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Meluat perangai sombong bodoh bangsa Cina

Oleh Cikgu Kampong

Maaf Helen, orang Cina tidak berjiwa Malaysia. Mereka lebih Cina dari Msia tetapi kuat menuduh Melayu rasis.  Orang Cina boleh membenci Umno tetapi mereka tidak boleh membenci Islam, Melayu dan Malaysia. Menghina negara Malaysia adalah kesalahan besar.

What u give, u will get; membenci Melayu akibatnya Melayu akan turut membenci Cina, simple game. Melayu tak benci Cina tetapi meluat perangai sombong bodoh bangsa Cina Malaysia. Melayu tak suka bangsa Cina yang hipokrit dan bermuka-muka hanya sebab nak kaya dan menjaga kepentingan kaum Cina.

Kasihan Malaysia dan Raja2 Melayu kerana memberi kerakyatan kepada satu bangsa yang sombong dan selfish. Parti2 politik spt DAP PAS dan PKR memburukkan lagi sifat perkauman sehingga semua usaha penyatuan bangsa Malaysia oleh kerajaan kelihatan mustahil dan semakin teruk.

Helen dan kawan2,
1.  bukankah cantik jika DAP, PAS dan PKR sama2 bantu kerajaan dan gagasan 1Malaysia demi keharmonian negara tercinta ini?

2.  Akhbar STAR dan akhbar2 Cina tak de kerja lain ke… asik cari salah kerajaan dan  menanamkan kebencian Cina terhadap Melayu siang malam?

Komen oleh Cikgu Kampong pada asalnya di 2013/09/19 at 12:43 am.


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58 thoughts on “Meluat perangai sombong bodoh bangsa Cina

    1. motherland is china, why mother tongue is not chinese?
      motherland is australia, why mother tongue is english?

      1. U take 2 remote example and make it a big deal.

        motherland is indonesia, mothertongue is Bahasa Indonesia, motherland is thailand, mothertounge is Thai.

  1. Orang melayu seharusnya jangan malu menjadi Melayu. Jangan silu mengatakan orang cina DAP rasis. Kalau sekarang orang cina Mca kata kita rasis, jangan takut kata mereka rasis juga.

  2. If that the case, I wish one day.. MELAYU will say this to them:::

    The latest are the Rohingyas of Myanmar. They have been in Rakhine state of Myanmar for centuries but now they are being told by Myanmar that they are not a people, that Myanmar is not their land. They are being forced to leave their own homes and country, to flee in leaky boats, over loaded and prone to being wrecked and they would be drowned.

    1. there is a distinction between rohingyas of myanmar and chinese of malaysia. the latter is malaysian citizens. so, what are you trying to imply or what do you really mean?

          1. Hahaha.. purely anti hipokrit. The truth is malaysian chingkies hate towards Muslim is beyond skin color. They are happily hates anything Muslim and Islam, except if that islamic “thing” can give them money. For example, in order for chinese businessman to attract muslim consumers they will sell their products using muslim labels and fake halal certification. Pau Ahmad, Pak Li Kopitam etc.

    2. antihipokrit. Let us not generalize our negative comments against each other to the happiness of foreign troublemakers. I am a Malaysian Chinese and I have done a lot for both the Malays, Chinese and Indians and all, and also my father.(1889-2013) Let us move on together united for further progress for all. This nit-picking is unhealthy and not productive. And I say….
      SHAME ON YOU AUNG SAN SU KYI, YOU SHOULD RETURN THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE TO STOCKHOLM ! The Rohinyas should be treated as per the United Nations Charter for Human Rights. No more. No less. It is so quiet out there when it comes to the Rohinyas !

      1. Ms H. As you are aware, I have always said that the Malaysian Chinese are the best treated in the World even better than Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and the rest of the World. Only in Malaysia they voted en bloc against an incumbent Government. In most foreign places, there is the invisible glass ceiling against outsiders. I have a friend with a top class Cambridge degree who was only made an Adviser in OZ and not the CEO in this Government owned telco. Of course, he is a Chinaman and complained to me.

