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Justices mention “evangelical” in their judgment

In their written judgment delivered today on the Allah case, the coram comprising Justices Mohamed Apandi Ali, Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahim and Mohd Zawawi Salleh said in paragraph [35]:

“On Article 11(4), Professor Dr. Shad Saleem Faruqi in his book entitled ‘Document of Destiny the Constitution of the Federation of Malaysia’, published in 2008, at pages 138-139, wrote:-

“Propagation of religion to Muslims: Under Article 11(4) of the Federal Constitution, non-Muslim may be forbidden by State law from preaching their religion to Muslim.  Many Muslims complain that this part of the ‘social contract’ is not being observed by some evangelical groups, some of whom are from abroad.   On many occasions in recent years news has spread like wild fire that thousands of Muslims have converted or are waiting to convert to Christianity.  Invariably this raises tensions.”


City Harvest Church Subang Jaya

Thou shalt not steal

From the grounds of judgement by Justice Mohd Zawawi Salleh:

“It cannot be considered as a mere argument over semantics for Christians of the protestant/evangelical variety. To use ‘Allah’ synonymously in reference to the Biblical deity is both confusing for the Muslims and Christians as to which God one is referring to as it is poles apart theologically. There is the danger for both sides untaught of its respective theologies to think it is the same God who is worshipped. Christians must distinguish themselves in their doctrine and not use an Arabic word for the Biblical God.”


The learned judge gave his sound reasons why it is not wholly suitable for the Christians in Malaysia to be using the kalimah Allah.

However the Church is unable to accept the court decision and will reportedly be filing a final appeal at the apex court.


Evangelista Bintang Lima

DAP SuperCyber Bully Hannah Yeoh even goes to the extent of attacking two Christian ministers in the Najib cabinet — Idris Jala and Paul Low (the only Chinese and No.1 punching bag for the opposition).

Hannah’s staunch follower takes the cue from Madam Speaker, whose favourite pastime is calling other people “low class”, and slags the two federal ministers as sinking to become “paraya class” after the duo accepted Najib’s offer to join his administration.

Perkasa is nothing compared to the viciousness of the evangelistas.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Will Paul & Idris still ... 2013-10-14 15-17-26

Something in the Jerusubang’s water

It’s the Holy Water they drink in the evangelical capital of Malaysia which nurtures the Christian fanaticism.

Evangelista Lee Hwa Beng is a former three-term MCA assemblyman of Subang Jaya.

Tweeting to #hannahyeoh, he mocks the MCA and Gerakan as being weak and incapable of fighting for a win-win political solution to the Allah verdict.

Twitter - hwabeng- @reginalah When I return

What’s MCA doing now?

Very likely the MCA, realising that the party has lost the ear and goodwill of Umno, is now giving its media machinery a free hand for their Scissorati to do as they please.

Social scientist Dr Chandra Muzaffar has talked about “articles that show how much Islamophobia there is in cyberspace; a tremendous hatred towards Islam”.

We are witnessing the expressions of Islamophobia now in the wake of the Allah verdict.

The undercurrents of hate, fuelled by its evangelism, are inescapable in The J-Star pages. Just look at the paper’s photo selection on Mister Bean reacting to the question of whether he has become a Muslim.

Poser over Mr Bean's conversion


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31 thoughts on “Justices mention “evangelical” in their judgment

  1. they really like that Allah name?.. can they just stick to god.. i’ve read the malay bible in sbah in the 90-ies.. i’m not sure if it’s even malay maybe indonesian.. they use the term ruh kudus, tuhan yesus.. now 2013 they want to replace it with Allah… AL-ilah..why?

    1. Kristian Extremis..Bumiputra Sabah & Sarawak kena main dengan geng2 ni yang sememangnya mahu porak-perandakan Malaysia, sama macam apa yang mereka telah buat di Afrika dan Timur Tengah!

    1. you better ask a christian than.. because i’m not one of them.. i’m a heathen destined for eternal fire because i don’t except tuhan yesus as a savior.

  2. The Pakatoons in kinisider is trying to makes this a Bumi Christian vs the Muslim Bumis issue.

    Father Puckyam can go to hell before he can see us fight.

  3. Kalau nak sangat guna kalimah Allah.. silalah dgn hati yg suci.. ucaplah kalimah La ilaha IllAllah.. Senang je.. boleh solat, zikir, baca Al-Quran.. byk menyebut nama Allah dlm Islam.. boleh ke JeruSubang?

