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Handsome, dashing and fearless

“He was the idol of the Johor people.”

“Handsome, dashing and fearless, he was the envy of all.”

Hishammuddin Interview

Nope, we’re not talking about Hishammuddin Hussein.

The handsome, dashing and fearless guy actually refers to his grandfather, Dato’ Onn Jaafar, who can be glimpsed in the photograph above — see portrait on the wall of the pendekar in black.

Below is another photo of Dato’ Onn to better appreciate his handsomeness and dash.


Everyone should be able to recognize Dato’ Onn. The young Malay men surrounding him include Utusan chaps Aziz Ishak (fifth from right, also handsome in songkok), Melan Abdullah and Othman Wok.

Aziz is the brother of Yusof Ishak, founder of the Malay nationalist newspaper and later the first President of Singapore whose face is printed on all the Sing dollar notes.

The younger brother Aziz Ishak served as Minister for Agriculture in Tunku’s first Cabinet, and as I’ve mentioned earlier, was – prior to his entering politics – an Utusan journo too.

Tan Sri Melan Abdullah (photo, partially hidden in the back) rose to become Utusan‘s group editor. Othman Wok (photo, bending over) was later an Utusan deputy editor and Member of Parliament in Singapore as well as Singapore Minister for Social Affairs.

A veritable Who’s Who in the black and white historical photo above, yah.

Now back to Dato’ Onn: “He was a great man, and the nation should be grateful to him for having moblilised Malay nationalism which was the spearhead to Malaya’s Independence.”

All the tributes to Dato’ Onn which I’ve quoted above were uttered by Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman who, incidentally, is related to Datuk Onn through his (Tun Dr Ismail’s) stepmother.

Young Malaysians know Tun Dr Ismail through the yuppie Taman named after him. Older Malaysians are of course aware that he was Tun Razak’s trusted deputy and had at times stood in as acting Prime Minister.

Well, those were the days of the great men.

Alas, the handsome-dashing-fearless Onn Jaafar genes seem to have skipped one particular grandson.


Khairy’s bosom buddy

Hisham and KJ were the No.1 and No.2 respectively in Umno Youth during the keris-waving episode.

Dato’ Onn commanded respect for the Malay nationalist struggle from his stature and his statesmanship. What would he have thought about the grandson monkeying around with the Johnny-Come-Lately KJ?


The latest development on the Umno election front is that the Khairy camp has thrown its support behind Hisham as a move to check Mukhriz.

KJ has his network in place in the Bahagians. You gotta credit him that.

Furthermore, it was just too nice of Prime Minister Najib Razak to have appointed him to head the Youth Ministry which is endowed with billions of ringgit funding. Aaaah, money manna from heaven.


KJ’s mother given NST platform

Most pundits see Zahid Hamidi and Shafie Apdal as already having bagged the first and second Umno vice president posts, leaving Hisham and Mukhriz in the running for the last slot alongside Isa Samad and Ali Rustam.

Aside from KJ campaigning for Hisham, his mother (KJ’s) has also been indirectly doing the same. Read about it in The Mole:

But somehow a veteran (?) Umno woman who happens to be the Ketua Pemuda’s mother had no qualms to mudsling a candidate in public and NST had the audacity to let it print. Now the underdog had so much work to do. Considering all government’s media is actively trying to realise the ambition of one young arrogant leader who suffers misplaced sense of self-entitlement and jealousy.”


The Scissorati connection

The Mole article holds that “obviously it is highly inappropriate for NST to even publish” the said interview with Khairy’s 81-year-old mother running down Mukhriz.

And we had thought it that it was only The J-Star which is constantly being unprofessional.

Blogger Wan Mohd Shahrir provides his take, below, yesterday in his blog Sri Tri Buana:

“NST melalui Regina Lee menemuramah seorang ‘veteran’ yang personan non grata. Bukan seorang Ketua Bahagian, Ketua Wanita atau apa-apa jawatan. Kebetulan anaknya Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia saja.

 “Penghapusan waris Tun Mahathir perlu dilakukan, dan amat disenangi oleh Regina Lee; Setiausaha Akhbar [Khairy yang] pro DAP.”

Dapsters backing KJ all the way

When the Youth leader is suddenly the rival party supporters’ favourite personality, and furthermore one given a turbo charge by the BattleStar, what does it augur for Fortress Umno?

Well, the more discerning among Umno members should be afraid. Very afraid.

But unfortunately as I’ve previously observed, Umno is the Parti Paling Tidak Apa (PPTA) and thus, the response among the rileks aje party members will surely be: “What? Me worry?”


Unity government post GE14 …

Express queue passport to the premiership?



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27 thoughts on “Handsome, dashing and fearless

    1. ROTL. I just commented in earlier about DAP going all out after Malay- Muslim votes and leaving the Buddhist and Taoist Chinese to fend for themselves.

