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Umno, KJ race to the next premiership

Let us look at maps, shall we?

The American map is from The Washington Post.

Blue is Obama-Democrat and red is Romney-Republican.


Obama obtained 50.6% of the popular vote in 2012. (Pakatan got 50.9% in GE13)

Romney obtained 47.8% of the popular vote. (BN got 47.4%)

Obama carried the big city-coastal states bordering the Atlantic (New York, etc) and the Pacific oceans — California which is the USA’s most populous state, Washington which is the state hosting the Microsoft headquarters and has Seattle as its tech hub city, etc.

Romney carried the states with vast land areas and relatively more sparse populations — icy Alaska, Texas (note: Texas is some 1½ times the size of California but California has a population some 1½ times that of Texas) and the Deep South (Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, etc).

The American presidential election had its regional fault lines somewhat akin to the “urban-rural divide” that is much touted by the Dapsters to explain our tsunamic election results.

KIds Full Gospel Tabernacle 2012-11-09 08-40-16Full Gospel Tabernacle 2012-11-09 08-39-27

ABOVE: Christians have all kinds of attractive programmes and activities for children, tweens and teenagers

Urban kids like to hang out with their peers. Christians control the urban narrative because they’re so savvy.

BN lacks urban support

Below is the Malaysian map by Thomas Pepinsky, a Cornell University assistant professor.

Blue shows the areas where the BN has its strongest vote share. These areas are in Sabah and Sarawak, Pahang, the non-metropolitan districts of Johor, and the hinterland of Kelantan.


Support for BN is more like Romney’s. It is certainly unlike Obama’s.

Also see, ‘Pakatan pegang semua ibu negeri kecuali Johor Bahru dan Kangar (state capitals are either cities or big towns and hence urban).

Obama appeals to the young

Now let us look at the demography. The bar charts are from the Huffington Post and based on exit polls.

Obama was way, way ahead in support from young people (age groups: 18-24, 25-29) while Romney was only significantly in the lead among the senior citizens older than 65.


Below the population pyramid for Malaysia constructed from our 2010 national census.

See the 15-19 Malaysian age group in year 2010. There are lots of them impressionable, short-attention span, digital age youngsters. We are what you might call a “young”, developing country.

If the teenagers were 15 years old in 2010, they will be 23 years old in 2018 and eligible to vote for the first time in GE14.


The warga emas age cohorts – traditional BN voters – are small. The youth – potential Pakatan voters – outnumber them many times over. See the long horizontal bars for the under-30 (age groups: 20-24, 25-29).

Young people tend to live (study and work) in the cities. These are urban voters.

Evangelism is fun, song & dance. BN is boring.

dance Full Gospel Tabernacle 2012-11-09 09-14-59

Najib is 60, Muhyiddin is 66, Zahid is 60, and Shahrizat is also 60.

Hannah Yeoh is 34 and her fellow Selendang Squader Teo Nie Ching is 32.

KJ is Anwar’s twin, so they’re both the same age.

Urbanites hate Umno, and they’re a herd that will stampede anyone they see as being even remotely biased in favour of the BN.

These lynch mobs congregate in the City Harvest Church and other such Cell Groups. Jerusubang is aggressively spreading its tentacles just about everywhere and indoctrinating the interior too.

Our semi-rural constituencies are morphing into semi-urban. By the year 2020, three-quarters of the Malaysian population in the peninsula will be living in urban areas — see projection below by the Statistics Department.


Obama aggregates American minorities

Up next, the ethnicity USA bar chart.


Obama received 93% support from black voters. That’s like the kind of stratospheric support DAP and the opposition receive from the Chinese.

Obama’s level of support from the other ethnic minorities is high too (Latinos 71%, Asians 73%). That’s like the kind of support DAP and the opposition are given by Malaysia’s religious and linguistic minorities — the Christians and the English-speaking professionals.

