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Why is DAP scolding the deputy IGP?

From Lim Kit Siang’s blog today,

The article says that RUNNING DOG is “an English translation of the Mandarin word that refers to lackeys or lapdogs” (see screenshot below, red underline).

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Mohd Bakri Mohd Zinin has come under attack for revealing that his men are looking into reports lodged against DAP publicity chief Tony Pua for calling the ROS and Utusan Umno’s running dogs.

(1) The article in Kit Siang’s blog questions whether the deputy IGP understands “what running dogs even means?”

(2) The article urges that “Maybe Bakri Zinin should go for English classes too, if he is unable to figure out what the phrase means”.

(3) The article suggests that police top brass have better things to do “[r]ather than get themselves involved in semantics”.

(4) The article claims that “The persecution of someone who uses the phrase ‘running dogs’ just shows how far we have fallen in our understanding and comprehension of the English language”.

(5) The article mocks that “The police need to act on the crime and security of the country, not on people who have a better understanding of the English language. Or is that a crime too?”

What kind of people are they?

If the article itself has declared that “running dog” is an English translation of a Chinese word, then why should expectation be placed upon the deputy IGP to comprehend the idiom of a linguistic minority (the evangelistas) that dredges up the most insulting gutter language?

And why sneer that Bakri Zinin ought to go for English classes? What for? To learn to be as biadab as the evangelistas, meh, so that next time top policemen can be as ‘good’ as them in hurling the most derisive insults?

Perangai evangelista DAP ini sudah sampai tahap kurang ajar melampau.

The behaviour of the DAP evangelistas is daily inciting racial hatred — Tony Pua: “Our DAP delegates made Utusan swallow its own vomit”,   Utusan digelar “anjing” oleh ketua penerangan DAP / Hannah Yeoh: “Yes. Wicked BN MPs”

Do the Dapsters really believe that there will be no reaction at all to their confrontational actions?

Evangelistas asking for it

Of running dogs, misunderstanding and proving the phrase « Lim Kit Siang 2013-10-07 12-47-40

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40 thoughts on “Why is DAP scolding the deputy IGP?

  1. During the emergency or should we say war of The Federation of Malaya vs The Malayan Communist Party, the same phrase/word was used by the commies to refer to the security forces battling them.

    To me that is no different to the Dapster usage of the same today. Catch my drift?


  3. Our IGP is the most stupid IGP in Malaysian history. If he can’t possibly know how the police lost their assets especially the weapons, how on earth he can understand these words?

    1. if he’s stupid the you’re dumber. losing asset and understanding language are two different thing la samdol. should give you a slap to remind you of your own stupidity instead. then add ‘stupid’ to your current nickname now.

      1. Haha! Of course is two different thing but if that *** *** IGP have no logical thinking and intelligent to reason out how the asset to be lost then his ability to understand the language is seriously being doubt.

        1. Malaysian ,

          Why you called Deputy IGP stupid. He just doing his job. People made police report so when reporter asked definitely he will said poilce will investigate.

          I wil never call LGE moron even he don’t know how to count (CEC case) and yet he was trained accountant.

          Itu pasal kena selalu tegok cermin bro. sekarang ni kids are more clever than their father. Can you imagine if LGE cannot count, what about LKS ?

          Bro please check on “preemptive actions”. DAP is using this strategy.

          1. I am not blaming the police at all. Losing the weapon due to human error is acceptable but where is the accountability? The stupid IGP just brush everything aside and blame that they dropped them into the sea! This is why police is hopeless being lead by such poor quality idiot! I would not call him stupid if at least he has the gut to admit the shortcoming of his man and he will investigate and made those involved to be responsible but he didn’t.

            1. Help me to find the full statement from IGP that you talking about.. I miss that one.. Tq.

            2. malaysian,
              Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience – Mark Twain.

              1. * yawn *

                Standard line by Dapster cybertroopers who graduated from Komtar School of Deceit and Rumour Mongering.

                Originality doesn’t seem to exist in their minds.

                1. Dapster cybertrooper? LOL! Obviously intellect is an alien idea to most Pakatoon and Barisan running dog retards like yourself. And you have the audacity to presume that YOU have originality AND a mind? Who’s been giving you these ideas? BTN? You pathetic fool. :D

                2. Setem,

                  Pls take this penangdood’s advise, don’t argue with stupid people.. if their CM aka Tokong already proven his stupidity, just imagine their loyal followers..

                  1. Relax. If it makes you feel any better, you ketuanan chauvinists are just as sick and dumb as Tokong’s pack of bintang lima racists. Happy now?

        2. But i doubt your intellect instead. At least he’s an igp. What are you and your achievement? Miserable self pity 2nd class citizen?

  4. sekurang-kurangnya ada 3 musuh utama bagi DAP mengikut keutamaan. Bolehkah mereka robohkan..

    Musuh No.1 bagi DAP – Tun Mahathir (lepas ini akan diganti dng Mukhriz)
    Musuh paling ketat yang menghantui – Utusan Malaysia
    3. PDRM

    Banyak lagi benteng2 org Melayu yg kena dirempuh oleh DAP dan sudah pasti Lim Kit Siang dan Karpal tak sempat melihat bagaimana DAP akan bersepai jika cuba terus melanggar benteng2 ini.

