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  1. His second last para says, “Chin Peng never showed any compassion, nor did he ever exhibit remorse. He was a psychopath worshipped by idiots who deserves not even a single whiff of sympathy” is a true statement.
    Therefore we all know who the idiots are…
    And we also know who the ‘donkeys’ that support the idiots…..!

    1. The STAR readership is down by a nearly whopping 100 000 readers!
      So insyallah if more Malays are made to realise that the STAR is a Chinese Christian publication they will not touch anything that is haram.

      The NST readership is on the upswing. Read the latest figures. How come you dont post on this Helen?

        1. Well first the good news hehe..its not a whopping 100,000 less readers, its a mother of all whopping 254,000 less daily readers… muahaha..

          “The Star daily saw a drop in readership between July last year and June this year, registering 1,032,000 readers compared to 1,286,000 in the previous corresponding period.”

          Now thats more than a quarter of a million for those not well versed with mathematics. And at 1.20 per paper that is well more than a quartermillion ringgit less in the coffers. Roughly 25 million less for 100 days and 50 millions less over 200 days. I doubt they can afford even peanuts writesers like Shahrum or Dzof now.

          link http://www.nst.com.my/nation/general/jump-in-nst-readership-1.358098

          NST on the other hand must pay some goodwill to fellow bloggers who tirelessly try to improve NST image and hence the increase in circulation. A mighty difficult feat that NST bigwigs must admit was beyond their own doings if they are smart.

          A 50,000 increase is a 50 k extra daily money for the coffers.

          1. i think readership =/= circulation, by looking at the star thickness, i doubt they make money from circulation, so the 50 millions hmmm… that’s a delusion u r welcome to maintain, as long as u feel syok by it.

            1. The Jerusubang paper’s marketing people would use its circulation numbers to convince the advertisers to buy ad space.

              If the advertisers can be persuaded that they’re getting less value for money (i.e. still paying top drawer money but their ads ultimately reaching fewer eyeballs), then the paper would become less and less thick.

              The GLCs – esp. the ones where their CEOs are Umno appointees – can help in this process by NOT advertising in The J-Star and govt agencies (say Mara hostels) can cancel their J-Star subscription and switch to NST.

              1. For Malaysians who aspire this country to stay on the true course of democracy, boycotting any corporation because of their political inclination is simply not commended. This is not the essense of democracy and definitely not the path we ought to take.

                Many here spoke longingly about the good old Mahathir days of ISA and revoking publishing licenses to keep everyone in line. On other threads, the same group of people were bashing CP and communism and not quite realizing their own idealogy are not much different from CP himself. What irony.

                Like HY said, rejection of capitalism is not conducive to growth. But the issue with STAR goes far beyond mere economics, it touches on the fundamental where a private corporation is expected to be bounded by politics, and not rightly the interest of its shareholders.

                1. The case with The J-Star is very simple.

                  Its contents appeal to the Firster crowd. Willing buyer (Jerusubang readership), willing seller (MCA company ‘manufacturing’ the product and getting lucrative profits from the sale).

                  On the other hand, there is no reason for the government-linked entities to support a product that is pro-DAP.

                  Khalid Ibrahim’s Selangor has cancelled their state agency subscription of Utusan.

                  Guan Eng has banned Utusan, TV3 and NST.

                  It is Pakatan that is doing the baanning and the boycotting where they hold state power.

                  I suggested that Mara cancel the subscription of The J-Star for their hostels. It’s a very simple decision of swapping one brand and replacing it with another (NST).

                  And secondly there is no valid reason that the government agencies should prioritize placing their ads in The J-Star. They can jolly advertize in any of the many Malay papers.

                  1. Quote: “On the other hand, there is no reason for the government-linked entities to support a product that is pro-DAP.”

                    If a product has zero value to the consumer, then there is no reason to buy. From a consumer standpoint, that makes perfect sense, I won’t buy something that is of no use to me.

                    In the end, it eventually boils down to the question how one attribute a value to the product on the rightful criteria.

                    Newspapers make their money through advertorials and court notices. The bigger the newspaper circulation, the higher the advertising fees. In reality, profit from paper sold through their circulation is mere pittance. That is why news company give their newspaper away free to up the circulation numbers and command higher advertisement fees. For all they care, nobody has to buy their papers, except the one that matters, the advertisers.


                    1. re: ” For all they care, nobody has to buy their papers, except the one that matters, the advertisers.”

                      Correct, the cost of the newsprint alone is higher than the cover price of RM1.50 that the reader pays for his Saturday edition of The J-Star. The Jerusubang paper actually makes its money from ad profits.

                      However the advertisers won’t choose The J-Star as a vehicle for their ads if these product companies don’t think that lots of people with spending power are reading the MCA-owned, pro-DAP paper.

