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What you all think about Guan Eng / Khairy’s latest stunts?

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Malaysiakini’s top story today —

Malaysiakini 2013-09-22 19-07-43\

Lim Guan Eng said he will provide Penang’s 10 opposition Aduns – all from Umno – with a development project allocation of RM40,000 per year from the state budget, reported Malaysiakini.

He said in his statement that this is being done as a “differentiation to BN’s practice of national confrontation and Pakatan Rakyat’s adoption of ‘national reconciliation’.”

For the record, the Pakatan-ruled Selangor provided their Aduns with an allocation of RM1 million each in 2011. Two years down the road the allocation might already be further increased in keeping with inflation.

It did not look like Meneteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim had similarly given RM1 million to the Aduns from BN though.

N45 Dr Halimah Ali RM SEJUTA BAGI SETIAP ADUN SELANGOR (dwibahasa) 2012-06-24 19-52-51

Hannah Yeoh was the first to grab

… after complaining that satu juta mana cukup.

Selangor also provided hundreds of millions to its Aduns – essentially Pakatan – through the special Selangorku grant.

Hannah Yeoh was among the first to make a grab for the Selangorku allocations — read ‘Geran Selangorku RM300j: Siapa cepat dia dapat‘.

Khairy controlling a huge budget

Ministry of Youth’s RM2,242m budget in the last M’sia Plan (2001-2010)

Under the 10th Malaysia Plan, the sum would be even more


Under the 9th Malaysia Plan, the Youth and Sports Ministry was given a budget of RM2,242 million (that’s two thousand two hundred and forty-two million).

In comparison, under 9MP the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development was only given 552 million. (Source: The Economic Planning Unit (EPU) website @

The Minister of Youth and Sports is, as we’re all aware the high profile Khairy Jamaluddin, his publicity surfeit thanks to The J-Star which has been polishing KJ’s apple to a shiny burnish.

Recently on 3 Sept 2013 – a mere couple of months into his Ministerial job – it was reported that Yang Berhormat KJ had decreed “funds should not be allocated to sporting associations if there is ‘no accountability’.”

Heh, heh, heh. “Accountability” according to Khairy’s yardstick, nudge, nudge — this coming from the Umno candidate who was found guilty of money politics by his own party.

Again, repeat: YB Khairy has instructed that “funds should not be allocated to sporting associations …”.

The new Youth and Sports Minister has been real quick to take control of the purse strings, eh? Lu fikir-fikir sendiri lah.

Given KJ’s exposure as Youth and Sports Minister, and the youth and sports platform and machinery he has access to, the other three contenders for the Umno Youth post are going in as hugely handicapped underdogs.


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25 thoughts on “What you all think about Guan Eng / Khairy’s latest stunts?

  1. Khairy will enrich himself, legal ke or not, i dunno, we may have the most expensive sports gear ever bought under KJ…he will get away coz he can spin.

    As for lim guan eng, he is just like a billionaire donating 1 sen to show how maksum he is….that ought to keep his tokong replenished with fruits.

    1. re: “that ought to keep his tokong replenished with fruits”

      He’s evangelista. The Christians are as averse to fruits or other offerings made to the Taoist deities as Muslims are to pork.

      1. i dunnno, the christians will reach their hands to him, the PAS may make him the 13th Imam or second Mahdi… we have many examples of taksub from every religion as analogy.. no offense to taoisme, i was never offended by the non Islam religions symbols or buildings around me, i pass hindu temples, churches and tokongs every now and then, i accepted these structures as normal and comforting.

        1. re: “that ought to keep his tokong replenished with fruits”

          OK, I confess. I actually found your comment ROTL hilarious.

  2. Helen,

    Guan Eng should concentrate on CEC election. Get that right first. I simply can not believe the strings of failure the “failed accountant” collected ever since becoming CM.

    He was whacked in the debate even by mild mannered Dr Koh and again Dr Chua Soi Lek. Penang foreign direct investment is going down the drain. And DAP cant even conduct an election for 1000 odds participants.

    As for Khairi, I am not that “fond” of him. The image of the boy delivering the passport to Anwar is very disturbing. Why was he so excited to deliver the passport? He was not then a postman.

