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Donkey, Monkey and MCA imploding

The MCA sec-gen is Kong Cho Ha.

A J-Star reporter covering his story yesterday tweeted “donkey kong ‘cha“.

See screenshot of Tashny Sukumaran’s tweet below.


ons like donkeykong

The same Star report covered Adnan Yaakob.

The Pahang Menteri besar had earlier complained about the lack of participation by the Chinese in his state’s Hari Malaysia (Sept 16) events where even in the dance performance, there were no Chinese taking part and thus necessitating Malay children to dress up in the Chinese costumes.

The J-Star responded with an article headlined ‘MCA lashes out at Pahang MB‘ and quoting Kong Cho Ha’s reply to the charges made by Adnan.

According to the blog Khabar Pahang, Adnan had commented that the number of Chinese present at the Pahang national day celebration could be counted on the fingers of the hand (“boleh dibilang dengan jari”).

The J-Star reporter apparently took offence at Adnan’s remarks.

Khabar Pahang reported Adnan’s retort to the reporter as follows:


Saya cakap betul… Kalau Melayu semua datang, orang Cina tak datang; tak boleh saya kata orang Cina tak datang? Perkauman pula? Kalau orang Cina sahaja datang, Melayu tak datang, (kalau) saya tanya; kenapa Melayu tak datang? Perkauman pula?
“… Ini bukan masa, bukan zamannya. Yang kita cakap betul, cakap betullah. Yang (dimaksudkan bersifat) perkauman; (ialah jika) saya mengapi-apikan. ‘Melayu…, pergi kacau Cina. Cina…, kacau Melayu. India, Orang Asli; mari kacau Cina, mari kacau Melayu’. Baharulah (boleh disifatkan perkauman).
“Ini saya menyatakan hakikatnya bahawa sambutan Hari Malaysia pada hari ini, yang ramai orang Melayu. Orang Cina dapat dibilang. Nasib baik ada wakil dari Dewan Perniagaan Cina, Dewan Perniagaan India. Kalau tidak, tak ada… Itupun perkauman juga?”

According to the Twitter time stamp, Tashny – whose article covered Kong Cho Ha’s response to Adnan – had also tweeted “monyet monyet monyetttttttt” within two minutes of her “donkey kong” tweet (see screenshot below).

brianyaps monyet monyet monyetttttttt

For the Twitter thread timeline involving Tashny and Brian Yap (another J-Star byline), please see preceding article ‘J-Star tuduh Adnan Yaakob bersifat perkauman‘.

I’ve mentioned before that the J-Star is a nest of Dapsters. Its reporters are very hostile to the BN and highly contemptuous of the MCA.

The virulent pro-DAP sentiments at the newspaper is reflective of the nationwide trend showing an estimated 90 percent Chinese as well as strong middle-class, English-speaking urban Indian support for the opposition.

MCA has totally lost it.

Recently, the Chinese party suspended the membership of its several division chairmen for their internal sabotage of the party — Serdang division chairman and deputy, Dato’ Liew Yuen Keong and Dato Ho Hee Lee respectively, Seremban division chairman Dato’ Peter Lai Yit Fei, Batu Gajah division deputy chairman-cum-BN coordinator for Tronoh Dato’ Lee Kon Yin and MCA Youth Penampang division vice chairman Jack Leow,

Serdang, Seremban, Tronoh and Batu Gajah are seats won by the DAP in GE13 whereas Penampang is won by PKR. MCA’s own men had helped the DAP candidate Ong Kian Ming to win in Serdang.

The suspensions are only the tip of the iceberg. The destructive streak within the MCA runs deep.

Essentially MCA is now turned rogue. The party nerve centre has been severed and quite incapable of exerting any kind of control anymore over the acts detrimental to the BN that are being carried out by its own leadership, members and media machinery.

It is no longer possible to rein the rogue elements in.

Ali Rustam, the then Malacca Chief Minister, had demanded the sacking of the Wanita MCA Malacca chief

If in May 1969, insults had been hurled by the street protesters and those attending the many oppostion public gatherings held during the election campaign period, today the situation is much worse.

