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Utusan digelar “anjing” oleh ketua penerangan DAP / Hannah Yeoh: “Yes. Wicked BN MPs”

Dari Facebook Tony Pua:

“UMNO and it’s [sic]  dogs,  Utusan and ROS can *unprintable expletives*!”

Lebih 1,500 orang Facebooker menyukai [‘like’] tohmahan oleh Ahli Parlimen DAP Petaling Jaya Utara merangkap Ketua Biro Penerangan DAP itu.

Bagaimana ketam boleh mengajar anak berjalan kurus, kan.

Tony Pua - Petaling Jaya, Malaysia - Community & Government - Facebook 2013-10-04 14-45-22

Dilaporkan oleh FMT hari ini: “Kepala Batas BN MP Reezal Merican hit out at Tony Pua over the DAP MP’s Sept 29 Facebook posting labelling the Registrar of Societies (ROS) and Malay daily, Utusan Umno’s running dogs.”

Sah Dapsters itu cucu-cicit komunis.

Tapi ianya Ahli-ahli Parlimen BN pula yang dikatakan “jahat” oleh Hannah Yeoh.

Hannah Yeoh (hannahyeoh) on Twitter 2013-10-04 14-55-29


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

33 thoughts on “Utusan digelar “anjing” oleh ketua penerangan DAP / Hannah Yeoh: “Yes. Wicked BN MPs”

  1. I cannot imagine how stupid some of the people in Malaysia, and worse it comes from the Chinese who used to be among the top in the class in school days. It is so true that human can be blind although their eyes are wide open.

    Everybody can see that the DAP fiasco is no other the work of their own disgruntled members. It is the DAP members who reported to ROS and ROS merely acting upon the complains of DAP members.

    But why this LGE and TP keep on blaming utusan and ROS. I am really upset with the arrogance of these people. They become so arrogant because they always have backing from their stupid, blind followers. 1500 likes indicates that there are still many blind and stupid people who will support what ever comes out from the mouth of LGE, TP and the DAP goons even if they say shit is yummy.

    1. re: “I cannot imagine how stupid some of the people in Malaysia”

      Why not?

      “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” – Albert Einstein

  2. For Scissorati and their believer, DAP and J-STAR are the only Perfect Element of politics and newspaper… Anwar, Hadi, Nik Aziz and Co seems to have no voice AT ALL… where have they been?? This is no more PAKATAN RAKYAT..seems there is only now PAKAT2 SOKONG DAP…..

    1. Very true. Notice the almost complete silence over Ustaz Azizan’s death. No front page. No interviews with the people who knew him. No daily coverage. No publishing of his last statement. No nothing. Funny how the Pakatoons gave more coverage on a dead terrorist who was not even a citizen over the death of a statesmen.

  3. you can only expect shit to come out of these 2 buttheads..

    oh, btw helen, aren’t you gonna publish pictures of those malay gangsters shot dead by the police recently like what you did the other day with the indian gangsters, being sympathetic and all hmmm…?

    i totally agree with what encik kijangmas write on his facebook…

  4. Helen

    Can I send back the ” unprintable expletives” to my favorite MPs, TP n HY.

    Omputih cakap ” return to sender” lah

  5. There were 9.9 million Malaysians on facebook as of August 2011 and there could be over 10 million today.

    So what is 1,500 likes out of 10 million or 0.015%?

    I’m not a BN supporter but I also find DAP to be rather hypocritical and nonsensical. They claim to want a Malaysian Malaysia but the actions of their members show otherwise, which is why their own members report their party to the ROS.

    Perhaps that’s why they only got 1,500 likes.

    Instead of blaming others, they should get their house in order first.

  6. Wicked BN MP’s are protecting the interest of majority Malaysians. If I am an MP I would insist these undesirable elements be banished and dump to a far away deserted island.. menyemak saja.

  7. Also confirmation bias. Obviously the people who support Tony Pua’s statement will like it. Also you cannot dismiss the fact that DAP supporters will click like en masse. More of an example of blowing one’s own trumpet if you ask me. Just note Malaysiakini and other oppo blogs/newsites. Usually the same people are the ones making the comments.

  8. It’s vs its. You’d expect a chinesian politician with a top level education to have better grammar.

  9. Oh please Tony Pua and Hannah Yeoh…

    Minutes by minutes, and every each day, you are continuously and consistently degrading your prestigious position by every word muttered from your foul mouths.

    Eventually there will be so little left of whatever respect you have earned.

    We are not stupid, Tony!!
    We are not idiot either, Hannah!!

  10. I am telling you guys, THE CINA DAP is really asking for IT….they still haven’t the Indonesian experience and many other countries wrt to their attitude.

