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KJ’s delicious irony on the CEC reelection

“DAP has to ask itself why Malays won’t join the party even though it has been around for a while,” Khairy Jamaluddin is quoted as saying in response to the DAP central executive committee election results. See today’s Malaysiakini, ‘Khairy taunts “undemocratic” DAP‘.

KJ notes that Malays won’t join DAP.

That’s okay. If Malays refuse to do so, the same objective can be achieved the other way around. Dapsters can always join Khairy’s Youth Ministry.

Khairy’s Scissorati press secretary

Let’s see other examples of reverse takeover. One of the most ironic, and surely galling, must be for Dr Mahathir Mohamad to see how KJ is taking over Umno Baru, the party that he had founded in 1988 (see timeline below).

Imagine: The young upstart is the politician most responsible for tarnishing Dr Mahathir’s legacy and blackening Dr M’s name in the annals of Malaysian history. And now this very same individual, the incumbent Umno Youth chief, is attempting to make over the Hidup Melayu party in his own Harper’s Bizarre image. See ‘PM wannabe Khairy to UBAH Umno members into Firsters


Extracted from

24 April 1987
  • Pemilihan Ahli Majlis Tertinggi Umno di Perhimpunan Agung Umno 1987, di mana Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad menewaskan Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah dengan majoriti 43 undi bagi jawatan Presiden. YAB Encik Ghaffar Baba pula menewaskan Dato Musa Hitam dengan majoriti 40 undi bagi jawatan Timbalan Presiden.
25 Julai 1987
  • Kumpulan 12 ahli Umno (kemudian seorang menarik diri) mengemukakan saman di Mahkamah Tinggi supaya mengisytiharkan pemilihan Umno pada 24 April 1982 batal dan tidak sah.
4 Februari 1988
  • Mahkamah Tinggi mengisytiharkan Umno sebagai pertubuhan tidak sah kerana menerima wakil dari cawangan-cawangan yang tidak berdaftar semasa pemilihan Jawatankuasa Bahagian sehingga membawa kepada pengharaman Umno.
13 Februari 1988
  • Permohonan bagi mendaftarkan Umno (Baru) dikemukakan Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad dan beberapa bekas Ahli Majlis Tertinggi Umno.
16 Februari 1988
  • Umno secara rasmi diterima untuk menganggotai semula Barisan Nasional.

The video above, which was uploaded on 27 March 2007, shows the crowd crying “KJ rasuah, KJ rasuah, KJ rasuah, KJ rasuah, KJ rasuah!” following the Son-in-Law’s victory at the Umno Youth election.

Umno (Baru) that was established by Dr M is in the process of being destroyed from the inside.

It is the realization that enemies within are more dangerous than enemies without that makes the DAP delegates so resistant to elect Malay candidates.

And which is also why the only Malay face acceptable to DAP is Zairil’s. See ‘DAP re-election: Zairil proves his ‘Chinese’ credentials


All that is negative about Umno — the nepotism, cronyism and corruption — came to a head in the party when Anwar wielded power as its No.2 most powerful man. In fact, Anwar was responsible for a good part of Umno’s bad.

And once again is Umno plagued with an Anwar incarnate in the form of KJ aka Anwar 2.0.

Those whom Umno reject, such as Anwar, are elevated to become paramount leaders of the opposition pact. Umno REJECTS are put through the Pakatan spin cycle, washed (and the Pakatoons brainwashed) and the ex-Umno politician can come out laundered as the long-awaited saviour leading the assault to occupy Putrajaya.

Anwar 2.0

Four-and-a-half years is a long time in politics. The Umno-PAS unity talks have been getting louder.

So why not entertain an idea too that in the event of a hung Parliament in GE14, the movers and shakers (and snaky twisters) from both sides of the political divide might possibly come to some sort of arrangement? After all, that was what Anwar’s Sept 16 attempted coup was all about, i.e. cobbling a rainbow coalition government through defections.

Hence what do you think that Si Kitol is capable of doing? Read my theory of ‘Can Khairy replace Anwar as Pakatan figurehead?’