        1. Ms H. And further you might have read. I asked my friends,’Have you ever met a stupid Chinaman or woman ?’ They would all say ‘No.’ But some Chinamen are so very clever as to be stupid. My friends looked puzzled. Then, I reeled off a few household names. Their eyes brightened up and all nodded in agreement ! The Malaysian Chinese should behave like Chinese the world over. Look at Singapore today ! Star Saturday 21 September 2013 Seah Chiang Nee, ‘S’pore relooks elitist policy. My headline reads,’ S’PORE MERITOCRACY FAILED.’ Malaysia Boleh !

      2. malaysian chinese or chinese malaysian? in usa there are african americans, chinese americans ( tak berani sebut american chinese pulak) & bla bla americans.

        in malaysia, majority of chinese arrogantly & proudly refer themselves as chinese or malaysian chinese. i seldom hear chinese malaysian let alone malaysian.

        bila kat luar negeri, baru nak panggil fellow malaysians ‘orang kampong’. jadi, tentang kesetiaan kpd tanahair (tanah tumpah darah) , still a long way!!! selagi ada bulan & bintang, perhaps the sentiment will stay & i hope not.

  3. Betul Cikgu Kampung.

    Helen, tak bolehkah Star, DAP dan sekutu tunjukkan sedikit rasa cinta kepada Negara Malaysia dengan tidak bertubi-tubi menanam rasa benci rakyat kepada hampir semua benda berkaitan Kerajaan.

    Terimalah hakikat Kerajaan sekarang dipilih Rakyat. Jika Kerajaan teruk, empat tahun lagi pasti UMNO di tukar. Tak perlulah siang malam berpolitik sekarang ni. Letih….

    Jika Star, MCA, DAP bertanggungjawab, pasti mereka membantu DSN menyatukan Melayu dan Cina, bukan membesarkan lagi jurang.

    Sebagai Melayu kadang-kadang saya rasa perangai Cina menunjukkan sifat tamak yang berpanjangan. Saya nampak Cina seolah mahu selamanya 25% penduduk memegang penuh 80% ekonomi. Seolah selamanya Melayu tak layak dan tak boleh maju — bukan Melayu kampung saja yang rasa begini, Melayu kelas menengah yang sedang mencuba bersaing dengan Cina di bandar juga rasa begini.

    Melayu meluat sebab nampak Cina tak minat langsung membina Negara. Cina tak nak ikhlas berkongsi dengan Melayu untuk Malaysia.

    1. re: “Terimalah hakikat Kerajaan sekarang dipilih Rakyat. Jika Kerajaan teruk, empat tahun lagi pasti UMNO di tukar. Tak perlulah siang malam berpolitik sekarang ni. Letih….”

      Letih siang malam berpolitik sekarang ni ialah untuk memastikan kerajaan ditukar dan Umno dikuburkan dalam empat tahun nanti.

      Kejayaan menumbangkan Umno tidak akan dicapai sekiranya usaha tidak dimulakan dari awal-awal lagi untuk menerapkan asas.

  4. Morning Shamsul.

    Was onto something yesterday so had to attend to it. Your question.

    South Korea or Singapore. This is a clear cut question really. Anyone who is a keen observer knows that the Singapore model is not sustainable.

    Now for those who glorify the Singapore model, this may sound like a sting by bees but nevertheless, I have always been non partisan.

    The Singapore model is very similar to the model adopted by The Barclays English Premier League. In other words, they “import” talent from overseas in order to turn Singapore into an attractive destination for trade, commerce, industry etc. Much like how The Barclays English Premier League markets itself, through broadcasting rights running to the tune of billions of pounds allowing clubs to spent beyond their means buying foreign talent to raise the quality, standards of the “product”.

    But there is a price for this sort of success, this route shall we say. The resulting brain drain is visible. Despite luring, buying or whatever word you may choose to describe the tactic used by the Singapore government, more and more Singaporeans, especially the well heeled, well educated types, they have chosen, and continue to choose, to fled Singapore as many feel, felt that they are being neglected while foreigners are favored.

    Much like how British, English players are going through these days in the Braclays Premier League. British, English players get less and less opportunities at the big clubs.

    But there is no denying that the Singapore model does indeed produced the desired results but the question is, is the model sustainable ? My answer is, no. In the longer term it will explodes. But for any developing country wanting rapid progress in a single generation, then my advice is, copy the Singapore model.

