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Evangelistas asking for it

“The Cina DAP is really asking for it” with their attitude and behaviour, remarked regular reader LOL (comment reproduced below).

It is the DAP evangelistas who are leading by example and these evangelistas are being promoted by the MCA media and the Scissorati in the employ of the MCA-owned newspaper company.

Gunting dalam Lipatan

MCA has just sacked its ex-SUBANG JAYA state assemblyman of three terms, Datuk Lee Hwa Beng. Too little, too late.

Lee Hwa Beng is an evangelista.

It is MCA and its evangelista politicians like Lee Hwa Beng and its evangelista Scissorati like Wong Chun Wai that are doing the most damage to the BN.

In my posting, ‘2013: The year BN died’, I blogged about how MCA is like the suicide bomber doing the job for Pakatan.

2013- The year BN died - Helen Ang 2013-10-05 09-10-53

Minorities and their citizenship

Five months prior (on Jan 8) to the election taking place on May 5, I had correctly forecast that “DAP will be No.2 in terms of seats. MCA will be wiped out leaving a rump BN. This outcome will set us to collide especially if the Christians maintain their current agitation on  ‘Allah’.” — see ‘2013: The year BN died

Citizenship is not a lifetime guarantee. Minorities everywhere in the world make the effort to be accepted. Tapi orang Cina di Malaysia ni tak.

Shamshul Anuar commented @ 2013/10/05 at 1:08 am:

“If you are not loyal to your own country by flying another flag, then you are not entitled to be the citizen. It is as simple as that. What is granted can be taken back.

“Obviously many politicians (especially racist Chinese politicians) are simply playing with fire. They have no qualm in teaching the Chinese to be hostile to the Malays, it is a matter of time that the collision takes place.”


The modern nation state of Israel was carved out in 1948 to accommodate displaced Jewish refugees

♦ Rukunegara (2)

e.g. The second precept of the Rukunegara is Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara.

Yet the SUBANG JAYA voter, see here, was early this year sentenced to jail for insulting the Raja Permaisuri Agong while some months ago a Chinese woman was questioned by police for insulting the YDP Agong.

Currently the Chinese are giving their blessings to Bintang Tiga guerrilla Chin Peng who had wanted to set up a republic (sistem pemerintahan beraja dihapuskan) in this land.

What about the “kesetiaan kepada negara” bit of the Rukunegara?

Because No.1 badminton player Lee Chong Wei is seen as being pro-BN and Rosmah-friendly, Dapsters want him to lose his matches (see screenshot Malaysiakini reader comments below).

  • “Yes, I cheered for Lin Dan for political reasons… Chong Wei is too much being used by BN.”
  • “Honestly, I was rooting for Lin Dan.”
  • “But after knowing that the Big Fat Mama is going there to ‘support’ LCW, I preferred that LCW to lose the final.”
  • “I, for once, really am glad that LCW lost.”
  • “I … was relieved that he did not win.”
  • “… ‘There were Chinese watching the game at the local pub who were relieved that LCW did not win.’ I too know many Chinese who think the same.”

Hannah’s “hu hu hu” at Big Mama

Dapsters have so much hatred for BN and Umno that they do not want to see the country’s sportsman flagbearer become world champion.

And who keeps on perpetuating the “Big Mama” insult? Well, Hannah Yeoh and her Chin Peng-lookalike friends in The J-Star do.

And not to forget Mr Hannah Yeoh too (see tweet below).

What a couple! You all know who DAPSubangJaya is, right?

♦ Rukunegara (3)

Keluhuran Perlembagaan is the third precept of the national ideology.

Article 152 in the Federal Constitution states that Bahasa Melayu is the national language.

Dapsters spit on our bahasa kebangsaan.

A further excerpt from Shamshul Anuar’s comment:

“In Malay dilemma, Dr Mahathir did not criticize other races (meaning Chinese) for practising their cultures. Chinese are criticized simply [for] refusing to accept reality that this is not China.

“The point is that Chinese simply has to realise that DAP is pushing them into frontline to confront Malays. Sooner or later the physical clash will take place.”

