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Muslim menang kes Allah

Penghakiman di Mahkamah Rayuan sebulat suara memihak kepada kerajaan.

Ada sesiapa nampak kelibat Ketua Pemuda Umno dan konco-konconya di perkarangan the Palace of Justice pagi ini?

Twitter - 501Awani- Mahkamah Rayuan telah memutuskan ... 2013-10-14 10-12-17

Ada ura-ura mahupun sudah kalah, namun Gereja bertekad akan membawa kes ini ke Mahkamah Persekutuan nanti.

Yang Arif Mohamed Apandi Ali berkata pengadilan hakim Lau Bee Lan, seorang wanita Cina Kristian yang sebelum ini telah memenangkan akhbar The Herald, adalah tidak betul. Penghakiman bertulis hakim Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur tersebut pada 31 Dis 2009 boleh dirujuk SINI.

Kenyataan Yang Arif Mohamed Apandi memberi ringkasan asas keputusan Mahkamah Rayuan boleh dibaca di blog Dr MIM.

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22 thoughts on “Muslim menang kes Allah

    1. re: “Helen, are you Chinese or Malay shit?”

      And what are you? A Malay-sian First? Or a Chinese Last? Or an “I-am-not-Indian-actually”.

      In the past, Christians here were not even considered to be ‘Chinese’ national.

      Your religion has got no connection in origin, base culture and scriptural language with anything in the Motherland.


      More images HERE and HERE of the Federated Malay States the Secretary for Chinese Affairs Enactment 1899.

      What kind of people are you from the language that you use? Cucu-cicit Bintang Tiga? Musang berbulu ayam yang naik turun masjid pasang tudung dan berbekalkan ucapan “Insya Allah” mahupun korang evangelista dan bukannya muslimin dan muslimat.

      Apa jenis manusia/makhluk kamu ini?

      Penyangak dan penyamun! Nama tuhan agama lain pun mung mahu kebas.

        1. Sokong Helen 200%. Apapun kita tau agenda mereka.. JANGAN INGAT ORANG MELAYU UMNO BODOH.. Kita sedang perhatikan kamu…….

          1. The Melayus buat2 bodo for so long…but they thought us really bodoh, but when we stop buat-buat bodo and berkira sakan, they deemed us racists!

      1. Problem with some bonggoq in Malaysia they think Islam is practiced only by the MALAYS! Don’t this bonggoq realize there are more Chinese Muslims in China and India compared to the population of Muslims in Malaysia?

        Itu ‘fuck Malay asshole – 10:29’. The God you pray to looks Caucasian give Caucasian names la, face like Chinese give Chinese names la, face like Indians give Indian names la! Or maybe sculpture one to look like your face, then give your name la!

          1. itu ‘fuck malay asshole’…. in actual fact his ass already been fucked-up by his own mind….

            his question re: “Helen, are you Chinese or Malay shit?”…

            secara jelas telah membuka samarannya sendiri sebagai seorang pencacai Dapster aka Komunis Urban Bintang Lima yang bernama Red Beano!

            salah satu organisasi yang telah membawa kes kalimah Allah ini ke mahkamah rayuan ialah MACMA…. Chinese Muslim Association of Malaysia!

            maknanya orang Cina yang beriman kepada Allah sendiri tidak setuju kalimah Allah ini di’pergunakan’ oleh puak evangelis kristian yang sesat.

            alhamdulillah, kemenangan untuk Islam sejagat!

            tahniah kepada Helen dan rakan-rakan bukan Islam yang memahami aspirasi dan menghormati perjuangan penganut agama lain. khusus dalam kes ini penganut agama Islam.

            1. ‘salah satu organisasi yang telah membawa kes kalimah Allah ini ke mahkamah rayuan ialah MACMA…. Chinese Muslim Association of Malaysia!’

              Saya sangat bersetuju, KIMMA sepatutnya ikut serta jangan asyik nak gila berniaga saja!

    2. So soon ? This post came out at 10.16am and you posted your comment at 10.29am. I must admit, I underestimated your capacity to……………

      Malay running dog ? What about you ? The White Man’s running dog ?

      I repeat. What are you ? Neither Chinese nor Malay ? What about Indian ?

      Oh wait. You’re not Indian either. You’re Malaysian ? I doubt you’re Malaysian. Malaysia is a multiracial nation. Even Chinese chauvinists identify themselves as Chinese when people ask them their ethnicity. This is one thing I admire about these Chinese chauvinists. They are not afraid to openly say they are Chinese.

      You ? What are you ? Malay ultras identify themselves as Malays. Even the Indians whom you despise, whom you discard like garbage after you found them to be of no use, even they identify themselves as Indians.

      Come on. Be brave. What are you ? Can you identify yourself ?

    3. Dear f*** M****

      If we were to have rule of law as the way we structure our society, then we will need to respect the rule of law.

      The democratic process allows aggrieved parties to appeal.

      So take it easy.

      Furthermore, if you find Helen offensive, you do nothing but diminish yourself by becoming what you accuse her of.

      If you want to move Malaysia towards a deliberative democracy, you will need to lead by example.

    4. fuck malay asshole,

      Now young man. There is no need to be rude. Present your point in civilised manner. If you do not agree with what Helen said, state your point. But do not insult her or her race.

      1. quote,”Present your point in civilised manner.”unquote.

        Aku gelak besar baca hang punya statement tu. Do you honestly think that f.m.a. guy is capable of doing that? Fat chance ler.. hahahaha…

        1. setem,

          Of course I know he is incapable of arguing in civil manner. My intention is to put him in his proper place. So used to over emphasizing his position that he may forget that other people can also “taruh” him.

      2. My fellow reader,

        people like this young man you speak of are not known for being civilized. They don’t know what being civilized is. Their people know of only one thing. Absolutism. They are always right. They can never be wrong. God is with them. Their enemies are always wrong. Their enemies are sinners. With this kind of absolutism in their heads, how can civility exists ?

  1. Still a long way to go. They are not going to give up. They are religious fanatics. Their next course of action is to file an appeal. If that fails to, well…….

    They will take their battle back to the online world, their churches and expect the opposition parties to join in the fray as well.

    Pas where are you ? Defenders of Islam………

    or rather the defenders of their brand of Islam. Pas, ah you still don’t get it eh ? You have lost it and you still say non Muslims can use the word Allah. You have a by election coming out and you still……..

    what ? You say non Muslims can use the word Allah.

    But it is a blessing in disguise for the Malay dominated government. With Pas continuing to stumble, more Malay Muslim votes come your way.

    Let me give you some advice. Just egg Pas on. Pas, as you know too well, is losing the Malay Muslim vote the longer they are in bed with the other 2 opposition parties. The Pas liberals will surely side with the Christian extremists. Just egg these Liberals on. Its not a difficult job really.

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