    The South Korean model, on the other hand, is more realistic. Looking at the Korean model, you can actually see that they are building real industries with local, domestic talent which over time, reduces their dependance on foreign input, to a certain extend anyway. But with the Korean model, there is a catch. You favor certain industries, to be more precise, you need to pick the right business groups to spearhead developments, build industrial champions.

    This is where Malaysia failed. I mean, we come out with great looking industrial master plans but where’s the results ? We may have picked business groups to spearhead our developments but look at the people we have chosen. Genting, Berjaya, these Chinese conglomerates and the countless Malay, Bumiputera business corporations. Look at the business fields these people are in. Almost all of them are in industries where the scope for development is very limited. These companies are in rent and seek businesses.

    Now, had our government, previous administrations been smart, they should have focused on our GLCs, companies like Petronas, Sime Darby, use these companies to acquire foreign expertise, build up their capabilities, and then privatize them, we would have our Samsung and Hyundai by now instead of such crap as Genting and Berjaya.

    Is the Korean model worth emulating ? Yes but only if you are willing to bear the social cost. This is because in the Korean model, you don’t have affirmative action. Its a matter of, if you can’t hack it, you’re finished. But there is a silver lining. If you can bear with it, within a single generation, you become very developed, with sound foundation to boot. After all, the Koreans survived the Asian Financial Crisis despite borrowing billions from the IMF and having to endure the harsh measures being hoisted onto them by the IMF and by 2002 they were well on the road to recovery.

    So now, the affirmative. My answer to your question. If you want long term success, you adopt the Korean model.

    I have never looked at the Singapore model favorably, simple because it is a house of sands. Now I m sure you know what a house of sands is right ? But of course, the Dapsters have no inkling, no idea of what a house of sands is.

    1. Dear Survivor,

      Re: This is a clear cut question really. Anyone who is a keen observer knows that the Singapore model is not sustainable.

      Any empirical research or study to support your proposition? Otherwise, your argument is merely ipse dixit. Is our Malaysian model of affirmative action sustainable then?

    2. Survivor,

      Korea( South korea) is a history of success. They staged Olympics in 1998. and they won gold medal in men’s hockey. But they started to play hockey much later than Malaysia. Why they consistently rank higher than Malaysia in hockey.

      The answer is in their values. they take things seriously. Just like they bypassed us in football, badminton and now “sepak takraw”.

      And they are very positive. Just compare Hyundai of 2000 to that of the latest model.

      It is not that we do not have formula, model like them. Just that we are not “hungry” enough.

      And that separate a winner and a mediocre.

    3. Easier to execute in Korea as there is only one race and one language. Affirmative action can only exist in a multicultural society. In Singapore, while multi-cultural, Chinese make up 80% of the population. Malaysia is in a unique situation where the minorities are +/- 40% of the population provide and has a stronger voice.

  5. 1. bukankah cantik jika DAP, PAS dan PKR sama2 bantu kerajaan dan gagasan 1Malaysia demi keharmonian negara tercinta ini?

    Someone said we must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. Without opposition, there will not be accountability and integrity. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    2. Akhbar STAR dan akhbar2 Cina tak de kerja lain ke… asik cari salah kerajaan dan menanamkan kebencian Cina terhadap Melayu siang malam?

    Let’s put it this way. If these papers publish lies, they are liable to be sued or have their license taken away. If they publish dissenting views, it is the true path to democracy where different voices are allowed to be heard.


  6. Tk Cikgu Kampong dan Helen yang memaparkan artikel.

    1. Ini lah perasaan majoriti Melayu yang akbar Dap cop sebagai Melayu dan bumiputera murahan, baca akbar Utusan.

    2. Kesalahan besar masyarakat cina yang di ulang tayang sekian lama, tetapi di bebankan kepada Melayu dan Umno konon nya menyemarak api perkauman.

    3. Orang cina yang menganggap Melayu sebagai musuh atau bernilai lima puluh sen atau sen atau tiada sen, TETAPI dalam masa yang sama bertongkatkan Orang Melayu untuk meraih nilai laba jutaan dan demi kepentingan kaum cina semata-mata. Habis madu sepah di buang. Meludah semula ke muka kawan yang telah banyak berkorban.