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16 thoughts on “KJ’s delicious irony on the CEC reelection

  1. KJ does not carry much weight among the rural folks. That area he needs to work on if he wants to rise up in super duper competitive UMNO. Probably he should ask Najib to transfer him to the Rural Ministry for him to “break through” the rural divide.

    And I still do not see him as a nationalist. Not yet. He hasn’t convinced me yet that he would not sell the country if he’s in the position to do so. So, that’s the current perception I have on him.

    btw Helen, you are now ranked 29 in the list of top pro-BN bloggers. Syabas.

  2. i just hope that he will be dethrone from the KP UMNO post. what does he mean by changing DNA of UMNO youth? if you’re a malay can you change your DNA akin to mat salleh, latino, chinese, indian, mayan or jew? this guy is very funny la. go change yourself before changing people!

  3. Kak Helen
    We are so jealous that you gave Subang Jaya a holy name in the form of Jerusubang.

    Since in Penang we got a Living God, our holy place should be called BetelnutHam. (Untuk yang Melayu, Pinang dalam Inggeris Betel Nut)

    Shalom. Don’t assume JeruSubang is the only place full of fanatics. We have more in BetelnutHam.

    1. Er, you’re saying your Betelham town (I shorten the name) in Penang got more Christian fanatics than our Jerusubang city in Selangor?

      Aiyah, you Penangites may win in quantity but we Selangorians win in quality. Our Christian fanatics are “high class” punya.

      1. christian fanatics that pretend to be chinese chauvnisist ‘5000 years civilization’ and tudung clad and sampin wearing Allah 3 in 1 worshippers….. high class is understatement.. they can shed skin like lizards.

  4. “… the incumbent Umno Youth chief, is attempting to make over the Hidup Melayu party…”

    That’s called re-branding, in another word, it’s known as marketing! Looks like KJ learnt a thing or two from DAP’s superb marketing skills, ha! Or did he learn it from his political secretary? Good for him.

    Also, I think KJ is the most handsome youth leader UMNO has ever produced so far. He easily beats out past UMNO Youth contenders like Khir Toyo (although he has a smooth face due to tempe diet) on the look department.

    1. better ask him to be a fulltime model and do catwalk then. bila mau keluar dlm majalah maskulin lg?

      1. I bet his wife is under pressure for being a plus-size lady.

        She’s hardly seen together with KJ in public.

    2. Lousy engineer,

      Maybe it is better Khairi is out of UMNO. Nobody forces him to accept “perjuangan UMNO”. After all. I have yet to see majority of UMNO members trust in Khairi.

      1. quote, “I have yet to see majority of UMNO members trust in Khairi.” unquote.

        My exact sentiment.

        In this area, KJ can’t match (at least not yet) Anwar’s cunning ability to dupe many of us as a supreme Malay nationalist and Malays saviour during his days in UMNO.

      2. Shamshul, if you don’t mind me asking, are you an UMNO member who’s able to vote during Perhimpunan Agung UMNO this coming December? If yes, then maybe you’ll have a say whether Khairy should be “out of UMNO” or not (I presumed that if he lost the youth position, he might as well considered as “out of UMNO” already). Else, it’ll depends on the UMNO delegates who are able to vote that day. Khairy won the youth chief position back in 2009(?) despite all the negative perceptions about him (although some pundits wrote somewhere that he benefited from the split votes between Mukhriz and Khir Toyo).

        PS: I’m not a Khairy fan here, I’m just merely commenting in a tongue in cheek manner for the sake of fun earlier.

      1. Anak muda yg gila glamour dek pengaruh barat yg materialistik. Dia lupa tamaddun barat sudah sampai ke tahap kehancuran dan kini giliran timur pula sedang bangkit sepertimana yg diramalkan dalam semua kitab-kitab suci dari langit. Ciri-ciri Kemelayuan & Islamik sangat tipis untuk dia menjadi pemimpin negara di masa yg akan datang.

  5. Ms H. Please ask KJ about the low hanging fruits which were plucked by those PAP Sinkies 2003-2013 and a Trillion ringgits flowed out illegally 2003-2009.

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