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Where is Najib’s “moderate movement” taking Umno?

Dr Mahathir Mohamad believes that BN will lose the next election if Umno missteps — see Bernama report today.

Meanwhile his son Mukhriz earlier brushed off an article by influential London magazine The Economist which suggested that should he win in his bid for the Umno vice presidency, the anti-Najib forces would “coalesce around him as a proxy” for the Tun, the NST reported.

The magazine wrote on Sept 28 that Umno’s regression to “race-tinged policies” – alluding to the BEEP (Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Programme) – is a direct response to the outcome of GE13.

“The lesson that Umno has now drawn is that the more inclusive and liberal style of politics promoted by Mr Najib does not work. So the party has reverted to the bad old ways of race-based politics to shore up the Malay base, at the expense of those who were ungrateful enough to vote for the opposition,” it said.

Najib with the Gerakan and MCA bosses. At the right is Dong Zong
With Gerakan and MCA bosses. At the right is Dong Zong chairman Yap Sin Tian

Liberal, inclusive, progressive Najib

According to the Economist, before the election Najib had “come to be seen as a great reformer, winning the centre ground of politics”.

This view by the magazine squares with the sales pitch by Saifuddin Abdullah, the CEO of the Global Movement of Moderates — an organization newly set up by Najib and of which the prime minister is the patron.

“Najib… he is primarily very progressive. He is a democrat. He is a moderate leader,” Saifuddin said of his boss in a recent interview with The Malay Mail Online ahead of Umno’s polls (source: Yahoo! News).

Saifuddin asserts that Najib is “trying his level best to be as centrist as possible” and that Umno needs him to “regain the middle ground in GE14”.

Speaking about the middle ground, Saifuddin elaborates: “I know these people very well. Majority are colour-blind. They do not vote based on race at all.”

Someone like Saifuddin is regarded as tidak berpijak di bumi nyata.

Saifuddin’s fate awaits

The fate that befell Saifuddin in GE13 where his lost his Temerloh Parliamentary seat might parallel what could befall Najib’s premiership.

Despite Saifuddin’s loud “colour-blind” credentials, he was rejected by the Chinese voters in his constituency. At the same time, he was rejected by his pro-establishment Malay constituents as well.

Saifuddin – who is a firm favourite among the Firsters – had been given the mantle of “moderate Umno” to wear. However his cloak of moderation failed to win him votes from either side and consequently, he fell between two stools. In Malay the saying goes, yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran.

In an election where Umno did exceptionally well in the Melayu pekat seats, Saifuddin ranked among the rare candidates from his party to have taken a beating. In other words, Saifuddin is an Umno reject. He does not have the support of the traditional Umno grassroots, only Najib’s patronage.


Ditelan mati emak, diluah mati bapa

Over the last several years, Najib has been clutching his ‘1Malaysia’ slogan like a teddy bear. He has bent over backwards to emphasize racial harmony. But still he can do nothing right in the eyes of the Chinese.

Yesterday I blogged ‘Aiyoyo, Najib lantik Wong Chun Wai jadi ahli lembaga pemegang amanah‘.

Najib had appointed The Star Media Group CEO Wong Chun Wai to the board of trustees of his Global Movement of Moderates. It simply boggles the mind that the Prime Minister should have done so.

One commenter Elijah remarked, “Daripada banyak-banyak orang, Najib pilih dia juga.. Kenapa Najib tak lantik Guan Eng terus? haha”.

Najib is taking advice from evangelista Wong Chun Wai on moderation … indeed. He’s apparently unaware how Wong’s newspaper has glorified guerrilla leader Chin Peng.

Below: The amount of ‘Star’ stories churned out on Chin Peng in the short span of less than a week

MCA vice president

Who supports BN?

If you were to take a drive into the rural areas, you will come across ramshackle houses flying tattered BN flags. It is touching to see the living conditions of those from whom BN receives its core support.

In fact, DAP supporters are fond of mocking the BN as being only capable of hoodwinking the dungu kampung electorate who lack exposure to the “world wide web” (www).

The Star‘s editor in chief June Wong, not too long ago, alluded to those in power who want to keep people “stupid and poor in order to control them and making them dependent forever”. See ‘The Star thinks Malays are stupid

Yes, it is the less well-to-do rural voters who are keeping Umno in power.
Trustee of Najib’s Global Movement of Moderates

Who despises BN?

Najib Razak surrounds himself with fat-cat-endless-possibilities-con-sultants who are, at the end of the day, unable to bring any votes to BN through their slick marketing strategies that are far divorced from the real ground.


Despite the seven Airbusload of hantaran that Najib had enticed the Chinese voters with, the BN was nonetheless roundly snubbed.

Did he learn anything from the May 5 election results?

Yup, the PM appoints the CEO of the Star Media Group as trustee to advise him on how to raise a moderate movement.

