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Does the J-Star hate Islam?

The J-Star yesterday reported ‘Loh Seng Kok blasts Mukhriz for accusing MCA of being racist‘.

For those of you unacquainted with his name, Loh Seng Kok is the MCA publicity chief. He is also an evangelista.

Yup, MCA has evangelistas too although not in the same overwhelming numbers as the DAP. Thankfully these Christian fanatics have yet to overrun the BN Chinese party in the way they have succeeded in taking over the DAP.

Loh Seng Kok blasts Mukhriz for accusing MCA of being racist

The most interesting thing about The J-Star coverage of Loh’s riposte to Mukhriz Mahathir is the photograph used by the MCA paper which has Chua Soi Lek and Najib Razak in the backdrop.

I would interpret the carefully selected photo in the article on Mukhriz as the MCA paper trying to create the perception that the Prime Minister is siding evangelista Loh Seng Kok in his spat with Mukhriz.

MCA ticks off Mukhriz

In the J-Star report, Loh is quoted as urging Mukhriz “to stop playing up racist issues” for the sake of the Umno election.

Loh also said “MCA will not allow anyone to undermine or pawn the nation’s racial harmony for their own personal gains”.

(For Mukhriz’s original statement on the MCA, you can read the red underlined passages in the Berita Harian article scanned below.)


KOMA — Kick Out MCA Already, please

Sometime ago, I’d already written that the Si Gunting dalam Lipatan would surely sink its venomous blades into Mukhriz’s back.

You already know that a good number of its top editors are evangelistas. Therefore the anti-Mukhriz tone of the J-Star report is not at all surprising.

The MCA paper, on the other hand, is absolutely fawning on Mukhriz’s rival KJ who has a Scissorati as his Press Secretary.


Si Gunting dalam Lipatan

The Scissors is running wild. Its sharp, poisonous blades can be quite lethal.

Such an instrument – now turned on Mukhriz but do expect the Scissorati to stab some other Umno politician not to the evangelista liking next – must be blunted.

The MCA publicity chief had declared that his party “will not allow anyone to undermine or pawn the nation’s racial harmony”. But in truth, it is the MCA-owned media which has done a lot of damage to the country’s racial harmony through its biased reports favouring Christianity and the DAP evangelistas.

Something that Dr Chandra Muzaffar had once said about the “tremendous hatred towards Islam” should be borne in mind.

Poser over Mr Bean's conversion

Mr Bean making a face to the question “Have you become a Muslim?”

No, not Mister Bean but The J-Star up to its usual, nasty mischief.

From an academic paper titled ‘Islam and the Future of Inter-Ethnic Relations in Malaysia’, published by the International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) and based on a public lecture by Dr Chandra on 11 June 2008 at ISIS:

Replying to a question from the floor, Dr Chandra said:

“The last question, about propaganda from the outside, which is influencing the thinking of non-Malays, the non-Muslims; you’re absolutely right. It is having an increasing impact. […] It is very strong. I know this because all the while I’ve received e-mail messages and articles that show how much Islamophobia there is in cyberspace; a tremendous hatred towards Islam”.

I had previously pointed out how The J-Star purposely chose the most unflattering photo of Mukhriz to print, It is the same slick tactic as how the paper deliberately selected the Loh Seng Kok photo above with Najib in the background. You can bet it is all intentional.

Now what would you make of The J-Star‘s use of this particular photo of British comedian Rowan Atkinson and the question (see above) which the paper asks: “Has Mr Bean become a Muslim?

(By the way, the J-Star article on Mr Bean is bylined to Neville Spykerman who used to be an editor attached to rabid opposition propaganda sheet, The Selangor Times.)


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68 thoughts on “Does the J-Star hate Islam?

  1. Well, if the DAPster says we have no freedom of speech Ill give them forefinger and whack them with a rolled star newwpaper I pick from the sampah.

    1. Who cares whether it shines or not.
      Whether my kids have food to eat is more important. F the politicians. They think they god’s messengers. Similarly, bloggers like HA.
      TCss. Keyboard warrior!