City Harvest Church targets young Chinese who do gospel with fanatical fervour
More dancing in City Harvest Church … yo party people at the cluuuubb

Apa lagi remaja mahu? Jom, berhibur!

The whites are the majority in Amerika. The majority of them, 59% (let’s round up to 60 percent) support Romney and 39% (let’s round up to 40 percent) support Obama. So it’s 60:40 whites for the Republicans.

In other words, every 6 out of 10 white voters supported Romney but still he lost. This is a lesson for Umno.

I hope the Parti Paling Tidak Apa (PPTA) dan alpa is able to learn from the local equivalent. Mohd Ali Rustam got 70% of the Malay vote and he still lost in a Malay-majority area.

(For the record, Dr M noted this Obama rainbow coalition trend and grasped its significance very early on when most of us were still blur sotong.)

Lagi tari-menari oleh Gereja City Harvest kononnya
Nope, this is not Ke$ha. They are the City Harvest dancers

BN’s attrition of minorities

If Obama went around collecting all the minorities including gays – see ‘Obama announces he supports same-sex marriage‘ (CNN, 10 May 2012) – to buffer his vote count, the BN is doing the very opposite.

Perkasa is alienating the non-Malays and non-Muslims.

This Malay right wing group is seen as an extension of Umno because its vice president Zul Noordin was allowed to stand on the Umno ticket in Shah Alam and its president Ibrahim Ali had a free passage (Umno failed to register its own candidate, wink, wink) to contest in Pasir Mas.

Hannah Yeoh (hannahyeoh) on Twitter 2013-10-24 23-44-18

Pasukan tari Gereja City Harvest Church Subang Jaya
And these are the Subang Jaya City Harvest Churchers

Jerusubangites are ready to pounce on the Malay young

Aside from raiding the campuses of the private colleges as well as brainwashing schoolchildren, the DAP have been venturing even into the bastion of Malay education privilege — UiTM.

Hannah Yeoh mendekati budak UiTM
Hannah Yeoh is now attempting to tweet in her half-past-six Malay

Anwar 2.0

If you’re wondering why KJ is in my headline, read ‘Can Khairy replace Anwar as Pakatan figurehead?

Does anyone recall Anwar’s planned takeover of government through his infamous ‘Sept 16’ attempted coup? The idea was for him to form a unity government by enticing the crossover of enough BN-Umno MPs.

Does KJ’s self-profession as a “liberal” and “progressive” better fit the Umno or the Pakatan profile?

Please review KJ’s career thus far.

Has it been more about popularizing himself (380,845 Twitter followers) or popularizing the BN? Then ask yourself, is personality cultism more of an Umno or a Pakatan feature?

When the ill winds blow, in which direction do you think KJ will sway? His choice of Press Secretary is a good hint.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

33 thoughts on “Umno, KJ race to the next premiership

  1. Pakatan may have already cracked the BN fixed deposit in East Malaysia on the Allah issue.

    1. The war here Helen is not unlike the US as you rightly pointed out. The shutdown of the US govt is indicative of the split in the US. That is the european born and the non european born which supported Obama. The Republicans realised this demography.

      The shutdown indicated the disrespect the whites have of the black President. The native Red indians have no say in the running of the country.

      The US is ripe for a split. The blue country can form one state while the red can be like east pakistan and west pakistan.

      Your analysis of the attraction of christianity dancing churches and islam is not relevant really. Religious hypocrisy is on the rise among the malays too with sekolah pondok and rocker ulama like Azhar Idrus. The malays may not rock but the ceramah are entertainment of the self righteous type just like the dancing churches.

      Even PAS members and Presidents have sex on the sly in hotel rooms and have affair on trains toilets etc. Dont mention PKR lah. There, daughter and father have their own sex videos hahaha.

      So the Malays are enjoying thmeselves thankyou. UMNO of course have all the artists and filmstars who are naturally not as islamic as PAS would like them to pretend.

      In Malaysia things are not as in the US as the Red Indians here, the Malays, are governing the country and have higher sophistication including introducing a Malay banking system to the world. That put the Malays on par with the Jews hehehe….

