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23 opposition MPs missing from Parliament

Pakatan is telling us that the Prevention of Crime Act (PCA) is actually the ISA reincarnated.

Yet more than a quarter of its MPs failed to turn up in the Dewan Rakyat to block the passing of the bill yesterday/this morning.

The opposition has 89 Members in Parliament. Only 66 Pakatan MPs were present in the House to vote against the PCA.

MCA objects to something (urm, not sure what) in the bill — see its vice president’s statement below. But did the Chinese party MPs use their 7 votes to block the relevant sections of the bill which the MCA claims that it objects to? I guess not.

PCA amendments: What checks and balances?

MCA vice president Gan Ping Sieu’s press conference last week is reported in the party website, titled ‘MCA supports amendments to PCA except detention order without trial‘.

The contentious section of the PCA to which the MCA objects is the section that allows detention of up to two years plus another two years without trial.

Following the proposed amendment, this power of ordering the detention will be transferred to a three-member board led by a judge appointed by the YDP Agong, explains Gan.


“Pointing out that the PCA had introduced “sunset clauses,” Ping Sieu drew attention to the amendments which inserted a review of detention orders every five years and the annual report to the government, thereby showing good governance to ensure check and balances.”

Earlier we were told that the PCA allows a detention order of up to two years plus another two years without trial. That makes four years.

Now Gan tells us that the bill provides for a review every five years. Sorry, I don’t get him.

Does this provision of “review every five years” actually imply that someone who has been detained four years might conceivably be subjected to a further two-year extension during his 4th year of detention and awaiting the 5th year when his case can be put up for review?

What status on judicial review?

Furthermore, Gan tells us that the “newly-introduced Section 15A(1) explicitly reads that no judicial review is allowed against the board’s decision or findings in the exercise of its discretionary powers”.

This is confusing:

“Nevertheless, Ping Sieu pointed out that a judicial review was allowed to challenge the board’s decision to issue a detention order. “Based on the amendment bills which I have had read, only the issuance of a supervision order was not allowed to be challenged except for matters concerning procedural requirements. MCA feels that it needs to be standardized.”

“With regards to the detention order, the Kluang MCA Division chief alerted that “just like the previous Emergency Ordinance (EO), judicial review is allowed. This is a vast improvement compared to the old EO and Internal Security Act.”

Somehow, Gan’s belief that the PCA is “a vast improvement” on the EO and ISA is not reassuring at all.

MCA’s position on PCA

We’re told that Gan chaired the MCA committee looking into these new or to-be-amended crime prevention laws.

Twitter - ganpingsieu- Long day.Yet to read other ... 2013-10-03 12-08-00

Gan Ping Sieu’s question (tweeted above): “Do you agree to hv detention w/o trial with judicial oversight?”

No, no, no, no, no.

I most certainly do not agree to detention without trial, period.

The J-Star‘s scaremongering

To prep public acceptance of this PCA piece of legislation, the MCA-owned newspaper had splashed sensational murder stories on its front pages for weeks running during the height of the induced panic season.

Anyone reading The J-Star would have thought, from its stories about targeted killings, that Malaysia was the crime capital of the world. Where a man was shot every minute, where released EO detainees flooded the streets, and where every Tom, Dick and Harry had a gun to shoot dead the next victim to be featured on the newspaper front pages.

But have you noticed that after that particular propaganda blitzkrieg, suddenly all became quiet? The phenomenon of men being shot daily suddenly disappeared from the saturation news coverage. The ‘Catch & Release’ EO detainees suddenly disappeared from the streets/news reports. And the Tom, Dick and Dirty Harry gun toters suddenly took a vacation to play Sudoku at home.

J-Star browbeating the public

Does Gan Ping Sieu recall what his party mouthpiece published previously?

The J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai in his editorial titled ‘Off with the kid gloves‘ (4 Aug 2013) urged that “you have to deal with criminals the hard way”.

Wong wrote:

“Enough is enough. Let’s not expect our cops to fight crime with their hands tied behind their backs. Let them do their job with our support and the necessary laws to clean up the streets.”

He also declared that “Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and the Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar have the fullest support of this writer [the J-Star CEO] to crack the whip on criminals who don’t deserve any sympathy from us”.

That was The J-Star scaremongering about violent crime all over its pages when the BN government was softening up the public to accept its ‘Detention Without Trial’ clauses.

Using the fear factor – by making the public panicky and fearful as if they could well be the very next person indiscriminately shot dead – it is then no surprise that the government managed to bulldoze through its ISA 2.0 bill amidst public acceptance or compliance with the ostensible need for tough law enforcement measures.

Eh, where have all the shooting stories gone now?

Where have all the deadly shooting stories, that used to hog the J-Star front pages a couple of months back, now disappeared to?

The paper that is controlled by MCA had colluded with the government propaganda drive, which was carried out to prepare/soften the ground for bringing back the EO and ISA.