    Untuk kepuasan, mereka tak perlu naik tongsan balik cina atau india tetapi korek lubang dan terjun lubang kubur sendiri.

  5. [***]

    it is english translation of MANDARIN word.. how do you expect bakri zinin to understand that? his name is bakri bin zinin.. not BAH KER LI..

    and this is crystal clear proof that DAP CHINESE are really racist. using words from mandarin to insult others!!!

  6. This culture of of insults and mocking has to cease. Their actions and words will came back to haunt them one day. Defending the indefensible. That’s desperation.

    Since we’re on Chinese phrases, here’s one for DAP: do not “force the tiger to jump the wall”…

    1. I do feel that this DAP seems so desperate.. They will lose their chinese support if they still “force the tiger to jump the wall”..

  7. Running dogs are cute like Bolt.

    They have sexy princesses like Miley. Perhaps Kit Siang minat Miley kot.

    1. quote,”Perhaps Kit Siang minat Miley kot.”unquote.

      Kit Siang nampak ke si Miley tu….?

  8. Ayo..yo… TKPN Bakri Zinin is that low class ? Pheeew…

    Are Tony pua and LKS above the law?… Now LKS talking about “semantic” – the zionist magic word ? Who are these people ? Why are they in M’sia ? Please read blog Just My Thought / Sya.

    And Utusan cant say a thing about their wrongdoings ? The J star, the MM, MK – ok……

    The gods must be crazy ! ( you know who the gods are…)

  9. LKS kept fantasizing that he is so so clever. Over 50 years and after so many Prime Ministers (R A H M A N) came and go, no one is kind enough to vote him in even as Deputy Prime Minister of this country.

    Mati pasti mata terbeliak, kata org Melayu, “hajat tak kesampaian” andaikan “pungkok rindukan bulan”.. ooops salah eja.

    Hoi no one is interested to know if you are stupid or clever, people only interested to see what you have done/contributed for this country all these 50 years owh! Why taking you so long LKS? show us? What have you done for us LKS?

    1. What has LKS contributed to this country in the last 50 years? One of his greatest achievement is May 13 1969 racial riot. Another one is his peeing on a flag pole. Other than that, I can’t think of anything else.

      The Chinese think they are smart. If they are really smart, how come they failed to wrest political power from the Malays after all these years? They had had 3 good chances when the Malay supports for UMNO dwindled but they failed. They are really bodoh sombong!

  10. Translate from mandarin to english?? and yet accuse Bakri Zinin didn’t understand english!! Why must the so call Malaysian still thinking in mandarin and then translate to english when talking to the other malaysian?

    Maybe our friend Malaysian can explain to us..

    1. Why?

      Because these greedy kiasu tokong-type tongkang cinapeks DAPsters are arrogant racist hypocrites…to the core.

  11. i think as malays, anjing and babi are considered among most derogatory words to be hurdled at someone.. especially if it comes from non-malays.. bodoh macam lembu is a very common idiom but if you say it to indians, it’ll be a national topic of great magnitude of inslut.. remember the cow head incident..

    but in this blessed land, anybody can insult the malay..

    1. yeah… there was a big hoo-haa by the Cina people when that Perkasa guy ignorantly handed out white angpaus to the Cina people when the red ones ran out. the issue became an overnight sensation fueled by DAP goons.

      Some Cina people insult Malay on daily basis, but suddenly they became p**sily sensitive when the table is turned on them.

    2. Rexuan,

      Tony Pua is as as what malays said it “kurang ajar”. He crossed the line many times.

      As I said earlier”intoxicated’ with limited success in Penang and Selangor, DAP elected politicians become big headed. They talked as if they rule the world.

      They bring the Chinese to collide with the Malays.

  12. NOw they perasan that they the master of English language and Mandarin too. They can simply translate mandarin peribahasa to english and expected everyone to understand it. Wow…. Nizar devil we know everyone…….

    ;D sarah

  13. I cut and paste the comment below from AIDC.Com and from one of the followers. This is something new to me, can someone out there verify this please. I for one know that the Malaysian Chinese are being monitored closely when shopping abroad due to Credit Card Fraud which is “dominated” by them but reading this is something else.

    Quote” Cina memang penipu, penipu seluruh dunia. Di Eropah, bangsa ini tidak dibenarkan membuat liputan berita politik, malah tidak dibenarkan masuk membeli belah di Butik-butik terkenal, kerana mereka membeli untuk meniru dan menghasilkan barangan tiruan di negara mereka.

    Orang Cina juga tidak dibenarkan membeli hartanah kerana sifat tamak haloba mereka yang menaikkan harga dan sewa sehingga menyusahkan peniaga tempatan di Eropah dan England. Mereka juga tidak dibenarkan mendapat perubatan percuma dihospital bertaraf 5 bintang kerana sifat tamak mereka, dan jangan terkejut, kerana hampir semua Cina cina yang tamak haloba ini ialah pendatang haram dari Malaysia.” Unqoute

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