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DAP re-election: Zairil proves his ‘Chinese’ credentials

Lim Guan Eng obtains 272 votes less today than he did when DAP originally held its central executive committee (CEC) election in December 2012. According to the latest announcement on the vote tally, the Dear Leader logged 1,304 votes compared with the 1,576 votes he had gotten the last time during the invalid party electon.


Dr Hiew King Cheu, the state assemblyman for Luyang, Sabah, is among former DAP stalwarts absent from the party meeting earlier today to elect its CEC.

Telling Bernama that “the party was no longer the right platform to serve the people”, Dr Hiew quit DAP a couple of days ago.

The DAP old warhorses are leaving the party whereas those being promoted at lightning speed are Lim Guan Eng’s handpicked men (and women like Hannah Yeoh).

We’re now looking at the face of DAP 3.0 and it’s the face of the evangelista. A good example is Ong Kian Ming who had only joined the party in late August 2012 but allowed to stand a Parliament seat barely a few months later on 5 May 2013.

DAP Serbang MP Ong Kian Ming

Another DAP man to have quit the party yesterday is Penang Malay Congress president Rahmad Isahak (picture below) who cut his membership card in two after alleging that the DAP was “an anti-Malay and a Chinese chauvinist party”.

FMT reported:

“… he blasted the DAP as a hypocrite party hiding behind the ‘multi-racial and Malaysian Malaysia’ veil to hoodwink the people. The rhetoric slogans are mere wayang kulit politics to cheat the lay public, especially the Malays.”

Accusing the DAP of practising nepotism, Rahmat told the packed press conference that even Lim Guan Eng’s sister was now “an important feature in Penang DAP administration” [Lim Hui Ying is Penang DAP assistant treasurer].

Rahmat added that even someone suddenly coming out “from nowhere” was given a parliamentary seat in Penang. He is referring to the late P. Patto’s daughter Kasthuriraani, age 34, who was given the opportunity to stand in Batu Kawan.

The J-Star did an election write-up on Kasthuriraani who was Lim Kit Siang’s political secretary.

Pakatan’s nepotism

Nepotism is as rife in DAP as it is in the PKR.

The Lim Dynasty promoting their family members and the family members of their cronies is nothing new.

In June 1998, three senior DAP leaders, including vice chairman Liew Ah Kim, were suspended after they levelled the charge of nepotism against Kit Siang.

Besides Kit Siang’s pol-sec Kasthuriraani being given a Chinese-majority seat to contest in the recent general election, other PERSONAL ASSISTANTS to the DAP evangelista coterie were given safe seats.

Hannah Yeoh’s personal assistant Rajiv Rishyakaran was given the Bukit Gasing state seat in Petaling Jaya Selatan while Tony Pua’s personal assistant Yeo Bee Yin was given the Damansara Utama state seat in Petaling Jaya Utama.

Yeo had only been a member of the DAP for 8 months before she was nominated by Lim Guan Eng (who heads the candidate selection committee) to stand in GE13.

Twitter rajiv4malaysiaBack in City Harvest Church

Citing the recurrent complaint that Indians are being marginalised in the Chinese-dominated party, former Seremban MP John Fernandez had walked out on the DAP some months ago. He is someone who had been with the party for many decades and in 1974 won a state assembly seat (Rasah which was at that time a DUN constituency) on a DAP ticket.

Another former Yang Berhormat to have left the party is Dr Kua Kia Soong who wrote a book about his experience titled Inside the DAP: 1990-1995. In his book, Kua had noted that although the DAP professes to be democratic yet its hierarchical structure is highly authoritarian with power firmly in the iron grip of Lim Kit Siang’s hand.

This is again proven through the results of the CEC re-election which has just been announced an hour ago. Finishing 18th, 19th and 20th are DAP Johor chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau and Perak warlord cousins Nga Kor Ming and Ngeh Koo Ham respectively. The trio fared poorer in this round than they did in the orginal election last December.

Orang besar DAP Perak James dan David di masjid
James Ngeh Koo Ham and David Nga Kor Ming

News had already circulated that the ‘menu’ distributed by the Lim Dynasty did not contain their 3 names. Dr Boo, Nga and Ngeh are not favoured by the Father and Son.

Former Bukit Bintang MP Wee Choo Keong is among the most famously to have been victimized by DAP Dear Leaders. Wee recounted:

“The slightest hint of not showing ‘enough affection’ to one or two supreme leaders can and will cost you your political career in the party. I was such a victim of this whimsical aberrance when I was sacked in 1998, a ludicrous ‘first’ in the world.”

Kerk Kim Hock resigned his party post after he was sabotaged in GE11 by Guan Eng’s camp.