And now MCA is saying that the party “objects” to sections of the PCA?


So how’s Gan gonna vote?

[ … ]

This section redacted. Just checked. Gan Ping Sieu is no longer a Senator.

He’s just a park bench warmer. — updated: 2.55pm


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20 thoughts on “23 opposition MPs missing from Parliament

  1. Due to the concerns of certain quarters, the rampant shooting incidents had practically disappeared overnight. Activists are now training their guns, pun unintended, at local councils demanding an end to the cold blooded murder of crows using shotguns.

    Damn, some people have unquenchable thirst it seems…

    1. All laws are unfair to those detained or hang. All laws is for the public good. So what to do. Thats life. Wait till you live in communist china or russia or even us. there you will really be at the mercy of the system.

  2. Pakatan MPs makan gaji buta, tong kosong.. Biasanya org yg petah berpidato mcm ketua pembangkang dan kuncu2nya hasilnya hanya ibarat Tong Kosong. Lihat sahaja Tun Abdul Razak dan Tun Dr Ismail (Allahyarham keduanya) di gelar man of a few words.. Tapi berjaya membina legasi. Ketegasan mereka dihormati kawan dan lawan.

  3. Dont be afraid if you’re right… but do feel afraid if you’re wrong.

    Those who oppose the PCA have their own agenda. Be it ISA, EO, Akta Hasutan or PCA… So to the PR people, to the Bar Council, to all the NGO’s …. dig deep in your heart…. are you doing the right thing because you are right….(so dont be afraid) or you are doing the right thing (for you) because you’re wrong….

    1. Orangbukit

      Everyone has their own agenda, but that does not make opposing something like the PCA wrong.

      You talked about right and wrong and we are debating our merit right here and now because this is the very essence of liberty. PCA takes away such liberty from someone and allow another to play God on him for 5 years.

      I don’t know about you. I sure don’t relish the thought of mortals playing God with somebody’s life.

    1. betul kata tok jinda…. ramai dah kena kencing.. tapi, masih tak bangun-bangun dari tidur!
      skrg ni PCA sudah diluluskan. apabila ianya dikuatkuasakan, kita tengok siapa akan melalak kat jalan sambil kata kerajaan zalim….!

  4. 23 opposition MPs were absent. Apparently the august house isn’t for them. They preferred the padang merdeka. What a waste to elect such MPs who played truant at the expense of the taxpayers who paid their allowances and perks. What a shame.

    1. Now, come to think of it, 115 BN members were in the house to vote ‘Yes’.

      BN has 133 MPs, so the BN rate of attendance was 86.5% whereas the Pakatan attendance was only 74.2%.

      Pakatan made so much noise anti-PCA but when it came to the actual voting, they were no show in Parliament.

  5. Ms H. The 23 Opposition MPs are human after all and like travelling to faraway exotic places like Bangkok, Jakarta etc.

  6. Re:The phenomenon of men being shot daily suddenly disappeared from the saturation news coverage.

    This is why people in Malaysia need to be technically/scientifically minded. The ones who discuss politics and current affairs are those with arts backgrounds and who have had little training in the scientific method. Journalists and bloggers are no better.

    One can’t make generalizations based on a few newspaper articles. The only way to make serious and competent judgements about crime is to have a credible crime statistics , gathered by non-partisan research groups with the right resources. And, they should be challenged by other independent research organizations that can confirm the numbers.

    Malaysian news, be it from the mainstream or the alternative websites or even the bloggers, can’t be trusted. And, those who do trust or base their decision-making on flimsy reports are fools.

    Malaysians are not the only ones guilty of making false attributions, hasty generalizations and other fallacies. This is very common phenomenon among Asian societies. Westerners themselves have trouble in maintaining rational thinking, so I can’t expect better performance from the Asians.

    It’s time critical thinking pervaded, instead of thinking based on impressions, emotions and clouded judgements.

  7. The Scissorati are a wee bit preoccupied at the moment. Blame it on the management wanting to “right-size” and NOT “down-size” the 1,600 strong workforce by 10%.

    Since their turnover has been somewhat excellent, I find this VSS a wee bit fishy & rushed. After all, in the past year they’ve had probably expanded more than they did in the past decade. Surely if “right-sizing” was necessary, the excess workforce could’ve been diverted to the subsidiaries when they were set up.

    Be interesting to see who’s gonna pick up the offer in the newsroom.

  8. let the j-bintang lima mati perlahan-lahan. sekurang kurangnya dato jstar boleh pergi london tengok kelab bola sepak kesayangannya lepas mengerahkan staffnya berhenti kerja ramai-ramai. harap harap suratkhabar bintang lima tendang datuk editor masuk bakul sampah. kerja jadi editor kipas board director, budak sekolah menengah pun boleh buat..

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