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Star reporter called MCA sec-gen a “donkey”?

A comment by my reader (screenshot below):

I concur with Jentayu’s opinion. It does look like the Star reporter had indeed called the MCA secretary-general Kong Cho Ha “Donkey Kong”.

Enough is enough.

MCA is an utter embarrassment to the BN and not to mention an albatross around Umno’s neck.

This bangkai party will definitely drag the rest of the ruling coalition down along with it into the abyss unless decisive action is taken.

For the background story, please refer:

Previously the J-Star NUJ chairman called Rosmah the “biggest [mama] of all“. And not forgetting how the MCA-owned paper crowned her “the most powerful woman in Malaysia“.


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22 thoughts on “Star reporter called MCA sec-gen a “donkey”?

  1. hehe tq helen for making my comment as part of your post. terasa feymes plak i hari ni. anyway, imagine if you have the guts calling your boss ‘donkey’. i guess it’s goodbye to your RM_____ job that day itself. eh ada jawatan kosong lagi tak as scissorati? bestnye keje boleh maki bos dalam alam maya! gaji pun boleh tahan banyak kan helen? hish dunia ni dah terbalik agaknya…

    1. Nothing will happen to the Scissorati as her evangelista bosses condone it.

      The reporter who previously tweeted “Big Mama” received a promotion after the episode.

      The J-Star is after all a profit-oriented business which panders to its customer base. There’s nothing one can do to the paper as it’s not a crime to be pro any political party.

      Therefore the nub of the problem lies with the owner, MCA — which should be sacked from the BN.

      1. Re. The reporter who previously tweeted “Big Mama” received a promotion after the episode.

        I don’t think that they dare to repeat it after PRU13. Before that yes, where anything goes. Just the other a guy was charged in court for throwing a slipper or something the photo of a leader.

        Being an Indian/Tamil Ms “3Suku”maran is one thing as opposed to the other repoert who tweeted “Big Mama” but rubbing the fur the wrong way (and of that the ultimate owner of the organization) is another.

        Good Luck Ms “3Suku”maran….

        1. wahat?? being promoted?? wow! this is the best job ever in this whole wide world! sorry helen cause i’m just new to this whole scissorati thingy.

          but for once, the saying ‘don’t shit where you eat’ does not apply to j-star corporation at all. in fact it should be ‘please shit where you eat’ there. after this, we can expect a lot of name-calling towards MCA stalwarts and get promoted.

          please helen, is there any vacancy? i can make up more creative, vulgar and brutal name calling to any MCA, UMNO or BN coalition politician. you name him/her, i’ll rename him/her.

          p/s : really wish i could do that to my current boss. but my periuk nasi is more important it seems. hehe.

          1. Since it is the MCA itself that has allowed their Scissorati a free hand all this while, including the promotion of its NUJ chairman for calling Rosmah “Big Mama”, methinks there is really no reason why there shouldn’t be an Open Season on the party.

            If the sec-gen is called “Donkey” by an employee of a company that is directly controlled by the MCA, what does that make the owner (MCA)?

            A “donkey party”?

            Hey, don’t blame me for making the query. This is only taking the sequence (started by their own people) to its logical conclusion.

              1. that’s why i want to be a scissorati, helen. where on earth can you get this type of boss? can pijak2 kepala one. and the best thing get promoted after pijak kepala. really an ordinary employee dream come true maa…

            1. Hee-haw, hee-haw …. but frankly I can’t see the likes of that intelligent leader with a heart, Mr. Shen Yee Aun being included in the guest list of donkey party! People should introspect to see where lies their values.

            2. The Star made monkeys of themselves by trying to penetrate the Sarawak market, spending big and hiring the so-called hotshot reporters and sub-editors.

              But eventually he Star had to close their Kuching and Sarawak operations and withdraw their balachi back to Kuala Lumpur, with their tail between their legs.

              Sarawakians are not stupid. They don’t like a dishonest paper like the Star.

  2. itu bezanya orang yang beradat dan tak beradat. cik helen boleh saya kata diorang ni tidak di ajar menghormati orang lain, agama orang lain, keturunan dan juga bangsa orang lain.

    sekurang kurangnya buruk buruk dan bangsat bangsat orang melayu tak adalah letak taik dalam periuk nasi sendiri. apa perasaan you i bayar gaji you lepas tu you maki maki i di dada akhbar? ini orang kata bagi betis nak peha..