Anak Bangsa Malaysia

Dr Mahathir today maintains a same reading of the situation as he did during his Malay Dilemma days. Examining Lim Kit Siang’s challenge in Gelang Patah, Dr Mahathir blogged:

Religious confrontations can lead to very serious consequences. It can lead to violence and killings even. This peaceful country will not be peaceful anymore if we have religious violence.”

Recently, responding to the Chin Peng issue, Dr M wrote:

“Already race relations in Malaysia have deteriorated. With Chin Peng as a symbol, it is most likely that race relations might explode in violence.”


Kerana santan pulut binasa

Kerana mulut badan binasa

Kerana evangelista DAP binasa

Kerana evangelista Kristian binasa

Kerana evangelista Cina binasa

Gara-gara evangelista gila kuasa

Semua binasa

Screenshot below: anak,bangsa,malaysia spews the “mother fuckers” word

Halt education blueprint, cry Muslim groups - Malaysiakini 2013-06-14 21-30-18

♦ Rukunegara (5)

Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan is the fifth precept of the national ideology. DAP’s Anak Bangsa Malaysia thump their chests that they are the Malaysian Firsters. Jauh panggang dari api their behaviour when it comes to the kesopanan dan kesusilaan injunction in our Rukunegara.

♦ Rukunegara (1)

The first precept of Rukunegara is Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan.

DAP-MCA’s Evangelista Bintang Lima are hellbent on stealing and subverting the kalimah Allah. Please read anak,bangsa,malaysia’s comment below.

Komen pembaca di

More ‘Muslim’ than the Malays

Although the ‘Anak Bangsa Malaysia’ kind are themselves not Muslims, but they make their comments as if they know the religion of Islam better than the Malays who were born into the faith.

Excerpt of comment by ‘anak,bangsa,malaysia’ (screenshot below):

All three [Hasan Ali, Ibrahim Ali and Nasharuddin Mat Isa) are supposedly champions of Islam but in reality are kafirs of the highest order since they have abused and misrepresented Islam. The public knows for a fact the three twist all sound logic and defies it in totality. The wrath of Allah will befall them on this holy month of Ramadhan. HE is watching from a distance.

Dulu gejala mentakfir boleh dijumpai di kalangan fanatik PAS. Sekarang ia fanatik Kristian di Malaysia yang sering mengkafir orang.

Evangelista Bintang Lima

Former three-term MCA Subang Jaya state assemblyman Datuk Lee Hwa Beng tweeted about his sacking by the party on Thursday evening.

Again MCA is losing the perception war in this matter of the sacking of their former SUBANG JAYA Adun.

Datuk Lee indeed deserves to be sacked for all the hand grenades that he has lobbed at MCA and the BN. However because the opposition control the media, including The J-Star, and due to their total control of the social media, public perception is being manipulated to portray MCA as the bad guy in this current affair of Lee’s sacking.


The JStar perpetually stabbing BN in the back

Iguana Eng species

Jenis yang salin kulit macam biawak.

The most important thing for BN supporters to realise is that it is the evangelistas who are setting the Chinese on a collision course and confrontation with the Muslims and the Malays.

EVANGELISTAS, also the “DAP SuperCyber Bullies”

Lee Hwa Beng the ex-SUBANG JAYA Adun whom MCA sacked is an evangelista.

Tony Pua who called Utusan and ROS “Umno dogs” is an evangelista.

Teresa Kok is an evangelista.

Teo Nie Ching is an evangelista.

David Nga Kor Ming of “metallic black” fame is an evangelista.

His controversial cousin James Ngeh Koo Ham is an evangelista.

The “DAP SuperCyber bullies” @imokman (Ong Kian Ming) and @hannahyeoh are evangelistas.

The Scissorati and their boss Wong Chun Wai are evangelistas.

It is the evangelistas who are bringing on the confrontation.

Ong Kian Ming's stand on Allah
Ong Kian Ming’s stand on Allah
Ong Kian Ming says
Ong Kian Ming says


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38 thoughts on “Evangelistas asking for it

  1. Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan bukan bermakna keprcacyaan kepada Allah.

    KESETIAAN KEPADA RAJA DAN NEGARA bukan bermakna kesetiaan kepada UMNO

    KELUHURAN PERLEMBAGAAN, masalahnya adalah UMNO hanya mahu perlembagaan terhadap keistimewaaan pada Melayu yang mutlak. Yang berkenaan dengan bukabn Islam atau bukan Melayu mereka buat tak tau aje.