      So the future is emigration to western country for Chinese and Indians where they will not be burdened with anything islamic.

      If UMNO leaers have brain they would setup a migration fund to make the process faster. This will ensure the pool of chinese get smaller by 50% by 2014. Its a humane and a win-win method rather than trying to scare the Chinese with another riot.

    2. true that.. i have a lot of dusun friends that use to be BN supporter now starting to hate UMNO and BN because of the Allah issue.. DAP memang pandai masuk jarumlah

  2. So Barisan Nasional is alienating instead of wooing the young and minorities, unlike Obama’s strategy. Wouldn’t that be worsened if moderates such as Khairy were ejected?

    1. Khairy is not a moderate. He is a corrupt young man. He will sing to the tune of higher pay master. but Khairy shold beware of giving false hope to the Chinese. They might want their money back..

      He is of the naive young man who thought power comes with UMNO position and hence Chinese fawnings.

      But with DAP Chinese so agrressive, will they be willing to pay UMNO leaders?

      The stupidity of UMNO crop of leaders can be seen with the 24 billions fuel subsidies 80% going to the Chinese. That is why chinese are so rich. the wealth of Malaya comes from oil and the forests and these have be exploited and destroyed by chinese capitalism. Petronas revenue total 3 trillions ringgit. but where have they gone but through the illegal outflow.

  3. .




    Brader Anuar, is a credible challenger only

    if he ceased to be a champion of the catholics.

    Brader Omar Lim has cooled down in his

    utterances about being a catholic champ. Hanana Yeoh,and

    Siti Ching Ching

    are trying to be more islamic than the melayus.This is a

    good thing.

    Of course the catholics being ‘cloak and dagger’

    operations has Mustapa Pak Yam and Mat Azmin Andrew

    to do dealing and wheeling behind the scenes. The

    incentive for young men to be with the catholic

    is still the carrot as had been available when I

    was in school. The oppurtunity to be around

    pretty girls and handsome men who can sing

    and dance till kingdom come. In a university oversea

    it was reported that laptops, parties and tours

    to the us for brotherhood conferences were sponsored

    by the catholic apparatus. And with a university

    environment oppurtunity to mingle freely among nubile young

    women and virile men meant lots of happy sexual congress

    were encouraged and took place!

    No prohibitions to follow the strict

    confucian/taoist/the sikh good book/ buddhist/ rigveda

    prescribed way of life

    e how quiet Katijah Kok has been since the

    brouhaha raised by the peninsular catholics

    in wanting Allah as their ‘finite God’ [as

    opposed to the omniprescient single Allah worshipped

    by the melayus ] in the bahasa bible in the Peninsula.

    KJ the son-in-law of Mr rub-a-dub Dolah 1 -Euro [1]

    wants to be seen to be ‘the ok guy’ to the voters in the thiry some

    thing profiled as young chic -chinese/indian/natives-catholics or catholi-

    wannabes chinese syt’s and youths [2] has employed syt among the Dapsies

    . Regina X to be his press officer! This fuckup will cost umno’s

    downfall -which is a good thing too…

    Note: [1] rub-a-dub Dollah- 1-euro was instrumental in giving
    away the MV augusta for 1- euro. Sang kelembai
    now expired from the blog, recorded that Dollah 1 euro was
    happy to rub the white , exposed arm of a celebrity [albeit a
    bit sikit tua,lah]- hence the rub-a-dub honorific. SIL KJ too might have
    a keen interest in giving a rub-a-dub to fair-skinned Regina:
    like they say ‘like father like son’



    1. Its all about the socialising and finding sex partners. It only need religion like catholics to make it respectable. But the catholics themselves have the tithe and land of the believers in mind. The priests get sex and money by giving out opiate to the masses.

      The masses get to enjoy themselves while feeling good. They get to dress up western style ma..
      Just read about all the other cults. Mormon, Indian swami etc. He who organise it get more of course.