    1. sy x sependapat dgn awak dlm hal ni. sebenarnya kewujudan media maya mcm twitter, facebook dll dah lahirkan byk manusia dr pelbagai bangsa dan agama mcm si tashny ni. mereka rasa mereka hebat, trendy bila panggil nama2 org mcm tu. yg peliknya smp tempat mereka cari makan pun mereka sanggup jejaskan atas alasan kebebasan bersuara. nnt bila kena pecat mulalah melalak majikan tak adil bla bla bla. mereka2 ni yang tak sedar diri keja makan gaji maka kena pandai2 la bezakan kehidupan peribadi dan sosial.

      1. maaf, bezakan kehidupan peribadi dan kerja. tak suka bos anda itu hal anda tapi sekurang-kurangnya maruah bos kena jaga. hari ni dia panggil bos dia donkey, esok lusa bila jadi bos anak buah panggil dia pariah dekat twitter dia suka ke? hidup ni ibarat roda. hukum karma buat baik dapat baik, buat jahat, insya Allah jahatlah balasnya.

  3. I dunno whether being anjing UMNO or Donkey or biawak dead is better to describe MCA….. tapi if they berduyung enter DAP and then abandon their hangzhi name for albert kok, rupert chong.. sure can become PURE by Lim Guan Eng standards..

    To the MCA donkeys, biawaks or anjing UMNO.. they can easily morph into higher plane of purity by praying to 3 in 1 Allah +DAP membership and most importantly being cina… yang susah jadi Melayu… semua bende kami buat salah..

    looking at the Phillipines… being Catholics may even make us worse off.. apa kami nak buat.. oh.. I can switch to my Bugis side.

  4. Grandfather MCA dah awal2 lagi sumbat semua anak cucu cicit dia naik roket DAP. Dia sacrifice diri tetap tinggal dkawasan bencana pasai nak jaga harta karun supaya tak disedut masuk balik lautan.

    Itu bantuan MEB mana yang boleh dia cuba kasi cekop macam dulukala. Lagi pun itu transport Ministry Najib with open arms sedang otek otek supaya grandpa ambik, mana boleh lepas itu peluang?

    Anak cucu cicit nak buat apa tak kisah le asalkan hidup mereka bahagia. Grandfather dah uzur hanya tunggu masa saja nak gol so duk diam2 buat muka bolo macam biasa.

  5. I wondered why TS called KCH “Donkey” in the first place (alright, alright, I know Donkey Kong is a character of Nintendo’s video games, probably TS thought KCH is cute like Donkey Kong, hahaha, but still…). So I went over her Twitter messages and saw some unsavory exchanges between her and PG; those remarks are probably referring to you, Helen; they’re quite venomous in their words.

    1. re: “So I went over her Twitter messages and saw some unsavory exchanges between her and PG; those remarks are probably referring to you, Helen; they’re quite venomous in their words.”

      Exactly what I’ve been saying all along. The same Scissorati venom is injected into The J-Star‘s coverage (words and selected photographs) of BN personalities as well as anything that Umno does.

      Is it any wonder that there is now no turning back on Malaysia’s two-race system?

  6. I think MCA Sec-Gen have miss inter prated what MB Pahang said about the above matter. I’m confident that he, MCA Sec-Gen did not even attended the Malaysia Day Celebration held in Pahang. He only read what was written in the news paper.

    What MB Pahang referred in his speech and his comment to The Star reporter was about the involvement of Chinese during that day. Even the performance and dress up representing the Chinese that day was done by Malays. I qoute:

    “… tapi, sambutan Hari Malaysia yang di bawah khemah ini, kebanyakan orang Melayu. Menaripun (pada segmen persembahan pentas) nampaknya orang Melayu (tetapi) pakai (pakaian kaum) Cina, orang Melayu pakai (pakaian kaum) India.”

    If MCA Sec-Gen referred to attendance of the Chinese, I could say that it was not true. For me it was ‘half cook’. The Pahang Chinese Chamber of Commerce did attend the Celebration as you can read and see the picture here:

    So, my advice to the MCA Sec Gen, please get your fact straight before commenting about anything. If not, it will make a fool of your self.

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