    1. re: Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan bukan bermakna keprcacyaan kepada Allah.”

      Tuhan evangelis takde name sendiri ke? Kenapa beriya-iya nak kebas ‘Allah’ juga?

      re: “KESETIAAN KEPADA RAJA DAN NEGARA bukan bermakna kesetiaan kepada UMNO.”

      Kebencian kepada Umno bukan seharusnya bermakna kebencian kepada jaguh badminton negara dan mahukan Lee Chong Wei kalah.

      re: “KELUHURAN PERLEMBAGAAN, masalahnya adalah UMNO hanya mahu perlembagaan terhadap keistimewaaan pada Melayu yang mutlak. Yang berkenaan dengan bukabn Islam atau bukan Melayu mereka buat tak tau aje.”

      Perlembagaan Persekutuan bukan ditulis oleh Umno lah. Ia dirangka British dan Suruhanjaya Reid yang ahli-ahlinya tidak seorang pun yang Melayu (Lord William Reid & Sir Ivor Jennings – Britain, Sir William McKell – Australia Justice B. Malik – India, Justice Abdul Hamid – Pakistan).

      re: “keistimewaaan pada Melayu yang mutlak”

      Cuba baca Perkara 8 Perlembagaan persekutuan: “Semua orang adalah sama rata di sisi undang-undang dan berhak mendapat perlindungan yang sama rata di sisi undang-undang.”

      1. You are essentially talking to a brick wall, a mobile brick wall. No doubt, this mobile brick wall will come back again with more over the top comments.

        Calling himself, herself Malaysian yet he, she is the first to spit racial profanity at his,her detractors. Talk about being a “Malaysian”.

        1. Re. You are essentially talking to a brick wall,

          The said BRICK WALL is an ardent worshiper of “SINGAPORE EXCEL”, .as he/she posted before that the Malay and Malaysia could never “EXCEL” like Singapore and Penang” (ROTFL)..

          Yet he/she is still here “BERPIJAK DAN MENONGKAT LANGIT TANAH MELAYU”. I still wonder why on earth that he still here in this country and not moving down south becoming Singaporean. I am pretty sure he/she is most welcome there as another “2ND Class Citizen”. or better still please fill in the following form:

  2. Tunggu ajelah akibatnya daripada bara yang diapi-apikan oleh puak-puak Cina DAP ni. Tak sedar diri lagi. Mereka dah terlalu selesa dengan permainan mereka tanpa mereka sedari, di sini bukan Amerika dimana boleh mainkan isu-isu perkauman dan agama tanpa ada akibat yang serius. Ini Malaysia. Mereka ingat orang Melayu dan Bumiputera bodoh dungu ke semuanya. Dalam senyap mereka ingat semuanya cantik-cantik belaka dipermukaan.

  3. Re, Keestiaan Kepada Raja Dan Negara

    This is a photo of Thail PM, Ying Luck revering Queen Sirikit. Yingluck is Thai Chinese. Helen please post the photo so that everybody that follows your blog will understand what does the above means to the people up north .

    We have the following in Malaysia recently and there are few instances in Thailand as well.

    A Thai court has sentenced a woman to five years in jail for breaching the country’s strict royal defamation laws.

    Nopawan Tangudomsuk was found guilty of insulting royals and breaking computer crime laws with comments posted on a popular website in 2008.

    Under the controversial lese majeste rules, anyone convicted of insulting the Thai king, queen, heir or regent faces up to 15 years in prison.

    Ms Tangudomsuk was initially acquitted in a 2011 trial when prosecutors failed to prove she was behind the posting on the Prachatai site.

    A court official says the appeal court “decided to reverse the ruling” in Ms Tangudomsuk’s case, adding that she was “found guilty of violating article 112”, the kingdom’s royal defamation law.

    The ruling comes a day after the founder of the royalist “Yellow Shirts” was sentenced to two years in prison by the same appeal court under lese majeste laws.

    Sondhi Limthongkul, one of Thailand’s most controversial political figures, was convicted after prosecutors appealed an earlier acquittal over remarks quoting a speech by a political rival in 2008.

