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  1. ‘I think the writer should really brush up on his Malay. A product of our splintered education system, perhaps?’

    I could not agree more with OIKs on this…Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua!

    1. Should have the word “Today”, before Helen? Anyway almost the same spices as “depan boleh, belakang pun boleh”.

    2. Using the modal verb ‘may’ would sound more appropriate than “can”. Such as the sentence…May I fuck you, Slut?

      1. But “Can f**k you”, already didengarkan atau digunakan di makamah but with “today” at the end (CIFUT). Camna pun “Slut” tak patut cakap camtu kat HA.

    3. Slut,

      Now. Slut. Just because your name is Slut does not mean that you must behave like a slut too.

        1. Court decided that non Muslim can’t use this word. Then UMNO said East Malaysian can use. Then the latest UMNO said the Christian can use in their churches as well in peninsular. Taib said go to hell peninsular fanatic, the East Malaysian Christian and Muslim have been peaceful all these years despite this word being used. So siapa yang betul ni?

          1. fahami konteks kes ,iaitu kalimah allah dalam penerbitan agama kristian dilarang dan segalanya akan menjadi lebih mudah difahami bagi yang bingung atau bengong…

  2. One of the issue now being hotly highlighted by the usual PR cheerleaders is the interpretation of the Kalimah Allah verdict which they are trying their hardest to universalize, ie, trying to get the ban applied to Sabah and Sarawak.

    So when the govt says it only applies to Pen. Malaysia, these batu apis are upset claiming how come we can have two versions of bible in the land of 1Malaysia ?

    I am sure that Najib’s is touched by the sudden love of 1Malaysia concept by the very same people who were mocking it just a few weeks ago. Perhaps we might see Dapsters and DAP leadership wearing the 1Malaysia t-shirts to show their solidarity.

    1. re: “I am sure that Najib’s is touched by the sudden love of 1Malaysia concept by the very same people who were mocking it just a few weeks ago.”


    2. Dont you realise how incredibly stupid you sound? You’ve asked a pertinent question but instead of offering an answer..you go off with your political bullshit. Fail. Epic Fail.

      1. I’m sure he realise how stupid some of Helen’s visitor, that’s why he offering an answer. Very kind of him..

  3. Jangan main api, amaran Najib dari Sabah

    “Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak memberi jaminan bahawa larangan penggunaan kalimah Allah dalam keputusan Mahkamah Rayuan baru-baru ini terhadap akhbar mingguan The Herald tidak akan membabitkan penganut agama Kristian di Sabah dan Sarawak.

    Malahan kata Najib, persetujuan 10 perkara yang ditandangani beliau sendiri pada 11 April 2011 masih kekal dan terus diguna pakai.

    Antara kandungan persetujuan 10 perkara tersebut ialah membenarkan pengimportan dan penerbitan kitab Injil dalam semua bahasa, termasuk Bahasa Malaysia dengan penggunaan perkataan Allah tanpa sekatan.

    Beliau dengan tegasnya mengingatkan agar keputusan mahkamah itu tidak dijadikan modal politik oleh sesetengah pihak.

    “Jangan jadi batu api, jangan bermain dengan api kerana tindakan itu boleh membakar diri sendiri.

    “Kepada rakyat (penganut Kristian) jangan sesiapa tertekan kerana amalan agama akan kekal seperti sebelum ini,” katanya semasa ucapan perasmian Persidangan Perwakilan Tahunan Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) ke-28 di Kota Kinabalu petang tadi.”


    1. Although I agree that the appeal by the KDN was to deny The Herald to use the term Allah in its BM publications. And in addition the PPPM had said that this ‘Keputusan Mahkamah Rayuan ini pada pandangan PPMM ialah setakat melarang Archbishop menggunakan kalimah Allah dalam The Herald, iaitu penerbitan mingguan Katolik dan tidak lebih daripada itu’ and had put it into perspective when they say, ‘rakyat Malaysia dibenar menggunakan kalimah Allah dalam konteks al-Quran dan rujukan Islam kepada tuhan’. Tidak beranak dan diperanakkan.


