Cuma layak gambarnya saya flush dalam toilet lepas berak. Atau boleh kutip tahi kucing dan anjing dalam balut.

    1. So I noticed one thing before the comments section,”Do please note that depending on area bandwidth usage, there may be a delay of 15 minutes of more before comments posted appear on our site.”

      People believe this crap? People making those comments actually had to pay first, even when subjected to censorship they don’t even have the balls to admit? Yeah, I can see why the comments always follow a certain line of thinking.

    2. ‘…and his beloved Motherland.”

      I bet CP speaks Thai better than he speaks Bahasa Kebangsaan of his Motherland, like most of his kind BTW!

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