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Another “Melayu 50 sen” viciously attacked by DAP followers

“There were no Malays elected into the CEC” … Not I say one. Ia Puan Speaker dan Encik Hannah Yeoh sendiri punya kata (tweet bawah):

Hannah Yeoh (hannahyeoh) on Twitter 2013-10-02 11-06-33

Melayu 50 sen

Lim Guan Eng said the allegations by former DAP national vice chairman Zulkifli Mohd Noor about the ‘3M – Man, Money and Media’ DAP modus operandi to retain the same 20* central executive committee (CEC) members who had been elected in December 2012 were “not worth responding to” — source: Malaysiakini, ‘DAP: Zulkifli’s claims not worth commenting on‘ (1 Oct 2013)

*19 elected and 1 (Zairil) Excel-elevated

The news portal reported Guan Eng as telling a press conference yesterday in Penang: “It is not serious at all, coming from Zulkifli. It’s not worth commenting on”.

The DAP sec-gen repeated several times that “it is not worth commenting at this point”, when pressed if any action would be taken against Zulkifli, added Malaysiakini.

That’s right. To Guan Eng and his evangelist coterie, the views of a Malay are quite worthless or worth only 50 sen.

Taking Guan Eng’s cue, his followers rained the usual mountain of insults and abuse upon Zulkifli’s head.

The most ironic is how this party veteran of 26 years – who aside from having once been (like Tunku Aziz) a DAP vice chairman, was also an elected DAP deputy secretary-general – is being accused as “Umno dog” for his crime of daring to criticize Lim Jr.

Despite Zulkifli’s long association with DAP, and in spite of the high positions he had previously held in the party, but the minute he (or anyone) dares speak up against the DAP godling, the hapless guy will be most viciously attacked and slandered by the Chinese opposition supporters, particularly the evangelistas.

What kind of people are they?


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50 thoughts on “Another “Melayu 50 sen” viciously attacked by DAP followers

  1. Helen…

    manusia bernama zulkifli, tunku aziz dan yang lelain yang berbangsa melayu yang selama ini pernah berada dan yang terus berada dalam DAP sahaja yang sebenarnya bernilai 50 sen.

    mereka inilah yang menjadi ‘kayu pengukur’ yang digunakan oleh LGE dan pemimpin chauvinis aka evangelis berbangsa cina dalam DAP.

    ukuran ini akhirnya digunakan untuk menggambarkan orang Melayu keseluruhan.

    dewasa ini orang melayu islam PAS pula berada dalam selimut Pakatan maka tentunya ‘satu penilaian’ telah dibuat terhadap mereka samada mereka ini melayu islam 50 atau 20 sen.

    soalan akhir anda dalam posting ini iaitu ‘what kind of people are they?’ seharusnya bukan sahaja ditujukan kepada puak dapters tetapi juga ditanyakan kepada orang melayu yang berada dalam pelukan DAP…..!

    “apa jenis manusia mereka ini?”…..

    1. “apa jenis manusia mereka ini?”…..

      Zairil dan Ong Kian Ming kelakar lah.

      Seorang tu ‘Melayu’ dengan keCinaannya dan seorang lagi Cina dengan keIslaman(palsu)nya beserta ucapan “Insya Allah”nya. Adakah OKM percaya kepada Allah tauhid ataupun “Allah” 3-dalam-1 yang hendak dikebas dan diselewengkan oleh evangelista?

    1. Zulkifli has been a committed and loyal party member. ‘They’ are treating him most shabbily.

      1. Re : a committed and loyal party member

        I had a laugh. Yes I know he’s very committed and loyal, but his commitment and loyalty is to Malaysia, not to the Father and Son Dynasty.

        1. Okay, I should clarify.

          I meant that he has contributed 26 years to the party, and dedicated to the party ideals of ‘Democratic‘ Action Party and its socialist ideals but like Zulkifli himself said, everything changed after 2008. Guan Eng made it the most Cina-capitalist party providing the most helpful assistance to Developers (DAP: Developers Assist Party).

          Zul will be disappeared from DAP annotations just like the Indian party founder Devan Nair.

  2. I wonder if LGE will step down from his post since he did not garner the majority/popular votes. Afterall isn’t that what they are asking BN to do since BN didn’t win the popular vote? Double standards.

    1. ‘I wonder if LGE will step down from his post since he did not garner the majority/popular votes. Afterall isn’t that what they are asking BN to do since BN didn’t win the popular vote? Double standards.’

      Morally he must step down. But then again, I doubt that he has any!

  3. 50 Cent in da club it’s your birthday!

    Hannah Yeoh is funny, they’re all Malaysians indeed, by nationality. Most are Cina by ethnicity. Stupid, how did she make Speaker?

    Yes yes I know this is clear as day.

    1. I would say she’s quite savvy, media savvy to be exact while those from the ruling party are simply out of touch with social media.

      She’s a great student of The Obama Method. People should take notice of her, learn from her.

