4 thoughts on “It has always been about Race

  1. i was reading AsH malam tadi and hoping you would quote her or link to her. And voila hari ni u did!! Tq! and i could not agree more with your plea – read and understand. In fact some postings back, ade yg coincide with your posting so i commented on AsH linking back to you :) ah the joy of cross referencing perspectives. :)

  2. Dear Helen,

    Thank you for highlighting my posting.

    On 31 August1957, my late Abah and I were listening to the Merdeka commentary on radio in our kampung house at Pasir Panjang, Singapore. With the raising of the Peninsula’s flag and the lowering of the British flag, I saw tears in my father’s eyes. When I asked him why, he replied, “I’m happy to see the British leaving but I worry for my country.”.

    I’m glad he didn’t live long enough to see how his country is racked with and wrecked by economic, political and religious opportunists – all with their own local and imported agenda. That grief has been left for me – almost a septuagenarian.

    This teacher’s Report Card on Helen says, ” Bright and active girl. Keep up the good work.”.


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