    And i have reservation on those who get a post easily. Especially young man not tested yet.

    What irritate me is that he becomes MP by winning in “kawasan pekat” Melayu. But he does not sound “very Malay”. I still cant forget his war of words with Tun Dr Mahathir that everyone knows brought the fall of UMNO in Kedah.

    I pray I am wrong. But I foresee a disaster in the making.

    1. re: “I pray I am wrong. But I foresee a disaster in the making.”

      No you’re not. KJ will be the undoing of Umno. This is precisely the reason why The J-Star membelai him. The paper loves men who are bad for the Malays, like Chin Peng.

      1. Helen,

        Now I understand when my father when he had been alive often said he had the feeling that Aanwar one day will cause disaster to UMNO. I often chided him then. He said he was not sure what was wrong (how he sees anwar) with Anwar. But he said he has nagging feeling that Anwar is not sincere.

        And now I too feel the same with Khairi. Something is not right when he delivered the passport to Anwar.

        unfortunately UMNO is blind to boot about this. .

        1. I also have the nagging feeling about Khairi, especially about his sincerity in what he does or say, as far as politics are concerned.

          I am not convinced that his dabbling in the politics is due to a genuine intention to fight for Malay rights (as most UMNO top politicians appear to be), and not to enrich himself.

          His marriage to Pak Lah’s daughter seemed like a mini plan of many plans that formed the grand master plan for his ascend to top politics in Malaysia.

          He might have misjudged UMNO’s members’ might and capability of removing its own President, if such urgent needs arise.


          1. Setem,


            I often caution my UMNO members not to easily choose those untested to occupy high ranking seats. Let those who stay through thick and thin be selected.

            Khairi as UMNO Youth chief. Hmmnnnn. And now as a mInister.Hmmmnn

            Really UMNO is courting disaster

  3. The crux of my observation, both KJ and LGE are just making drama to consolidate their powers, both have liberal views that cintradict to the constitution but that is where the similiarity ends as both have bigger ambitions to head the government of this growing federation. Its normal for politicians, but both seem petty if compared to the likes of humble Nik Aziz and grudgingly, the tenacious Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang.

    Both LGE and KJ are spoil brat elites, i doubt they have the people’s needs at heart, like most politicians. Its the race to the top of the chain for them, the possibility of being a non BN Prime Minister is a legendary title woth salivating for, while KJ is BN, his ethos is to make BN lose its current ethos of being UMNO centric, hence his like the anti-Christ in BN, but thats just my opinion after reading about him all these years and observing him, Thanks to pro Mahathir UMNO blogger, we get pretty good intelligence if his long drama, and from what I can see, his ambition is a one man show rather than a synergy with the older UMNO elites.

    More on KJ, he pandered to malay lower class during his gutter years after daddy in law empire collapsed, being taxi driver, join wataniah..he was smart enough to know how to dupe the Malays, just as Jerusubangite dress up in burqa and tudung to appease the Malays, but once a Minister, the KJ does not speak english as his lingua franca even at home, its engrishhhh and i doubt he send his children to mix with normal malays, like Wong Chun Wai loves London,he now panders to rich elite liberal elements within BN and PR at the expense of the real needs of the people, his ambition to become PM has been lit up since 2008.

    Lim Guan Eng best bet is continue to split the Malay vote and maintain a Chinese versus Malay mood to maintain his piwer base in Chinese majority areas, pretty destructive in the long run, like KJ, but power crazy people do destructuve stuff. Hence we have rubbish issues like 3 in 1 Allah and now Chin Peng, I dunno whose god,ashes or dead bodies they gonna use for political fuel.

    But sometimes I agree..ini semua salah UMNO….

    1. :) Insightful commentary, particularly this bit … “Both LGE and KJ are spoil brat elites”.

      People seem to forget this fact about LGE due to his stint in jail. FACT: Lim Jr was sent to study in Monash (expensive) uni and in Australia (more expensive).

      No doubt the party wasn’t well-to-do prior to 2008 and unlike the Developer Assisted Party that the DAP is today but with LKS’s position as MP-cum-Adun simultaneously as well as holding the post of head of the opposition in Parliament, the Lim family weren’t exactly paupers. And LGE’s brother is a doctor, and putting a child through medical school ain’t cheap either.