      1. Re. Similarly, bloggers like HA.

        Bukan hanya sekedar penghibur
        Diriku ini sayang
        Bukan hanya sekedar pelepas
        Rindumu oh sayang
        Sakit hatiku Kau buat begitu
        Bukan hanya sekedar penghibur
        Diriku ini sayang
        Bukan hanya sekedar pelepas
        Rindumu oh sayang
        Sakit hatiku Kau buat begitu
        Kau datang dan pergi sesuka hatimu
        Kejamnya dikau teganya dikau padaku
        Kau pergi dan datang sesuka hatimu
        Oh sakitnya hati bencinya hati padamu
        Sakitnya hati ini Namun aku rindu
        Bencinya hati iniTapi aku rindu
        Kau datang dan pergi sesuka hatimu
        Kejamnya dikau teganya dikau padaku
        Kau pergi dan datang sesuka hatimu
        Oh sakitnya hati bencinya hati padamu
        Sakitnya hati ini
        Namun aku rindu
        Bencinya hati iniTapi aku rindu
        Benci benci tapi rindu
        Benci benci tapi rindu
        Benci tapi rindu
        Benci tapi rindu

    2. REF: “The last question, about propaganda from the outside, which is influencing the thinking of non-Malays, the non-Muslims; you’re absolutely right. It is having an increasing impact. […] It is very strong. I know this because all the while I’ve received e-mail messages and articles that show how much Islamophobia there is in cyberspace; a tremendous hatred towards Islam”.

      Globalization: Islam vs the West? traditional enmities or mutual coexistence [YouTube]

  2. For these people i.e Chinese chauvinists, Christian extremists, Opposition supporters, ignorance is a bliss, a birthright. You see how ignorant these people really are when you ask them any questions regarding Malays and Muslims. One of the most frequent answers you get from a question that reads :

    “Its the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan and the typical response you get from a Chinese chauvinist is “Malays empty their stomachs before they usher in their new year”.

    Hello ! Muslims observe their “new year” on the first day of Muharram, the first day of the Islamic calendar. It is obvious that these people cannot tell the difference between The Holy Month of Ramadan and Awal Muharram.

    I could point out several more examples of the ignorance these people exhibit when you ask them questions on Malays and Muslims but the one example given by me is, shall I say, sufficient for the time being.

    Ignorance is bliss………..

    Yes indeed, ignorance is bliss. After all, it must be quite discomforting indeed living in a country where you are a minority and one way for the majority to know of your presence is to be as loud as possible and also, not to forget, to be as wrong as possible when you are asked questions about the “people” hosting your in your “adopted” homeland.

    You know how they “celebrate” their ignorance ? Just get a copy of Opposition controlled papers like The Star and The Malay Mail, or read what’s being paddled daily by them on the World Wide Web like MalaysiaKini.

    Yes indeed, ignorance is a bliss, and also to be celebrated.

    1. My family and I had our annual Hari Raya open house a few months back. Mum’s friends wished us “Happy New Year!”. We froze but said thanks anyway. Some people really just can’t be bothered. Would be nice if they made it a point to know what it is that people celebrate before going ahead with their wishes.

    2. Underneath your condemnation of insensitive and ignorant minorities, the Chinese being singled out of course, your underlining grouse is nothing more than a demand for respect.

      Your grandiosity compel you to demand respect from others whom you regard condescendingly as not your peers, dismissing them on virtue of their population numbers.

      While the world would admittedly be a much nicer place if everyone is tactful and well-informed, it is no biggie either if people do not give a hoot about your culture or religion. If people erred, correct them if you must. Don’t yield to the hypocrisy of niceties in front and then bitch about their ignorance behind their back.

      Finally, get over the fact respect is not an entitlement.

      1. HH,

        Because we consider you as pendatang. As pendatang aka unwanted guests, you people should take the trouble to learn a bit about our (your host) customs and traditions so that we can welcome you with open arms to our land. Bear in mind that the Malays do not want you people here!

          1. Edit to add (hit the wrong button)

            Exactly my point regarding some having a skewed sense of entitlement.

            1. wrong, more likely the recurring need to make self-aggrandizing statements belies a profound insecurity, let him do what he gotta do to conceal his sense of inferiority.

            2. ‘a skewed sense of entitlement.’? my ass! The name of the country is MALAYsia. Notice the word ‘MALAY’ in the name of the country? Previously it was known as ‘TANAH MELAYU’. Notice the word ‘MELAYU’? The majority race here is MELAYU!!! Enough said!

