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Mutakhir: Think-tank Guan Eng kata bumiputera tiada mutu

Terbaru: ‘A reply to Dr Mahathir and Akmar – Lim Mah Hui‘ (TMI, 23 Okt 2013) — dikemaskini 11.15 pagi

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Dr Lim Mah Hui: “Bumiputera lack quality

Beliau ialah seorang felo kanan bersama sebuah think-tank DAP di Pulau Pinang.

Aliran member with Guan Eng
Dr Lim Mah Hui, yang juga seorang ahli Aliran, bertepuk-tepuk dengan Guan Eng
Aliran member with Guan
Ketawa berdekah-dekah Dr Lim Mah Hui ini mengingatkan kita kepada kaliber @HishammuddinH2O

Butir-butir selanjutnya — TMI:Mention of substandard Bumiputeras sets off Dr Mahathir in blog post’ (22 Oct 2013)


What is the DAP evangelista stand on the slaughter of cows in school?


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112 thoughts on “Mutakhir: Think-tank Guan Eng kata bumiputera tiada mutu

  1. he’s statement is not totally wrong and not totally correct either.. we also need to remember he’s a member of a party that have along history of anti-malay sentiment but overall he’s making some point about the quality among the bumi people.. lebih2x lagi sesetengah org lama.. tak boleh terime teguran.. ckp elok dia buat bodoh bile kite keras dia kata kurang ajar.. i’m speaking from experience.. lepas tu marah kite balik bile salah padahal org dah bagi nasihat dan padangan pun.. harap pangkat je datuk tpi otak tak berkembang sibuk tambah bini je

    1. Re. harap pangkat je datuk tpi otak tak berkembang sibuk tambah bini je

      I agree with you. INILAH PENYAKIT BESAR DAN KRONIK yang dihadapi oleh PEMIMPIN-PEMIMPIN UMNO. Mereka semua masih lagi dibuai mimpi, bila dah dapat gelaran datuk mulalah BERANGAN macam dia sorang saja datuk kat Malaysia ni. Protokol tak usah cakaplah, mengalahkan nak mengadap sultan dan tak mahu turun padang dan kotorkan tangan.

      I tip my hat off to Mama Dapster actually, she is very marketing savvy who blends easily with her crowd and go with the crowd. You guys may hate her like nobody business, myself included, but she has done a superb job in wooing the crowd, the skill that she harness as an event manager previously.

  2. Dr Lim Mah Hui should look at himself in the mirror first. Muka macam tolol, kuat mengampu dan kaki bodek judging from the above photos.

    Majority Malaysian Chinese are descendants of coolies, thugs and gangsters, not to mention prostitutes. I don’t think they are more intelligent than other races but they ace up in the category of ‘lies and deceits’ whilst the Malays are lurus macam bendul and having ‘tidak apa’ attitude.

    1. re: “Majority Malaysian Chinese are descendants of coolies, thugs and gangsters, not to mention prostitutes.”

      If you say things like this, then people will accuse my blog of harbouring Melayu right wingers.

      1. Yeah, I sympathise with you Helen. But then Aku Melayu was only stating something generally accepted as facts.

        My own understanding was that those who went elsewhere eg. europe or US were the higher classes chinese from the northern part of china, whereas those who came to Malaysia were from southern china whose origins were as Aku Melayu somewhat articulately described.

        1. fact is the southern chinese are more adventurous and sort of risk-taker, dont we know most abc r actually cantonese? unlike the northerner who could only stay home n calling others pendatang :)

        2. anonymous,

          I don’t think all Chinese who went elsewhere e.g. the US are the higher-classed Chinese. My American hubby often remarks that some Chinese in our Chinatown look as though they have just arrived by tongkang from China – the way they dress, their hair style and also the way they walk – they show their Chinessness through and through.

        3. Ms H. The Chinese were banned from leaving China by the Ching Dynasty. As the Dynasty weakens, the Chinese left by the droves as labourers. It must be remembered that in Imperial China, all revolved around the Emperor.
          The lowest ranking mandarins were included but not the rich men and town folk.

          Hence, the earliest to leave in the 19th century were the labourers for Australia, California, Peru, South Africa etc where their sweat and toil were required to open up the railroads, mines etc. Those in UK originated from sailors who jumped ship at Liverpool. This is the reason why there were such small numbers of BBC.

          The 2nd half of the 19th century saw a large migration into the Malay States to develop the towns, mines and plantations with the active encouragement of the British. By 1931 Clementi decided to restrict this inflow which now consisted of fleeing intellectuals from other places like Beijing and Shanghai giving rise to right and left wing Chinese.

          This was the pattern of Chinese demographics in the Malay States to this day. The lst and 2nd generations were tribalised. But by the 3rd generation like now, these Chinese have lost their roots which are vital for their survive and only look like Chinese.

          1. re: “But by the 3rd generation like now, these Chinese have lost their roots”

            But the evangelistas are much worse and far more destructive than drifters who have merely lost their roots.

            Bad enough that they themselves are rootless. But they turn around and viciously train their guns instead on the Malays who want to retain their Malay identity and on non-Christian Indians who want to remain Indian (in the context of our discussion, the Tamilian Hindus).

            These Jerusubang evangelistas have the temerity to spit the label “racist” at Malays and Indians who refuse to subscribe to their Firster cult.

            If the Bintang Tiga were terrorists, their evangelista descendents are Bintang Lima … a far more ganas version.

            1. Ms H. Those people you described are only using whatever to make money. Time will erode their enthusiasm and endeavour. If they are so driven like some Marxist types in South America and Nepal, they would have conquered the World. My advice to these folks is ‘You are barking up the wrong tree.’ No running dogs for me please !

            2. Are we talking about “liberated” yuppies, beautiful people wannabees and the wanton hedonists they want to convert our children into? The Road to Hell is paved with rose Look-Alikes


          2. Ms H. The Chinese demographics in the Malay States were pre-determined by the British. By 1931, the locations of the different clans were already in situ. In Sabah, the Hakkas, in Sarawak, the Foochows, in the main towns of the Peninsula, the Hokkiens, Cantonese, the Hakkas and the Teochews.

            In Penang, the Hokkiens, the Cantonese etc. In Johore, the Hokkiens, the Teochews in Muar and Batu Pahat, Large settlements of Foochows in Telok Anson and parts of Negri Sembilan. The Cantonese were mainly in Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh and a sprinkling in Seremban and Taiping.

            The Hakkas arrived 25 years before the 20th century to exploit the tin mines in Perak and Selangor. The last unofficial Kapitan China was the Cantonese Loke Yew who died in 1924. The Hainanese were mainly in the catering, the ice and the middlemen for fishing industry. And they were located in sea-side towns, towns associated with plantations and the mining industry to serve the British. A few became wealthy from the ice trade.

            With the final template of development for Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur was like like a magnet which drew in all these different c

            1. Sorry. I continue. …Kuala Lumpur was like a magnet which drew in all these different clans. These happened to be the beginning of the 3rd Generation of the Chinese. The rest is all history as it is said. Thanks to the NEP, urbanisation and emigration.

