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KJ menang: Tahniah bagi DAP, takziah bagi Umno

Khairy Jamaluddin akan menang pemilihan Pemuda Umno hari ini. Tahniah diucapkan kepada DAP dan Pakatan.

On 5 Oct 2006, the DAP’s grand old man Lim Kit Siang said: “If the Prime Minister does not exercise check and discipline of his son-in-law, Khairy will be the cause of the downfall of the Abdullah premiership“.

Kit Siang had warned that Khairy would be the cause of his father-in-law’s downfall. And Kit Siang was damn right.

I shall now predict that KJ will be the cause of the end of Umno rule. Remember, you heard it here.

DAPSY Malaysia Facebook 2013-06-07 10-49-08

And the winner is … DAP

In 2004, KJ “won” the deputy Umno Youth post uncontested. Where got any meritocracy? Nepotism got lah. One nail in Umno’s coffin.

In 2009, KJ won the Umno Youth chief post despite that his party disciplinary board found him guilty of money politics. However, he was let off only with a stern warning and still allowed to contest. That was a clear-cut case of cronyism and corruption. Second nail in Umno’s coffin.

In 2013, KJ retains his Umno Youth chiefdom. Another nail in Umno’s coffin.


We Chinese are uncorking the champagne bottle today. Yamseng!


KJ makes mutants out of the 650,000 Pemuda members

According to the Bintang Lima publication, ‘Khairy aims to make Umno Youth more centrist’ (15 Sept 2013).

Bintang Lima“I am trying to change the DNA of Umno Youth from being mostly right-wing and Malay-centric to a more centrist wing that focuses on issues and their solutions,” Khairy was quoted as saying in his interview with The J-Star reporters.

So… in Khairy’s assessment, the Umno Youth are mostly right wing. They are also Malay-centric as epitomized by his primary challenger Akhramsyah Sanusi whose campaign motto is “Hidup Melayu”.

But KJ plans to change the DNA of Umno Youth into Firsters. This is something for the “Middle Malaysia” (DAP’s slogan) Dapsters to celebrate.



The dictionary defines the adjective ‘bipolar’ as meaning “having or relating to two poles or extremities”.

Umno Youth, according to Khairy himself, is too far right. Never miod that KJ was standing there right next to Hisham on stage during the keris-kissing act.

On the other hand, the opposition regard Khairy as their type — someone who flies liberal colours.

Now how do you reconcile both perceptions? A split personality?


Iguana Eng species

Do you know why DAP – I’m referring to the party version 3.0 and their evangelistas – are KJ fanboys?

Because he’s one of them — a chameleon.

His press secretary Regina Lee is a notable Dapster. Yet currently she can go around telling everybody how wonderful the Umno youth (‘youth’ no caps, yah) is. That’s apparently her job brief.

The J-Star's patriotic campaign
The JStar‘s patriotism campaign

I’ve been reliably informed that the Malay editorial staff in her ex-newspaper the Menara Star office just cannot tahan her. They dislike her with much the same intensity that some Umno people dislike Khairy.

Oh well, never mind. As long as the boss likes cukup, lah.

In September 2011 when Regina Lee hopped over to The J-Star from Malaysiakini, MCA vice president Gan Ping Sieu (see his tweet to Regina below) was the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports.

Twitter - ganpingsieu- @reginalah look at it ... 2013-10-12 09-03-33

Licik lawan PPTA — siapa di atas?

Barely two years down the road, Regina has left the Bintang Lima evangelista battlestarhip for the Minister of Youth and Sports.

Recall how Lim Kit Siang had foreseen that the Son-in-Law would be the cause of the downfall of the Abdullah premiership.

Tun Dol’s administration collapse came from the cancer eating away within Umno. The tumour cells were the Fourth Floor Boys.



Musuh dalam selimut

Sun Tzu’s art of war tells us that the most effective way to weaken the enemy is from the inside.