    4. Siapa kata masyarakat cina tidak bertongkat ? Contoh paling mudah. Jika tongkat di rampas kembali sepenuh nya, apa akan jadi ? Jadi jangan lah menepuk dada kerana kebanyakkan cina memang bodoh sombong. Seperti sombong nya mempertahankan gelaran ” The Butcher of Malaya “.

    5. Berpijak lah di bumi nyata. Jadi lah cina “purely Malaysian” yang penuh budibahasa, punya hati dan jiwa.

    1. Ada siapa bising YTL dpt projek 9Billion? Ada siapa bising SP Setia dapat projek JV dgn gomen? Ada Cina bising? Tapi bila melayu dpt sikit je, BISING MCM BABI satu kandang

        1. Re. Are you sure it is still on track post-tsunami and following anti-Chinese backlash?

          YTL is pro BN (since Tun M time), although I don’t think they voted for MCA/Gerakan in the last PRU. : D

          This is a high impact economic project, it has been discussed for a long time since Tun M (until Tun Dol and SIL called it off). Now it is back on the table and I don’t think that UMNO/BN is that heartless to pull away from YTL. I think the T&C will change slightly though.

          1. re: “YTL is pro BN (since Tun M time), although I don’t think they voted for MCA/Gerakan in the last PRU.”

            Double wink to that.

            re: “This is a high impact economic project, it has been discussed for a long time since Tun M (until Tun Dol and SIL called it off). Now it is back on the table and I don’t think that UMNO/BN is that heartless to pull away from YTL.”

            On again, off again … dunno, just saying. Keep your ears open.

  7. “Maaf Helen, orang Cina tidak berjiwa Malaysia. Mereka lebih Cina dari Msia tetapi kuat menuduh Melayu rasis.”

    Menurut si Orang Kampung, “berjiwa Malaysia” bermaksud tidak mengamalkan budaya dan agama yang berbeza dari agama dan budaya-nya.

    “Berjiwa Malaysia” bermaksud sujud dan tidak mempersoalkan layanan berbeza mengikut agama dan warna kulit. Jika disuruh makan dalam bilik persalinan, jangan soal.

    “Berjiwa Malaysia” juga bermaksud menyokong Barisan Nasional tanpa menyoal macam robot tidak berotak.

    Idris Jala, walaupun Bumiputera, bukan “berjiwa Malaysia”. Dia masih dianggap “kafirun” oleh mereka dan tidak layak memimpin badan ekonomi seperti PEMANDU.

    1. Ac-DC,

      “…tidak mengamalkan budaya dan agama….”

      Ini satu lagi sikap orang Cina fanatik yang suka putar belit. Tiada siapa pun dikalangan orang Melayu yang tuntut orang Cina amal budaya Melayu atau menganut Islam yang jadi anutan orang Melayu. Itu hanya fitnah awak saja. Orang kampung tak kata begitu pun.

      Jika orang Melayu rasis, bagaimana kawasan sepertiu Kulim, simpag Renggam dimenangi oleh calon bukan Melayu.

      Sebenarnya yang perkauman ialah orang seperti awak. Awak mahu semuanya untuk bangsa awak saja. Awak tak peduli orang lain.

      1. “Tiada siapa pun dikalangan orang Melayu yang tuntut orang Cina amal budaya Melayu atau menganut Islam yang jadi anutan orang Melayu. Itu hanya fitnah awak saja. Orang kampung tak kata begitu pun.”

        Ya ke? Saya kerap baca rungutan dari fanatik tentang perayaan Tahun Baru Cina, Thaipusam, tarian naga, kuil Batu Caves, dan pelbagai lagi. Mereka kata orang bukan Melayu bukan orang Malaysia selagi mereka tidak mengamalkan budaya dan agama Melayu. Bagi orang sebegini, pergilah katakan ini ke hadapan orang Sabah dan Sarawak.

        Malah, kata-kata macam ini diluahkan Mahathir dalam bukunya Dilema Melayu.