    The “Red Shirt” activist whom Mr Limthongkul quoted was jailed for 15 years in 2011 for comments made during political rallies.

    The royal family is a highly sensitive topic in Thailand, where 85-year-old King Bhumibol Adulyadej is revered.

    The kingdom has come under fire from rights groups and media freedom campaigners who say its defamation laws pose a threat to freedom of speech.

    Critics say many of those charged over recent years are linked to the Red Shirts, who are loyalists of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

    Earlier this year, a leading world press body warned that royal defamation laws were creating a “climate of fear” and were being misused to wrongly imprison journalists.


    1. ying luck & cina2 lain di siam already assimilated into thai culture, sama2 depa cakap siam. samalah jugak di indonesia & philippines (masing2 keturunan belanda bertutur bahasa indonesia & sepanyol cakap tagalog). tapi cina2 di malaysia terutamanya ‘puak haramjadah’ dah melampaui batas, tak ada hormat langsung & makin kurang ajar. i believe their prayers will be answered by allah.

      1. Re. I believe their prayers will be answered by allah.

        Najib is trying very hard to avoid the the bloodbath now, hence all the currently “Pekakkan Telinga” attitude from him. I do understand why he appointed WCW as one of board of trustees of GMM i.e. J-Star is the “SARANG PENGKHIANAT NEGARA”.

        Me think, diam UMNO/BN selama ini terhadap kebiadapan J-Star adalah untuk mengukur sejauh mana DAP akan pergi dari segi Propaganda mereka. There will be VSS soon in J-star and Helen thinks that the Malays will go for it but me think “It is a cover up of Witch Hunting Season”, let’s see who is who will be in the list soon.

        I really empathize with Najib, for people from both sides don’t understand that once the floodgate is open, there is no turning back for everyone of us. Rebuilding will take forever…

        1. re: “people from both sides don’t understand that once the floodgate is open, there is no turning back for everyone of us. Rebuilding will take forever…”

          Yes. During the 14-day interregnum in 1946, the Bintang Tiga menggila. The Malays reacted by showing their opposition to the Malayan Union which offered favourable citizenship terms to the non-Malays.

          If the Bintang Tiga had not behaved the way they did in the mid-1940s, the Malays in 1946 would not have been so adamant in their opposition to the Malayan Union due to their distrust of the Chinese from what they have seen of the brutal Bintang Tiga behaviour.

          Now once again we’re all shown a reprise with the Bintang Lima behaviour.

          1. Re. Witch Hunting Season aka VSS

            I have commented about this right PRU13 btw.

            A typical VSS exercise is where an organization has actually identified who should go and who should stay. However, in order to avoid (cover up) the negative perception by all employees that there is favoritism, cronyism and nepotism going on, it will be open for everyone. Those who think that they are secured enough in the organization normally will decline but those who are not will accept it with heavy heart for if they don’t, they will be given a show cause letter aka justification why they should stay. There will be heads rolling….ROTFL

            For instance Ms Tanisha Sukumaran (whatever her name is) is not in the good list for calling her ultimate boss DONKEY KONG. If she is smart she should have started looking by now…..

            Nobody is safe at the moment, the door could swing both ways i.e. UMNO vs DAP. If the evangelista journo is smart they should start doing “MUHASABAH DIRI” from now onwards… just remember Hannah Yeoh, OKM and the likes are not your ultimate boss but UMNO/BN/MCA is…… DON”T BITE THE HAND THAT FEED YOU….

            MCA is under pressure to deliver from now onwards. It is not the RAKYAT that they really care of in reality but the POWER and MONEY that come with it. Whether they like it or not they have to do it. Come PRU14 we the Malay will start beating the drum that if MCA is still being placed in the Malay majority constituencies the picture won’t be rosy for BN. We have done it during TUN BEDUL time, and we will do it again…. UMNO has to work very hard for Kelantan, Perak, Kedah, and Terengganu from now on.

            I myself will not vote for DAP and PAKATAN, but I rather sleep at home and watch TV rather than vote for USELESS, HOPELESS and INGRATE MCA.

  4. Just saw on my Twitter TL Hannah’s tweet about Stampin’s MP wedding.

    Apparently the green horn who defeated 5 term MP, Yong Khoon Seng got married at…. Yep, you guessed it – City Harvest Church.