  4. What you have listed are the attributes that are similar between Democrats and the Dapsters; the so-called fight for freedom, liberty and social justice. I doubt the Dap is sincere in their fight. Seriously, will Dap stand up for LGBT group if that will translate to loss of votes?

    And if you really look at it, that’s all that is similar between the Democrats and the Dap because when it comes to media presence the Dap is more like the Republicans with their accuse first then apologise style. Facts don’t matter, after all they can always apologise later.

    1. :)

      re: “What you have listed are the attributes that are similar between Democrats and the Dapsters”

      No lah, just the similarity in the ethnic voting pattern.

      re: “the so-called fight for freedom, liberty and social justice”

      The so-called fight for freedom, liberty and social justice would be the PSM’s terrain.

      No freedom
      in DAP (the Dear Leader is embarking on a witch hunt and Night of the Long Knives to kill off his internal challengers within the party); no liberty in the DAP (look at all the gag orders on their own members, libel suits against reporters, banning the pro-establishment media from covering official functions and even state assembly sessions the latter which the DAP Speaker had to backtrack on), and most certainly no social justice (DAP stands for Developers Above People party and they’ve driven poor folks out of their houses and land and off Penang island itself).

      re: “I doubt the Dap is sincere in their fight.”

      I quite, quite sure the DAP is most insincere in their fight.

      re: “Seriously, will DAP stand up for LGBT group if that will translate to loss of votes?

      Absolutely not. They were silent as a church mouse on the case of the forced conversion of the 7-year-old Chinese, Buddhist girl fearing that voicing out in defence of her would cost the party their Malay-Muslim votes.

      re: “the DAP is more like the Republicans with their accuse first then apologise style”

      The DAP is more like Joseph Goebbels and Josef Stalin in their style of smear campaign and dirty propaganda.

      1. Having said all of the above, pls give some thought as to why KJ hired a Grade-A Dapster Scissorati as his Press Secretary :) :) :)

        1. I have a half-baked theory (mainly because I’m no fan of KJ) on this: it’s because he’s arrogant. He probably believes that by appointing someone from the opposition he’s showing the BN youth that he subscribes to meritocracy, he’s showing the Umno youth that he can manage and control a Dapster, and he’s telling the opposition that he is willing and can work with them.

          But my melayu kampung side is seeing this arrogant malay youth leader who thinks that there is no melayu smart enough to represent him, that despite being put in that position by the melayu youth he ungratefully turns around and appoints an outsider, and I’m also thinking who’s the player and who’s being played here.

          1. Most Malay managers hire chinese because of this prestige — having an amoi working ‘under’ them, sometimes it is figuratively and sometimes it is literally, given how horny most Malay managers are (allegedly).

      2. The young among us will have to do some serious google-ing to know Goebbels and Stalin, but who surely have watched Jon Stewart and Jimmy Kimmel who are always making fun of the Fox News team who in turn made a big issue out of Obama’s birth cert/citizenship/religion and more recently blame Obama for the US government shut down. That’s why I said they are similar to the GOP which seems to have a louder media presence.

        That’s why I called it “the so-called fight for freedom, liberty and social justice” because I know for sure that Dapsters and supporters only shout freedom of speech so they are free to go on a smear campaign, they scream liberty which actually means their absolute liberty to do whatever they want at whatever costs to others and they screech for social justice only if it affects their Chinese agenda.

        And AC-DC, calling KJ a moderate is like saying DAP is a melayu-friendly party.

        1. re: “they are similar to the GOP which seems to have a louder media presence”

          The big pro-Democrats American media are too partisan for my liking, e.g. the consistent record of New York Times presidential endorsement:

          Since the candidacy of John Kennedy, the paper’s election editorials have been without fail all for the Democrats — Obama (2013, 2008), John Kerry (2004), Al Gore (2000), Bill Clinton (1996), Clinton (1992), Michael Dukakis (1988), Walter Mondale (1984), Jimmy Carter (1980), Carter (1976), George McGovern (1972), Hubert Humphrey (1968), Lyndon B. Johnson (1964), JFK (1960).