        “Jika orang Melayu rasis, bagaimana kawasan sepertiu Kulim, simpag Renggam dimenangi oleh calon bukan Melayu.”

        Manakah saya tuduh orang Melayu rasis? Kalau saya membidas tulisan Wong Chun Wai bermaksud saya anti Cina ke?

        1. AC-DC,

          Saya juga baca buku Dr mahathir. Bila masa dia berkata demikian.

          Jangan nak temberang. Masalah orang seperti awak ialah awak suka menuduh orang lain (maknanya Melayu perkauman). Isu di Sekolah Sri Pristina bukan masalah perkauman.

          Masalah puak seperti awak ialah awak mahu menidakkan realiti. awak menuduh orang lain (maksudnya melayu) perkauman walaupun sebenarenya yang perkauman dan enggan terima kenyataan ialah awak dan puak puak awak.

          Pasal idris Jala, memang dia bukan Islam. Seperti juga orang kristian kata orang bukan Kristian ‘heathen’. Tetapi dia masih memerajui PEMANDU. Tengok pula DAP. Nama saja bercakap pasal “multiculturalism” tetapi pekat Dinasti Lim semata mata.

  8. Re The Chinese have accepted the social contract and other policies before and able to prosper despite all these “unfair” policies. This is goes to show that the policies have not hindred the Chinese in any way. So these claims are pure BS.

    The Chinese have prospered ? Only a minority. The 10 per cent. The rest are struggling middle class folks. In fact, the Chinese living in urban areas are worst off than Malaysians dwelling in rural, semi urban surroundings.

    In fact, if a Chinese wants to “climb” the ladder, he has to join the Hannah Yeoh types, which most, a clear majority would not do. Which is why the Chinese continue to send their kids to Chinese schools in the first place, because, well, what I m going to say next, some people may not agree, but I will still say it, to set the record straight.

    The single biggest threat to the preservation of Chinese culture is not Islam, or Malays/Muslims. The single biggest threat is Anglo Christianity. The Chinese know full well that the Malay Muslim majority are not going to disrupt their way of life simple because, look around, have Muslims being proselytizing to Chinese ? Hardly, almost non existence.

    The same cannot be said about the Evangelists. They are the most active, in fact I dare say, the only game in town, when it comes to proselytizing.

    And where were these Evangelists educated ? The national school. So the Chinese responded by ? Sending their children to Chinese schools, keep them away from the Evangelists for as long as possible.

    This may sound far fetch to many, but to a Chinese, a real Chinese with a Chinese worldview, this is real. Am I right Helen ?

    If UMNO, or for that matter BN, if they are really smart, they should allow the Chinese to open more Chinese medium schools, both primary and secondary. In fact, the BN government should make it clear that these Chinese schools operate the way International schools operate, have more Malay, Indian kids in these schools. Then the threat of Anglo Christian proselytizing would have evaporated over time.

    But instead, Malays went after the Chinese, with Anglo Christians egging them on. Then these same Anglo Christians tell the Chinese that the Malays have done the Chinese horrible wrong. And I m going to say this to my Malay friends. The next time you see provocations by Anglo Christians, ask yourself this one question. Who are these Anglo Christians ? If you know who these Anglo Christians, you will know the Chinese are not involved in these provocations. But if you buy the story that the Anglo Christians = Chinese, then you fall into the trap they set for you.

    Anglo Christians can be Chinese, Indians or other Malaysians who profess Christianity as their religion and whose worldview is based on Anglo Saxon culture.

    So now I m going to ask the question. Who are these Anglo Christians ?

    1. re:The Chinese have prospered ? Only a minority. The 10 per cent. The rest are struggling middle class folks. In fact, the Chinese living in urban areas are worst off than Malaysians dwelling in rural, semi urban surroundings.

      hmmm..when i read in wikipedia(a very ‘credible’ source..i bet who is so ‘rajin’ updating them,eh?), i goes differently, why aaa?

  9. People should pay attention to what Indian Christians are saying of the Malays. They too bear a grudge against the Malays. Look how many of them are with the opposition nowadays. More than the Chinese.

    Whereas the Chinese are pragmatic, witness the 1999 elections, this group of Christian, Anglophile Indians are ideological.

    Pay attention on this group.