    Nestful of vipers, I mean evangelista….

  5. Saya salah seorang rakyat Malaysia yang Percaya kepada Tuhan, Setia kepada Raja dan Negara, menerima keluhuran Perlembagaan dan mendaulatkan undang-undang dan saya seorang yang sopan serta bertata-susila.

    Maka saya……….saya adalah orang Malaysia!

    Maka saya………ternanti-nanti tiba masanya sesiapa yang tidak memenuhi salah satu syarat di dalam Rukunegara Malaysia ditarik balik kerakyatannya tanpa kompromi!

    Adakah undang-undang kita sedemikian?

    1. Re. Maka saya……… ternanti-nanti tiba masanya sesiapa yang tidak memenuhi salah satu syarat di dalam Rukunegara Malaysia ditarik balik kerakyatannya tanpa kompromi!

      I don’t think so. But they will learn their lesson when the time come.

  6. “Evangelista is asking for it”

    Perpatah Melayu jelas dalam hal ini, tak memberi ‘tak merasa, kalau mereka sangup menjual ‘maka sanguplah kita membelinya, kalau mereka mendesak untuk menjual, maka eloklah dibeli.

  7. Sebenarnya Helen “evangelista” ini semualah yang memalu dan mencemarkan penganut Keristian yang lain. Tindakan mereka menggelar, mencemuh, menimbulkan rasa kurang puas hati, membenci bahkan menabur fitnah adalah sudah terlalu menyimpang jauh dari ajaran Keristian.

    Saya berani mencabar penyokong penyokong para evangelista ini yang mempunyai kepercayaan yang sama dengan mereka supaya tunjukkan satu bukti dalam kitab Bible yang membenarkan tindakan para evangelista pujaan mereka ini serta bertepatan dengan fahaman dan ajaran Keristian.

  8. The Rukunegara? A set of national principles imposed upon the country on an ad hoc basis by Razak (and the 1970 MAPEN) and said to be for the sake of ‘national unity’?

    Perhaps if so many people are acting contrary to the Rukunegara, it is because that just like some of the other initiatives that MAPEN created, it is significantly flawed.

    The Rukunegara was not part of our independence. It was not part of the formation of Malaysia. It was not part of the constitution.

    So what is its relevance – really?


    1. Typical ballsless evangelist..again you need to vilify the Indians by using an Indian name.

      But then again, cowardice is your middle name. Vish indeed…

      Lontar batu, sembunyi tangan lepas tu mengaku pulak bangsa India.

        1. ‘Evangelist? I’am atheist.’

          That’s pretty summed it all! You don’t even believe in God, what more can we ask from you?!

          1. Makes me wonder whether well-honed Anwar si Berahi could benefit somewhat from his evangelista buddies’ childhood discipline against overly gay behaviour – homo principles he wants to impose upon our children nationwide:

            [YouTube: Evangelical TV — Mom spanked the gay out of me]

    2. ‘The Rukunegara was not part of our independence. It was not part of the formation of Malaysia. It was not part of the constitution.’

      I don’t think you even respect the Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Your kakis are famous to ridicule almost everything Malaysiana.

  9. Ms H. The evangelistas will not last. Mark my words. They have no ballast of any kind to sustain the continuous onslaught against them which is to come. Mark my words. It all looks very pretty right now. Each of them has a secret agenda. They should be known as fashionistas which is more appropriate.

    1. Ms H. I doubt the evangelistas or fashionistas will last for more than one General Election.

  10. Well, just some thoughts on the Rukun Negara..

    In the aftermath of the May 13 bloodbath,

    [Quote Wiki: [The formulation of the principles of the Rukun Negara was the efforts of the National Consultative Council (Majlis Perundingan Negara or MAPEN), headed by Tun Abdul Razak. The aim of the Rukun Negara is to create harmony and unity among the various races in Malaysia]

    The Rukun Negara quoted in this post is a set of declaration which is not meant to be an end in itself.