              1. Unfortunately, I can’t see and find Chinese as coolies these days. Born losers have no choice except working as civil ‘Servant ‘ in which can be easily bribed!
                Malaysia boleh. Semua boleh digadai!

                1. Wei Coolies

                  ‘civil ‘Servant ‘’

                  No wonder you guys are being so bossy and act like Tang Maharaja in gomen offices.

                  Its ‘kakitangan kerajaan’ lah brader, civil servant tu mentaliti British, penjajah yang longgok pendatang ramai-ramai kat sini!

                2. Well just go to Australia, New Zealand, the US and the UK. You can find a lot of Malaysian Chinese coolies there. Nak kerja kuli kat sini malu takut jatuh maruah, so what to do migrate la.

                  Fyi, there is one fine Chinese young lady now in New Zealand, waiting to get her teaching certificate (that seems doesn’t to come) and working in a chicken coup/farm “bersihkan tahi ayam dalam reban”. I used the term fine young lady here because I have spoken to her not long ago and she is very humble and polite and not a typical Dapster.

                  Re. Born losers have no choice except working as civil ‘Servant ‘ in which can be easily bribed!

                  It takes two to tango and who are the biggest giver of them all? mind telling me.

                  What you call bribe in the public sector is entertainment expenses and allowances in private sectors. Who are you kidding? I know how equally corrupt Chinese when doing business i.e. by opening oversea account normally in Singapore and Australia and where the transaction won’t be traced here in Malaysia.

                  Btw, tell me who are behind these transactions:

                  1. Geneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd


                  2. China Doll, Vietnam Doll, etc.

                  3, Pirated DVD,

                  4. Along

                  5. Biggest Drug pusher in Malaysia

                  6, Pyramid Scheme and here is one of them that have cheated Malaysian, Indonesian and Pinoy through imuone; [YouTube]

                  7. Black economy


                  8. Credit Card Fraud Overseas. These are just few of the many.




                  There are many of them currently going to rot in “Bangkok Hilton” and thank GOD the GOMEN is not going to help them in any way.

                  Sorry to say. KALAU TAK MENIPU BUKAN CINA NAMANYA.

                    1. Aisey, kata Cina Pandai Matematik,

                      The datuk got arrested for syabu traffiking alone coz about RM1 billion, The Geneva case alone RM500 million vs NFC Rm200 million. ROTFL

              2. Malaysia also means Sabah and Sarawak. Of which a sizable portion of the population there just had their religious rights stepped on.

                No Sabah and Sarawak, no Malaysia. Period.

                1. Do you understand what is religous rigths, cannot use the word “Allah” is to save your face from looking bloody stupid.

        1. The very fact that you need handicap from the ‘ pendatangs ‘ tell all, ie, useless, lazy and stupid ! Lazy lazy lazy!

          1. Coolies,

            You go ahead calling us useless, lazy and stupid, it does not matter as this land belongs to us. Whereas you are still considered as pendatang and a coolie. Material gains and higher education do not change the Chinese coolie mentality as they are descendants of coolies.

            BTW, sometime back, my oldest sis used to hire a Chinese woman as her housekeeper. Yes a Chinese coolie working for a Malay! Hard to believe? Besides house chores like cleaning, mopping and ironing, she taught my nephews and nieces to speak Cantonese. She also worked for several other residents in Taman Tun area including our mom. My siblings and I grew up in Taman Tun (the yuppie place, as Helen describes it). When our mother died in 2010 we sold our parents’ home and both my sisters sold their homes too and moved to Damansara Mutiara.

            FYI, Ah Kiew (that’s our maid’s name) has since retired.

            1. Re. FYI, Ah Kiew (that’s our maid’s name) has since retired.

              Sounds familiar. If it is indeed her, I think she has passed away in early 2012 due to cancer. I know her niece (typical Cina DAP) and she told me about her aunt job.

              In my former company, there is also Chinese tea lady. I like her, she used to be my lunch hour gossip partner in the office (LOL) and I also got her a part time job cleaning house in my Area during lunch hour and weekend.