              1. Ms H. The British are the only people who knew the Chinese through and through. They left them alone in all the territories under their control.

                In the case of the Malay States, young British police cadets were stationed in Canton, Swatow and Amoy for 6 months to study the dialect and the way of life of these Chinese. In Singapore, Penang and Kuala Lumpur, offices of the Protector of the Chinese were set up adjacent to the Chinatowns to keep a baleful eye on the political activities after 1931 when a Comintern agent was arrested in Singapore. Unruly troublemakers were banished to China promptly. Only a few rich Chinese managed to leave the Malay States for a short while with a visa to return.

                And all these Chinese in the Malay States were officially the citizens of China until the Federation of Malaya 1951.

      2. But quite a number of our saudara Cina when they open their mouths to disagree with their chums, or when they are displeased with something …. Wah lao! you better protect your father and mother, especially your mummy’s privacy!

    2. i am okay with rightist and right winger, many of them r consistent and fact based, what may bother the reader is when those right wanker start to wank :)

  3. yang berkualiti macam mana? -adakah yang pandai menipu?, yang pandai bagi rasuah? -yang pandai memainkan harga? yang pandai buat kerja-kerja haram seperti perjudian, maksiat dan persundalan, cetak rompak, penyeludupan dan elak cukai.

    1. Orang China tidak akan menipu jika orang Melayu yang tak bodoh. Hukum alam, orang bodoh selalu kena tipu dengan orang pandai. Fikirlah, saper yang pandai, saper yang bodoh.

      Setahi aku siapa tipu siapa. Kan Melayu menipu juga, hari2 cakap Melayu dah maju, tapi semua tipu. Dah dekat 70 tahun UMNO memerintah, majority Melayu masih tahap papa kedana, tinggal di rumah PPR, makan warung tepi longkang, naik kapcai atau bawa kereta yang dah layak jadi tukun ikan, majority kerja kilang dispatch, supermarket, kerani, receptionist dan guard.

      Orang China buat kerje haram sebab polis tak efficient, duty polis hanya tahan mat rempit, cek passport bangla dan buat road block. Kerje lain ikut musim, Macam mana rumah sundal, kilang cetak rompak, gangstar, seludup, dadah dan semua kerja haram makin bertambah, Pelacur bersidai sampai tepi jalan, polis masih tak tau.

      China tipu cukai sebab orang LHDN bodoh dan pemalas. Buat kerja cincai, orang china declared cukai yang tak masuk akal pun boleh accept tanpa investigation. Jadi jangan salahkan China elak cukai. Betulkan orang2 LHDN. Kalau orang LHDN buat kerja betul, mesti tak der kes China elak cukai.

      Masalah terbesar, kaum kerabat JPA yang recruit orang tak der quality. Recruit kaum kerabat, walaupun CGPA cuma cukup2 makan. Melayu ada yang tipu cukai. Allah Maha Mengetahui.

      Azhar, saper yang luluskan Genting Highland, loteri dan nombor ekor. Kan tu kerja orang UMNO. Ader Melayu yang pegang jawatan penting dalam syarikat judi.

      Kalau Melayu tak maju. Jangan salahkan China. Salahkan diri sendiri sebab pemalas.

  4. Kalau tak menipu, tak membodek, tak mengelak daripada bayaran cukai dan tak memberi rasuah bukanlah Cina namanya.

    Sorry Helen, I can’t help feeling the way I am. I’m getting fed up with the majority Malaysian Chinese who always think that they are clever and the Malays are stupid. Because of these ingrates, I who live in the US for many many years have become a Melayu right winger. Do you think the Melayus in Malaysia are feeling any lesser?

    BTW, this is your blog and it is up to your discretion to print my comment or not.

    1. re: “BTW, this is your blog and it is up to your discretion to print my comment or not.”

      Almost everybody’s comment gets pass including the sneering, insulting ones personally against me and even the downright nasty ones like

      My boundaries are libel and sedition. I do let through (allow the airing of) angry and fed-up people who wish to vent because that’s how the ground/grassroots really feel, me included.

      The most difficult thing for me in blogging is not for the lack of material/content but consciously and deliberately keeping myself under check, esp. when the Scissorati and Evengelista Bintang Tiga are such (“what kind of people are they?!”).

      My response to you was to raise awareness that sometimes discretion is the better part of valour.

      1. Helen,

        I truly understand your predicament. Anyhow, I support your good intention for a better Malaysia.

    2. Re. Kalau tak menipu, tak membodek, tak mengelak daripada bayaran cukai dan tak memberi rasuah bukanlah Cina namanya.

      This is what was exposed recently about GIANT:

      Seorang pelanggan yang telah ditenangkan oleh pengurus cina pasaraya Giant dimana pasaraya ini sememangnya kita ketahui bukan milik Melayu telah mengadakan penipuan.

      Kimball Tomato Pure yang diletakkan harga pada asalnya adalah RM3.00 tetapi apabila sistem komputer pembayaran menunjukkan harga RM3.79.

      Perkara sebegini sepatutnya dibawa kepada Tribunal For Consumer Claims Malaysia kerana di jabatan itu akan menyediakan peguam khas percuma untuk menuntut ganti rugi.

      Jka anda pergi ke jabatan Tribunal ini, keuntungan anda yang akan dapat akan lebih berlipat ganda, dan seterusnya pasaraya Giant bukan milik Melayu ini akan dapat dijatuhkan dengan lebih mudah kerana berita ini akan disiarkan ke dalam berita.

      Mengapa perlu bersusah payah untuk membuat aduan kepada pengurusan Giant itu?

      Ambil sahaja gambar yang berkaitan bersama resit dan kaut sahaja keuntungan melalui jabatan yang telah kerajaan sediakan. Bila lagi kita mau ajar cauvinis2 ni?

      Source :

      fyi, it happened to me before. I have stopped patronizing them after PRU13.

        1. ROTFL

          It is an old Marketing ploy of RMXX.99 sen, now RMXX.98

          99-Cent Pricing May Not Be Worth the Penny, Says Expert

          “Sep. 12, 2011 — Just-below pricing, or 99-cent endings, is a common marketing tool used to attract customers looking to get bang for their buck. But a Rutgers-Camden professor says that, in some cases, a penny saved doesn’t always translate into a penny earned for retailers.”

      1. Siapakah yang paling ramai pengelak cukai kat Malaysia ni?

        Perlaksanaan GST Akan Kesan Pengelak Cukai

        Quote “KUALA LUMPUR: Individu yang mengelak duti dan cukai akan dapat dikenal pasti dengan lebih mudah oleh Kastam Diraja Malaysia dan Jabatan Hasil Dalam Negeri sebaik sahaja Cukai Barangan dan Perkhidmatan (GST) dilaksanakan. Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Idris Jala berkata dengan pengenalan GST, keseluruhan proses penyimpanan rekod bukan hanya menjadi lebih teliti, tetapi juga menyumbang kepada pengutipan cukai dan duti yang lebih cekap di masa depan.