  5. DAP also like Republican..

    -Pro Business
    -Anti Affirmative Action
    -Fiscal conservatives
    -Religious Evangelical Christian
    -Media Savvy (ie twisting facts like Fox News, Breitbart, Drudge Report) and they rally behind one another
    -Practically mono-color, mono-racial

    UMNO like Democrats

    -Has multi-skin color/multi ethnicities
    -Support Affirmative Action
    -Supports Goverment Regulation on the Private sector
    -Support Welfare programs (BR1M etc)

    SO many ways you can spin this. Your analysis is only partially correct. I have many pro-UMNO friends who try to spin that Republicans are conservative like UMNO. But I think they are sometimes quite wrong.

    Party ideology may be different from the actual behavior of the grass root supporters.

    1. Your analysis is only partially correct also. Many in America has started talking about both the Republicans and Democrats as being subservient only to Wall Street.

      ‘Both parties work hard to maintain the illusion of a two-party system, but in reality they both serve the interests of the business party.’

      Oh haven’t you heard, Kaakaa, you must surely lose some of the laughs already, it does no good for the brain. Try the list below for a detox!

      1. A large number of Democrats and Republicans signed the National Defense Authorization Act for the year 2012, which critics say allows for the indefinite detention of American citizens on U.S. soil without due process. President Obama pledged to veto the NDAA, but went back on his word and signed it into law with the indefinite detention provision included. Mitt Romney says that he would do the same.

      2. Republicans and Democrats overwhelmingly favor Keynesian economics rather than other schools of economic thought such as the Austrian School of economics.

      3. The Bush-era Patriot Act, which allows for warrantless wiretapping, was passed with bipartisan support and recently extended by policymakers of both parties. Romney has voiced his support for the controversial legislation. Obama supported it as a senator and signed the extension into law as president.

      4. Both the Republican and Democratic administrations have attempted to justify the use of extrajudicial targeted killing, the killing of people without trial or substantive due process, including American citizens. The use of these tactics increased under President Obama and has received praise from members of both parties. There was strong bipartisan support for the Obama Administration’s extrajudicial killing of U.S. citizen Anwar al-Aulaqi and his 16 year old son without trial, which received praise from Republican Party members and was strongly supported by Mitt Romney.

      5. The Democratic and Republican parties both generally support the vastly-growing use of unmanned aerial combat drones in the Middle East:

      The use of unmanned drones to patrol foreign skies, which have been responsible for many civilian and child deaths, began under President Bush and drone use has drastically increased and expanded under President Obama. There has been little to no partisan opposition to these tactics and while the GOP platform advocates for increased drone use, the Democratic platform doesn’t mention their use at all.

      Drone warfare in Pakistan started under Bush, has been significantly escalated by Obama, and Romney has indicated that he will continue using drones in Pakistan if elected. Both parties also support the continued drone warfare being used in Libya, which Romney has stated he would likely continue.

      In Yemen, the Obama Administration has continued the fighting that the Bush Administration initiated, which Obama has done with the use of secretive drone warfare and by recently sending troops back.

      6. Both parties will also allow drones to patrol the skies of the United States. The FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, which calls for the use of up to 30,000 drones in U.S. airspace, passed the Senate with overwhelming bipartisan support.

      7. The Federal Reserve is allowed by both parties to continue to operate as an “independent government agency,” whose monetary policy decisions do not have to be approved by the president nor any other elected member of the executive or legislative branch. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke was appointed by George W. Bush and re-appointed by Obama. Mitt Romney has flip-flopped on whether he would reappoint Bernanke, stating in 2010 that he would reappoint him, but stating recently that he would not reappoint Bernanke for a third term. Bernanke was reappointed for his second term in 2010 after a bipartisan vote of 70-30. However, the Audit the Fed bill has also received strong bipartisan support.