      DAP are superb at myth-making and the Chinese are so full of resentment at the establishment and those whom they call “Umnoputras” that they simply lap up all the urban legends spun about their DAP icons.

      1. I know LGE too well, nothing he does is without being calculated to the 3rd decimel point to serve his and his party’s self interest and to attack BN/Umno.

        As such his offer of Rm40k is calculated in the view of his coming cermah speeches and international audience. You can bet that this act will be included in his every speech be it at a Sarawak long house or HK investors’ forum.

        If I am an ADUN I will rather go without than take his paltry blood money and forever being tainted and taunted by him. He’s just throwing the money like some sedekah to the UMNO folks. This Rm40k will hardly last a month.

        1. LGE admires the grossly economy of singapore.. where public housing cost millions and public hospitals are non existent

  4. That Rm40k is just talk only la… but actually he has no intention of fullfilling it. Good for publicity ie just like talking about building low cost houses for the poor in Penang. Sampai hari ini mana ada?? This tokong is really jahat one.

  5. Adun2 BN tunggu selesai CEC election jgn terburu2.. Biasanya pasti ada muslihat, merisik sebelum bertindak. Sikit macam tu nanti berkokok macam ayam baru bertelor – hingaq tak habis!.

    Satni turun tandatangan utk RM40K mula dibelit sana sini – rekod akaun silap tertambah 2kosong dah jadi RM4m sorang – alasan Excel tersilap atau macam2 lagi alasan kentut nanti diberi.

    Before GE13 they were confident Putrajaya will be theirs. Sekarang dah sedar terpasa otek otek kawasan BN kerana dah faham pusing macam mana pun, DAP tanpa undi MELAYU sampai dah jadi ABU macam Chin Peng pun tak kan rasa duduk kat Putrajaya. Tambah pula Najib dah lontar MEB kat Bumiputra, peluang nak beranak lebih kaum Alibaba pun melepas.

    Yg siKJ dah diberi amanah dgn dana begitu banyak, biarkan dia dlm Kementerian ini sudah le. Mana ada masa nak layan Pemuda Umno kalau dilantik sebagai ketua mereka, apalagi Regina dah di staple kena ikut KJ pi sana pi sini, terpaksa berhadapan tiap masa dgn kaum jantan yg majoriti berAgama Islam aja, pasti rasa kekok kan ?

    Bagi saja tugas berat Ketua Pemuda kepada orang lain supaya dia dapat memberi tumpuan padu mencorak masa depan Pemuda2 UMNO.

    1. re: “Bagi saja tugas berat Ketua Pemuda kepada orang lain”

      Rasa-rasanya begitulah. Biar KJ tumpu perhatian pada kerja-kerja Kementerian seraya berkepit dengan Regina ke hulu dan ke hilir acara-acara sukan.

  6. RM40k a year is barely enough to build one low cost rumah marhaen. A chicken feed compared to Selangor’s govt ADUNs annual coffer of RM1 mil.

    Kedekut sangat.

    1. true, this allocation is indication of arrogance and that he is belittling the UMNO Aduns and the Malays, sickening.

      If thus is how he acts, I wonder how hed treat the UMNO constituencies when he is the dictator, I imagine a Malay Penang or islands would not have any bridges and Shah Alam will be a shanty shack.

        1. Kalau ada singer leng luis mau kasi bunga lagi, sudah berapa? Minum mesti buka botol maa. Malu la meja, takkan minum beer saja? Lagi itu singer ada yang boleh agkat pergi hotel wor!

  7. apa beza Kj dan Guan Eng?
    takde beza…!

    dua-dua politikus yang mengejar populariti untuk terus kekal dipuncak kuasa.
    dua-dua materialistik lalu mereka menilai orang lain hanya ikut sudut material.
    dalam lain perkataan, dua-dua sama aje… ayam berkokok atas gelegar… tapi tak ingat ekor penuh tahi…..!

  8. That “budget” must be the reason why those MAYC knuckle heads made a police report against Akramsyah but scared of making an MACC report.

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