  4. To the evangelist, transformation program means to satisfy the whims, fancies and needs. When their need is not fulfill, then no need to work for transformation program. Hello evangelist, you are less than 5% ok (not all Christians are evangelist). To the mama speaker, do you mean that the whole transformation program is to satisfying the needs of evangelist only?

  5. First and foremost the correct word is “Pariah” Madam Dungu, guess Mrs Ram tamil was not functioning when Madam Dungu enquired to him regarding this term.

    And before you want to judge a entity or a person i suggest Madam Hannah Yeoh Dungu look at her own house, her own character, her husband, her children, her political party before using derogatory onto other. Amen

  6. Perlembagaan jelas menyebut bahawa ugama lain boleh diamalkan dengan aman dan damai.

    Syarat aman dan damai melibatkan amalan ugama tersebut tidak menyebabkan penganut ugama persekutuan dan agama lain menjadi tidak aman dan damai.

    Penganut evangelical kristian sudah mengkucar kacirkan masyarakat dengan mencari pasal untuk berdakwah kepada orang Islam dan bukan Islam lain.

    Mungkin kerajaan patut tolak pernohonan paderi-paderi asing yang tidak tahu hormati perlembagaan dan undang-undang kita serta keamanan dan kedamaian kita dari dibenarkan masuk dan bermastautin di Malaysia!!!

    1. Tarik balik visa yang membenarkan mereka melawat Jerusalem. Sejak mereka mula memijak bumi yang dikuasai Yahudi mereka makin naik tocang. I am not surprise if they have become part of them now…

      1. ‘Mungkin kerajaan patut tolak pernohonan paderi-paderi asing yang tidak tahu hormati perlembagaan dan undang-undang kita serta keamanan dan kedamaian kita dari dibenarkan masuk dan bermastautin di Malaysia!!!’

        Tangkap saja kristian-kristian extremis yang sedang mahu memporak-perandakan hubungan baik sesama rakyat Malaysia.

      2. They can visit without visa, Israel just dont stamp their passport.

        its open secret that many malaysian christians visit jerusalem. Its not what they do is illegal, but to say no Christian Malaysian visit Jerusalem is false, its been going on for years.

  7. The majority residents in my neighborhood are Irish/Catholics and they don’t come house to house to spread their religion. Whereas the minority Protestants/Methodists/Mormons/Baptists are evangelizing their beliefs. Countless times my husband and I tell them not to bother us as we are not Christians but they keep on coming to our home.

    Recently when they rang the bell, my husband came out of the house with a shotgun pointing directly at one of them. They ran helter-skelter. That’s how to teach these people.

    1. they want to save you from eternal firelah… i know their game plan.. when i was in sabah they propagate their religious faith too they preach from kampung to kampung.. but nobody stop them because they do it peacefully but when they keep coming and persisting things can get a bit irritating and they start playing with fire.

      the kampung in putatan that where i use to live in sabah is a mixture of various ethnic group.. they only monotheistic faith that exist that time there is islam mostly orang melayu berunai and bajau folks.. the rest animist dusun.. maybe there is some catholic dusun but not so sure because the dusun are more dusun then catholic.

      the muslim dont go door to door or to the kedai kopi talk about religion.. that time people busy talking about sabah winning the fa cup for the first time in 1995.. those evangelist who claim to be true christian will talk about how tuhan yesus this tuhan yesus syg semua orang tpi dia tida boleh terima muhamad.. tidak boleh buat kaamatan.. u knowlah the religious talk.. like the tabligh people but at least the tabligh dont preach to the none muslim..

      this evangelist they really want to save you from eternal fire and total damnation.. dgr dia cerita lagi seram dr cerita ulamak arqam.. those were the days

  8. If they really believe what they preach, they should use Allah in all their activities at the golden harvest church every Sunday until Armageddon.

  9. Time and again it shows that the Tidak Apa attitude by the Malays are being taken for granted by some religious extremists among us. Apparently one is a famous Tan Sri.

    A case of Bagi Betis Nak Paha and Belanda Dapat Tanah by some Christians and no wonder most Muslims, now, are wary by their moves and motives.

    As early as 1986 the official directives was made, but it seems that they perhaps has had other business in mind.