  10. If Cina had given more votes to BN, do you think all those Bumiputera appeasing agenda will still be around now?

    By the look of it, Najib has no choice but to concede to demands by Bumiputeras pressure group since they’re the ones keeping him in his seat now. He may have some ideas on how to turn the country around. Like allowing more entries of non-bumis into public unis and even Mara colleges.

    More handouts, more dependency. Whither Malaysia?

    1. Ajay,

      I think Najib is doing what is right. Naturally a politician would want to fulfill the expectation of his voters base. after all, he gave so much to chinese. Look at their respond to him. They flatly rejected him in the election.

      So Najib needs not worry. after all, even without Chinese, UMNO can still form the government.

      I can understand their feeling. They believed to the hilt that UMNO would fall. But to their surprise, UMNO still holds the fort despite bruises. So, they are very angry. Who like to bet on the party that lost anyway.

      Bravo Najib. No need to cater to Chinese demands. after all, they are not going to vote for BN. UMNO that dominmates BN is too much for them. IN DAP, PAS is like “sampah” saja, Of course that is “better” to them. .

  11. Cikgu kampong
    Dulu2 mereka tunjuk sombong bodoh kat sedara mara dari Mainland China dan India. Sekarang dah takleh lagi kerana China dan India ramai dari kalangan mereka dah cerdik pandai dan kaya raya jadi terpaksa lepas geram tala kat orang tempatan pulak. Isshh bila le mereka ni nak setel down?

    Takpa la. Berkurun2 lamanya Melayu/Bumiputra dah berhadapan dgn puak2 pendatang, bermacam bangsa, bahasa, rupa, warna kulit dgn kerenah masing2 yg unik. Dah tak laghat gedik nanti one day they too will definitely go away.

    Lepas tu akan muncul pula kaum lain. Eskimos?

  12. bodoh sombong tu kebanyakannya melayu. cina pulak kebanyakannya cerdik masyuuuk! (muka tak malu). sendiri punya genggam rapat, orang punya kebuloq, bila tak dapat bising satu malaya ditindas.

  13. kata orang,
    tak malas tak melayu,
    tak tipu tak cina,
    tak gempaq (riuh) tak India.

    Blog ini membuktikan bahawa trademark ini bukan hak eksklusif lagi, ia dah jadi cross-culture. :)

    (Seperti kata Helen Ang)

    Kritik dan sarkastik
    ditumbuhi spora klise
    dek keberulangan akut
    dupa kedunguan diasapi
    24/7, atas altar semahan.

    Pusing melaju,
    semakin laju –
    sampai muntah.

    Naik meninggi,
    semakin tinggi –
    ke tingkat vertigo.

    Letak duduk
    kuasa dan pengaruh
    tidak setara, walhal
    pemikiran. Sanya setahap
    Otak DI KepAla Lutut.

    Batu Kawan, Pulau Pinang.
    ©Ibnu Din Assingkiri

  14. What an incredibly racist posting. You’ve fucking generalized a whole race. And your minions continue to lap it up. Well and truly Despicable Ang.

    1. Generalise and demonise a whole race, and religion.

      And later, when her minions next move to attack the Hindu Indians, she finds it unfathomable why they do that.

  15. I have no idea why this run of the mill racist appeal to emotion should be highlighted. It is no different from most of the ramblings of the intellectually and spiritually stunted Establishment crack pipe smokers.

    Apparently all the Chinese have to do to prove they are loyal Malaysians is support UMNO.

    If continuing to enable a kleptocracy means loyalty then you are a stupid disloyal Malaysian. If not supporting the kleptocracy means not questioning the alternative then you are a stupid disloyal Malaysian.

    Defining concepts like patriotism and loyalty is difficult made worse by the reality that imbeciles get to do the defining which enjoys popular support.

    1. I don’t think chinese have to prove themselves as a malaysia by supporting umno.They can support anything they want but as long as when involving nation building, please dont refrain…

      for example “amalkan dimana bumi di pijak di situ langit di junjung”?

  16. Can’t really understand our Malaysian Chinese friends. ‘Riak-riak’ calling themselves true-blue Malaysians and even complained of being treated as ‘second-class’ citizens, but unfortunately ‘cakap tak serupa bikin’.