      I personally would beg to differ and would have to agree with the former attorney general Tan Sri Abu Talib Othman when he stressed that the judgement ‘…has the effect of a binding precedent and all have to respect that decision, whether you agree or disagree,’ and ‘ there cannot be exemptions given to Sabah and Sarawak on this religious issue based on region or state,’ simply because ‘we have one nation and one supreme constitution’.


      And although Najib had flip-flopped, again, and managed to prove to Pakatan the very thing the PR had accused him and his government of for all this years; Executive powers stand supreme over Judicial powers!

      Perhaps it was done in good faith, perhaps it was done much to the semangat kongsi-tidak apa-tutup sebelah mata-kawan-kawan tak mahu lawan sentiments, which is worrying nevertheless, which has been the common practice thus far, of course right until Pakiam and sponsors had try to put an end to it, these last few years.

      But having said that, strange enough, I would say that I got it and I support it. This is because I think it is more important for us to bertolak-ansur with our Borneo cousins. They have done so, and so should we.

      My only worries is that it will backfire, and backfire hard. And when it did, we won’t be at the winning end altogether, any longer, legally and constitutionally speaking. I can only imagine of what or how would the Muslims react to this, then.

      Unlike Najib, I believe the religious terrorists like Pakiam, The Herald, Evangelists, Dapsters, Bintang Tiga, MCCBCHST and sponsors, would not stop at that. And definitely not at the 10 point solutions, for which Najib was trying to push for all of us to honor.

      For whatever Najib was trying to do, peace or stability or both, I don’t think these bunch of extremists are sharing the same view as the PM does.

      1. In other words, you are Najib blind supporters as well. Because of fear of losing fixed deposit at East Malaysian, you compromise on your stand depends on situation.

        I thought earlier you and others “mati-mati” said even the East Malaysian cannot use this word as well. How come change your stand now? Because Najib / UMNO said so?

        Pakiam’s stand is standard, the use of this word in Malay version of The Herald is mainly for the East Malaysian who happen to be in peninsular for various reasons. The West Malaysian majority do not use the Malay bible and will never use this word for their God.

        So after so many years of huha, we are back to status quo. Nothing change.

        1. All along Najib and his cabinet had been proposing the 10-point solution but it was the Christian Talibans who had rejected it. So as far as the govt is concerned, it is not a flip flop.

          Most Dapsters are not interested in the context or origins of the issue. Or even finding an amicable solution. They just want the issue to prolong and fester – so they can continue to fish in the muddy waters.

          The issue started because the Church played dirty and abused the freedom given to them by openly using the Allah word despite the existence of a gentlemen agreement between both parties to restrict the practise to the East. It would have been the easy to sort out the issue of Sabah and Sarawak Christians in Peninsular as long as the church displayed good faith. However they were aggressive and greedy and even tried to import Al Kitab via Port Klang. Instead of keeping the Herald to the faithful they tried to distribute it to the public.

          And then they internationalize, politicize and later sued the govt. So what do you expect the govt to do? Wave white flag and surrender? If the Herald had won, you think they will stop at restricting the Allah word to akl kitab? They would have pushed their luck and use it as they see fit to provoke the Muslims.

        2. Its ok malaysian, I do think a person like you can understand the semangat setia kawan and kongsi in honoring the ‘gentlemen agreement’ as have been pointed out by Najib at the very recent.

          Earlier I had mati-mati said that, due to Pakiam and sponsors extremism, to ‘internationalize, politicize and later sued the govt.’, a precedent had been said as explained by the former attorney general Tan Sri Abu Talib Othman.

          ‘…after so many years of huha, we are back to status quo. Nothing change.’

          I must the Borneo cousins are very much happy with semangat tolak-ansur and kongsi shown by the PM, perhaps speaking on behalf of the Semenanjung brothers and sisters. Something which I doubt you could understand either!

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    (for antihipokrit: They’re not into that kinda thing lah and had their 2 kids through immaculate conception, neh — Helen

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