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Question wrt budget speech: Nak bunuh Umno, ke?

Enough of lies, PM tells Pakatan‘, excerpts from FMT article yesterday:

“PETALING JAYA:  In announcing the highly-anticipated Budget 2014 today, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak urged the Opposition coalition to seek God’s forgiveness for the “lies” they told during the 13th general election on May 5.
Taking a swipe at his defeated opponents, Najib mentioned in his budget speech, that there was no proof of the often repeated claim of Bangladeshis being flown in to vote for Barisan Nasional on May 5.
‘According to the 2010 Population and Housing Census, estimates for 2013 indicate that there are 18.6 million Malays and Bumiputera including Muslims and non-Muslims, 6.6 million Chinese, two million Indians, with 259,000 of other ethnic groups,’ Najib told the Dewan Rakyat.
‘This means that there are about 27.4 million Malaysian citizens. However, this does not include the 40,000 Bangladeshis who were brought in as phantom voters in the recent 13th general election as alleged by the Opposition,’ he said, drawing roars of laughter from the BN parliamentarians.
“Until today, no one has even seen them or their shadow. Enough of the lies. Ask for forgiveness from God,” Najib urged the opposition.”


J-Star full of evangelistas

Even BN chairman Najib himself has admitted that his party lost the propaganda and perception war. The Pakatan fitnah with regard to the “40,000 Bangladeshis” is a case in point.

It required the Bangladesh High Commissioner to rebut the false allegations as absurd and a piece of “political manipulation”. The PM’s expensive consultants just sat on their hands.

Another matter is why Umno allows its senior partner MCA to permit The JStar to keep on rewarding chief evangelista Wong Chun Wai and keeping Scissorati on the payroll.


J-Star biggest promoter of DAP evangelistas

The fact is NONE of the Pakatan election petitions subsequently filed mentioned anything about the 40,000 Bangladeshis. EC deputy chairman Wan Ahmad Wan Omar said: “Their petitions on phantom voters are very general in nature” (report by The Mole, here).

I would also like to bring your attention to something mighty suspicious that The Sneaky Star did.

Look at the screenshot (below) of The J-Star article headlined ‘Rafizi: PKR to file election petition this week‘.

You can see that the story was originally uploaded on May 27 and updated on Aug 2. Now don’t you find it a tad unusual as to why the paper would wish to update a story more than 3 months later?

Rafizi- PKR to file election petition this week - Nation - The Star Online

Below: From Oik’s blog

Oik65's Blog - Pronunciation--ɔɪk-, (also oick), noun, British informal – an uncouth or obnoxious person. - Page 2 2013-10-26 07-02-18

J-Star changed page 3 months later

Blogger Oik inadvertently provides a vital clue. Oik writes that The J-Star changed a part of the said page by removing mention of the so-called 8 phantom voters cited by Rafizi Ramli.

So it’s like this.

When Pakatan finally filed their election petitions with the court, none of those petitions mentioned anything about the allegedly tens of thousands of Bangladeshi phantom voters that the oppo had made such a big brouhaha about.

But the most important thing here is why The J-Star Online would want to go back to stories that it had uploaded three months earlier in May and proceeded to modify the contents in August?

What the paper did smacks of a cover-up to protect the opposition from being hoist by their own petard (i.e. the accusation that Umno flew in phantom voters by the plane laods which Pakatan has been unable to substantiate).


More evidence against The J-Star

See screenshot, bottom: It is yet another J-Star story on the Phantom Eight originally uploaded on May 20, and that was similarly updated on Aug 7.

There is a gap of 3 months/3½ months between their first publication and the later update for both the Rafizi election petition stories.

The truth of what Oik said – that the JStar deliberately deleted reference to Rafizi’s purported 8 phantom voters – can be easily ascertained by anyone who has a hardcopy of the paper (if the story appeared in the print version).

