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The City Harvest Church cover-up and how evangelistas operate

It is in fact “common” for churches to discreetly fund evangelism projects with a “secular face” in countries that disapprove of open gospel preaching, according to lawyer(s) for six City Harvest church leaders who are being charged for corruption, embezzlement and fraud.

The defence for the church told the Subordinate Court yesterday that there was nothing wrong about their underhanded methods, said an article in the [Singapore] Straits Times.

City Harvest leaders- Nothing wrong about discreetly funding Sun Ho 2013-09-20 13-46-29

In an earlier part of the hearing, the prosecution had detailed how the City Harvest Church pastors had “carefully planned the cover-up“.

Malaysia is a country that disapproves of open gospel preaching too. So we can well imagine how evangelism projects here are commonly carried out on the sly.

We also know that the DAP has strong ties with the evangelical churches as well as that senior editors in The J-Star are evangelistas.

Philip the J-Star Online editor
Philip the J-Star Online editor

KDN digesa memantau

On its page 16 today, Sinar Harian quoted former Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin as cautioning “kita dapat melihat bagaimana sebuah akhbar Inggeris telah cuba menghidupkan terus isu ini [SK Seri Pristana] untuk mengapi-apikan perasaan kebencian orang India terhadap orang Melayu.”

The Malay daily further reported:

“Zam berkata, Kementerian Dalam Negeri tidak seharusnya membiarkan perkara ini berlalu begitu sahaja tetapi siasatan mengenainya mesti didedahkan dan tindakan keras diambil kepada mereka yang mempromosikan hasutan perkauman.”

The government White Paper on Ops Lalang explains why The J-Star was suspended in 1987. If the MCA’s English newspaper had been guilty of inciting racial tensions back then, it is even more virulent today given the added dimension of religious tensions.

MCA carrying the DAP’s shit bucket

Calvin Sankaran commented @ 2013/09/20 at 10:08 am:

“Because MCA is doing all the talking, this allows DAP to sit back and hide behind them. By letting MCA carry the **** bucket and while keeping their own [DAP] hands clean and their ‘Malaysian First’ motto flying high.”


The Chinese alienation

The aliens in the picture above are Klingons. Should MCA vice president Gan Ping Sieu take a rocket ride to their planet, he’d likely feel somewhat “alienated” there.

In response to Pahang Menteri Besar Adnan Yaakob’s complaint that the dismal number of Chinese who participated in his state’s Malaysia Day (Sept 16) and Merdeka Day (Aug 31) events can be counted on the fingers of the hand, Gan tweeted that the Chinese should not be blamed for their lukewarm response.

Instead, the “underlying cause” for the alleged Chinese lack of patriotism should be looked into, said the former Mengkibol Adun. He provided an excuse that the Chinese community feels “alienated” and this alienation is the root cause for the Chinese boycott of our recent national day celebrations.


Mas hantaran tudung & songkok

In the picture above, we see ET (Steven Spielberg’s extra terrestrial) donning a flannel pyjamas and copycatting the humans to drink beer. That’s because the more the alien tries to fit in, the less out of place (alienated) he will feel.

Unlike the alienated MCA, the DAP on the other hand has been traipsing around the mosques and suraus in their totally assimilated get-up — see photo below of the Selangor Madam Speaker – to canvas the Malay-Muslim votes.

Total assimilation is the ostensible DAP prescription to cure the “alienation” that Gan Ping Sieu complains about.

The DAP evangelista politicians have slickly chameleon-ed to look like the majority on Planet Malay-sia by wearing tudung and songkok, and to talk (click to view the Serdang DAP MP’s numerous “Insya Allah, Insya Allah, Insya Allah, Insya Allah” tweets) like how the majority Muslims speak.

Do big numbers equate great strength?
Spot Hannah Yeoh


DAP’s “Super CyberBully” @imokman is the Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming. Can you make him out in the photo above?

5-star service

To return to Calvin Sankaran’s comment cited above, he had said that during the last general election, “the Chinese community completely rejected the BN & MCA (around 88% nationally and more than 95% in urban areas).”

Calvin also remarked that the Chinese who voted for the opposition have apparently “embraced DAP’s Bangsa Malaysia concept where ethnicity doesn’t matter”.

The MCA-owned and controlled media (The J-Star, four star radio stations, various magazines and online portals and apps), in doing the ‘Malaysian First’ soft sell, are actually acting as proxy to the DAP’s ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ sloganeering.