    Snooping for photo ops as usual, I attended Merdeka Day celebration at Dataran recently. Nothing much besides the usual formalities, but what caught my observation on the thousands who attended was almost the ‘rata-rata muka Melayu aje’ and the ‘batang hidung Cina pun susah nak jumpa’. Susah sangat ke nak bawa anak bini or cucu to wave the Jalur Gemilang to show our patriotism. Even a few ‘mat sallehs’ sportingly joined in the fun.

    OK, I told myself, perhaps this Dataran ‘hangout’ was an Umno organise event and seeing how much the Chinese hated anything Umno touched-except projects and contracts, and not forgetting haloed titles to boot-, they perhaps chose to congregate with Khalid gap at the Shah Alam Stadium or salivating over the tokong at Padang Kota…… up north.

    Then last weekend it was the Armed Forces Day, again at Dataran, Still ‘rata-rata muka Melayu aje’ prevailed. And the only noticeable ‘batang hidung Cina’ was the few handful of ah sohs and sawhais who now want to convert the tugu Commonwealth games 1997 into a Lynas graveyard momento. So much to show for your patriotism to tanah tumpahnya darah ku. I thought, setting sentiment aside, they can at least separate out politics and national patrioism. Boy was I wrong.

    So how come an event like the Standard Chartered Marathon hosted at the same Dataran, thousands participated and ‘rata-rata kebanyakanya batang hidung Cina’. So attending any event wasn’t an excuse of inconvenience, out-of-way or taxing chore but more like it, a deliberate exemplary communal undertaking?

    Sometimes I wonder-should the inevitable sun rises in the west-and China Peng urn turn up at Dataran, the place will be flooded with ‘rata-rata muka depa aje’, and every clans, associations and kongsis in Malaysia, and not forgetting busloads from every new-villages worthy of a name will be fully represented. No one it seems is too kiasu to be left out.

    I think this ‘muka-muka’ thing is too ‘nampak sangat’, and that’s why the Malays are getting meluat, at least to those who are ‘dah celek dan sedar’….. my 2 sen

    1. Siapa yang pandai-pandai keluarkan formula bahawa semangat cintakan negara hanya terhad kepada mengibarkan Jalur Gemilang dan turun padang di Dataran Merdeka ketika sambutan Merdeka? Adakah jika tidak melakukan mana-mana di atas, maka seseorang itu tidak patriotik? Tidakkah pandangan ini terlalu ‘simplistic’?

  17. “Ramesh Ridzzy B Johnson Teh: Once us non Malays start behaving like Malaysians, start assimilating and embracing local culture and norms, I dont see why that wont happen. But when many choose to behave like aliens, until then will we be labelled as pendatangs.

    What I am trying to say is, you want to be called a Malaysian, yet you study in the mother tongue of a land thousands of miles away, you cant even speak the national language, you choose to live a parallel life like a nation within a nation.. How do you expect to be embraced as a Malaysian?

    Look at Yingluck Shinawatra. She is ethnically chinese yet she is now the PM of Thailand. She behaves like a Thai, speaks thai , has no emotional attachment or connection to Peoples Republic of China, and the thais have embraced her as their own. I am sure the Malays will do the same.

    Why do I think that the Malays will accept us?

    Look at how they accepted the Indians in Penang and Kedah as their own. Look at how they embraced the baba and nyonyas as bumiputras. Kelantanese chinese speak fluent Kelantanese BM and the kelantanese Malays refer to them as Oghe Cino Kito (OUR Chinese) ..Assimilation is the key.

    (Copy pasta from comment on fb)

    1. Dear Abu Bakar,

      One correction: The baba and nyonyas are not bumiputera and their descendents two generations down (i.e. Gen Y and younger) have swung away from the assimilation and back to Chineseness.

      Reasons for this:

      (a) The increased popularity of Chinese schools

      The English-language medium and mission schools were phased out in the 1970s and inversely, the SRJK(C)s became more and more popular. Today you can hardly meet any Chinese parent who does not send their child to Chinese school even though they themselves were from the La Salle tradition. The Star CEO Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai is one such example.