        “GST adalah cukai menyeluruh berdasarkan jumlah penggunaan. Penggunaan adalah lebih tinggi di kalangan golongan mewah, dan GST secara automatik mengenakan cukai kepada mereka, bukan kepada golongan berpendapatan rendah,” kata beliau dalam blognya.

        Idris, yang juga Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Unit Pengurusan Prestasi dan Pelaksanaan (Pemandu), berkata pelaksanaan GST juga boleh mengesan aliran keluar modal negara kerana kajian telah menunjukkan bahawa Malaysia mempunyai aliran keluar modal yang tidak boleh diselaraskan dalam akaun negara.

        Beliau menambah, sehingga 80 peratus daripada aliran keluar modal itu dikatakan harga pemindahan mana firma-firma memindahkan kos kepada pelbagai tempat di seluruh dunia untuk mengurangkan cukai. “Sebaik sahaja GST dilaksanakan, ia menjadi lebih sukar untuk mengelakkan cukai kerana rekod yang lengkap disimpan di setiap peringkat proses,” katanya.

        Idris menambah bahawa jika GST diumumkan pada Belanjawan 2014 Jumaat ini, ia mungkin dilaksanakan hanya pada 2015 kerana negara memerlukan tempoh antara 12 dan 18 untuk bersedia ke arah cukai nilai tambah itu.

        Idris berkata adalah penting untuk mengingati bahawa apabila GST dilaksanakan, Malaysia boleh menetapkan kadar cukai kepada sifar untuk apa-apa barangan keperluan.

        “Ini adalah apa yang kerajaan mahu lakukan untuk memastikan rakyat Malaysia tidak dibebankan dengan cukai ke atas barangan keperluan. “Tambahan lagi, GST akan membantu kerajaan mendapatkan hasil yang lebih tinggi kerana kami menjangka lebih ramai orang menjadi lebih mewah kerana langkah-langkah untuk meningkatkan pendapatan semakin menjadi realiti,” katanya.

        Idris berkata GST juga akan memanfaatkan orang ramai kerana barangan dan perkhidmatan keperluan seperti makanan, pengangkutan awam dan pendidikan akan bertaraf sifar yang bermakna pengguna tidak perlu membayar cukai yang berlebihan.”Unquote

        1. OKM and kakis, had recently held some sort anti GST talks at Penang Institute, so we can imagine how the Cinas will be angry at the incompetence Melayu Gomen wanted to take their wealth away!

          1. It is a form of price control mechanism as well. They can no longer cheat the GOMEN. For instance, if they want to pass back the cost to consumer, the more they charge the more they will get charge in return. I didn’t expect it this soon though, I was thinking sometime in 2018. This is most effective carrot and stick measure for the GOMEN.

            Should give Najib the thumb ups for his pre-election strategy wrt to the Chinese.

          2. Bukan OKM tapi Woo Wing Thye dari Penang Instiute yang diketuai oleh CEO “Melayu Islam”.

            Ya. Bulan depan bila pelancong beli DVD lucah dan kasut Jimmy Choo (edisi Rakyat) di Batu Ferrighi (Penang), 1Stop (Penang), Petaling Street, mereka boleh claim cukai bila berangkat dari KLIA. Dan salesman Bangla dan salesgirl Myammar akan buka invois GST pada tourist.

        2. Haha! Kalau Cina yang banyak elak cukai pun bayar 60% keseluruhan cukai, maka kalau mereka semua bayar cukai nanti bila GST dilaksanakan, Cina akan bayar 90% cukai Malaysia. Oleh tu UMNO dan Melayu sepatutnya berterima kasih pada Cina yang beri sumbangan dan subsidi pad UMNO dan Melayu.

          1. Thank you Malaysian and all Chinese. Happy paying more and more taxes for the benefits of the Malays…ROTFL

        3. Idris is really stretching it in defense of GST. I think you may be mistaken that businesses are taxed, be it Chinese or others. Additional costs will be passed to the consumers. It’s called consumption tax after all… The ones who suffer the most will be the middle & low income segment.

          The rate will exceed 10% very quickly. Good for governments. Bad for consumers.

          If the cost of doing business here is too high, businesses close or move elsewhere. Given the current business climate, I’m not sure this is a good idea.

          I think this is one of those taxes that we will live to regret.

    3. Although you have a right to hate the Chinese, and the points you made are generally the stereotypical Chinese, but it is no longer exclusive to the Chinese. Unfortunately, you are inadvertently exhibiting the same traits as those you criticise in the likes of Dr Lim Mun Fah. Hate is not good.

  5. Ms H. It is surprising to note that on the one hand the holy-holies want to subvert the very people they insult.

    I do not know how these high-faluting types came to this racist opinion. However, I recommend all to vide. BBC News Asia. ‘Singapore’s mid-life crisis as citizens find their voice’.

    As we all know Lee Kuan Yew with his brilliant set of results from the Law School of Cambridge in 1947 set out to shape Singapore into his own image and the beat of his own drums.

    He ended up with at least 10 failed Policies for Singapore. which will be fatal to the State if not already so. And in 2013, two Singaporean Ministers have announced that in future all candidates for jobs or promotions will be based not only on their academic qualifications but also on their hidden talents as well.

    It will do well for all to think that Malays are different from the Chinese and the Chinese are different from the Malays as these 2 are dfferent from an Indian.

    Malaysia has moved ahead of Singapore in human terms. Just like Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Hare and the Tortoise.’

    1. Re. Malaysia has moved ahead of Singapore in human terms

      Singapore a PETRI DISH, where the people are “groomed and trained” the way the government wants them be. If the GOMEN asks them to sit, they have to sit, if the GOMEN asks them to jump, they will ask how high. There is no two ways about it. As the most successful service center in the world, they can’t help not to do it.

      1. Re. Just like Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Hare and the Tortoise.’


        1. Singapore central bank loses billions as currency soars

        “Singapore’s central bank posted a S$10.61 billion ($8.39 billion) net loss in its last fiscal year as the local dollar’s gains against the yen and euro diminished the value of its foreign currency holdings.

        The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) also said the city-state’s economy will “comfortably” meet the official growth forecast of 1-3 percent for 2013, while inflation for the full year is expected to come in at 2-3 percent, lower than the earlier estimate of 3-4 percent. ”


        Bank Negara posts RM5.6b net profit in 2012

        KUALA LUMPUR: Bank Negara Malaysia posted a higher net profit of RM5.600 billion for the financial year ended Dec 31, 2012 as compared to RM4.724 billion in 2011.

        2. Published on Jun 13, 2013

        Temasek Holdings makes $4.6Bil loss one of the worst investments – Faber Report [YouTube]


        Khazanah posts lower profit for 2012, despite record portfolio value

        KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 17 – Government investment arm Khazanah Nasional Berhad posted a profit before tax of RM2.06 billion in 2012, down from RM5.34 billion in 2011.

  6. When Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020, Amanah Saham Malaysia, Amanah Saham Gemilang and Amanah Saham 1Malaysia were open to all Malaysians my Chinese neighbours went berserk macam tak makan 50tahun!