      There is already International University of Madinah in Shah Alam and in September 2014 there will be the first brach outside Egypt the more than 1000 years old university and the oldest in the world University Al Azhar in Negeri Sembilan.

      The Malay-Muslims are rooting for this type of university now, at least one of their family members must attend such school. The same goes to my family, in fact one of my sister send all her kids to Private Arab School. I have spoken few teenagers at the mosques recently since it is exam season, 3 out 5 have voiced interest in Islamic Based University. Kolej University Islam Melaka seems to be popular and I don’t know for what reason.

      1. MEDIU is WAHHABI and not Islam… I bet LGE going to set yet another WAHHABI linked university to further divided the Malays.

        Anwar and various PAS leaders are known to receive huge fund from Wahhabi Saudi and Arab Countries…. so what do you expect… killing them softly

        1. Re. MEDIU is WAHHABI and not Islam

          If wahabi is not Islam than what does it make of Liberal Muslim Malay who believe in religious pluralism?

          The GOMEN has strong stand on WAHABISM:

          Fahaman Wahabi tidak sesuai diamalkan di Malaysia

          “Kerajaan menegaskan fahaman Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab (Wahabi), tidak sesuai diamalkan di negara ini walaupun ia tidak dikaitkan sebagai ajaran sesat.

          Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom berkata, pendirian itu selaras dengan hasil perbincangan Muzakarah Jawatankuasa Fatwa Kebangsaan pada 1985, 1986, 1996, 1997 dan 1998.”

          Be careful before “mengkafirkan orang Islam yang lain” .

          “Sesiapa yang memanggil orang lain dengan ‘kafir’ atau ‘musuh Allah’ sedang dia tidak begitu, maka tuduhan itu kembali kepadanya (penuduh)”. (Riwayat al-Bukhari dan Muslim).

          Re. so what do you expect… killing them softly

          Are you refering to Anwar and Pakatan or the Wahabi?

          1. The wahhabis are bulding high speed trains in the desert….somethimg the liberal pseudo christian Americans fail.

            1. Wahhabism is “Protestant Islam”? Some pointers about the end times . . . the Wahhabi Arabism in tandem with Zionism today . . . Israel to dominate over USA tomorrow? Epistemology and spirituality : the true methodology of orthodox Muslim scholarship.


  1. KJ is trying to finish off the Mahathir legacy in the run up for VP, hence his support for Keris man.

    In this race, Hisham will be seen temporarily as a saint in its battle aganst Lucifer Mukhriz by DAPsters, after the show is finished, he will be tue keris wielding barbarian.

    Hisham is not smart period, I hope he loses.

    1. Yeah.. me too but Hisham will survive.. My state, Johor and Pahang seems solid behind him. Even Shahrir also urge his division to vote for Hisham. My daughter will vote tomorrow and her choice seems go to zahid as 1st choice, hisham becoz of johorean and mukriz becoz of Tun M..

  2. mukhriz must be killed (politically) to make sure that the agenda to bring back anwar to umno would not be against. the incumbents vp plus the newly elected wing heads are friendly and will toe the line.

  3. Another god’s creature, other than the proverbial croc, that can open its mouth that wide is the hippo. But both also spend most of their time snoozing in swamps.

  4. you should also put hisham with the keris photo… that one very fearless the kerismudin.. saya bagi amaran look.

    1. quote,”saya bagi amaran look”. hahahahahaha….

      yeah..the keris photo personifies Hisham’s endless Amarans….

      1. macam masih ternampak nampak si hisham ini hunus keris dan macam baru semalam nampak dia ni ‘cry for forgiveness’..

  5. You gotta love these evangelists. Now even the Sheik is invoked.

    Don’t believe me ? Take a look at this. Read it. You will love it.

    Now dear Jimmy said he was led into it by the Sheik. So who’s next ?

    Really, absolutely gotta love these evangelists !

  6. Hai Helen,

    Miss your blog for a week.. vacation with family without any gadget..

    My late father always tell a story about Dato Onn.. His ‘amok’ with Kiyai Salleh only stop when hear a reason by this hero.. so charismatic and convincing.. true Malaysian.. May Allah bless him.

    Hisham?? OMG.. jauh panggang dari api dibandingkan dengan Dato Onn..

  7. Aku akan basahkan darah cina degan keras lembik lagi tidak bermaya ini…Awwwww

    Should have seen him justifying his ‘kelembikan’ as KDN on TV3. Weak sauce.

  8. So after KJ bashing, now it is H2O bashing.

    Lets see whether it will really materialize or just hot air, just like KJ.

    1. re: “Our wonderful JStar is doing a good job promoting Anti-Bullying.”

      The irony considering that their Scissorati are themselves the DAP SuperCyber Bullies.

      1. and their Stop The Lies is busy insulting you by using your name and laced their comments with profanity. Just go there and have a look. they just add your name Helen with words like Zina. ah these people !

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