Over the last few years, the insults have been steadily peaking in the social media (Facebook, Twitter, chain mail, and other apps) where the DAP is king.

The Scissorati and the Jerusubang network are among the most insultingly venomous.

Considering that Scissorati are on the MCA payroll and the Jerusubang network is most ardently promoted by the Star Media Group, consequently the position of the MCA in the BN has become untenable.

This is an urgent issue that must be raised by the Umno delegates when they meet at their upcoming general assembly.



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13 thoughts on “Donkey, Monkey and MCA imploding

  1. sapa orang cina akan berkawan kalu bersendirian.?
    I don’t think they got the Message of 1 Malaysia.

    PAP of Singapore is their bar.Nothing new in Malaysia accept for liberty of the press today.Now the true colors are showing. Nothing new.

    As LKY said…takkanlah Melayu nok give way.
    Pak cik…Mak cik beware.

    1. Wait until the economy, our markets are fully liberalized, open for foreign investors. The looting we’re seeing today is nothing compare to what’s to come. I bet the same people who are looting our wealth today, whether Malay, Chinese or Indian, they too will be part of the great looting.

      Singapore is already busy buying our real estate. But they are not the only party in town. There are others too. Yet our politicians are silent about this. No wonder foreigners love our government so much. Well, a new government, one under PR, will also elicit the same ecstatic response from these foreign interlopers.

      Keep on singing about how this government is going to defend the special position of the Malays. It didn’t happen back then, Its not happening now, and it ain’t going to happen in the future.

      On this score, I have to say I admire the Chinese tycoons. They are cashing out. Look at how our government linked companies are busy investing in the Chinese tycoons’ businesses. These people know what our government owned corporations don’t know. That once our markets are fully open to foreign competition, our industries are toast.

      So better to entice these wanks to invest in their companies now, and then sell them off later. take the money and park them overseas, preferably in countries where investments are not subjected to the whims and fancies of government. Is it any wonder why so many rich people park their money in places like Singapore and New York ?

      Empowering the Natives ? Just another slogan to hoodwink the unsuspecting audience. Cheers and have a nice day.

  2. Long Live Queen Helen…..

    Kerana Pulut Santan Binasa
    Kerana Twitter Career Binasa

    Ada orang dah HANGAT DN ANGIN Satu BADAN.
    DEMAM kot? Tak pe TAKE A LISTEN….


  3. MCA dah dpt early warning yg tsunami akan melanda Negara. Tetapi macam Yahudi dlm peristiwa World Trade Center, mangsa2 MCA sikit saja kerana majority lain DAP dah awal2 angkut naik roket menuju lima kebintang diangkasa lepas.

    Atas roket semua in their celebration mood – champagne pop pop tak renti2 sambil sibuk bertukar2 “technology” masing2. “Transfer of harta2 MCA” nak tukar hakmilik cannot so direct. So harta karun macam the STAR gunapakai dan enjoy saja le facilities demi masa depan penghuni2 roket.

    Tengah enjoy tiba2 dapat berita bahawa kawasan mangsa2 tsunami yg teruk dilanda bencana tsunami sedang giat dibantu oleh pasukan MEB. Alamak kacau daun la macam nih.

  4. I think I will ask the printer to start preparation for the banner “MCA MEMBERS. DID YOU ACTUALLY VOTE FOR BN IN GE 13?” that I am going to show to the MCA members at Wisma MCA during their next election.

    1. Better idea to take your banner to PWTC for the PAU.

      Let the deep thinkers figure out ‘WHO’ exactly is being made an ass of.

      1. Sebab tu la MCA guna bintanglima paper lobi bagi KJ and Nazri type yang naik. Kalau ultra Melayu, sure mereka sudah terpikir akan perkara ini. Tak perlu banner pun diaorang sudah dapat kata kunci…

        1. :D But MCA is DAP, and now thanks to Scissorati Tashny, we know what the ‘D’ in MCA’s case stands for.

          1. Rasanya Tak lena Tidur Malam ni Srikandi Gunting Dalam Lipatan Tashny.

            Donkey = Ass = Baghal….. hinanya Kong Cho Ha

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