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Nazir tak dengar nasihat abang?

Beli lebih banyak iklan Utusan — Najib‘ (Utusan, 13 Sept 2013)

‘DAP Bantah Seruan Iklan Dalam Utusan(MyNewsHub, 14 Sept 2013)

Iklan CIMB diletakkan di Malaysiakini.

Iklan Pemandu (ETP, GTP) banyak diletakkan di J-Star.



Disyorkan baca:

Pemimpin-pemimpin negeri tidak sebulu menjadi korban Dinasti Lim


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25 thoughts on “Nazir tak dengar nasihat abang?

  1. CIMB is a GLC. Cant expect that much from Nazir considering his perception on the case,
    Easy way out get a good replacement. Lots of capable individual who can steer CIMB into a new position.

    Nazir has been wasting the chance to groom Malay/Bumiputra within CIMB. Look at CIMB staffing ratio now.

    Its time to replace Nazir after all He has been quite a while in CIMB.

  2. You will laugh out loud after you read this, but I bet you already did !

    I m going to highlight this

    “Nonetheless, I still believe that, if indeed such meeting took place between Xi and those father-son Malaysian Chinese supreme leaders, the Chinese president would had laughed his head off as soon as they start to open their mouth to complain about the Chinese community in Malaysia being oppressed and discriminated.

    Xi, would probably be still sniggering when he say, “Bro, apa lagi Cina Malaysia mau? Mau balik Cina ka? Eh, tak payah balik la. Sini lagi best tau. Dekat China kita orang sudah ramai Cina pun. You balik nanti sibuk-sibuk complain lagi saya malas mau layan leh.” ”

    I bet you were on the floor rolling and laughing out loud.

    Go back to China ? Really ?

  3. With the sudden influx of new supporters after Tsunami Cina, this Tony fella should spend more time organizing DAP to accomodate new-comers instead of poking his nose unnecessarily in Utusan. What la you, spewing hatreds towards the Malays can guarantee your people a better way of life.

    ….Check 99 Speedmarts, over this last few weeks how many incidents of Cinapek stealing infant formulas from their outlets?. (Check with Police Stations, even yesterday 6 tins @ RM600 stolen in bright daylight by young Ahsos!). Dah mula desperado sampai ketahap infant formulas?

    The same goes to Najib, after ignoring the Malay voters he now realised to the Malays he is not important, UMNO is so he is doing whatever he could to cover his guilt.

    As for Adik, tsunami or earthquate do not make much difference as in any circumstances he will be the first to be laughing his way to the Bank.

    1. re: “Tony fella should spend more time organizing DAP”

      The Tony fella is a director who sits on the board of The J-Star.

      1. Who cares if he is living among the Stars or what not, where we Malays are concerned he is nothing to us. If he is dead tomorrow also makes no difference to us. Some people are so perasan diri not knowing they are simply a nobody to us majorities in this country. Syiok sendiri.

        Lagi exciting for us to get to know Justin Beiber.

        1. Tony who? Oh that Tony pura-pura. This bastard accused Utusan and RoS as UMNO dogs but what about him? He is the dynasty Lim’s anjing suruhan unlike Zairil aka Christopher Lim who is the Lim’s pet poodle.

  4. Do you know that the DAPsters are now rejoicing now that Tanda Putera is not making money?

    “Odin: I remember someone was acting and talking tough, knowing that Umno was behind her. She airily dismissed criticisms of her intentional misportrayal of Lim Kit Siang, the DAP, the Chinese, etc, attributing what she had done to creative licence.”

    “Yes, we passed the word around that we do not want to watch this movie, not because Lim Kit Siang was allegedly portrayed distastefully and the Chinese appear to be smacked but because it was not a truthful historical account.”

    “Samurai: This is what the Umnoputras are good for – blaming others. It’s never their fault, their failures and faults are always due to someone else conspiring against them, trying to cut them down, marginalise them (marginalise the majority?), steal their opportunities, take all their wealth, threaten their religion etc etc.”

    1. Erratum: not making money.

      Tanda Putera is now on Astro Best. And you cannot find the DVD in Penang shop… not yet.

      1. Knowing the nature of these people, no doubt they will soon find a way to make pirated copies of the film. They worship money. Where money is concerned, they will do anything.

        1. Given that it was an unpopular movie, I doubt many pirated DVD sellers would bother. It would be easier to stream it through the Internet.

          The people behind ‘Tanda Putera’ should understand their movie bombed not because of a conspiracy. It was because the vast majority were not interested in watching it. They should actually thank the people who critiqued the movie for giving them some publicity. That brought a some more people into the theatres, otherwise the film would have made no more than RM100,000 in a week.

          1. ‘Given that it was an unpopular movie’

            As if you are going to watch the movie either way!

            ‘I doubt many pirated DVD sellers would bother.’

            They listen to you meh?

    2. They are still mad at Najib and Tun. Najib and Tun met Xi Jinping while their so called Chinese heroes the Lim family and DAP didn’t even get an audience with the President of China.

  5. And here is some bullshit from the think my ass tank of Penang.

    Dear Dr Woo what has BN campaign dinners got to do with GST. Did you have some form permanent head damage from the cancer caused by eating MSG from Penang Hockien Mee?

    “But if the government cannot cut expenditure because it has to give “free dinners” every five years, Woo quipped, then it is basically imposing such taxes to make people “pay for their dinners” after the election is over.

    “So I’m afraid the bill for all those free dinners has come now.”

    PS: Woo Woo is Chris Ross’ little cute puppy.

    1. Chris Ross ? If I remember correctly, that was the name of a certain “Malay”, at least that was his name before he “became” Malay, elected into the Central Executive and is now being bandied about as the Malay face of the Developers Assistants Party to fool Malays.

    2. What this Dr Woo failed to realize is that our federal debt is denominated in RM. In other words, we can inflate the debt if and when it is necessary. But of course inflating our debt will bring short term complication in the form of higher inflation but after that things will return to normal.

      We are not Greece by the way. We can print our own money. This is what is called sovereignty.

      Speaking of free dinners, I believe and hope the government will begin to reduce subsidies but only gradually. Subsidies for sugar should, must be reduced because higher consumption of sugar is bad for health. Just look at the High Priestess of SJ. She’s been putting on stones for the past couple of years. Must be the higher intake of sugar, salt and things like that.

      1. There will be more Madam Big Mamma Speaker for us to love.

        She will put on more weight. With all the free Ubah bird mooncakes and the upcoming Hari Raya Haji self proclaimed kenduris. Not forgeting the murukus from her non-functional Tamil hubby relatives.

        And praise the Lord. All the goodies and cakes and turkey she will devour soon during Christmas.

        Followed by tapau-ing all the Chinese New Year dishes.

        1. Don’t worry all will turn tembam, look at anak LKS, muka dah kilat montel banyak makan angin kat pantai2 Tanjung.

      1. Ha ha.. bayangkan apa agaknya reaksi PM Najib bila dia baca komen kalian berdua.. tp sure con-sultans dia tak advise baca blog Helen yang suka jolok sarang tebuan ni..

  6. Ini budak yg kata DEB BASTARD… I am wondering who the hell created DEB in the 1st place. Tun Razak created something so called BASTARD

    1. Not sure how far the media have correctly quoted him, but the phrase attributed is the “bastardised NEP” (yakni, menyimpang daripada matlamat asal DEB yang murni dan telah berlaku penyelewenangan dari segi pelaksanaan dasar tersebut).

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