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The Dear Leader went berserk again … biasa lah tu

MP Kota Belud tweeted that when he asked where DAP got its millions to build the party’s new headquarters, the DAP sec-gen “went berserk!” (see below).

Twitter - mpkotabelud- @cmlimguaneng calling BN

Abdul Rahman Dahlan also tweeted that Lim Guan Eng has threatened to sue him.

Just to forewarn the YB Kota Belud as to what to expect, we’ll replay Guan Eng’s standard berserk script:

“I’m going to sue definitely. This is defamatory, man, my lawyer is here.”


“I want you all to print first and you see what I do to your paper.”

“Which paper print I will sue because I have no choice. Same thing as my son, that one I will sue.”

“You all print lah. You all print, you see what I’ll do. I’ll sue.”

“Any paper print, I will sue.”

“I will sue definitely. This is defamatory.”

“You have to print, you have right to print based on the blog report, then you see what I do to you.”

Lim Guan Eng said all of the above continuously within the span of two minutes.


Geleng kepala …

This MP Kota Belud, ah, sengaja saje nak acah. Kononnya “I wanted to see his response if for a change someone insinuated corruption”.

What is good for the goose is intense allergy for the gander. Dapsters most definitely display a violent allergic response when the tables are turned on them.


“DAP SuperCyber Bully”

Abdul Rahman Dahlan is not scared of Guan Eng’s “bullying tactics”.

Good. Let’s clone him. We need lots more of people who are not afraid of the Evangelista Bintang Lima bullying tactics because thus far, the Dapsters have been going around terrorizing the countryside.

What they’re carrying out is nothing short of verbal terrorism — the smear campaigns, slander and harassment by Dapster hatchet men (his bloggers, his CTs) .

Twitter - mpkotabelud- @cmlimguaneng You think I am ... 2013-10-28 22-45-22



is the motto of the Guan Eng gang and their gengSTAR.

Before I even entered blogosphere – I only started blogging in July 2011 – Guan Eng’s minions had already earned a reputation for themselves as “DAP SuperCyber Bullies”.

The label was bestowed on Dear Leader’s blue-eyed boy @imokman (Ong Kian Ming) and blue-eyed girl @hannahyeoh way back in 2010.

From very early on, discerning netizens had already caught on to the extreme bullying nature of the DAP evangelistas.

The mock-cry below “aiyoo we so takut lah [of] @imokman @hannahyeoh = DAP SuperCyber Bully” was tweeted by the MCA Beliawanis national treasurer Jessica Lai some three years ago.


Personality cult

The thing about cultivating personality cults is the creation of a volunteer corp of hitmen (hit squad) who are utterly vicious in making sure no one dares to cross their idols.

Mao Zedong’s Red Guards and Pol Pot’s cadres demonstrate to what extent such indoctrinated followers can go in dealing with those who oppose their cultism.

Most ordinary folks wouldn’t care to cross the perpetually hysterical Dapsters much less their truly berserk Dear Leaders.

The extraordinary Abdul Rahman Dahlan should beware.



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20 thoughts on “The Dear Leader went berserk again … biasa lah tu

  1. re: “What is good for the goose is intense allergy for the gander. Dapsters most definitely display a violent allergic response when the tables are turned on them. Most ordinary folks wouldn’t care to cross the perpetually hysterical Dapsters much less their truly berserk Dear Leaders.”

    Revisiting Buddhist Ethics : temperance, compassion, justice, courage, wisdom [YouTube]

    1. Helen,

      For decades, DAP goes on and on telling or preaching others on value of democracy, transparency, equality bla bla bla.

      And DAP is good at that. expecting the highest of standards from others (especially UMNO).

      Unfortunately, DAP does not cherish the ideas too. Transparency are for others. Not for DAP. So, it conducted its election where the top leadership is determined like underground mafia; FULL SECRECY.

      World changes. A polish pope overlording Vatican for decades and died. And his successor also retired. Five prime minister takes office in Kuala Lumpur but Kit Siang is still there.

      He is “ruling” DAP from the days of the 4th Yang diPertuan Agung. now 14th Yang diPertuan Agung ‘bersemayam”. but he is still there.

      A black man occupies White House. But Kit Siang is still there. and the best part is that now his son is secretary General. All in one familiy.