    They withdrew whatever savings they had and queued as early as 6 am to try and grab whatever crumbs available from the schemes initiated by and for the stupid Bumiputras. Dengar kabar quota all snapped up by these cerdik pandais?

    Sebodoh2 orang Melayu pun ade juga terhegeh2 nak tumpang sekaki ya?

    1. Alah Rina tak payah tenguk jauh kalau pandai sangat kenapa Penang FDI dan Defisit merudum sejak DAP ambil alih?

      1. ‘kenapa Penang FDI dan Defisit merudum sejak DAP ambil alih?’

        Must say BIG THANK YOU to the brilliants of Lim Guan Eng, Lim Mah Hai and Cina Dapsters!

    2. It is the same with their atitude towards Petronas, I know two collagues cina klistian with John Nicholas in front of his hangzhi names who gile gile try to convince everyone that Petronas engieers are lazy and stupid, despite many publications that shows that Petronas have the most revenue and profits per employee despite having lazy Malay engineers and emplyees not go mention having the highest proportion of women employee and engineers among the oil and gas companies.

      1. Petronas is the only Malaysian company in Fortune 500 list actually.

        Sebab nak elak rasuah dari cina-cina, if you to KLCC tower 2 where their HQ is, there will sign that says “NO Gifts to Petronas Employees Allowed”

    3. Rina
      I remember when ASM launched tak laku becuase the ah chek ah soh say it is a huanna investement. In fact my collegue (Cina Beng type and look) says don’t buy because it is huanna and tipu duit… tapi dia curi2 beli RM50,000.

      One Ah Cek told me ASM is a way for the Huanna to control haram business like Genting.
      Fuck. These people secretly pumped in millions into the acocunts. In Penang there are accounts with RM1 million to one Chinese boy. At 9, where does he get at the money. Is he is a China Justin Beiber, so much so he is so rich.

      Ya, IRB must go and check on those millionaire little boys who are not YouTube sensations.

      In short never trust what an AhCek or Ah Soh from Penang says.

      1. personally hear a UK educated collague telling an australian counterpart that the EmployeeProvident Fund steal our money and invest our money in gods know where despite the EPF being more transparent than Singapore cina run CPF and does inform us where its investments are.

        I believe this kind of chinese, will whack Malaysian copanies and institutions with the fact that these well run entities are run by low quality Malays and the fact they are doing welll make them upset and bitter.

        1. Overheard the other day at LRT sentul.

          Indian Man-Rapid Staff-layan dengan muka toya

          Maybe you should go and complaint to Touch N Go…

          Chinese Lady-Disgruntled Customer

          Aiyah, those people ah, I tell you, they won’t care one! Go there also wasting time…I tell you aah

          I could not be bothered and left, but I surely knows whom she was referring to…

          Apparently she claimed that her Touch N Go had ‘makan my money. So much money losing already. Like this I better take Taxi, you know…’

          I say to myself, imagining telling her in the face, ‘Bingo! Go and get Taxi la’

  7. I suppose it isn’t racism when ‘think tanks’ of DAP say it. Or at least no Malays are crying racist like Chinese does when UMNO politicians say anything with Chinese.

    Malays are too lenient. PAS and PKR I understand, but others?

    1. True, then they should not be upset when we say they cannot get govt jobs because they guve bribes and practice detrimental ethnocentric office politics, sure kene saman by them.

  8. I apologise first. I agree with the thinktank. It is true that Bumiputera have no quality. If they really are with the highest quality: they will not be that dumb enough to believe the oppo and accept them lock, stock and barrel.

    How dumb can one be when there are jarring mistakes, contradictory statements/actions, yet the oppo are seen as the goddamned saviour of mankind? And every single fault in the universe is UMNO’s fault. It is as if logic leave these Bumis and left them.. lemme find the correct word, err.. DUMB.

    I want to ramble on but as a dumb Bumi, it’s tiring to prove my worth to Grade AAA PRC imitation cos at the end, I’d be called racist and a bigot.

  9. yeah right guan eng shit tank thinks that bumiputra tiada mutu, maybe his shit tank can do a study as is who runs the prostituton business, the illelgal money lending business, drug business, triad business dvd business in malaysia. are these chinese are they “bermutu” typical bloody chinese ingrates from the top to the bottom.

    as for Lim Mah Huis so called report he can take it and shove it where the sun dont shine

    1. And the Cetak Rompak taiko that robs a young film diirector of his almost 5 millions investment.

      Penat2 budak tu tulis skrip, direct and edit the film, suddenly you can get it for RM10 while the film opened in cinemas! And not to mention the online leaks, few weeks before the film’s debut.

    2. beastofburden. The institute is just a copycat version of the dysfunctional meritocratic pyramid of yes men with the smartest fellow on top in Singapore. The brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore :-
      1. Money was used as an investment in the pursuit of Foregin Policy. Vide. Thaksin. Shinawatra. Bangkok Riots. 2003-2013.
      2. A horrendous US$108 Billions (RM350 Billions) was lost by the dysfunctional meritocratic pyramid in October 2008 on Wall Street. Vide. ChannelNewsasia. Lee Kuan Yew November 2008.
      3. The 2-family Policy of 1970s and 1980s. This is the killer. Vide Singapore Government White Paper on Population 2013.
      4. Humanity and Multiculturallism were never practised. Vide. ChannelNewsasia. The Curry Smell Tirbunal. 2011. etc.
      5. The perfunctory Judiciary which is known the World over. Vide. The unfortunate and fortunate Mr Chee. The unfortunate Tan Koon Swan. The Aussie and German drug mules. Dr Woffles Wu. Shaw. If the Police stopped at 1, he would not be in trouble. But they stopped at 51 ! Poor girl.
      6. 5,000 pigs imported daily. The flower nurseries contracts. The King of the Road. etc.etc.
      7. The highest paid Cabinet Ministers in the World for a one street town. Vide. Warren Buffet.
      8. The DAP was founded in 1966 and was in opposition since. It failed to do anything for the Malays, Chinese, Indians and all. And it failed to deliver a conquered Malaysia to Lee Kuan Yew.
      9. The failure to establish a World Class transport system. Vide. Mahubani – distinguished diplomat and scholar.
      10. Lee Kuan Yew is still in Parliament since 1959 – 55 years.

      If those smart and world class people in Singapore failed, what can the smart people at the Penang Institute do for Penang’s :-
      1 19th century sewage system.
      2. Water supply
      3. The rising unemployment.
      in a State of Malaysia without the independence of a Republic ?

        1. Islam 1st. History is very important for a place like our beloved Malaysia. We must recognise the facts and the truths like any normal human beings. So far thanks to the BN Government as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties, so good. But some people try their very best to make us look bad which is not true.

  10. And what happened to high quality Dong Zong president Yap Sin Tian double Dr status? Having bogus PhDs (still no denial) yet leading chinese education nowhere but ‘extremism’. No wonder he got punched by his own kind (low quality?) during convocation sometimes ago.