Penasihat public relations caper
Najib susceptible to pricey penasihat public relations capers

Rewarding your enemies, punishing your allies

BN by and large depends on poor people for its votes.

Poor Malays, poor Indians.

The Hindraf makkal sakti wave which swept the country in late 2007 was a revolt by the poor and the marginalized.

When police cracked down on the Indian dissidents, P. Uthayakumar was arrested and detained in Kamunting for one-and-a-half years.

Today he is in the Kajang prison on the same charge again for which he was kept under ISA without trial previously.

According to the law, a first offender guilty of sedition can be sentenced to a maximum of 3 years’ imprisonment.

In June this year, Uthaya was handed a 30-month jail sentence on the same offence for which he had been ISA-ed earlier. His penalty now adds up to (1.5 years ISA + 2.5 years jail sentence) = 4 years when the crime of sedition provides for only a maximum 3 years’ punishment. Uthaya is a political prisoner who is victim of double jeopardy.

Blue plastic chair seen in Hindu temple, Mengkibol, Johor

Uthaya wants a plastic chair

Is that too much to ask?!!

Currently Uthaya is kept in a death row cell. He shares it with 5 other inmates. The cell which is 10 ft x 10 ft is very cramped to be holding 6 men. It is 10 feet in width and length, and the men have to sleep with their legs crisscrossing each other due to the very small space.

Adjoining the ten-by-ten cell is an open latrine area that is 2 ft x 10 ft. The prisoners, if they want to take their bath, are required to shower naked in front of their cell mates. Since there is no toilet wall or partition, water is splashed, making the common sitting and sleeping area wet all the time. The men are liable to catch a chill.

It is the same ‘open’ situation when they have to use the toilet or putting it in polite terms, there is no privacy at all when one has to answer the call of nature.

Now imagine 6 men doing their long call in the open throughout the day at odd hours, and the smell permeating. Imagine, I’m using euphemisms in my writing here when the reality is so harsh inside the prisons.

Uthaya’s cell in the death row block gives him a glimpse of the room across the corridor where the wardens prepare a corpse for burial after a hanging.

Before that he had been put in solitary confinement. Uthaya has been warned that if he is ‘troublesome’, he will be put in the Dark Room next.

Aside from his diabetes, Uthaya also suffers from a prolapsed disc. The prison doctors have prescribed Uthaya a chair to sit on to ease his back pain.

Recently his plastic chair was taken from him. Without being able to sit on a chair – there is no furniture in the crowded cell, obviously – his back has been acting up and related, his legs have began to swell.


MATTHEW 13:12 “Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.”

Najib seems to have taken to heart the Bible verse (above) that the rich will be generously provided with even more while the poor should be made poorer.

Potential BN vote bank thrown in jail, staunch oppo supporters given plum consultancies

During my visit to the Kajang prison, most of the other visitors there that day were Indian. It figures that the majority of the inmates are Indians too. (Family are to allowed to visit once a month for a duration of 45 minutes.)

Uthaya’s activism is for the Indian poor and it is these voiceless and almost invisible people for whom he speaks.

The undisputed voting pattern is that the better-off Malaysians, who live in the cities and the comfortable suburbs, cast their ballot for Pakatan.

Yet Najib Razak never tires of lavishing lucrative rewards on the very groups of people who hate the BN and are still doing all they can to destroy his party. He keeps giving and giving to the rich and the evangelistas, not only in terms of money but also recognition and platform.

Najib made the Star evangelista CEO a trustee in his GMM board whereas the government which he leads refuses to give an Indian activist a cheap plastic chair. This is a vast contradiction in terms. What does the PM understand by the word “moderate”?


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21 thoughts on “Where is Najib’s “moderate movement” taking Umno?

  1. Saifuddin cuba nak jadi Hero di Temerloh, sebab itu dia KALAH…. saya sendiri mengundi PAS.. sebab memang Saifuddin tidak mendekati orang KG, itu kenyataan… tidak mesra rakyat.

  2. Najib too busy with everything to make him looks good to everyone. Which is not the way it should be. Then… He always forgot to read. That’s why he is stupid. And people love to make fun of him.

    Mahathir too was too busy with everything. But he didnt care if people want to call him stupid, mahazalim, mahafiraun etc. He didnt give a damn. Mahathir love to read, and write. That’s why people cant make fun with him.

    Can u remember kak helen… At one time, PR want Paklah to stay as PM…. I think, in 2-3yrs to come, PR supporter will support Najib… Look and see.

    1. Ms H. Tun Dr Mahathir was a normal person. I nearly bumped into him at corners so many times in the early evenings in assorted Malls always with Tun Dr Siti and just one aide who was not carrying a gun or a shopping bag. They were spotted in Cheras Malls too by my relatives.

