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Boleh tak @mpkotabelud tolong cuba tanya

Memang. Bagi DAP, nilai seorang Melayu tu takat 50 sen aje.

Twitter - mpkotabelud- @cmlimguaneng I call the RM40k

Jadi yang kita nak tahu sekarang ni, berapa banyak pula yang diperuntukkan kepada setiap Adun DAP oleh pentadbiran @cmlimguaneng di Pulau Pinang?

Lepas tu boleh lah kita bandingkan harga yang diletakkan ke atas diri seorang insan Melayu berbanding nilai bagi seorang Dapster.





but still … a failed accountant



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27 thoughts on “Boleh tak @mpkotabelud tolong cuba tanya

    1. LOL,

      What can you expect from Guan eng who was found wanting even on small matters such as counting ballot votes in DAP internal election.

      But he talks as if the universe revolves around him.

      1. err…dont forget the typo error on the cost of one project in Penang…..

        LGE’s last defence is always to blame others for his faults…

  1. He kept very quiet when Rahman Dahlan pointed out that the 600m debt that was transferred to the federal government was heralded by the venerable CM as a result of prudent management.

    Caught with his pants down, again… Just like when bald Betty caught him gallivanting with Rainbow..

    1. No matter what’s the truth, those zombie dapsters will still claim their Dear Leader is a financial wizard. They simply refuse to accept anything negative about their idol.

      1. lol.. like meeting at airports and suddenly get billion dollar investments.. they believe that kind of shit

        1. hard to believe that these dapsters could Aced their exams but still stupid enough believe the tokong, unconditionally.

          1. re: “hard to believe that these dapsters could Aced their exams but still stupid enough believe the tokong, unconditionally.”

            Could it be that the exams require rote learning (memorization and regurgitation) without taxing the critical thinking faculty?

            Or it could be, as tweeted by Gan Ping Sieu, that the “Chinese hate Umno” and this hatred blinds them to rationality and objective evaluation.

  2. My apology everyone, it just breaks my heart to read this.

    “ALOR SETAR – Keadaan kesihatan seorang ibu anak lapan yang tidak mengizinkan membuatkan anaknya yang juga murid sekolah rendah bekerja sambilan mencuci pinggan di sebuah kedai makan di Jalan Putera, dekat sini, demi meringankan beban keluarganya.

    Orang ramai yang ingin membantu Dalilah boleh menyalurkan sumbangan ke akaun Maybank miliknya 157111945590. ”

    1. This one reason I hope Sharizat is not voted in.

      Since she took over the Women’s Ministry of whatever, I noticed the welfare of Single Parents and orphans including anak2 tertinggal (abandoned by papas who marry another) are appalling.

      Even more so when Selangor went to Pakatan, their newly appointed mosque committees don’t even know or bother to know the plight of these unfortunates.

      Teachers are also not doing their bit, they could easily spot these kids in their classes and assist them to apply for whatever study aids available, but NO, they too are not bothered!

      What’s happening MB Mukhriz? Already 4mths in office, pasai apa hang lalai jaga nasib orang Kedah sampai macam tu? Awat hang lambat sangat organize ni? Susah sangat ke nak cari oghang susah?

      1. Rina,

        The reason I shared this article is that for everyone in here who cares enough to bank in at least RM10 into the account via ATM or if they have Maybank2U.Com they can even do bank transfer (I shouldn’t have written this btw, for I know some may have already done it).

        I solute the reporter who highlighted this story and it is now up to us to do our part.

        Stop blaming everybody else for a moment but look at ourselves, whether we have done our part as well. I do hope the boy will continue to multitask despite the difficulties, it will be a good training and character building platform in future.

    2. I sympathise with the plight of this family, and with thousands other families all over the country who are in the same situation.

      But the motive behind the timing of the news coming from Kedah whose MB is contesting for the UMNO VPs post, is a suspect.

      Why raised it now?

      1. Re. Why raised it now?

        It doesn’t matter when, where or why. The thing is what are we going to do about it?

  3. Why wasn’t I surprised to read some Penangite tried to sneak in some CP related materials into the country?

    By the way, I heard that there were many Dapsters and Pakatoons attended CP’s funeral and pay “respect”. Not just leaders but many supporters.

    I wonder why these patriots didn’t attend the funerals of the Lahad Datu soldiers and cops…..?

  4. Pulau Pinang cerna komunisma Malaysia.

    Two arrested for allegedly smuggling CPM mementoes
    Susan Loone
    7:30AM Sep 25, 2013

    Two men – a Malaysian and Thai citizen – were arrested by police at the Penang International Airport late last night for allegedly smuggling mementoes related to the now defunct Communist Party of Malaya (CPM).

    Tengok pula komentar.
    YUNoAnon Are these materials ILLEGAL? Where and when were they gazetted as ILLEGAL? CHALLENGE THEM IN COURT just like they were challenged for SEIZING CHRISTIAN MATERIALS WITH ALLAH USED IN THEM. Then we will have the DIRTY LAUNDRY AIRED for the WORLD TO SEE.

    Sekarang Komunisme pula macam Allah Yesus pulak.

  5. The First Lady of Penang (FLoP) Betty went bald in a temple but her husband cannot swear on the Bible. This is so simple. He is making fun of Buddhism. The Kek Lok Si is so simple minded that a publicity stunt can be made there. It clearly shows Christianity is more superior than Buddhism.

    Here is a recap.

    1. Mulan – Have you forgotten LGE’s famous threat to journalists, “You see la, you write la and see what happens. I will sue, I will sue. My lawyers are here and I will sue.”. hehehehe…

      1. But I like Anwar’s version, better. Short and to the point. He said, “U ulang, I saman.” kekekekekeke….these politicians said the darndest thing.

        1. The mother of stupidest and most hilarious statement made by Msian politicians must be Bung’s retort to DAP’s lady YB during a parliamentary session, i.e., “Mana bocor, Batu Gajah pun tiap-tiap bulan pun bocor juga!”. hahahaahaha……

          I’m waiting to see whether any of Msian law makers dare to say ‘Act of God’ when catastrophe befell their ministry.

          Sorry digressed a bit.

  6. Hurray! Finally.
    Gov’t moots 15 years’ jail for trampling on Jalur Gemilang

    “Trampling on the Jalur Gemilang or any foreign flag with the intention of dishonouring the flags can land someone in jail for at least five years’ jail, the Bill to amend the Penal Code tabled in Dewan Rakyat today reads. “

  7. Helen cakap banyak pun tak guna, sampai pru nanti mca relek je boleh tanding kawasan majority melayu

    Bn should tell mca upfront, no more malay majority seat for u, mca u have to work your shit out to win in chinese majority area… period.

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