    1. Why would the top guy of DONG ZONG be punched up in a public event? Didn’t Lord Buddha teach compassion and non-violence? Confucius exhorted the Chinese people to be gentlemen with a high moral bearing and reticent conduct.

      Was he being persecuted with raw justice? What did he do to warrant such animosity?

      1. A person calling himself an educationist yet he bought fake degrees. What sane parents would entrust their children to such a person to help them educate their children ?

        If you call yourself an educationist, you must be well cultivated. Set an example for your pupils to emulate. Good examples. A teacher, an educationist is like a second parent to children.

        Now what this person had done, he’s no educationist. What’s he’s going to tell his pupils if they come up to him and ask “is it okay if I buy a degree ?”.

        If he were to say “no its not okay. Its not proper. You must earn your degree” and his pupils answer back with “but you yourself bought fake degrees”.

        As far as I m concerned, this man is not an educationist. He’s not a gentleman of high moral bearing, nor is he a person with ethics.

          1. ‘as fanatic as Perkasa.’

            Well at least the Perkasa folks need not buy themselves fake Doctorate to be heard. The Komunis Dong Zong will only talks about Cina this and that.

            Perkasa talks about Pribumi rights as enshrined by the very Federal Constitution that gave you and Dong Zong lovers, kewarganegaraan!

  11. LIM MA HAI knows that if he lied enough, his Tokongs will naikan his gaji a little bit more.

    Last few days at #Malaysia, an academics from Leiden (these criminals, first they loot us of our priceless manuscripts, we should ask for a return, and now they had try to teach us on how to best being a Malay, what a BS!) was re tweeting the news report of Malaysia’s losing its best talent due to affirmative actions, and Malaysia was at no. 22 according to the World Economic Forum released the Human Capital Index 2013.

    I tweet, and asked him if that was the case, then what about the top 21st countries like Switzerland etc who had none of the affirmative actions favoring the Malays, why are they still be top?

    People movement for economic reasons are global phenomenons, we had a Bangladeshis (only 60% are unskilled) who had skills and academic credentials, but end up in construction side because his government had failed to provide him and many others any economic opportunity.

    I have met an Indian guy (India), who had a Science degree, but came for an interview to manned a money changer outlet.

    We lose some to Singapore, perhaps, Singapore had lose some to the US and the cycle follows.

    The Cinas had choose to trade only with the Cinas, they only wants other people money, but want to keep their money to and among themselves. Only when they can’t or won’t do it themselves, they will consider other people, and even if they did, normally the pay is much lower than the average pays and definitely much lower than a Cina would get for the same position.

    I’m a penangite and their antics are no secret. In KL, to be fair, its not too obvious, but its not much different really.

    1. islam 1st. You talk sense. At the end of the day which is now and since 1959 when the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies assumed power (we had 6 democratically elected Prime Ministers) and he is still there, comparatively, we see on the one hand, a one street town created by a fella who knuckled down his own people with his brilliant set of academci results obtained in 1947 and on the other, a nation with no fixed agenda to screw down its own population but practised democracy. This is the spiritual leader of these wannabes in Penang and their spiritual homeland is Singapore – a failed State. Within 50 years, these are the options for the Singaporeans :-
      1. To be the 53rd State of the United States.
      2. To be a Crown Colony again.
      3. To merge with Malaysia again.
      4. To maintain its status quo with the highest paid Cabinet in the World and a full-fledged military for a one street-town. How? For a tiny island with no resources but only the natural resorce of BLUFFOLOGY which is now imported by the Penang Institute.
      How come ? A meritocratic World Class place with so many MUTU Chinamen failed so miserably before our very eyes !

      1. AK47, UMNO are no angels. And so are BN. But the PR are no angels too.

        But I must say that the government is always a reflection of the people, they very rakyat of that country. Perhaps we are no angels ourselves. But of course there is room for improvement, always.

        But how do we go about it? By belittling people? Mocking other people? By being disrespectful for anything Malaysiana, including Islam, the Monarchs and the Federal Constitution? Where does the line drawn?

        If our government is bad. Please la, show us that you, the oppositions, NGOs opposing the government or the very people that detest the current BN governments, are way much better by conducts. Mere rhetoric (Anwar is King) won’t work forever. Sooner or later, the rakyat will know about it too. People will eventually come to see that you don’t walk the talk.

        AK47, Sir (I have much respect for you as the elders, who had sacrifices part of his life to build this nation), I had voted for the DAP. LGE no less in 2008.

        But I found that their deeds and conducts are no different than those in BN. Slightly after winning the already question the national symbols by refusing to donned, the Songkok?!, Of all things they have been fighting for, that I come to share, now we have made them government, they wants to demo against above everything else, but Songkoks?

        Not only that I find the incidence’s as annoying and petty. I believe the are far greater things need to be taken to task, head on.

        Their anti Malay and Islam was an open secret. The things I hated most was their lansi brash and brute attitude. Not becoming of government officials at all. BN are not lacking in this field too. But PR has the upper hand in this.

        When the rakyat had made you a government, please behave and speak like a responsible government. If you want to behave like gangsters, just like LGE press sec. had done before in Penang, for all to see, don’t even bother bertanding and think that people will still vote you up.

        Please walk the talk. BN supporters had never failed to keep asking the coalition to do the same.

        1. islam 1st. Willy nilly the UMNO must be one of the established icons of our beloved Malaysia, like the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans, the Islam religion, the different peoples of the land, the Malay culture and history must form the bias to the whole tapestry interwoven with the contributions by the other communities through the ages.

  12. this guy ahh very dusty lor.. bumiputla kalau tatak kualiti, lu olang tak boleh jadi Billionaire maa.. lu ingat tanpa opportunity lu boleh kaya ka? Lu pikir kalau tok nenek lu masih di mainland tanpa kerakyatan Malaya dulu (atas ehsan raja2 melayu yg tiada kualiti nak kata DAPster).. lu masih hidup senang ke? sohai lor..

    1. So the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah had done this

      perhaps much to the ilks of the stateless Cinas, who had complained time and again about their ‘susah visa’ predicament, begging perhaps for a citizenship.

      Although it is only applies for Muslims, they way it should have been, no Cinas in Brunei will dare to utter ‘Langkah Mayat Aku Dulu!’ ala DAP stalwart, K.Singh or ‘Saya ada masalah dengan kedudukan Islam sebagai Agama Persekutuan’ ala, the Jawi hater, T.Kok, for they are not a warganegara to begin with.

      Perhaps Brunei Malays are much less stupid than all of us here (Lim Mah Hui?), since they kept their kewarganegaraan exclusive amongst the Pribumis only in tact. I’m sure Lim Mah Hui would agree with me on this, kan Dr?

      Although a very few some, who had pass oral and written Malay being granted citizenship. Would be citizen also need to state undivided allegiance to the monarch and as this is wajib (obligatory) and must be observed by all Bruneians as the monarch is the Ulul Amri as stated by Islam, the official religion of the country.

      Fuh, I wonder, how many Malaysian Cinas would ever pass should this being made pre-requisite for Malaysian citizenship. But we won’t know would we, since the Malays and the Malay Sultans, the monarchs, which at times also being mocked by these ingrates, had granted them Jus Soli citizenship.