  3. Helen,

    Precisely. and that is the reason why I believe that Najib simply should go.

    Why? He has the habit of pleasing those who wage war on his government. And he too is fond of underestimating the very people who defend the government.

    He is not alone too. Nazri too wins in “Malay pekat” constituent. Yet he proudly( or stupidly) claimed that he is Malaysian first. Try contesting in Ipoh Barat, Subang Jaya first before voicing such nonsense. AND WHO COULD FORGET KHAIRY AFTER WINNING IN “mALAY PEKAT” AREA THINKS THAT NO ONE AMONG THOUSANDS OF umno YOUTH WHO FITS TO BE HIS POLITICAL SECRETARY.

    I wrote once that the strings of “consultants” , all ETP, Pemandu, 1Malaysia, Gangnam Style, Mega Dinner or insulting act of a leader granting fund to vernacular schools did not bring votes.

    Rather, It was simply “iman dan takwa” of Malay votes that defended his government. The simple folk( not necessarily poor) who defended his government. Not out of love to Najib but realising that there is simply no better alternative to UMNO YET.

    To mock UMNO that it lost urban Malay vote is misleading. Rather its share of Malay votes in urban is increasing. No doubt by default. As Malays cant stomach PAS submitting to DAP or Anwar’s antic, naturally there is only choice:UMNO.

    But UMNO lost in places like Ampang, Hulu Kelang, Bukit Antarabangsa as almost entire Chinese voters rejected UMNO simply for reason that UMNO reigns supreme in BN. For A malay based party to lord over Chinese parties is already committing a cardinal sin to them.

    To say that Najib must stay as his departure will rock UMNO is an insult. Nobody is indispensable. Najib is a mere politician . NOT A PROPHET WITH DIVINE EDICT .

  4. ‘Who supports BN?

    If you were to take a drive into the rural areas, you will come across ramshackle houses flying tattered BN flags. It is touching to see the living conditions of those from whom BN receives its core support.

    In fact, DAP supporters are fond of mocking the BN as being only capable of hoodwinking the dungu kampung electorate who lack exposure to the “world wide web” (www).

    The Star‘s editor in chief June Wong, not too long ago, alluded to those in power who want to keep people “stupid and poor in order to control them and making them dependent forever”. See ‘The Star thinks Malays are stupid‘

    The article quoted below best described the failure of PKM to Menkomuniskan Malaya dan Melayu. Among others, its says,

    ‘But Ghazali’s approach resonated language and thought. He was thinking of the word “kampung”, which means a village. Another word is “desa”, denoting a collection of dwellings in the interior.

    Malays have been a pesisir (coastal) people for more than 2,000 years of recorded history in the Malay world, except in Madagascar, where they are found in the mountainous interior. They were sea-faring folk who had evolved into a riverine people.

    Ghazali asserts that no matter how remote the desa is, there is always a river or a stream. The word “desa”, through usage, has been equated with kampung and this translated into “village”, which a desa is.

    Often, the root word kampung has been used in derogatory terms, such as balik kampung or kampungan, to express class differences between urban folk and the people in the desa. However, the spirit of a desa is berkampung, that is, to be gathered together.

    For example, one should not translate “kita berkampung dirumah Pak Ali” to mean to turn Pak Ali’s house into a desa or a village. What it means is that we assemble at Pak Ali’s house. The root word “kampung” had the original meaning of getting people together, not mere houses.

    While promoting the Malaysia Plan, Ghazali noticed the cultural habit of togetherness from the word “rumpun”. In English, this would mean a clump or a cluster.

    “Rumpun”is the word to express a cluster of bamboo and the Malay sages of yore had decided only Malays should be berumpun. He argues that rumpun Melayu would denote the cluster of ethnic Malays in the Malay archipelago.

    Even Diosdado Macapagal, the ninth Philippine president, saw the “togetherness” of the Malay peoples as the way of the future.’

    The article among others described steps taken by Tan Sri Muhammad Ghazali Shafie to silence the communists. Perhaps, maybe the same can be done on to ‘silence’ the oppositions, namely DAP since BM was the last lingua franca uses in the propaganda, just like the communists did. What more when they themselves seems ever more distancing their party and ideology from the kampung folks.

    Maybe it is a blessing in disguise for us Malays.

    read more on ‘THE MALAYSIA PLAN: Indigenous concept of ‘togetherness’ was to silence the communists’ here:

  5. Where is Najib’s “moderate movement” taking Umno?

    Hook line and sinker to the deepest abyss for Umno all its tali barut bodoh . No way out ,,,,, bye bye Umno come GE14.

    Dont need to be a genius to see that everyone are hedging their bets come GE14 just to be on the safe side.

    Can bet you that DAP have hit the road running in Sabah and Sarawak immediately after GE13…and Umno MCA and MIC are contently sitting on their asses twiddling their thumbs still trying hard to digest GE13 results.