      1. Can you beat this?

        Curi-curi Wang Malaysia shared a link.
        22 hours ago
        “SHARE” with ALL Fellow Malaysians on “THE LEVEL OF HYPOCRACY” of the UMNO/BN Government!

        How come NO PROTESTs from “UMNO” or Ibrahim Ali ‘Katak’ from “PERKASA”?

        How come the “PRESIDENT” of one of the BIGGEST Communist Country can come and given a “RED CARPET” treatment but the “ASHES” or remains of the “SMALL” Communist cannot even ALLOW into the country???


        China president Xi arrives in Malaysia for three-day official visit – Nation | The Star Online
        SEPANG: President Xi Jinping of China arrived in Malaysia Thursday, for a three-day official visit.

        1. Perkasa did not protest coz the Chinese President did not kill any Malayan/Malaysian. Chin Peng did. IbrahimAli is rational.

  11. It is clear that dap is for high class party only. Members cannot complaint. Must do exactly as party leaders say. Do not question. No wonder they get stupid and blind followers to do their bidding.

    And now that some of their members has turn a little bit enlighten, they want to maintain the status quo by demonizing ros. They cannot attack their own members cause it will cause further chaos.

    Easy way is by using standard operating procedure which is shifting the blame to the government that has been proven since aeons. Because in the end, majority prevails and majority of dap supporters are stupid and blind.

    1. With a lot of SOP establish, they can apply for ISO 9001. Then they can used it as a point to shoved UMNO but if they fail the audit they will blame the auditor or Excel again hehhehheh


  12. Nampaknya golongan suci dalam DAP ini perlukan pemeriksaan mental kerana asyik menggelarkan org lain dgn gelaran, dog, rasis, pig, moron.

      1. Polis US, shoot, shoot, bang, bang an African American woman in Capitol Hill…while driving with her 18 months old daughter

        ‘…it is confirmed by her mother that she had post-partum depression from her 18-month old… that will now live without a mother in a cold, sterile ‘social-assistance’ program where she will probably lose her mind herself.’

        A comment made below.

  13. I happen to read Chinese newspapers. These type of expletives are never to be found in the Chinese language mainstream media.

    Well, I have suspected all along that these postings, tweets etc on social media is targeted primarily at the urban, English speaking types. This latest episode is confirmation that I was right all along.

    I really pity the Chinese. Pity because all these insults, expletives being directed at the establishment will only result in them getting “furloughed”, marginalized by mainstream society.

    Oh by the way, calling people dogs, and labeling other people with not so civilized names only goes as far as to show what these people really. If you call people dogs, obviously, you are a dog too. After all, only a dog can recognize a dog.

    The opposition is not the only party doing it by the way. The establishment people are equally guilty. Now let me remind you one more time. If you call people dogs, that makes you a dog too. Please bear this in mind.

    There’s one quality dogs have in abundance what we lacked. They are loyal to their masters. I can’t say the same about the people from the opposition.

    1. Jesus rebuked his followers who called him “Lord”. I don’t have a bible at hand. Someone help to verify.


        Jesus and his students went to the villages near Cæsarea Philippi. On the road, he was quizzing his students, and told them, “What do people say I am?” They told him, “They’re saying you’re John the Baptist, and others say Elijah, and others say one of the prophets.”

        He quizzed them, “And what do you say I am?” In reply, Simon Peter told him, “You’re Messiah.” Jesus rebuked them, so that no one would say that about him.

        —Mark 8.27-30 KWL

  14. Helen….
    nampak sangat mereka ini tiada kesopanan dan kesusilaan.

    jelas sudah mereka ini telah melanggar salah satu daripada perkara penting dalam Rukunegara Malaysia… iaitu kesopanan dan kesusilaan.

    bagi saya mereka tidak layak menjadi warganegara Malaysia!

    Nota: kalau nak kritik pun, gunalah bahasa yang sopan!

    1. Yep, these DAP leaders and supporters are damn stupid. I wish I could pick them out from the crowd, then whack them to glory once I am alone with them. Being whacked on the head is the only way to make these rascals see sense. Did anyone ever notice that most of the DAP leaders look so ugly and nauseating. You certainly don’t want to share a table with them whenever you have your breakfast.

  15. ‘Utusan digelar “anjing” oleh ketua penerangan DAP’

    I thought they try to teach the Utusan reading kampung folks to love anjings, no?

    1. Those who loved dogs aren’t the Muslims. The Dapigs morons are dog lovers. Tony and Hannah are dog-lovers too I believe. Yet they labelled utusan as “anjing”. Irony.

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