“Former DAP secretary-general Kerk Kim Hock has accused supporters of Lim Guan Eng, the son of party chief Lim Kit Siang, of campaigning against him in the general election.” (source)

The non-Chinese have resigned from the DAP even more notably, namely its vice chairman Tunku Aziz Tunku Ibrahim, Amani Williams-Hunt Abdullah, (Bah Tony), ex-Buntong assemblyman A. Sivasubramaniam, Taman Bukit Emas DAP branch chairman S Vijayan, Nilai Perdana DAP branch vice chairman S Rajasheger (Nilai) and other Indians.

See also, ‘Begitu hina kaum India di kacamata DAP’


With DAP being under the control of fanatical Christians, there is little place in the leadership of the party for those falling outside the ambit of either Chinese or Christian, or a Guan Eng blue-eyed boy.

As fully anticipated, Zairil Khir Johari bettered his performance in the DAP reelection which has just concluded today — see TMI report. So what category does that make him?

Updated: 10.16pm


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  1. A. Subramaniam is still a Buntong assemblyman. He momentarilly left DAP in 2008 after GE only to retract his letter hours later. He is a known honcho of the cousins. He was brought into the party by Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran.

        1. Democratic DAP ways = DAPocratic??????;)) Where whatever happen cronies will always be no 1 but remember only we DAP can do it, and you not allowed to copy it.

          :D sarah

      1. I think the result is a slap in the face of Lim Dynasty. Especially LGE has fallen from No 2 to 5 despite the massive effort to manipulate the result.

        Interesting thing is how Liew came from No 14 to No 1 within months of re-election.

        Mathematically speaking, I can see someone is trying to game the system. It doesn’t make sense.

  2. Wow, look at the joy of the Ali Baba of DAP! They seem to think that it is OK to screw up and manipulate results a party elections for 2k voters but expect perfection from the EC to manage 13 million voters.
    An elated Zairil said he was happy to have received more votes and that the line-up remained unchanged.

    “The status quo of leaders remains. It shows we have foiled RoS’s attempts to cause trouble in DAP,” he said

  3. “The status quo of leaders remains. It shows we have foiled RoS’s attempts to cause trouble in DAP,”….?

    the report should be “….we have foiled the grassroots attempts through ROS to cause trouble in DAP”.

    ayat yang lapurkan memang sengaja untuk menunjukkan ROS ini berniat jahat. walhal, ahli-ahlinya sendiri yang bertindak membuat lapuran kerana tidak puashati semasa pemilihan CEC terdahulu.

    alahai DAP….tetap spinning tidak kira apa situasi!

      1. They are not known for using original copies. They will use pirated version as this saves cost. Look at their Change Duck. That too was an imitation of the Big Yellow Duck.

        This is just the beginning of another “drama’.

  4. “So what category does that make him?”

    Froggy like OKM and Rainbow. When will more frogs come from the land of KOMA (Kick Out MCA Already)?

      1. Right Mulan & alwieabdullah. The name actually speak louder then his face = Zairil Khir Johari Abdullah. I think chinese DAP excepted him as a Malay because he is Muslim. Muslim = Malay. As long as you are a chinese descendent you can claim any race you like in DAP and will be endosed to a higher level. So Zairil Khir Johari Abdullah will be a Malay will DAP blessing hahahaha

        ;D sarah

        1. sarah…. kalau tak silap nama dia zairil (khir johari) bin abdullah. khir johari kawin dengan mak dia christine tapi masa tu si zairil ni dah besar. dia ialah hasil hubungan mak dia dengan bapa dia (chinese) sebelum itu. tapi tak tahulah ada perkahwinan ke tidak.

          apapun yang pasti dia ni convert….. mcm dr ridhuan tee jugak….

          bezanya ridhuan tee dikutuk kerana dikatakan lebih melayu dari melayu tapi zairil diterima bulat-bulat sebagai melayu oleh Dapsters….

          itulah agenda spinning puak Dapsters yang sentiasa kata mereka betul dan orang lain semua salah!

          1. ‘bezanya ridhuan tee dikutuk kerana dikatakan lebih melayu dari melayu tapi zairil diterima bulat-bulat sebagai melayu oleh Dapsters….’

            Yang saya hairan bin ajaib dengan CINA DAP ialah depa marah sangat dengan Ridhuan Tee yang mengaku Cina, tapi sayang sangat dengan Zairil yang malu nak mengaku Cina?!

          2. Alwie,

            Tidak boleh panggil Zairil Khir Johari Abdullah. Ini sebab untuk elakkan kekeliruan pasal nasab.

            Khir Johari bukan bapa dia. Malah dalam Islam tiada dibenarkan seorang wanita dipanngil atas nama suaminya. Nama wanita itu kekal samada kahwin atau tidak.

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