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S’gor to remain forever in Pakatan hands?

The Madam Speaker of Selangor tweets a photo (below) of her dialogue session with University Lim Kok Wing students. Looks like the urban Indian vote bank.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Berdialog dengan para pelajar ... 2013-10-03 16-11-05

Hannah Yeoh, the guest of honour, is pictured with university founder Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing — the advertising mogul who previously reaped the lucrative Rakan Muda gomen contracts.

Urm, Pakatan is now receiving, uuh, moral support from the Chinese tycoons?

Due to their control of the country’s biggest – in terms of population – and richest state, Selangor, the DAP can avail themselves of lots of exposure to young people. Students today will be the first-time voters in GE14.

Hannah Yeoh with Lim Kok Wing
Hannah Yeoh with Lim Kok Wing

Battle of DAP vs Umno

Dr Salleh Telegu @ 2013/10/02 at 1:21 pm believes that “She is the Empress Dowager and Khalid is just the Emperor Puyi”.


Retweeted by Hannah Yeoh below:

Meanwhile on the BN front …

lepas “dah robohkan surau kat resort tu”

What next?


Hannah Yeoh (hannahyeoh) on Twitter 2013-10-03 16-43-13

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6 thoughts on “S’gor to remain forever in Pakatan hands?

  1. Madame Speaker’s latest Twitter rant is somewhat amusing, especially coming from an upstanding & exemplary Christian.

    “@hannahyeoh: Imagine your loved ones arrested & detained without trial for 2 years. Only WICKED leaders would vote for this law. Yes. Wicked BN MPs.”

    1. To her and her kind, the other side is always “evil”, “wicked” and “raciiiissst!”

      1. Nowadays no Salam 1Malaysia from her lah… All brimstone & fire…

        She should look over her shoulders or YB YBY will get ahead her next term. As a Sarawakian, I’m pretty much impressed with her passion in the Impian Sarawak project.

    2. Is she implying that her loved are the thugs from Gang 04, 08, etc ? None of us have to worry about our love ones getting arrested under PCA or Operasi Cantas.

      1. I had reservations about the presence of heavily armed police & armed forces personnel at the main terminal building of KLIA before as it gives arriving tourists the impression of a dangerous country.

        Nowadays, I have no issues whatsoever with the armed police personnel patrolling along Bukit Bintang & other tourist spots in KL. If you are not breaking the law, those men are there to protect you.

        If you’ve no respect for the law of the land, then screw you. In fact, since DAP wanted so much for Chin Peng to be recognized as a hero, we should adopt China’s laws here. You know, execution for any serious crime. And best of all, executions are executed within a month of their appeals rejected by the courts.

        Now if that doesn’t make for a safer & more peaceful society, I’d be damn surprised.

  2. Masaalah Melayu di Selangor adalah kerana pendatang Melayu dari negeri lain seperti Kelantan, Trengganu etc yang tidak rasa Selanjor jati. Masaalah Melayu di Selangor adalah masaalah jati diri Melayu yang tak tahu apa arah tuju.

    Tiada pemimpin atau pemikir yang boleh dibanggakan. Khalid gagap. Noh Omar kekampungan mcm Mat Sabu. Khir Toyo bodoh kampung nak jadi bangsawan. Tanpa kepimpinan yang cemerlang maka tiada tempat untuk orang Melayu bersatu.

    UMNO boleh menang semula Selangor jika pemimpin UMNO faham erti perjuangan UMNO yang nasionalis dan berlandaskan Raja berpelmbagaan. UMNO perlu tidak berdolak dalik untuk menjadi alim seperti PAS kerana Melayu undi juga pelaku sodomi dan pelacur dalam PKR. Dan skg kita pun tahu pemimpin-pemimpin PAS pun perangai mcm setan PKR pun sebab itu mereka bolhe sebantal.

    Melayu perlu leadrship moden. Untuk mempimpin anda mesti tunjukan visi. Visi untuk kemajuan dan kekakyaan orang Melayu bukan visi orang India yang mengkayakan Cina dengan subsidi Petronas satu trillion!

    Bolehkah Zahid, Shafie grab this bull by the horn? Adakah mereka faham permasalahan Melayu adalah kerana ketirisan duit Petronas kepada orang-orang cina? Adakah mereka faham wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu semua gunung ganang dan galian adalah hak orang Melayu?

    Masalah Melayu Selangor adalah masalah Melayu amnya.

    Adkah mereka terima hakikat Presiden UMNO yang lepas telah mengkhianati orang Melayu? Selagi mereka tak faham maka tiada masa depan yang cerah.

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