                      It is possible, as you say, for The J-Star to give away free copies just to make the circulation figures look more impressive than they actually are. However I maintain that there is no solid reason why GLCs should subscribe to that evangelista paper.

                      Returning to my example of the Mara hostels subscription, imagine subjecting the tudung-ed teenagers to J-Star feature covers like the one below of Miley Cyrus “twerking”.


                      To enlarge the image, click HERE.

                  2. ‘But the issue with STAR goes far beyond mere economics, it touches on the fundamental where a private corporation is expected to be bounded by politics, and not rightly the interest of its shareholders.’

                    Please la, we all know too well that theStar had benefited a lot, especially getting away with a lot of contentious issues, simply because it is a MCA owned newspaper.

                    1. ok, at least you are man enough to own it. but since when i talk about chinese did thing without govt support? anyway, hopefully some day in the not-too-distant future you’ll actually have an argument to offer about something rather than these random ramble that have seemingly nothing to do with what i said. fat chance tho.

            2. I am aware of that. just cant help it when i read the para on mathematics. communism failed partly because they reject market economy, thus yr suggestion rarely work i think. one of the star attraction is their advertisement particularly on ‘sales’ and ‘shopping’, i believe not many read their news the way u did. however i could be wrong since i dun live in subang :)

              1. Isn’t Penang aiming for the era of Communism 2.0 – Christian Communism which combines the best of City Harvest Christian Values and traditional Communism like practiced by the Communist Party of Malaya (not Malaysia)? 10% must be shared among the devotees.

                Penang is not practicing the new Mainland PRC communism which is full of decadence. Imagine the communism with Ferrari. It must be the filthy influence of the British through their sneaky outpost Hong Kong.

                Christian Communism is the choice of Penang!

                1. the essay seem purports to define a “christian communism”, however such a definition is never provided, i think we shd forget about any of the concepts bastardized therein, n treat it as a writing exercise from a struggling script writer.

                  de plane de plane. welcome to fantasy island.

              2. HY

                Quote: ” one of the star attraction is their advertisement particularly on ‘sales’ and ‘shopping’, i believe not many read their news the way u did.”

                You are right there. Many see the Star as one of the many official mouthpiece of BN. People in general simply don’t see the paper as pro-DAP.

                1. hh, i agree “People in general simply don’t see the paper as pro-DAP.” but i also don’t think a official mouthpiece of BN can make so much money in a relatively free market.

                  1. when u have nothing eloquent to offer, u could only talk axx. y dont u just humour me and start with how free market is related to yr hmmm axx?

      1. Generally readership for the daily newspapers are declining as ppl read more stuff online.

        Maybe the Star is declining like all newspapers, NST increasing? I doubt it. But since NSTP print NST, BH and Harian Metro, I assume Harian Metro contribute the bulk of the increase.

        1. last friday afternoon, i dropped by the mamak convenience shop in our office building to buy some snacks. i noticed the star papers were only half-sold which usually would have been already sold out by noon time before GE13. nst was sold out (the mamak only sold half the amount of star paper) already.

          now it seems the reality finally sets in for star paper; it was already boycotted by pakatan people for being labelled as ‘MCA lapped dog’ (but in reality it doesn’t), and now it is being boycotted by the pro-establishment people.

          padan muka, star.

          1. And it is costing the money pinching profit gila chinese management…to the tune of 36 million per year. This does not include loss in ad revenues as you pay less for a quarter million less readers muahaha…

            Someone must be fired at the STAR. Can any business afford to lose 50 millions per year?

  2. The DAPstes in my facebook gleefuly mock govt about there being no laws to block the ashes of the tertorist from being brought in. But they forget customs can declare the ashes as being hazardoes human waste, maybe can be confiscated and given the Osama treatment which is 100% mat salleh style.

    Seems they even use ashes to make the govt look silly but ended up looking petty, as if no other stuff to write as status.

    1. Without checking the law they always post something stupid and when you inform them of their fault they usually stop and post somethings else. Try it once and see :)

      :D sarah

  3. Been reading star eversince 1975 until 2012….thanks to Helen.. they think the mighty giant cannot fall…. wait

  4. I think we should bring in Cheng Peng ash into the contry. Why? So we can build a toilet on top of it and the public can shit and piss there everyday.

    1. No lah. Let him RIP.

      Just that they (those who want to make political capital out of the deceased) shouldn’t upset the family members of those victims who died at the hand of the communists by their demand to bring the ashes into the country and what not.

  5. Let’s remember Chin Peng the way the Brits do Guy Fawks. Every night of may 15 they make replicas of Guy Fauks out of old clothes and burn them over bonfire. We should do the same for Chin Peng on the night of September 15 and celebrate Hari Malaysia the next day. Every year.

    1. Why waste our precious time to even think about him anymore…. It is going to be “Benci Tapi Rindu” at the end…

      I hope all of us should have some sort of closure by now….

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