      And yet the Cinas in Malaysia are still belittling and laughing out loud at the Malays, as shown only recently on the Allah issue courtesy of BFM with a learned US scholar Reza Aslan, adding to the list of ferringhis, whom we all should dictate our lives too in order to be firsts, I presumed.

      Apparently, Reza Aslan, the award winning scholar, whom had taken a Christian wife, which is a no no in Brunei, had stressed that Allah is of Arabic origin. As if we, the stupid Malays, had never heard of that before.

      And so I wonder, what’s the laugh was all about since that’s exactly what we have been trying to tell the world and we had reiterated also, time and again that our Borneo cousins are not of Arab origin nor do they speak Arabic. I’m sure the Ibans and Dayaks, the Kadazans and the Dusuns, can attest to this too.

      I wonder too, should the Cinas know that the best selling scholar also had said that Jesus, the anak tuhan, was in fact a zealot of Nazareth, terrorizing the Romans in his lifetimes, they Cinas, like one Alfred Loh and gangs would have stopped laughing?

      Especially when he, the laughing at us (the stupid Malays, of course), award winning scholar, pointed out that Jesus says “Do not think I have come to bring peace on earth. I have not come to bring peace, but the sword” (Matthew 10:34).

      I bet Reza Aslan would sells some books in months to come, not that the best selling author are not selling here in Malaysia, but I would say, that he would be selling much-much more, now that he had laughed at most of us!

      Anyway, so I read with disbelief, today when Kanye West had proposed to Kim Kardashian on her birthday, without a pre-nups, since he was so in love with her? Unlike Reza Aslan who write books, Kanye West, makes music and earning much more than the former did and its a big deal.

      So tell me, am I the only one here, who thinks that was a stupid move (stupid and me, goes a long way), since Kim, had a history of divorcing his men and the last, much publicized and million dollars sponsored marriage, to Kris Humphrey, was made to last only for 72 hours?

      Is Kanye naive or plain stupid (is he a Malay?) for thinking that Kim won’t ditched him ever? Hey Kanye, have you gone, cuckoo (Namewee must be proud)?

      Just look at the Cinas in Malaysia, making a mockery of the Federal Constitution, the highest law of the country, simply because it has a clause about the special positions for the Pribumis, regardless the fact that the very Federal Constitution had protect their kewarnegaraan intact.

      Something for which the most Cinas in Brunei can only dream of.

      And so I would like for Kanye to retract his stupid decision and go for a pre-nups anyway, because, love, and hate, changes with time. And so does people. Cinas in Malaysia is one hell of a good example!

      But what do a stupid Malay like me knows anyway. I bet, Lim Mah Hui and kakis would be nodding (and laughing) with agreement!

      Perhaps Tun M knows better?

      BTW who says the Cinas hate and boycotted Mamaks. I thought in Penang some, want to kill off Mamaks business, especially when the Bukit Bendera Mamak looking, utter pendatangs remark? Maybe and only in Penang kut, Aliran’s much loved hometown.

      Apparently some of us really knows nothing, because in NY, Mamaks fare is good business. But of course it is one by two Cinas la. Aiyah, sorry for the spoiler!

  13. well..i think the statement is incorrect. i am a bumi. a professional bumi. never use tongkat2 one. since i came from poor family (late father only a labourer who earned rm400/month), i studied hard.. i worked hard… 7days a week… be a good muslim and good citizen.. got decent income… paid large amount of income tax annually… bla bla bla..

    even the so-called superior race are working for me.. so.. am i lack quality? hmmmmmm..

  14. Berikut di petik dari buku Ye Lin-Sheng “The Chinese Dilemma” (East West Publishing, Australia, 2003), Ye Lin-Sheng menulis:

    1.Pengiktirafan orang Cina:

    “Orang Cina Malaysia mendapati mereka lebih mudah untuk menerima dominasi oleh orang-orang putih kerana mereka dapat memberi pengiktirafan terhadap kehebatan orang Barat. Tetapi Orang Cina Malaysia amat susah untuk menerima kehebatan orang Melayu kerana perasaan iri hati dan hasad dengki mereka bahawa Malaysia ini milik orang Melayu”

    2.Keangkuhan orang Cina:

    “Keangkuhan orang Cina Malaysia telah membuatkan mereka sentiasa memandang rendah terhadap keupayaan orang Melayu, walhal ramai orang Melayu sebenarnya bekerja atau belajar lebih pandai dari kaum cina Malaysia ini. Perkara ini sudah lama saya perhatikan, kerana saya memiliki perniagaan di Malaysia dan telah bercampur dengan orang Cina Malaysia ini. Sikap mereka suka cakap belakang dan tekan orang Melayu adalah menjadi tabiat dan budaya mereka. Mana mana orang Cina Malaysia yang tidak menghina orang Melayu dikatakan kolot dan membelot bangsa Cina”.

    3.Perkauman orang Cina:

    “Kejayaan orang Cina Malaysia hanya tercapai jika mereka dapat menindas orang Melayu dalam masa yang sama menggunakan kudrat dan kelebihan orang Melayu. Mereka juga tidak akan mengakui bahawa kepimpinan Melayu adalah sangat mahir, cekap serta bagus dalam pengurusan politik, ekonomi dan sosial. Cina jarang menyifatkan kejayaan Malaysia kepada orang Melayu. Apa yang ada diminda mereka adalah semua kejayaan di Malaysia ini kerana orang Cina. Mereka masih lagi mengamalkan ideologi komunis”.

    4.Penghinaan orang Cina:

    “Sampai hari ini, sesetengah orang Cina Malaysia masih menggunakan istilah menghina terhadap orang Melayu. Dalam dialek tertentu, orang Melayu dipanggil dengan nama yang bermakna ‘orang hutan’ atau ‘orang liar’. Maknanya, bangsa yang tidak bertamadun. Orang Cina yang memeluk Islam dikatakan ‘masuk Melayu’. Jarang ibu bapa Cina membenarkan anak mereka menjadi askar atau polis kerana anggap itu kerja kotor dan eksklusif kepada kaum Melayu”

    5.Sikap negatif orang Cina:

    “Kejayaan orang Melayu turut dipandang sinis. Ia biasanya dikaitkan dengan bantuan kerajaan atau hak istimewa yang diberi kepada mereka”

    6.Isu Tuan Rumah:

    “Siapakah tuan rumah negara Malaysia? Ia adalah orang Melayu selaku tuan rumah , dan orang Cina dan India sebenarnya hanyalah tetamu ataupun dipanggil menumpang kerana tiada tempat. Orang Cina Malaysia sepatutnya malu kerana telah datang secara asal untuk menjadi pekerja dan selepas diberi kerakyatan akhirnya mereka hendak merampas serta menindas tuan rumah. Sudahlah mereka datang dengan jumlah yang besar serta.

