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Undi Cina di Sungai Limau

Kawasan DUN Sungai Limau, Kedah mempunyai sebanyak 1,827 orang pemilih Cina.

Semasa PRU13, calon BN hanya berjaya meraih 10 peratus daripada sokongan Cina.

Daripada 1,827 orang pemilih Cina berdaftar di Sungai Limau, 965 orang mereka adalah ahli MCA. Akan tetapi, BN hanya mendapat kira-kira 180 undi dalam pilihanraya yang lepas.

Bermakna kebanyakan ahli MCA telah menyokong pembangkang.



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29 thoughts on “Undi Cina di Sungai Limau

  1. Another irrefutable evidence that many many MCA members voted for the Opposition in GE13. They were traitors to the BN and stabbed UMNO in the back – and they now deserve the consequences that they are facing. And never never again appoint any of them back to the Cabinet.

    1. Jason,

      One good thing that comes out from PRU13 is that the election shows that UMNO does not need Chinese votes to rule the country.

      It is a mental breakthough of sort. Previously, UMNO leaders had the irritating attitude of announcing that Chinese votes are the kingmaker at any election. Now, they dare not say it again.

      No big deal actually.

      “apa susah hati. Tanpa undi cina pun UMNO masih bentuk kerajaan”.

      Loosely translated. No need anymore to give ‘peruntukan” to Chinese school every time there is election.

      1. Omar & friends will not agree with you and if omar not agree, how can najib want to agree..

        1. iBNI iSMAIL,

          Najib can choose. Between Malays who back his government and chinese who loves to ‘sapu’ whatever goodies yet proclaim they feel like “victim’.

          Or loosely translated, Najib can choose between being a PM or being a “ketua pembangkang’.

          Or in another word, Najib must remenber that he is a “mere PM”, not Nabi with divine crdential.

    2. Not sure apa lagi Cina mau. .They have the most pro Chinese prime Minister since Tunku and yet they dumped him. No wonder since PRU ..Our PM is very cold towards the Chinese… so dont expect for this by election. .goodies to be thrown at them.

  2. Don’t worry la Helen.

    Kali ni 100% will go to BN. GE13 mereka tersilap conggak, ingatkan Putrajaya in their grasp. Oghang PAS nak boleh bagi mereka apa to them for the next 4years? Afterall Kedah is now under BN

    Kalau join balik BN buat muka bolo ada sikit can boleh pi sengeh macam kerang busuk senang nak naik turun opis MB – cekop satu dua project jadi le while waiting for GE14.

    1. Yangan lupa kasi pegang itu manner I Luv PM lor…. Ah Jip Gor tuntu suka lor…. Manyak sinang mau tipo melayu maa

  3. helen, masyarakat cina sudah try satu experimen, nak tukar kerajaan. bagaimanapun, experimen tersebut gagal. so, tak ada sebab utk masyarakat cina terutama ahli mca sg limau meneruskan experimen gagal tersebut. kerajaan negeri di bawah bn, so, boleh fikir sendiri sekurang-kurangnya utk tempoh 4 tahun ke hadapan.

  4. Frankly, BN should just concentrate on the Malay voters. After all, there are over 27,000 eligible voters in the area. Just let MCA/Gerakan do all the work among the Chinese voters. Nanti boleh buat penilaian tentang kesungguhan MCA dalam memperjuangkan agenda BN.

  5. Oops, I mean UMNO, specifically Mukhriz and Muhyiddin should just concentrate on the Malay voters.

    On another note, syabas KDN for cancelling the licence of the security firm involved in the AM Bank shooting. And serious FAIL MCMC for failing to take action on the CCTV video that was posted on Youtube and then went viral. Tak kan lah semuanya nak tunggu report baru nak ambil tindakan.

  6. ‘Daripada 1,827 orang pemilih Cina berdaftar di Sungai Limau, 965 orang mereka adalah ahli MCA. Akan tetapi, BN hanya mendapat kira-kira 180 undi dalam pilihanraya yang lepas.’

    Tu la, masa aku tengok, muka-muka ahli MCA masa EGM ahad lepas, teringat pula, mana satu muka-muka yang undi DAP masa PRU13, tapi masih mahu hadirkan diri dalam EGM parti.

    1. About 1 in every 10 is a traitor to BN. So campak je bola, yang kena tu dah semestinya pengundi pembangkang.

  7. kalau BN/UMNO masih berkempen dengan pelbagai bantuan pada masyarakat/sekolah cina pasti UMNO akan dapat kutukan yang hebat dari orang melayu.

    1. Saya pun tengah tunggu dan kita sama sama kira berapa peruntukan yang najib akan beri kali ini pada srjk..

  8. During the EGM last weekend these MCA ingrates passed a resolution that MCA members can be appointed as as a Senator or to any government body, yeah Ng Yen Yen already Tourism Malaysia boss, and what about the the MCA Dun in Johor who was appointed by the Sultan Of Johor, how the assholes in MCA made a hue and cry about this.

    Chinese MCA ..tak payah cakap these buggers playing record player style side A can play side B also can play…. and our so called goverment of the day being played left right and center by them….. kick MCA out now lets see how they are going to survive on their own.

  9. If Chinese over Sg Limau is smarter thay won’t dare to give their vote to PAS right now. But with GE13 sentimen still around the block, I’m not sure they will act smart. With the info of LKS already there to campaign for Chinese vote, well there goes the vote for BN.

    Unless what I heard from a friends (and I’ve known quite some time now that he is a Kedahan PAS youth members) is true that Sg Limau PAS Youth will revolt and ask their members to vote for BN (like what happen in my area during GE13), then it will go to Umno. Otherwise, the old gen over there will continue vote for PAS to ensure Pas winning.

    :d sarah

  10. Leave the Chinese alone they all are well off, stuck up and bosting being rich and famous. Now is the time BN Government should concentrate in making MALAYS/ INDIAN / OTHERS BUMIPUTRA SABAH & SARAWAK rich and famous sama taraf dengan ekonomi Orang Cina LOL……

  11. Cina gave up on undi already, but they’ll vote PAS just to put their pigheadedness on show.

    BN must start working in East Malaysia to strengthen its grip. The Malays of the peninsula will be secured thanks to the Dapsters.

    And PAS will leave PR before next elections, not joining BN but standing on its own. The grassroots already comparing the situation with 2003/4 when DAP betrayed BA on the ground of principle.

    1. re: “PAS will leave PR before next elections”

      Good. Let’s read the tea leaves dekat their muktamar nanti.

  12. If my group (Chinese) continues to vote PR and think they are superior, they are wrong. They are in fact go slowly to the coffin. (But not the good moderate Chinese such as Helen .etc) If BN still governs the country, everyone in the country should do their things as usual as they can. I wish that MCA members which vote for the opposition should be kicked out from MCA for good.

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