      Malaysians often mock the Prime Minster or even his wife just to whack the husband. But UMNO leaders just ignore it. But do not expect the same response from Kit siang. Questioning him is a cardinal sin.

      He is beyond criticism. He behaves as if he is the Emperor of china, beyond criticism besides having a divine mandate.

      who the hell he thinks he is. Hats off to MP Kota Belud for being brave.

      1. Now you got it wrong about the transparency part. The DAP is a very transparent party. Transparent as in their perpetual display of hypocrisy.

        1. Survivor,

          Guan Eng actually has no idea how to administer a state. His performance as CM is miserable. He is good only at ridiculing others.

  2. I like MP Kota Belut and following him quite some time now. I like his open and straight answer to every question and always put in the simples contack for general publics to understand. I have a feeling that DAP don’t like this guy and when he asking the ‘sensitive’ ;) question, it will make DAP derest leader acting like the world is over ;D


    1. Yet again you have lied. Now how many times has he won out of the cases he’s filed ?

      Re How come everytime he sue he always wins the court case?

      Now for anyone who wants to pick up a pointer or two on how to tell a lied, read that question and memorize it.

  3. quote “Dapsters most definitely display a violent allergic response when the tables are turned on them.” unquote.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you.

    It’s an irony that Dapsters would totally disregard the feelings of their nemesis with their heartless attacks, but they immediately become so sensitive like p***ies when they are on the receiving end.

  4. Dear Helen.
    You tak takut kena saman ke?
    DAP ada Karpal Singh yang pernah tuduh Anwar sebagai kaki liwat dan sex, di Parliament, tapi menjadi peguam Anwar pulak pada Sodomy ll. Menang kes pula.

  5. I sympathize with the DAPster intelectuall eunuchs for having a castrated and intellectually incapaciatted and corrupt leader like Khalifah Lim Guan Eng.. make u miss the days when you see Lim Kit Siang and Karpal making the news for DAP, at least they dont arrogant, goofy and cina kuey.

  6. Aiyah biasa lah Helen. The party leaders sued many reporters too kononnya tulis tak betul. To quote Perak’s beloved leader James Ngeh, freedom of press is not freedom to spread falsehood. Pegi-lah. Bloody hypocrites…

  7. Yeah he went berserk again. He even called on the government to boycott the Commonwealth Heads of States meeting in Sri Lanka because of Sri Lanka’s alleged human rights abuses and lack of freedom/democracy.

    I had a laugh when I heard him said that. Human rights abuses and the lack, or rather the absence of freedom, democracy.

    Sounds exactly like his Penang and DAP. Pity those Indians, especially Indian Muslims and Malays in Penang who have had their rights abused. Cases include hawkers being penalized, their kampung folks being robbed of their dwelling, the insidious land scam perpetuated by the state government etc.

    Ah the party itself. Even observers were allowed to vote in party elections. Sorry….I heard that from…

    Yes observers were allowed to vote in party elections while real, legitimate party delegates were being prevented from attending the party’s Congress. Speaking of phantom voters. Man, I wondered, were Banglas also part of those election observers ?

    I apologize. I m really sorry. I got it all wrong. How could Banglas vote in the DAP’s party elections ? They have become persona non grata since GE13 among the Chinese and the DAP members.

    This Despot, he will go berserk when there is a need for him to do so, and I can tell you, when he’s pushed into a corner, he really, really will go berserk.

  8. Lim Guan Eng also went berserk that Penang Pyongyang did not get any alocation in Bajet 2014, some enucuh DAPsters in my FB posting it in statuses and began whining. Is Penang so special that Bajet 2014 needs to give Penang special attention, I always tot its Chief Minister can make multinationals open factories after 5 minutes meeting with dear leader, may he should rub his sweaty faces onto tycoon and foreign leaders to make them build a spaceport in Penang and lanch battleSTAR gelaktika to Mars.

    Penangites DAPsters nowadays are crybabies dspite being oppositon state, and ironically demand speciall treatment from UMNO run federal govt demand this and that, walhal, the state barely contribute 10% to national GDP yet get megaprojects such as two bridges and RapidPenang not to mention linkage to the KTM double tracking project. Truly ungrateful.

  9. You will see more of this “going berserk” thingy as slowly but surely the government will tighten the screws on the Chinese. There will be less and less spaces for the Chinese. It is already happening with Chinese education with no funding for SMJKC and more “goodies” for the Chinese are surely on the way.

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