        1. That’s why she and people from her party are so good at “staging” events and they are winning the perception war.

          1. re: “they are winning the perception war”

            And Najib appoints J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai to front his Moderates movement.

        2. Ms H. Our beloved Malaysia is a land of easy opportunities. Forget all the chaff and look for the grain. See how the PAP Sinkies parachuted in 2003-2013 looking for the low hanging fruits which they all plucked. My illiterate sis-in-law who used to wash hair in a Jalan Imbi salon for RM800 a month, formed her own RM2 incorporated church and made tons of ringgits which she invested in Marble Arch, London unlike the Star in North London and made tons and tons of pounds sterling. Look and ye shall see, See and ye shall find sic the ringgits ! Ha ! Ha ! Ha !

  4. melayu 50 cent atau melayu 20 cent. adakah Lim guan eng suka melayu aka Christopher ross lim. if ridhuan tee abdulaah in dap berapakah nilainya di mata tokong lim?

    1. The only Melayu bernilai tinggi di mata Tokong Lim dan Cina DAP hanyalah seorang Zairil anak angkat Khir Johari yang disowned bapa Cinanya dari keluarga Lim.

      Muhibbah sungguh DAP!

  5. In 18th century united states, the slaves were only given 3/5th representation. Since the blacks were mainly the slaves, that meant each negro by default had only 3/5th the power of a normal white American of that time.

    If Malays are given a metaphorical 50sen representation within DAP, then they are really given the short end of the stick. In terms of percentage, they are worse off than the Negro slave.

      1. And he was generous to claim that Malays are worth “50 sen”. Even if Zairil is considered Malay, he is one out of twenty CEC members who are not. By that metric, Malays are actually worth only 5 sen in DAP.

        In actuality, for DAP it is blood content that matters. Their racism is the purest form of racism, especially of the anti-Malay kind. DAP actually practices racial purity, which compares closely with early United States history where any white person with even a little black ancestry would be rejected from joining the white community–commonly known as the one-drop rule. I am now sure that Zairil won’t achieve a seat in the CEC if he was actually mixed Malay/Chinese. This is in stark contrast with UmNo racism where mixed Malays rise based on merit.

        1. One Malay,

          This is my mother in law’s comment in typical Malay accent.

          “La. Baru sekarang ka dia tau Melayu ni macam sampah sarap dalam DAP. Benda ni dah lama aku tau.”

          So my august Zulkifli, what are you waiting for. why still be member of DAP?

          As for DAP, he cant be bothered. Why? He behaves as if he is the “emperor of china” and the world revolves around him.

        2. ‘one-drop rule’

          I saw it many-many years ago on Oprah when she explains about this. Regardless how white looking you are, constitutionally in US of A, you are a black person, if you have a drop of African blood running in your veins. Period.

      2. For the record (2):

        The “50 sen” remark seems to have originated from Zulkifli — “The Malays in DAP are just ‘a 50 sen race’ and without them, it will not be able to reach one million (members),” Zulkifli is quoted as telling a press conference @


  7. Dewan sessions must be very noisy with sounds of ducks quacking and hens clucking.. Habis sessi, jenuh kena basuh tahi ayam. When all leave the Dewan under the tables can collect lots of ducks and chicken eggs.

    No wonder they don’t allow the Utusan/RTM reporters in, mana mereka ni semua nak faham bahasa Itik dan Ayam?

      1. DUN Tanjung El-Barakos.. Who knows one day ONLY those who can read/write and fluent in Mandarin can apply to become a DAP member?

  8. Ask hannah did she celebrate cny? Kalau ya kasi lempang skali bg ingat yg dia tu mmg cina. Apa bodo py jwpn.

    1. Deepavali pun dia selebret gak. Aidilfitri pun beraya sakan. Kalau dapat, Keamatan & Gawai pun selebret jugak Puan Speaker sorang ni.

      Banyak sangat selebret tu yang buat pipi makin tembam…

  9. Based on Mr Hannah Yeoh’s logic, every political party in the country is non-racial since all are members are Malaysians. Even Perkasa has no Malay members – only Malaysians!

  10. DAP CEC is 100% Malaysian. Hahahahaha……

    Dumb politicians like Hannah said the darndest thing.

    Who is she trying to fool? Her husband?

  11. Someone should point out to Mr Hannah Yeoh that his daughters are Chinese before he speaks of the DAP cadres as Malaysians. Not even wearing the pants in the house but he’s blabbing away with all kinds of rubbish.

    Reminds me of the eunuchs of days long past.

  12. Obviously they have created their own reality. There’s a medical term for this condition, it’s called Schizophrenia.

  13. Another thing is that LGE said “it wasn’t worth responding to the comments”. If it was an UMNO/BN politician who said a statement like that you’ll see comments from the loons on how that person is a coward etc etc. So far no one is calling LGE a coward. Double Standards.

  14. This Dogs and Pigs Party (DAP) will not trust the Malays and Muslim at all.Their priority and agenda by using the Malays and Muslim just to take Putrajaya and topple the Malays Muslim at all cost.

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