Among those who would have a print copy is the National Security Council and other government agencies that have been keeping a close eye on the MCA-DAP paper. The government has not forgotten that The Star was suspended in 1987 due to the paper’s subversive reporting which was seditious, inciting hatred and posing a threat to national security.

Star Media Group CEO Wong Chun Wai
Star Media Group CEO Wong Chun Wai

The Untouchables

The leopard doesn’t change its spots but has since developed to become an even more feral and dangerous animal (to Umno).

Umno supporters must realise that The J-Star is boldly carrying out all that it is doing today with the tacit nod of the MCA.

Superblog The Unspinners leaked that Wong Chun Wong arrogantly told his staff that they could get away with it because the paper is untouchable.

Kata The Unspinners:

“Ditambahnya lagi, Chun Wai berkata kepada para editors bahawa kita jangan takut kerana ‘they can’t touch us‘. Maknanya mereka anggap pihak berkuasa tak ada daya nak sentuh mereka.”

Memang! Si evangelista terlalu licik bermuka-muka dan akhbar Jerusubang tersebut dipenuhi dengan mereka-mereka itu.

The slanderous Scissorati are on the payroll of a media outlet that is controlled by the MCA. Therefore the buck stops with the Chinese BN party as owner of the company.

Hence the important question is: Apa sebenarnya yang MCA mahu? Nak bunuh Umno, ke?

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17 thoughts on “Question wrt budget speech: Nak bunuh Umno, ke?

  1. Hi Helen
    As the saying “with a friend like the Bintang 3 Star, who needs an enemy” . ,!!

  2. Ms H. The UMNO does not need expensive consultants only commonsense. For example, the UMNO can compile all the fake information dished out by the Opposition in the form of an encylopedia which traces all the lies as far back as possible and release it in Cyberspace. QED.

  3. kerajaan sayang kepada rakyatnya ,dah bagi duit BRIM belikan insuran lagi.

    bermakna berjuta lagi rakyat malaysia mempunyai pelindungan insuran.

    tentu sahaja 40000 hantu bangladesh menyesal tak jadi manusia warganegara malaysia.

  4. Look at the people calling on the government to end all forms of support to the average citizen. Those who say subsidies must end. Those who say all those 1Malaysia programs must end.

    Who are these people ? Most of them are Chinese working at places such as the Asian Strategic and Leadership Institute. These are Chinese.

    Their reasons ? Because if the government does not reduce, end subsidies, end financial support for the average citizen, the ratings agencies will downgrade us.

    This is indeed despicable. The government works for the people, not to please these ratings agencies and here we have these so called analysts telling us that if ratings agencies downgrade us, we are kaput.

    But this is how I see it. All this talk about ratings agencies downgrading us is just a diversion. The real reason why they keep on telling the government to cut spending, to end financial support to the average citizen is because they know that most of the people in need of government support, assistance are Malays, Natives and Indians. Without assistance from the government, these people will never be able to make it.

    Think about it. If a vast majority of people lack the capacity to compete, who will benefit the most ?

    The Chinese !

    Now that I’ve said the obvious, no doubt, the hatchet men from the opposition, especially the Chinese, will accuse me of slander, racism etc !

    1. The opposition supporters especially the Penang lang (Chinese) has the most to lose this budget.

      Most rich is Penang get their money from property. With measures to curb short term house buying with 30% RPGT, these speculators with have to fork out cash and bank interest to sustain their borrowing. In fact our PM was cheeky to send this message to LGE. (From IMOKMAN)

      Steven Sim ‏@scheekeong 19h
      PM copied @CMLimGuanEng in this one-min price of property for foreigners increased to RM1mil.In Penang,RM1mil for…

      Retweeted by Ong Kian Ming

      The focus on the Indians with training grants is from the feedback that Indians are poor and involved in crime. Indians are now the new focus.

      The GST is a tax which is wide based. The tax automatically covers even pirated goods. Business owners must keep proper accounting for GST. Penang is quite a hub for tax evasion and under declaration. With GST all is out.