      8. In an apparent direct conflict of interest, 130 Republican and Democratic congressional members have invested in company stocks while making legislative decisions that impact those same companies.

      9. Democrats and Republicans both played a role in the founding of the Federal Reserve. Initial versions of the Federal Reserve Act were drafted by Republican Senator Nelson Aldrich and the final version was drafted y Democratic Congressman Carter Glass of Virginia, which then went to receive strong bipartisan support in Congress.

      10. Both Republican and Democrats have allowed the Federal Reserve to inject trillions of dollars into the economy through their quantitative easing programs. While many Republicans including Romney have said they are against the third round of quantitative easing, neither party has or is likely to introduce bills aimed at regulating or halting quantitative easing altogether.

      11. Republicans and Democrats love earmarks so much that even the bipartisan earmark moratorium, while greatly cutting back on earmarks, couldn’t stop the pork from being slipped into bills. Approved earmarks in 2010 totaled over $15 billion and the amount of requested earmarks in 2011 exceeded $129 billion. Citizens Against Government Waste reports that $3.3 billion has been approved for 2012.

      12. Both parties and their national, congressional and senatorial committees have spent more than one billion dollars on their 2012 campaigns.

      13. The Democratic and Republican convention committees each received $17,689,800 from the U.S. Treasury for their conventions in 2012 and an additional $600,000 to cover the cost of inflation. This is paid for through a voluntary check off on federal income tax forms.

      14. Both parties are largely backed by the same corporate contributors and interest groups. Congressional members also receive contributions from many of the same interest groups. Both parties are heavily lobbied by corporate America — to the tune of $3.3 billion in 2011 and $1.68 billion thus far in 2012.

      15. The majority of both parties agreed that Wall Street should receive bailouts. The TARP bailout was signed into law by George W. Bush and initially drafted by Bush-appointed Secretary of Treasury– and Republican– Henry Paulson. Obama supported TARP as a senator and the bailout went on to receive overwhelming support from Democrats in the House. TARP also received largely bipartisan support in the Senate.

      16. The same Wall Street TARP recipients who were top contributors to the Democratic presidential campaign in 2008 are now the top contributors backing the Republican presidential campaign in 2012. In 2008, Republican John McCain was backed by the same companies, although his campaign received less than the Obama campaign.

      17. Both parties are private, non-profit corporations and are in no way an official part of the United States government. Furthermore, neither party is mentioned in the Constitution nor is there mention of a two-party system, and a few of our founding fathers expressed concerns regarding the emergence of a rival two-party system.

      18. As Glenn Greenwald points out in an article for The Guardian, Republicans and Democrats discuss certain general issues during debates while ignoring other more controversial issues that they may agree on, hoping to convince the public that there is a huge difference of choice.

      19. Both Democrats and Republicans seem to believe that voting for a third party is equivalent to throwing away your vote while in reality, if everyone voted their conscience and avoided voting for the “lesser of two evils,” which 46 percent of those polled said they would be doing this election, the two-party stranglehold may actually be broken.

      20. The Democratic and Republican parties have both sued third parties to prevent them from appearing on the ballot in key states.

      21. Both the Democratic and Republican parties exclude third parties from the presidential debates. In 1987, the Democratic and Republican parties founded the nonprofit Commission on Presidential Debates to regulate the presidential debates, which excludes third party candidates from participating in the only nationally televised presidential debates.

      22. The Democratic and Republican parties have both been sued for conspiring to exclude third parties from the quadrennial presidential debates.

      23. Both also both believe that taxpayers should provide funding to other countries around the world. The bipartisan Commission on Appropriations approved $40.1 billion in foreign aid for the 2013 year.

      24. Both party platforms mention Israel, confirm Jerusalem as being the capital city, and both the Democratic and Republican presidential candidate have pledged their allegiance to Israel.

