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Mukhriz and Khairy sound their views this week

A Star Online exclusive story (i.e. not available in The J-Star print version) titled ‘Explosive Umno polls on the cards’ was yesterday penned by Tashny Sukumaran, the Scissorati who alluded that the MCA sec-gen is a donkey.

Philip the J-Star Online editor
Philip the J-Star Online editor

Among other things, Tashny’s article claimed that:

  • “a newfound acceptance of liberals will apply to the Umno Youth fight”
  • Khairy Jamaluddin is “flying high” and “a good leader who appeals to everyone thanks to this aura he has[shades of Regina?!]
  • KJ’s closest challenger Akhramsyah Sanusi has a campaigning style that is “personal and gutter politics”
  • Comparatively KJ has been “working on national policy for the last three years. Akhramsyah has only been working for a few weeks”.
  • As “more than 50% of Umno delegates voting in a Youth chief would be younger than 25, Khairy’s centrist policies strengthened his chances of retaining the role”.
  • Khairy is “scandal-free, and public perception of him is good, he has done impressive work in just a few months” as a Minister.

What are the Scissorati smoking?

Going by the above puff job for Khairy carried out by The J-Star, and the hatchet job that the Scissorati did on KJ’s main rival, how much lower do you think the evangelistas can stoop?

Star Media Group CEO Wong Chun Wai
Star Media Group CEO Wong Chun Wai


The J-Star front pages the last three consecutive days

Today the MCA deputy president himself fumed that the paper is “too much”.

Like I’ve said before, the CEO and group editor of the Star Media Group Wong Chun Wai is the ultimate lalang who is willing stick his scissors into whomever whenever it is expedient. Even Liow Tiong Lai, the MCA No.2 is now complaining about being stabbed, much to his own surprise and chagrin.

Earlier, I had opined that the J-Star front page on Thursday which said that Umno is electing the “third Parliament” is possibly seditious and meant to incite discontent and hatred.


Khairy’s avid fans

Looking at the piece on KJ, you can just try to imagine the what kind of people the Scissorati are and what they’re capable of doing.

The J-Star Online claims to have over 3 million unique visitors monthly.

What Umno supporters have to reflect on is how this MCA-controlled but pro-DAP media is using its competitive edge and extensive reach in cyberspace as well as control of the social media (which interlocks with the Jerusubang network), to assiduously carry out their evangelista agenda.

Thursday and Friday front pages of the Jerusubang paper this week (below).

jStarKJfrontpage 001


What is MCA thinking?

Mukhriz Mahathir is quoted in the Berita Harian as asking the MCA if the Chinese party’s recent actions can be said to be helping to strengthen the BN in any way.

Mukhriz also expressed his reservations with regard to whether the MCA is attempting to outdo the DAP in order to attract Chinese votes.

He said that if this was the MCA’s preferred approach, then the MCA’s chauvinism signals the breakdown of the time-tested BN formula.


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  1. Khairy and Sharizat has won. As predicted by the Star newspaper.

    For Khairy, there wasn’t any serious contender to begin with.

    What about Akhramsyah? I read his blog. Before he planned to challenge Khairy, his blog was mostly about the MRT rapid transit project that was being constructed right in front of his house.

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