Don’t forget, we smart Chinese have got the wisdom of a 5,000-year civilization behind us.

Heh, heh, heh.

That’s why the Dapsters have no qualms in slapping the insulting nickname “Dumno” on Umno. They also name-call Umno as “Bumno” because the industrious Chinese figure that it is the Parti Paling Tidak Apa (PPTA).

Regina Lee (reginalah) on Twitter 2013-10-12 09-17-08

“See ya there, suckers”

Let’s go see the hammering of the most pivotal nail in Umno’s coffin, shall we?

Note that Regina Lee has changed her Twitter profile avatar (above) to the badge bearing KJ’s legend “Ikon Anak Muda”.

Regina Lee tweeted that she “will be in PWTC later” and to “jumpa di sana”.

Yup, It’s an “exciting day” for KJ’s Special Officer.

She “woke up early” and will be going to the PPTA headquarters shortly to savour the moment spelling the beginning of the end of Umno.


KJ menang: “Cina DAP memang pandai jilat pungkok”

Pembangkang sayang KJ alamat Umno dihancurkan dari dalam

KJ provides Dapster with “first hand knowledge of what is going on in the Umno ministries”

Mukhriz and Khairy sound their views this week


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

25 thoughts on “KJ menang: Tahniah bagi DAP, takziah bagi Umno

  1. KJ can now yum seng with 5000 year civilization jesuit in DAP,….put a moon mark on his head, he can become justice Pao.

        1. Boleh bagi kat Abang Anwar. Agaknya apa Abang Anwar akan buat dengan KJ ! ha ha ha !!!

  2. Re. “I am trying to change the DNA of Umno Youth from being mostly right-wing and Malay-centric to a more centrist wing that focuses on issues and their solutions,” Khairy was quoted as saying in his interview with The J-Star reporters.

    More Centrist as in Me! Me! Me! and Me! senang cakap self- centered BASTARD.

    1. Correct corect correct…..its just like when he was the most powerful unemployed man during Bodowi era

  3. It is gloomy and cloudy out there now. It is not a good omen for UMNO today as the Satan Child will be incarnated for the second term.

  4. Helen,

    tanpa KJ sekalipun UMNO memang sedang mereput dimakan ulat-ulat tua yang lupa diri, sudah lupa kepada pejuangan asal UMNO.

    cakap-cakap ‘politik’ yang sering dicetak, disiar untuk tatapan dan pendengaran rakyat tidak lebih daripada sekadar ‘gulu-gula’ retorik yang tujuannya cuma untuk meraih populariti demi mengekalkan kuasa.

    dunia bangsa Melayu hari ini amat miskin pemimpin yang berani mengambil risiko atas kebenaran dan hak walaupun ada ramai Melayu yang kaya.

    Sebahagian orang Melayu yang kaya-raya (bukan hanya KJ) pun tiada bezanya dengan sebilangan orang India yang tidak mengaku India hanya kerana mereka berpelajaran, ada duit, kawin dengan bangsa lain, cakap orang putih dan mengaku lidahnya tergeliat untuk cakap bahasa ibunda.

    apapun, keputusan samada memilih KJ atau menolak beliau akan ditentukan oleh perwakilan Pemuda…

    dari situ kita harap akan melihat ‘perutusan’ yang ingin disampaikan Pemuda UMNO samada adakah mereka berpegang teguh kepada perjuangan Pemuda Melayu yang Konservatif atau mereka condong kepada Pemuda Melayu Liberal.

    1. Ideologi Liberal ini sememangnya membawa kerosakkan kepada bangsa. Tengok saja kat Barat, khasnya Amerika. Orang putih yang mendokong ideologi liberal ini bukan saja pandang hina pada bangsa mereka sendiri tetapi sehingga sanggup ubah mereka kepada negara rojak. Lihat saja debat mereka mengenai isu immigran. Golongan liberal Putih Amerika ini sanggup ‘legalize” hampir 11 juta pendatang asing tanpa izin semata-mata hendak dapat undi golongan minoriti khasnya Hispanic.