              1. LOL,

                Do you live in Tanam Tun? Yes she told us she got several nieces. She also has several children and all of them do not eat pork. But she sometimes buys pork as offerings to her ancestors.

                She used to tell us that her Chinese friends and neighbors often chided her for working for the Malays. Her reply to them “Duit orang Melayu tak laku ke?”. She said “orang Melayu tak kedekut macam orang Cina”.

                If she was the same Ah Kiew that has passed away, I feel really sad. May God bless her soul!

                1. I am living in B Bintang area. Based on your further info. I think it is not your Ah Kiew that my Dap friend told me about.

        2. What is “pendatang”? My grand2father was pendatang, bc he really datang from China, sure your grand2father can call him pendatang. but My grandfather born here and buried here, My dad born here and will die here, and I born here and i’m going to die here too.

          So which aspect and logic do u said ppl as pendatang when ppl also put their the first step on this land since they came our from their mother like u do? Do you born from the ground? Bc ur grandpa step on this land earlier then Ah Seng grandpa make you Nobler then Ah Seng forever? Is that what your religion teach u “humble” like this? Wasnt that the God bring you to this land also bring Ah Seng to this land? Otherwise He will bring Ah Seng to other places or He can bring you to any other places if He want….or you believe there is other God else in this universe?

          Back to the question…. What is pendatang? Where do you live? I live in Kelantan. If u born in Johor and come to Kelantan I might say u are pendatang….but not me. 100 years ago, Kelantan and Johor or Melaka is related but not a same country. Some of the Chinese who migrated from Siam have been settled down in Kelantan for 200years 7th generation or more (If you ar not oge Kelate, u can visit me, I will bring you there. When they first found the place follow Kelantan river from Siam, there is still a unexplored area. They can even build they own new nation there if they want.) This State even once belong to Siam…. 1909 baru jadi British ruling state…. 1945 baru join Melaya dan 1965 baru jadi Malaysia….

          Can Ali from Selangor call Ah Seng’s family who already live here for a century “Pendatang” present day krn Ali look more similar to Ahmad who born in Kelantan?

          What if Kelantan didt Join Malaysia 50years ago? Will a Malaysian go to Brunei and say a Brunei born Chinese “pendatang”? The only ppl can call Ah Seng family “pendatang” should be Sultan of Kelantan or the King of Siam. I 100% agree… bc the land is really belong to his Family when Ah Seng GrandGrandGrandPa first step on this land. If Ah Seng GrandGrandGrandPa dont want to jst to be a pendatang, the only way is did what the British did….. have a War and take over the land… otherwise, this still Sultan’s land.

          Have u ever check ur DNA? Are you sure u ar who u claimed? Wasnt that there got a news b4, a guy who he live as a Malay for his whole live find out he is actually a Chinese or Tamil… I forgot the story is he was adopted or his father was.

          My point is …., you have this skin jst bc God put it on you, jst same as God put on others. Take of your skin detector then you will see others child as your child and see a whole new world which only humble can see. I know i’m still not approach that level yet but trying hard to be that good.

          1. So, you are Cina Kelantan. My late paternal grandmother was also orang Cina from Kelantan who spoke ‘loghak Kelate’ and ‘make budu mace ore Melayu Kelate’. I’m considered a Kelatanese lah as both my parents are from Kelantan. We also got some relatives in Thailand who can’t speak a word of Malay.

            1. Good, Sebab tu lah mano ado siapo dikigo pendate pun. Semua dah campur2 lama kat kelate, saya make nasi dage nasi kerabu lebih dari chakwetiao. Tapi sebenarnya saya lahir kat Terengganu, tapi kampung lebih dekat dgn Kelanta(15km masuk negeri Kelantan). Sekarang saya cikgu kat sekolah cino sini. Tak tau cik taukah, kat kelate, banyak sekolah cina dekat (especially dekat boder Thai), Anak Melayu dan Oge siam atau peranakan kelate dah lebih daripada anak cina dalam sekolah cina. Ada yg lebih 45% ada 55% lagi ada 75%!!! Mereka cakap bahasa cina campur bahasa melayu kelate dan siam, Kito pun ambil mereka seperti anak sendiri juga mah. Kalo cik datang tengok sendiri pun susah nak beza siapo tu anak melayu siapo tu anak cino atau siam….ramai rupa pun dah jadi sama. So apa definisi Pendate kat sini? Will the malay student claim their teacher “pendatang” when teacher treat them all sama2? Sure not.