      Notice that there are no infrastructure allocation with the word Pulau Pinang in the budget unlike in the past.

      The Bible said you reap what you sow.

      GALATIANS 6: 7-9 (KJV)
      7: Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
      8: For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.
      9: And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

      1. Re. In fact our PM was cheeky to send this message to LGE.

        In 2011, during the height of Sodomy 2 trial where “Seluar Dalam” was mentioned as one of the gifts, he did this…

        I remember, the camera focus directly at Azmin Ali whe he mentioned “Seluar Dalam”, but it was not in this video.

  5. BN seharusnya compile complete list of all these “lies” spread by these sewels; siap dgn gambar muka2 dan produce video masuk dlm youtube.

    Bole remind us again and again mengenai pembohongan mereka ni semua. At the end of the clip masuk pula the “potential lies” that they may generate for GE14 so we can all be prepared.

    Najib tolong provide fund for this purpose (mintak MCA yang kaya raya tolong sponsor) and adakan Nationwide/International competition to produce this quality video.

    No point harping dan asyik duk get them to apologize aje.

  6. Hi Helen,

    To be fair, the story from The Star that I really wanted to reference was the second one that you highlighted, i.e. the one titled “Rafizi reveals eight not allowed to vote during GE13”.

    If you look at the url for the link I provided, it contains the date 20/5/2013, the date this article was published:

    The thing is, when you follow this link, you get redirected to the other article, the one titled “Rafizi: PKR to file election petition this week ” which is dated 27/5/2013. You can see that the url you end up at is different from the one you originally clicked.

    TBH, I really haven’t a clue why they’d do this, so I probably wouldn’t want to speculate the worst. Maybe they were making changes with how links were organised and someone messed up.

    Anyway, thanks for looking my blog up and sending traffic my way.

    1. Hi Oik,

      re: “TBH, I really haven’t a clue why they’d do this, so I probably wouldn’t want to speculate the worst. Maybe they were making changes with how links were organised and someone messed up.”

      Well, we should bear in mind that The Sneaky Star is truly crawling with evangelistas as I’ve said before.

      Look at their sneaky front page headline ‘Voting in the third Parliament’ on the recent Umno general assembling and party election. The depiction of the Bersih yellow-coloured ballot in their graphics is deliberate.

      We’ve seen the low blow inflicted on Mukhriz on the eve of polling by TMI and really, The J-Star is capable of worse.

      You should blog more often since the oppo portal(s) are blocking you. FYI, a number of my readers have complained previously about TMI‘s selective Bermuda Triangle, so you’re not alone.


  7. Lies are everywhere. The real problem is when people believe in them. The happenings in The Star, imo, requires the tacit approval not only from their BOD, MCA but also to a certain extent UMNO. So, there’s some truth in WCW’s “untouchable” statement. They know which side of their bread is buttered.

  8. ms H. I quote ,’ You see the story was originally uploaded on May 27 and up-dated on August 2 ‘ And further a headline J-Star changed page 3 months later. IS THIS FRAUD OR CHEATING WHICH IS PUNISHABLE ON THE PENAL CODE ? Anyone care to report to the Police ? For fraud and cheating there is no time bar.

  9. Ms H. MY LAWYER TELLS ME THAT WHEN A MAJOR MEDIA ORGAN IS USED TO COMMIT FRAUD AND CHEATING BY FAKING FACTS, THOSE WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE HAVE COMMITTED A CAPITAL OFFENCE UNDER THE PENAL CODE. THERE IS NO TIME BAR FOR SUCH OFFENCES UNDER THE LAW. This is a very serious offence in the eyes of any Government and should be thoroughly investigated to catch the culprits according to the Laws. This is what a responsible Government should do to protect its citizens from the unscrupulous and cunning digits or cohorts.

    1. More applicable might be the J-Star front page where it labelled the Umno general assembly as Malaysia’s “third Parliament” and illustrated the story with Bersih yellow-coloured ballot papers.

      See HERE

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