The J-Star sells the idea to fence-sitter Malays that the DAP is truly colour blind/beyond race and hence not “Chinese chauvinist”.

At the same time, The J-Star portrays the Utusan mindset and aspirations as being kampung and racist.

The J-Star‘s portrayal of ‘We are Malaysia’

Lose-lose situation for BN

Chinese in Malaysia should actually be grateful to MCA for all that the party has done such as keeping Chinese schools alive and for its role in deflecting the natural pressure on the minorities to be assimilated.

In neighbouring countries, the Chinese ethnic minority have had to adopt Thai names, Indonesian names and Filipino names while those living in white countries have learned to speak with an Ozzie twang or Mid-Western accent.

But the thorough rejection of BN by the Chinese in GE13 shows that all of the above MCA contributions are not recognized despite that it is through the MCA’s indefatigable efforts that Chinese have been able to retain our Chineseness all this while.

It is the DAP that is reaping the fruit of MCA’s 60-year labour. And it is the MCA that is left to carry the shit bucket after the DAP has enjoyed a satisfying meal feasting on 90 percent of the Chinese vote.



MCA is today the party daily antagonizing the Malays and Muslims.

The resultant ill will, or if we want to extend the shit bucket analogy we can say ‘bad smell’, will leave its stench on Umno and the BN.

Just like how PAS’s association with DAP has caused the Islamist party to lose Muslim votes, Umno’s continued association with MCA is causing it to lose Malay votes. If Umno still allows MCA to contest the Malay-majority seats in future, then the BN will surely lose those seats.

PAS had been the ‘keldai tunggangan’ for the DAP to ride on to achieving the latter’s best ever Parliamentary showing.

Likewise the DAP-ridden MCA, which is like a mule reflexively kicking its hind legs at Umno and the BN. It’s no wonder that the Scissorati nested in Menara J-Star Phileo Damansara and the paper’s bureau offices in George Town and other pro-Pakatan cities consider some of the MCA old Buddhist leadership to be “donkeys“.


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7 thoughts on “The City Harvest Church cover-up and how evangelistas operate

  1. DAPsters are very clever lot.
    MCA the donkey. They can do nothing right. A fitting metaphor to Aesop’s fable about an old man, his grandson and a donkey.

    Does ‘Donkey Kong’ Chong Ho has anything to say about it?

  2. Menjadi Evangelista bermakna anda berkuasa. Anda ada hak masuk ke kuil and potong botak. Yang Buddhis pula menyokong.

    Anda berhak masuk ke masjid, pakai tudung, kail pelekat dan songkok. Allah anda yang punya.

    Anda ada kuasa mencaci bahawa orang akan binasa di akhirat kalau tak ikut ajaran mereka. Mereka yang diselamatkan akan terselamat lain akan binasa.

    Tengoklah kekuasaan para Evangelista. Bukankan ajaran mereka bahwa mereka adalah “The Chosen Ones”. Sebab itu mereka berani mengajar macam mana orang Islam atau Buddhist beribadat. Tuhan Allah mereka nak ambil juga.

    Tapi awas! Sepandai-pandai dan setinggi-tinggi pendidikan pengikut Evangelista akhirnya mereka di bawah telunjuk pastor. Sun Ho contoh yang sangat terang. Pandainya pengikut tapi tapi tak pandai juga. Pastorlah yang paling pandai.

    1. I wonder who else and what else do these evangelists discreetly funding???

      BTW must really keep tab on whether or not their center got any permit in the first place? And if they do, must then find out, who, which pegawai had approved their permit discreetly?!

  3. I utterly admire your sheer focus on the J-Star, evangelistas, MCA and Hannah Yeoh.

    It does get absolutely, staggeringly, mind-numbingly repetitive, though; read one entry, you’ve basically read them all.

    Hey, even Syed of Outside the Box fame does car reviews to mix things up a little bit.

    Maybe you can do recipes? DIY tips? Restaurant reviews (on anything but Chinese food, don’t worry)?

    1. re: “I utterly admire your sheer focus on the J-Star, evangelistas, MCA and Hannah Yeoh. It does get absolutely, staggeringly, mind-numbingly repetitive, though; read one entry, you’ve basically read them all.”

      Hahahaha. And you’re my regular blog visitor who has read them all?

      re: “Hey, even Syed of Outside the Box fame does car reviews to mix things up a little bit. Maybe you can do recipes? DIY tips? Restaurant reviews (on anything but Chinese food, don’t worry)?”

      Okay. Whatcha wanna read? I’m willing to diversify.

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