    The said declaration serves a higher purpose for the greater good of the nation. It consists of principled guidelines to lead the nation to our aspired objectives as in:-

    • mencapai perpaduan yang lebih erat di kalangan seluruh masyarakatnya;
    • memelihara satu cara hidup demokratik;
    • mencipta satu masyarakat adil di mana kemakmuran Negara akan dapat dinikmati bersama secara adil dan saksama;
    • menjamin satu cara liberal terhadap tradisi-tradisi kebudayaannya yang kaya dan berbagai corak; dan
    • membina satu masyarakat progresif yang akan menggunakan sains dan teknologi moden.
    • berkhidmat untuk negara.

    Maybe it’s just me, I find it a tad uncomfortable the Rukun Negara being used as a moral yardstick on individuals or political parties. I stand corrected, but my personal conviction is that the Rukun Negara was borned out of the collective aspiration of the nation for greater unity and good, its core objective should remain true at all times and not be used as a pedestal for folks to pass off their moral judgment.

  11. Ms H. It seems to me that the Opposition has lost its momentum since the high activity by them leading to the 13th General Elections which was only 5 months ago. Their standard issues of anything anti-UMNO etc. have now fallen flat with the usual nit-picking of minor issues instead of grasping the major issues of national importance.

    The evangelistas or fashionistas go one way, the mainstream Singapore Trojan Horse DAP another way, the very rich PKR seems to have lost its voice somewhat and the very religious PAS just as quiet, maybe trying to understand events emanating out of the Middle East.

    The total sum of what attract these disparate factional groups is ineffective vocalization of a once dynamic and forceful Opposition which was embellished with eye-catching street demonstrations of the thousands and rallies at the drop of a hat.

    Hey ! Hey ! Why so quiet on the Western Front ? Where have all the soldiers gone ? Oxford Street ? Bangkok ? Jakarta ?

    Politics is a 25 hour occupation which could not be turned on and off like some electrical appliance. Bystanders like us were all enthralled with the super-duper Opposition activities. It is now all quiet on the Western and Eastern fronts. What is happening for now ?

  12. We can quote and reference history, laws, other countries, etc, all day. But the fundamental issue is always human. The persistence of what one thinks is right, does not equal to doing the right thing.

    Conscience is often over-ruled by egos. When the ego controls the mind, one will be oblivious to the feelings and opinions of others.

    Societies have suffered more from ego-driven man-made events & atrocities than from natural calamities.

    In any conflict, there is bound to be some who will benefit. In the event of such conflicts, it matters not who is right or wrong. Malaysia will never recover. It will not be allowed to. Those who think otherwise are only deluding themselves.

    1. re: “Malaysia will never recover. It will not be allowed to.”

      DAP’s evangelistas are doing irreparable damage to the future of the Chinese community just as Anwar has done irreparable damage to the Malay community and Anwar 2.0 will assuredly do as well.

      1. exactly. But I don’t think they will stop. They have no choice but to continue with their hate campaign at the expense of the community. Hate is the common denominator. They will do their best to ensure the community in a perpetual state of panic.

        I’m quite sure they are fully aware of the consequences. But their egos will not allow them to do the right thing. The ends justifies the means. The Chinese must be made to feel victimised. Who stands to gain when the community suffers? They play the victims as well as the saviour. This has always been their SOP.

        I suppose, for once, the Chinese will need to think for themselves.

  13. hairan.. what have they done for us anyway?
    do they have a prove track record, even after winning a few states?

    1. Yes, they introduced state-level propaganda organs like Buletin Mutiara, Selangorkini, Media Selangorku, TV Selangor and the seemingly defunct Selangor Times.

      They have taken personality cultism to a whole new level.

  14. When Tun Razak met Mao Tse Tung, informed him that there were about 300000 stateless chinese in malaysia and would like china to take them back. Mau said NO NO NO. Malaysia has to bear with those chinese and they have multiplied ever since.

    I wonder why and what was the actual plan the british forced the Malay to accept stateless chinese and indian as citizen when they the Malays who actually what to free the their Malay states.

    Even china don’t want these bloody ungrateful chinese. where can they go? nobody wants them. and still here behaving like thugs, hooligans and behaving as though they own this country forgetting who gave them citizenship.

    Now, even the ex-PM of Australia Howard is complaining about the chinese in Australia. So, you ingrates will you still consider Australia to migrate? Maybe you can migrate to Antartica claim the vast land there. There you can claim as the origin.

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