    ‘1-Directive by Ministry prohibiting the usage of the words: ‘Allah’, ‘Kaabah’, ‘Solat’ and ‘Baitullah’ in all publications of other religion, besides Islam.
    Dated 5/12/1986

    2-First admonition letter to the respondent for failure to comply with the directive dated 5/12/1986.
    Dated 27/5/1998

    3-First show-cause letter to the respondent for failure to comply with the directive dated 5/12/1998.
    Dated 17/7/2002

    4-Second admonition letter to the respondent.
    Dated 11/10/2006

    5-Third admonition letter to the respondent.
    Dated 17/1/2007

    6-Forth admonition letter to the respondent.
    Dated 5/2/2007

    7-Second show-cause letter to the respondent.
    Dated 12/3/2007

    8-Prohibition Notice letter from the ministry, with lengthy explanation as to the reason why and how the matter had affected the peace and harmony in the country.
    Dated 24/4/2007

    9-Fifth admonition letter to the respondent.
    Dated 19/9/2007

    10-Approval of publication permit, with 3 conditions.
    Dated 30/12/2008

    11-Letter in reply to respondent’s complaint of the condition of the permit (as stated in document 10 above), whereby the 3 were watered down but the prohibition of the usage the name ‘Allah’ was still prohibited. This letter is the subject-matter of the judicial review application.
    Dated 7/1/2009’

    Click to access W-01-1-2010_YA_DATO_SRI_HAJI_MOHAMED_APANDI_BIN_HAJI_ALI.pdf

    Read also the KKDN letter dated 24/4/2007 to Archbishop Murphy Pakiam in full.

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, where is the LOVE, guys?

    1. The past 24 hours, all the Europeans and self righteous Christians are whacking us Malays as Taliban, monkeys and animals in BBC News and Al JAzeera comment section covering the issue.

      BBC even invited a so calllled Asian expert gweilo woman and Lebanese Arab to diss at how stupid us Malays are. They had to invite a silly Brit and a Lebo to comment on the issue without referring to Malaysians who can explain it more clearly in the local context.

      The cina just sit, read and add more fuel to the fire.

      The evangelista has Won this battle.

      1. I agree with the honorable Justices on the point of ‘public order’ and that such a judicial decision is taken with the view of maintaining “peace and harmony”.

        However, even though my opinion is rare to come from a non-Muslim and a Chinese, I do not have any local platform in which to air my views providing a ‘context’, as you’ve said.

        The Dapsters and evangelistas engage in the most vicious cyber-terrorism to stifle and drown our the commentary of the 10 percent Chinese who do not subscribe to their narrative.

        I fault Umno for allowing the entire media domain (with the singular exception of NST to be firmly in under the control of the opposition and most unforgivable, for permitting The J-Star to become the evangelista mouthpiece.

        Like I said, BBC and al-Jazeera don’t refer Utusan. They cannibalize their views from the English media and Malaysiakini is the leading storyteller determining the tempo.

        Kalau Umno tersungkur dalam PRU14, padan muka!

        1. So you agree that the Muslim are the violent lot that if they are not happy, they burn churches? So for the peace and harmony which may be due to some confused Malay, the 1.6 million East Malaysian Christian should just drop this word or all go migrate?

          1. I think it is a most unfortunate and severe upheaval for those native Christians who have been genuinely using the word. They will be required to adjust. Recommended reading,

            I’m not claiming that without the peninsular evangelista factor, things would have been any different.

            Maybe the road (prohibition of Islamic terms) would have eventually ended up at this same point too. However no one can deny that the proselytizing and political activities of the evangelista in the peninsula certainly accelerated the process/journey.

            Projected scenario: If the Muslims lost the Allah case, what would happen?

            I believe we would have a Balkanization. Civil unrest, most certainly.

          2. Have you no shame to even ask that question, and at the same time enjoying peace being around Muslim majority? Didn’t your father at least taught you decency?

    2. “’1-Directive by Ministry prohibiting the usage of the words: ‘Allah’, ‘Kaabah’, ‘Solat’ and ‘Baitullah’ in all publications of other religion, besides Islam.
      Dated 5/12/1986”

      And the Big Question is, why is it that in 1986 do they only want to restrict what the East Malaysian Christians have been using long before?

      What is next? Banning the AlKitab because it is in Bahasa Melayu?

      1. ‘And the Big Question is, why is it that in 1986 do they only want to restrict what the East Malaysian Christians have been using long before?’

        The directive was directed at the Christian Extremists kat Semenanjung yang testing the water.

        Lagipun peace loving Bumiputra Semenanjung and peace loving Bumiputra Borneo faham satu sama lain. Masa tu Impian Sarawak belum ada dan LKS sibuk kat Semenanjung saja!

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