      Kat Malaysia sama juga. Melayu sudah lupa diri terutama sekali yang gelar diri mereka liberal. Tanya diri sendiri dengan jujur dan telus. Tanpa dasar-dasar istimewa kerajaan, dapatkan mereka menikmati segala yang mereka ada sekarang ? Duduk kat bandar, rumah besar, bawa kereta mewah, anak-anak mereka menuntut kat sekolah swasta. Kalau kerajaan tak beri bantuan awal-awal tahun 1970an melalui DEB, mereka boleh dapat nikmat seumpama ni ?

      Mana-mana bangsa yang sudah taksub dengan ideologi liberal, akhirnya akan membawa kemusnahan kepada bangsa itu sendiri.

  5. Nasib wak tak layak bertanding. Kalau tak, wak lawan je Najib Razak .. menang kalah tolak tepi, at least dia takkan rasa selesa dgn kedudukan dia skg. Kalau KJ, Hisham Kerismudin , Shahrizat lingkup, najib akan dikelilingi oleh Super Melayu.. Kalau dasar dia lepas ni lari drpd Alif Ba Ta, hayat dia sbg Presiden dan PM takkan lama

  6. Lets face the fact… you need to be heard, seen and be invited to a lot of events for publicity running up to the pemilihan.The 4 contenders to KJ dont stand a chance… jadi nyamuk sahaja

    1. It also helps that your face is splashed on the front page of the largest circulation English paper on the eve of the election as well as you receive a thumping endorsement from the Star Media Group’s Scissorati in their online and social media platforms.

      1. The fact that he’s getting little to no coverage by The New Straits Times is quite telling indeed don’t you think ?

        1. Then it only makes the contrast with the fawning coverage of him by The J-Star all the more glaring. When the opposition paper praises an Umno man, the party supporters should start looking the gift (Trojan) horse in the mouth.

  7. 1. umno youth are both right wing & malay-centric. ini depa punya acuan & sifat. apa2 dasar yg dibuat oleh pemerintah umno/bn yg bertentangan atau mengabaikan kepentingan melayu, sayap inilah yg pertama sekali ‘memberontak’.

    sekiranya dia berjaya merobah acuan & sifat ini bererti dia terer la & 650k ahli pemuda memang sah kelabu asap.

    2. di dlm umno hanya ada jenis hang tuah & hang nadim dah dihumban ke dlm laut.

    1. KJ UMNO Youth is looking towards catering the need of capturing the political mind of greater number of urbanized Malay youth in the upcoming years. Youth move to urban area to find job.

      They seemed resolved and adamant that the kampung youth left behind are just fodders and let them be taken in by PAS. In trying to be more centrist and changing the DNA to be liberal, they have forsaken the ‘perjuangan’ as sayap UMNO. UMNO Youth would be an ‘urbanised party with urbanized aspiration’.

      Selamat tinggal pemuda kampung.. or is it selamat tinggal kampung kampung Melayu?.

      How does that tally with the UMNO survival that proven again and again depended on the kampung votes like the last PRU is an interesting scenario..May be the WANITA Umno makcik must be kept to turun padang in kampung – kampung whilst the youthful UMNO Youth become centrist aka duduk diam diam and happy happy twittering in town and YAMMM SENG

      May be WANITA UMNO should give the UMNO Youth some ‘lecturing’ this time around. Just a may be..

  8. Hei Rocky, just because you are aligned with the corrupt Mahathir, doesnt meant you have the license to make fun of every other person. You are a classic example of the rotten egg Papa Gomo. People will be dancing and singing when you and Mahathir join hands in hell 6 ft underground.

    1. Thamby Chik,

      Your statement refer to Helen?

      Helen sure happy when you can smell her relation with Tun Mahathir coz so far we fail to smell that big secret. Dare to share that secret with us?

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