    Jika saya (Ye Lin-Sheng, penulis Buku) adalah orang Melayu, saya tidak akan membenarkan perlembagaan dan sosial kontrak dicabar. Saya akan merasakan maruah dan penghormatan saya akan tercabar. Orang Melayu sebenarnya sedang dijajah cina:

    “Tetapi itulah keistimewaan orang Melayu, mereka adalah bangsa yang bersopan santun dan seorang penyabar. Sudahlah mereka bersusah payah berjuang untuk membebaskan diri dari jajahan barat. Sekarang mereka perlu bersusah payah untuk merampas dari orang Cina yang memegang ekonomi pula. Sepatutnya orang Cina yang perlu berbakti kepada orang Melayu kerana sudah diberi peluang mendapat kerakyatan, tetapi saya selaku orang asal dari China berasa malu dengan sikap bangsa saya yang tinggal di Malaysia. Tidak ada perkataan yang dapat saya berikan kerana dasar orang cina terlalu keras, ekstrim serta perkauman. Kami sendiri orang yang tinggal di China tidak menerima ideologi Komunis, tetapi orang Cina di Malaysia lebih selesa untuk mengamal serta menyebarkan ideologi.

  15. GST will really fuck up Penang. Where can you buy Penang (read fake) Jimmy Choos? There are only very few bookstores in a so called industrialised state. Only 2 CD chains. Becuase either Penang lang photocopy or download pirated stuff and be poud of their Prada1Penang (read fake).

    Tell Lim Mah Hui to do research on how GST will fuck up Penang (and Petaling Street and Jonker Walk).

    1. They can download the designs. Then go to a shop selling 3D printers. Buy the 3D printers and they can start printing their Prada. Its that simple.

      As for the cost of purchasing 3D printers, its about RM8000 for the most basic models.

      1. Pasar KARAT lagi best, “now you see now you don’t” David Copperfield pun kalah. Suppliers? Robbers and burglars! Gurantee barang2 kat situ berkualiti dan originals.

        Otak bisnes mereka memang geliga.

    2. Re. Tell Lim Mah Hui to do research on how GST will fuck up Penang (and Petaling Street and Jonker Walk).

      Not to forget Sg Wang Plaza, Low Yat Plaza, Imbi Plaza dan kawasan-kawasan sewaktu dengannya.

  16. I really cannot comment about other industries. In the IT world which I have been involved for decades now, we do not see in terms of ethnicities. I have interviewed well over 30 candidates in my career. Nothing of ethnicity ever crossed my mind when gauging competencies.

    I know of five Malay chaps from my Uni days who are still working in the US. They do not have the intention to return because they would have to “downgrade”. If multinational companies can accept Malays, why can’t Malaysian companies do the same? I was told that Petronas have many Malay Chemical Engineers who can easily be employed by similar multi-national O&G companies.

    I do not know what is the motive of Dr. Lim concluding such a thing. Is it an expression of superiority, or merely lamenting? Now, if he is a true-blue Malaysian, he should be suggesting ways to improve the situation. However, I doubt he would want to do that. Why help the Malays?

    Everybody knows the Chinese community had a head-start, compared to others. Perhaps people say such a thing so that their kind will be continually employed in the private sector. I admit I am saying this without solid proof. So did Dr Lim. UM made a study and it proved that the private sector is tad racists. Tapi heran kenapa super-cyberbully Fat Mama the Speaker tak tweet “rasis!”.

    As a Malay I am happy if the “kuat perasan” Chinese look down on us Malays. Let them. It makes me laugh!

    Anyway, I have looked at the CV of this Dr. Lim. Apa yang hebat sangat? Kalau dia betul2 quality, kenapa tak menang Nobel Prize in Economics? It’s fair if I “up the stake” kan? Dapat kerja dgn international investment bank dah kuat perasan … hmmm

    1. It’s just a chinese chauvinist backed think tank being racist to cover up the racism of the chinese private sector.

      Yeahhh…I think that demonstrates the high quality of that think tank well enough.

        1. ‘The think tank tak lain dan tak bukan diketuai oleh seorang “Bumiputera”’

          Sapa lagi, the best Melayu they can find la, a Cina that is!

  17. Well Mulan, thanks for the expose on the the evident lack of Penangite intellectual life! One kinda got a sense what the grassroot levels are like by the way they ushered their high-level kingpins into their political thrones. Is it fair to surmise that these Chinese wannabees are not up to the kind of Confucian scholarship being presented in this international forum:

    UNESCO Hangzhou Congress 2013: [YouTube]

  18. Yang dia tak tahu dalam masa 20 tahun lagi Pulau Pinang akan jadi negeri majoriti Melayu. Nanti kita tengok bolehkah orang super quality kekalkan tokong dia terus jadi chief di situ….atau jadi tokong without power..

    1. Sebenarnya Pulau Pinang akan jadi majoriti Melayu dalam masa 10 tahun. Lihat saja kat Seberang Prai. Kat sana Melayu dah jadi majoriti. 10 tahun lagi lepas tu habis cerita. Nak kekal orang Cina jadi Ketua Menteri jangan lagi syiok sendiri. Tak kisah sama ada orang Umno ke, Pas ke, PKR ke, asalkan bila tiba masa orang Melayu dah jadi majoriti, yang paling penting Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang mesti orang Melayu.

      1. Didn’t you guys know that the application for affordable home project under PR1MA has started and it will be discussed on the Friday Budget?

        1. Affordable homes in Penang? Are you joking? The UDA flat (Breeza) at Tanjung Pinang is only RM800K with a wonderful view of the dearly departed Chinese (Graveyard) and a very affordable RM1 million for the view of the future Tunnel of Love (sea).

          I bet it is affordable to most wage earning Singaporeans and Caucasians. The former occupants of Tanjung Pinang (read: Melayu) or even wage earning Cina Bengs can never afford Tanjung Pinang.

          Affordable homes in Penang for Malaysians are in Kulim, Kedah Darul Aman. Duh.

          1. You have to earn somewhere between RM8000 to RM10000 to have any chance of owning a piece of residential property on that island.

            Hence you have hordes of middle income wage earners marching to, yes that’s right, the places you mentioned. As locals depart in ever larger numbers, foreigners with deep pockets, typically Singaporeans, Caucasians move in.

            Now there’s another wave that’s about to hit those still living and working not only on the island but also on the mainland section of the state. The Mainland Chinese, Arabs flush with petrodollars and increasingly, Indians from India are also moving in to buy property.

            This is the price people of that state has to pay while the Chief Minister and his cronies and the developers line up their pockets with more money.

            No surprise really considering the fact that its a state administered by the, you guess it right, The Developers’ Association Party.

            1. ….You have to earn somewhere between RM8000 to RM10000 to have any chance of owning a piece of residential property on that island..

              Fat chance Survivor… even with income higher than the above. Problem is kat Tanjung no unit available entah mereka SOROK bangunan tu kat siapa OR probably kalau potential buyer dari golongan “bin atau binti” dah dilatih to automatically say “SOLLY ALL UNITS SOLD OUT”?

              1. Rina and all Malay and Muslims,

                Start looking at all waqf land residential project, mengumpul harta sambil beramal. Because the proceeds will go back to the poor Muslims community.