              Tapi walaupun begitu, kat sini masih ada polisi pribumi juga(Tapi polisi pribumi beza sikit…dia kira siapa asal sini 3 generasi atau 5 generasi… bumiptra dari luar negeri pun sama.). Tapi biasa kito dah sesuai atah polisi2 tersebut….we jst wait here until the day come…the day change and we all share the same right on this land.

              1. Chinese in Kelantan 3 percent or thereabouts.

                The dynamics you describe cannot apply in the Klang Valley or conurbations (urban) where the Chinese population is big.

                If all the Chinese nationwide can (or desire to) assimilate like the Kelantanese Chinese, we wouldn’t be having all the communal friction that we’ve seen.

                1. Re. The dynamics you describe cannot apply in the Klang Valley or conurbations (urban) where the Chinese population is big.

                  They have assimilated well with the Kelantanese (Malay). As you are aware, the Kelatanese has a very strong “semangat kenegerian”.

                  1. I was told that if they like you (‘you’ being the assimilated individual, ayam di reban pun demo sanggup sembelih to fete you, but if they don’t like you, hampas padi pun tak nak bagi makan).

                    1. They even baling you dengan kasut if you passed their area due to either race (told by my Chinese Hairdresser from Kelantan before that I know longer patron) or political differences ( I read in Blog Akakdibalikpintu experience).

                2. Actually i’m quite agree with…..last time on friend from Klang visited me here. I took him to down town KB, and really surprise that he told me that is the first time he walk in to “Malay Place” in past 10years after graduated….I said, “what the xxxxx, ar you really Malaysian?”. But I dont blame him….bc last time when i visited my friend in JB…He also bring me to a place to walk around and what he told me also really surprise me…”Here is one of the Chinese Area in JB”…..I said “What’s that mean? Is there any town policies separate difference races here? ” orz
                  You wont heard this kind of joke in Kelantan or Terengganu.

                  “We only got 1 road call Chinese street in Kota Bharu, even that is Chinese street, but you will still able to see we eat Bah Kuh Teh and all races eat nasi kukus and ABC jst opisite the road.”orz. Inilah Kelate.

                  And back to my point abt the big percentage of Malay in SRJK(C) or Chinese in SK here….really help mixing the race here, regardless mix in Chinese school or Kebangsaan School. Maybe thats why the Kelantan also be the first state in Malaysia that have subsidy the SRJK(C) in state long time ago(far b4 the Pinang did it and not jst b4 the election.) Although they also dont have much, but its really help and more touching when it is not came by a “Chinese rule parties”. And also thats why here got the only Chinese private School in whole pantai timur. Bc they treat us all mostly same and fair under his rule (except some land property policies and sometime the religion conflict stuff.) I think thats why we mostly mix well here.

    3. Hehehe…..Sorry, last month I went to a kedai makan dekat rumah saya. Saya oder nasi paprik as usual….tapi mari nasi paprik daging. Macik nampak baru kata “Opps, sorry, you orang cina tak makan daging betul?” Saya pun kejuk, krn my prefer Daging more then others although I dont kno they also serve nasi paprik daging lembu juga krn kalo Macik nampak cina biasa serve daging ayam.
      Miss understanding always happen between, just explain to those who miss understand with friendly smile, they will get u.

      A lot of ppl felt offended when ppl miss understanding their cultural. But ask yourself, do you really kno every detail of others cultural? Should I give you a test here?

      Some even give Chinese elder While Pocket Money on public ceremony. Do you think he did this on purpose or just miss understanding? Is that guy Malay extremists?

        1. Sorry……actually……I…I…I I…..I…….I am Mr…so jst call me Mr. Understanding……or Mr. Understand …..orz ^o^…

    4. The same can be said of some Malays who are have no clue about the religious and cultural practices of others. I have seen many cases in real life.

      ‘My students find it hard to comprehend how I can be Indian and Christian at the same time. When I mentioned once how I was going to the church, they stared at me in silence. “Gereja tahu tak?” I asked. “Tak tahu la teacher!”‘

      I hope the owner does not start accusing her of evangelising to school children… she is already stretching The Star’s article on S.K. Loh to imply that the newspaper hates Muslims.