    Sabah and Sarawak will be the deciding factor come GE14.

  6. saya percaya majoriti orang melayu percaya kepimpinan UMNO masih belum berubah.
    tidak ada sebarang tanda-tanda adanya angin perubahan melainkan ‘perubahan’ yang dijangka akan menjadi ‘senjata makan tuan’.

    PM Najib dikatakan pemimpin yang ‘moderate’…. tetapi apa gunanya menjadi ‘moderate’?

    bukankah selama ini orang melayu sudahpun berbudaya ‘moderate’?

    dengan budaya ‘moderate’ inilah ‘kepala’ orang melayu diinjak-injak oleh anasir-anasir politik yang tamakkan kuasa.

    saya percaya orang melayu akan ‘kehilangan’ kuasa mereka tidak lama lagi jika PM Najib dan UMNO keseluruhannya tidak berubah untuk kembali kepada perjuangannya yang asal….!

    1. Tepat sekali. Apapun, Najib makin besar kepala dan syok sendiri bila dia menang tanpa bertanding di PAU UMNO. Dia rasa Melayu UMNO dan Melayu secara umumnya sokong Liberalisasinya.

  7. Cerita banyak banyak pun tak guna. Selagi tindakan UMNO masih dalam kekangan perlembagaan ianya bukan masaalah. Walaupun berita itu di petik dari London ianya sebenarnya adalah luahan rasa orang China yang bimbang.

    Kalau tindakan Najib bertentang dengan perlembagaan sila heret dia kemahkamah.

    Jangan kata rasis kerana kalau begitu perlembagaan Malaysia adalah rasis.

    Mesti ingat selalu yang asal negeri negeri di Malaysia sebahagian besarnya kepunyaan Raja Raja Melayu. Mereka sudah tentu ada syarat dalam penyatuan Malaysia.

    Negara ini bukan wujud dengan percuma dengan tiba tiba.

  8. So we have a wannabe fanatic, who is silent on her religious affiliation but bitches about everyone else’s. While the world is concerned about real things, about real people, despicable ang goes on and on and on about race and religion. Like a true parasite. Leave the moderates alone. At least they are making an attempt for the middle ground.

  9. 10 perkara yang Najib tidak tahu?

    1. Dia tidak tahu hendak membalas budi orang2 yang setia mengundi BN sepanjang musim pilihanraya.
    2. Dia tidak tahu orang2 yang tidak pernah mengundinya berpura2 menyokongnya dan sanggup mengibarkan banner “I Love PM”.
    3. Dia tidak tahu bahawa MCA telah menipu UMNO selama berpuluh tahun mengenai sokongan orang Cina terhadap parti tersebut.
    4. Dia tidak tahu bahawa 90% pengundi Cina akan tetap mengundi PR pada pilihanraya akan datang.
    5. Dan yang paling sedih dia tidak tahu yang dia tidak tahu tentang…….kerana lebih percaya kepada nasihat2 con-syaitan.

    Malas hendak sambung.

    1. Manggis,

      Atas sebab itu saya yakin usaha kearah perubahan pimpinan UMNO adalah satu ibadah.

  10. I don’t get Helen’s soft spot for Indians, especially their opposition leaders . Their political dissidents are just ideologues who have no idea about Realpolitik.

    Indians in general need to set their house in order. In my opinion, they don’t deserve pity. So many of them become ‘tak sedar diri’ after they reach a certain status and gain a certain amount of weath. I think the Malays have learnt their lessons with the Chinese. Jangan bagi muka kat depa.

    As for selecting the Star’s CEO in the committee, maybe Najib is following the Machiavellian mantra of ‘keeping his friends close and his enemies even closer’. I hope Najib finds a way to stab them in the back before they do.

    1. Or he see it as his way of controlling JStar. After all MCA became OKU when asking to control JStar right? ;D or just my “wishing on the star” ;p

      :D sarah

  11. The PM is deluded. He thinks he is doing the “right” thing by being “moderate” and worst of all, he thinks he’s being “celebrated” by the people. Of course he’s being “celebrated” by the people, the people who are plotting the downfall of his government.

    Number 5 The Sleeping on the Job PM was lampooned for not doing anything other than letting his son-in-law steering the ship. But looking back, and comparing number 5 and the present PM, the present one, number 6, is even worse than his predecessor.

    I have said this on many occasion. The Obama moment is upon us. 2018. If nothing is done, we are staring at the prospect of the Malays losing power after GE14.

    If you think the fate of Malays in Singapore is depressing, think again. You’re wrong.

    You want to know what its going to look like once PR is in power ? Look at South Africa. The Blacks are the overwhelming majority in that country yet the wealth is almost exclusively in the hands of the white minority.

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