          2. Mulan,

            ROTFL. Don’t get hysterical. The affordable home under PR1MA is from the federal government. It is going to be all over Malaysia based on “Projek Pasang Siap Konsep” in collaboration with a Japanese Company. These houses are not going to be built by Penang Gomen, private companies or GLC , it is more of the federal Gomen effort and maybe in collaberation with anyone of the later.


            “Putrajaya: Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia (PR1MA), semalam memeterai kerjasama dengan Sekisui Chemical Co Ltd (Sekisui), syarikat pembina rumah terbesar di Jepun untuk kajian membangunkan kilang pembuatan khusus bagi membina rumah pasang siap modular di dalam negara.

            Majlis menandatangani memorandum persefahaman (MoU) disaksikan oleh Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak di Perdana Putra di sini. ”

            Of course the price will be different from location to location, plus definitely it is not going to be in Prime Area in Penang.
            There are various ways to go about it, one is via the gomen own land and the other via existing waqf land. This is one such example:

            “Lebih 9,900 hektar tanah wakaf terbiar akan dibangunkan

            JOHOR BAHRU: Sejumlah 9,907 hektar tanah wakaf bernilai RM1.2 bilion yang terbiar di seluruh negara akan dibangunkan, kata Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri (JPM), Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

            Beliau berkata tanah wakaf itu akan dibangunkan melalui tiga kaedah iaitu secara terus dengan peruntukan RM256.6 juta daripada JPM, kerjasama dengan pemaju tanah dan Bina, Operasi dan Pindah (B.O.T).”


            This project will be more affordable than the existing available project. There will be mixed of high, middle and low end houses. The concept will work in the manner where ” The High End Buyers will subsidize the Middle and Low End Buyers”. There are already several commercial waqf projects in place and I am not at liberty to reveal about it at the moment.

            While Iguana Eng and DAP is busy helping developers making more and more money, the Gomen is finding a solution to provide affordable houses for “the UMNO/BN supporters”. LOL

            The application is already open and everyone above 21yo with salary RM3000 above is eligible to apply. The project is yet to take place but “the mobilizing strategy is taking shape.”

              1. Malaysian,

                When you are not in the business or the industry, you just know shit about things. I have just posted on such example that already taking place and most are not known by the Cina DAP as they are under Muslim Waqf Land. ROTFL

  19. Dear Dr Lim..

    You said “I had said that many of our graduates (not singling out any race) are not only unemployed but more seriously are “unemployable” due to the drastic decline in the quality of education received.” — Let’s call a spade a spade, these graduates are unemployed or unemployable not because of the low standard of education but because these kids are delusional over the sense of entitlement. They expect with a piece of a scroll made from paper, the whole world bow down on their feet and offer them a minimum 60,000 wage per annum. Instead of working their ass of like most of the commentators in here (myself included – I have no paper to prove how clever or which uni I graduated from, cos I am not a goddamned graduate), kids these days are pampered by their goddamned parents by providing every single damn thing.

    and you again said “50% of respondents said they were unable to hire the graduates due to “poor communication skills, notably lack of command of the English language”… as a HOD, this is a common answer we give when we reject applicants. The poor communication skills refer to bad PR, ill mannered and acting like a prince or princesses during interview.

    1. The kind of advice parents give to their children goes like this.

      Study diligently. Get high marks in your exams.

      With good grades, apply for a place at a university. Apply for courses with commercial value i.e engineering, the sciences etc

      Then study diligently for 3, 4 years at the university. After getting the scrolls, apply for a high paying job at a big company.

      What these parents don’t know is that the world has changed. People expect more from graduates. Things like, as you said, good manners, excellent communication skills, but above all empathy being your ability to get along with people.

      These graduates have none of those qualities. The saddest part is, they think the world owes them a living.

      When they failed to get what they want, they start blaming people. The government is the perpetual victim of this blame game. These graduates blame the government for failing to provide them with quality education, as if they themselves are people of quality.

    2. Well said anakjamil.

      I come to the same conclusion. The kids today when coming for interview will act like they are better then anyone else. My company doing an interview in interview room which located beside my boss office. Those who come for interview must walk beside the clerk and officer. When there is an interview for engineer or officer, those who come has this attitude of I’m better than those who work for years in this company.

      Never mind if you don’t want to smile to others people as we understand how nervous you are but to act like you know everythings when stumbles to answer the simples question like ibunegeri Perak (mind you some answer Taiping) or ibunegara Malaysia is Putrajaya when asking in BM make you want to bash their head and asked them to return to primary school again.

      And face it it it raceless because as per now my finding including all race in Malaysia. Little prince and princes? Yeah an accurate discription to a lot of them. And don’t ask me to start with a parents who call for their children coming interview or job application…..

      :o sarah

      1. Sarah,
        You forgot the most important question these graduates always asked…. which is ‘ how much is the salary?’. LOL..

  20. You’re closing in on the 3 million mark. I would like to offer you a suggestion. After you hit the 3 million mark, write something that will truly make the perpetually hysterical crowd go wild. I m sure you have the materials ready for the big day. I believe you will hit the 3 million mark before Dec 31. Have a nice day. Cheers.

    1. Ahmad Ibrahim, you must be a pendatang here, at Helen Ang’s, with or without the 3 million mark, we remain the same.

      Have a nice day. Wherever you might be trolling at the very moment!

  21. Dr Lim’s remark is flawed & bigoted. I think he is merely parroting the popular opinion within his circle and community. Only a person who thinks highly of himself will express such views. They tend to judge and look-down on others.

    The private sector is diverse. It’s true that business owners tend to hire along racial lines. Chinese-owned companies do tend to favour their own ethnicity. However, it is inaccurate to automatically assume private sector as synonymous with Chinese businesses. Perhaps it might be true 20 years ago.

    Most non-ethnic businesses are from the technology & engineering sectors, where knowledge & skills are the most important prerequisites.

    The actual problem is the disconnect between market requirements and the graduates’ skillsets. And of course attitude.

  22. Cina memang ada kualiti, world-class dalam menipu! Menipu dalam serba bidang – ekonomi, politik dan perniagaan. Dalam beragama lagi Cina tiada kualiti, menipu siang dan malam.

  23. “Ketawa berdekah-dekah Dr Lim Mah Hui ini mengingatkan kita kepada kaliber”

    That’s your posting in 2013.
    Well this is the news today.
    “GEORGE TOWN: A city councillor has hit back at Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng over an argument over the supposed low number of towed vehicles on the island. The bickering ensued between Penang Island City Council (MBPP) councillor Dr Lim Mah Hui and Guan Eng after an accusation that the council of only towing ‘one to two’ cars a day.

    Read More :

    “GEORGE TOWN: A Penang Island city councillor, who was accused of lying by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng over the towing of cars, has asked Lim and others who maligned him to apologise to him publicly.
    Dr Lim Mah Hui (pic) said he wants the parties, including the 12 councillors mainly from the DAP, to offer their apologies without any prejudice to his right to legal recourse.

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