      1. Quoting news from the Malaysian Insider written by an Indian Christian? Hmm …..A DAP supporter, no doubt!

      2. Yes, coz Indian christian always berlagak cam omputih, its not because of the Christianity (religion) but its the only way to look European. Anaday!

  3. Nak tanya sikit.

    I am not very familiar as when I was in Convent our teachers 99% were Nuns (Catholics) including our Reverend Mother, from Europe. Masa tu they actively get new converts among the poor Chinese and Indians esp orphans, single parents etc, jarang2 dapat jumpa nuns, padris Cina or India masa tu.

    So I can safely assume here that these groups (those constantly in “public” radar in Malaysia today) are new converts themselves? Probably of Tok Pek Kong, Hindu, Buddhist original followers?.

    However I notice these new sets of evangelists ways of doing things are totally different; gedik2 semacam, mulut celopar, kuat instigate hatred to others etc and mostly are of Chinese and Indian origins.

    As there are reported to be approximately 41,000 Christian denominations where do these gedik2 evangelists in Malaysia get their formal religious education or apakah sekadar angkat diri mereka sendiri as preachers and bantai bikin apa saja kepala otak mereka fikir when trying to get new converts?

    No need to hate Islam Okay.
    It is the most beautiful religion on earth.

    To all Muslims dMalaysia and the world, Eid Al-Adha wishes [YouTube]

  4. re: Loh also said “MCA will not allow anyone to undermine or pawn the nation’s racial harmony for their own personal gains”.


    Very funny to read this statement… because, how come MCA didn’t do anything to their own media which already undermine and pawn the nation’s racial harmony by their spinning reports for their newspaper gain which means MCA gains in profits?

    cakap tak selupa bikin punya olang!

    1. Xin,

      Are a newcomer? Reading from Helen’s past and present postings, I don’t think she hates Christians. What she did/does is criticizing the Evangelists who are mengada-ngada, meroyan and love calling others racists, corrupts when they themselves are guilty of the same crimes. These people ‘cakap tak serupa bikin’!

      1. Btw Aku Melayu, have you ever come across Malaysian Chinese there in your area and notice how eager they are to please the White? I used to study, live and travel on business on both coasts regularly, and quite frequently bumped into that kind, that really wants make me to puke with their fake accent.

        1. LOL,

          Nope. I’m the only Asian here and I like it this way. I try to stay away from Malaysian and Singaporean Chinese. Having said that, we have Chinese friends who are second generation Chinese-American who were born here. They dislike overseas Chinese especially from Malaysia and Singapore. According to them, these Chinese are hypocrites and think they are whiter than the Whites — exactly as what you have described above.

          1. Re According to them, these Chinese are hypocrites and think they are whiter than the Whites — exactly as what you have described above.

            So that’s why they buy all those skin whitening products.

        2. Yup, similar to a malay girl that I met in the aircraft. During our chat, she said she came back from ‘ states ‘. Pui !!! Anak kampung nak berlagak pula.

          1. I don’t see any arrogance in her statement ‘came back from the States’. That’s exactly how I would also say to relatives and friends whom I have not seen in ages whenever I come back to Malaysia from the States. Did she tell you that she’s a kampong girl or you just assume because she is a Malay. Your mentality or shall I say your coolie mentality quickly register Malay is equalled to kampong.

            Yang berlagak kebanyakkannya orang Cina. Do you know why we call you ‘bananas’?

            1. Aku Melayu,

              Melayu bila balik Malaysia dari mana pun destinasi, akan kata kita balik Balik Kampung. Itu satu term yang nostalgic bagi kita semua. Kita bila berada diluar negara, akan dengan mudah mengenalkan diri kita sebagai ” I am Malaysian” no further adjective requires. Cina Malaysia ni, akan bermati-matian mengenalkan diri mereka “I am MALAYSIAN Chinese”. Why? The Chinese in general worldwide has a very bad reputation.