      (b) Opening up, or the Global Village trend

      Some generations back, the Chinese immigrants were still poor and passage back to China by sea (to visit the home village) was too costly.

      Then there was a period of the closed door policy where Malaysians were banned from travelling to certain countries, e.g. Israel — see,, and lack of diplomatic relations with China back then due to the distrust of communism. Today China is in reality as communist as the DAP is “socialist” (which is to say, China ‘not really’ communist anymore and neither is the Developer’s Party socialist).

      Today, travel to China is cheap (re: “AirAsia – Now Everyone Can Fly”) and easily accessible

      (c) The world wide web and satellite TV

      Previously- referring to a time before some Dapster brats were born – one can only watch Chinese shows either at the cinema or over terrestrial TV (that would be RTM2, and that’s all).

      Then came the pirated video option, those bulky VHS tapes of Chinese drama serials which are now as extinct as cassette tapes. Today we can access all kinds of Chinese entertainment via video streaming.

      (d) International connectivity for the Chinese diaspora

      There is weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter. And there is baidu, which is a Chinese search engine (sort of Google) both of which are used by Malaysian Chinese.

      Hence the insularity (inward-looking to Malaysia) in world view is greatly diminished.

      (e) Politically no rewards, only punishment

      You say: “Look at how they accepted the Indians in Penang and Kedah as their own.” Correct. Look at the faces in Penang Umno, if I may add. The Menteri Besar of Perak is an example of the Indian success and Umno acceptance.

      However the Baba-and-Nyonya are not mamaks, and there is no political advantage because at the end of the day, the Babas and Nyonyas are not Muslim.

      There is a lot of punishment from the Chinese community at large. You can see how the Dapsters and evangelistas despise the mamak. Similarly they despise the mualaf Cina and thus “binti Abdullah” or “bin Abdullah” to them is used as a derogatory term of abuse. Take this measure and ponder on what kind of people the Dapsters and evangelistas are, and whether assimilation can possibly get any traction among them.

      1. Assimilation can only progress smoothly when the Gov of the day is just, fair and wise. So lets talk about having a proper Gov first. When every Malaysians feels they are treated fairly and justly WHO don’t want to assimilate ??? So lets start with an assimilated Gov. Not race based. My 1 cent.

      2. You are right. Even your perpaduan ummah comrade ustaz ridhuan tee also sends his children to chinese school.

  18. Chinese in Malaysia…
    1) Illegal Gambling is OK for them, but if other race make anything illegal, they make big fuss of it..CINA
    2) Prostitution and flesh trade…CINA the guru
    3) Jump queue everywhere, CINA
    4) Kurang ajar every where..CINA
    5) Not considerate..CINA
    6) Never respect other race and religion.. CINA
    7) Racist..CHINESE..u see all job advertisement…must know mandarin..mane Melayu dengan india tau mandarin…kayu
    8) Never feel grateful to government..and yet live in Malaysia..CINA
    9) Majarity who don’t know how to sing Negaraku..CINA
    10) Behave like Malaysia belong to them..CINA..I guarantee Malaysian CHINESE can’t live even one mth in china, either they will be prison or shot cause keep going against the law.
    11) Always complain about not enough for them..even about 80% of business control by them..CINA
    12) If chinese make mistake in public, quiet but if other race make miste in public..CINA the one make so much noise..see in FB, blog etc.
    13) Talking on top of their lung in public CINA
    14) Park the car here and there like their father own the road..CINA
    15) Initiate corruption..CINA
    16) Any illegal business..CINA
    17) Barking for one Malaysia…CINA..but they want to maintain chinese school, chinese news paper, etc..Kalau satu Malaysian..makna nya semua pakai bahasa Malaysia lah..Kayu punya cina.
    18) See around..which parent avoid children even smile to other race…CINA
    19) Siang malam complain pasal malaysia, melayu, pasal bangsa lain..CINA
    20) Selalu kmplain kerajan tak bagi kerja..tapi tak mohon sebab gaju kurang..CINA
    21) Kalau kaum lain jadi boss, dia bagi semua kaum kerja (di pejabat swata), tapi kalau cina jadi boss…semua kerja dia kasi CINA, kerja kuli dia kasi Melayu dengan India..



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