              Lagi satu, kalau nak tahu Cina-Cina Malaysia memang susah nak dapat Visa ke US, UK (at one time due to abuse) and they are on watch list in Australia. Those who got through only students normally. Itu sebabnya ramai student dari Cina dan India yang datang belajar kat sini untuk twinning program dan English course, sebagai alasan untuk mendapat visa ke US dan UK. One UK university here in KL has stop its International Master program where students can do 6 modules in KL and 6 modules in the UK. due to the same reason i.e abuse of student visa.

              I have Chinese friend who worked in the UK (but recently came back here in KL), a chartered accountant and trying to get a US visa via UK, still he didn’t get it. Siapa nak jawab tu? When I renew my US visa in 2002 not long after 9-11, my waiting period was only 1 month and no interview required plus 10 years multiple entry visa granted. Another Chinese friend was immediately rejected and ask to resubmit after 6 months, that despite he has a supporting letter of full employment and details of bank account. He has been trying ever since, not sure whether he got it now, coz he wants to watch Celine in Vegas.

              Satu lagi yang kelakarnya bila diorang cuba nak sebut Bottle, Maintenance etc. with the silent “R”. Kita orang Melayu bila cakap OMPTEH akan “say it like it is” without having to impress the native speaker, the twang and accent will come naturally to us after certain time. But these people mati-mati pun nak jadi Mat Salleh. ROTFL

          1. Kerja diorang memburukkan nama negara aje kat luar sana. Samada buat kerja haram atau memburuk-burukkan kerajaan. Normally, when I come across that situation I would say “Why don’t you apply to be a citizen here and see whether they want your kind to be part of them” atau “Give up your Malaysian Citizenship la, nobody is stopping you. Terus senyap.

  5. ‘Does the J-Star hate Islam?’

    They sure act like it.

    Babi for Ramadan Delights.

    kalimah Allah on Erykah Badu tattoos

    Evangelist POV on Kalimah Allah issue

    Now Mr Bean making faces, almost mocking and running with that kind of caption, what else is the J-Star is saying? Its not even a neutral gestures!

    They J-Star editorial team, the evangelist are probably having a big laugh while putting that pic up! Surely!

      1. Having documented their antics for these past years, I think nobody can argue that with you, Helen.

        Maybe one or two will, lets not kid ourselves just yet, shall we?! Hehe

      1. and you were trained by the British ? Oh wait, I forgot, the British brought you here, er…..

        sorry. I got it wrong. The British needed people to work for their plantations, mines. The needed cheap labor, free labor.

        Your own people saw an opportunity. To be precise, human trafficking. Sell the story of opportunity in Malaya for young men to make a fortune. So these young men, your ancestors, gladly signed on to this land of opportunity thing.

        Arriving in Malaya, they were surprised, your ancestors found themselves being duped into signing up for a scam. They got beaten up, told to work for scrap, no pay.

        Then after working for years in order to pay for their freedom, they found themselves yet again with nothing.

        So what did they do ?

        Organized themselves into triads. Extort the locals. Even the white men became your victims. But the white men struck back. Then you got into business, at first selling black goods, then using proceeds from these black goods, you ventured into legit enterprises.

        Looks familiar ? The modern day descendants of these coolies are doing it too today, only this time they sell pirated DVDs and other knockoffs.

        After centuries here, some people never change.

        1. It is in their DNA

          “Chinese President Xi Jinping is said to be “troubled” by the country’s moral decline and obsession with money and hopes that China’s “traditional cultures” –Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism — will help fill a “void” in which corruption has flourished, according to a recent Reuters report

          They even a need a proper guide to travel overseas

          China’s advice on travel: do queue, don’t litter – and don’t steal lifejackets. Tourism officials issue 64-page guidebook amid concerns that holidaymakers’ behaviour abroad is harming China’s reputation.

          Don’t you agree now that the GOMEN should be using Carrot and Stick approach on the Cina DAP now in Malaysia? It is slowly taking shape without them realizing it.

          1. Re. “Chinese President Xi Jinping is said to be “troubled” by the country’s moral decline and obsession with money and hopes that China’s “traditional cultures” –Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism — will help fill a “void” in which corruption has flourished

            You notice that Helen, he didn’t mentioned Christian. As for Islam they are more Muslims in China alone compared to Malaysia, and I think he knows the Muslim is never an issue to them.

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