      25. The Democratic and Republican parties both agree that a two-state solution should be pursued between Israel and Palestine.

      26. No one other than a Democrat or Republican has been elected president in the last 160 years.

      27. Lawmakers from both parties in Congress and the executive branch have been responsible for all foreign interventions since 1853, keeping America in a near perpetual state of war. They are also responsible for the assistance and direct involvement of the U.S. in at least 31 instances of covert foreign regime change since the beginning of the Cold War.

      28. There is cross-administration support of preemptive cyber attacks. The Obama Administration has continued the Stuxnet cyber attacks against Iran which were started under the Bush Administration.

      29. Sanctions against Iran began under Carter and have received strong bipartisan support from every administration since, continuing under the Obama Administration.

      30. Both Democrats and Republicans are eager to place even more sanctions on Iran, which harm innocent Iranian civilians, hoping to prevent Iran from developing nukes. The fact that eight other countries already have nukes is usually ignored.

      31. The Democratic and Republican parties both agree that preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons is a top priority. Obama and Romney also both agree that preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon is a top US security priority.

      32. At least 360 former Democratic and Republican congresspeople have left office and accepted jobs as lobbyists for corporations or special interest groups who then attempt to influence the same federal government they once worked for. As many as 5,400 congressional staffers have done the same in the past 10 years alone. Referred to as the ”revolving door,” members of both parties routinely move between influential private sector positions and policy-making positions in the executive or legislative branches.

      33. Republicans and Democrats can agree that the economic stimulus package helped the economy. Romney has stated that he believes an economic stimulus package was necessary and many Republicans have spoke of the success of the Democratic economic stimulus package. Think Progress reports that over half of the opposing GOP — 110 members from the House and Senate — returned to their home states to either claim credit for popular stimulus programs or to tout its success.

      34. The large scale domestic spying program currently underway by the NSA, AT&T, Verizon and others, named Stellar Wind, was approved by Bush and has been continued under the Obama Administration. There now exist massive domestic spy centers which are designed to collect every single communication made in the U.S., including e-mails, phone conversations, financial transactions, and internet activity. These have been conveniently ignored by the majority of both parties.

      35. Both Republicans and Democrats stay relatively quiet about and generally support U.S. reliance on fiat money, fractional reserve lending and our debt based monetary policy. Both platforms are void of any mention of monetary policy reform.

      36. The Democratic and Republican parties largely support continuing the War on Terror in which Bush Administration policies have been continued and expanded by the Obama Administration. A poll found that 72 percent of those polled want troops home from Afghanistan now — not in 2014, and a Rasmussen Reports poll found that 59 percent of Americans polled want troops removed from Afghanistan either immediately or within a year.

      37. Neither party has constitutionally declared war since World War II. This election cycle, both the Democratic and Republican parties have also chosen presidential candidates who believe that the president has the power to go to war without congressional approval. Like the Bush Administration’s unconstitutional war in Iraq, the Obama Administration is responsible for an unconstitutional war in Libya. A Romney Administration will consider sending more troops to Libya. Also like George H.W. Bush, Clinton, and George W. Bush, The Obama Administration has sent troops to Somalia. As demonstrated in the third presidential debate, despite who wins the election, foreign policies will likely remain the same.

      38. There was strong bipartisan support in the Senate and House for the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution, however congress never officially declared war.

      39. Both parties believe that the U.S. should be intervening in Syria. The Obama Administration began arming the Free Syrian Army rebels, who are joined by Al-Qaeda factions, and Romney has stated that he supports and will continue arming the rebels in the proxy war with Iran and Russia.

      40. The Bush Administration’s use of torture through extraordinary rendition, which is when prisoners are sent from CIA black sites to other countries where “information extraction” will be attempted, began after Clinton signed PDD 39 and has continued under the Obama Administration. By failing to speak out or attempting to change these practices, Republicans and Democrats both allow for “enhanced interrogation techniques” — such as waterboarding, sleep deprivation, hypothermia and stress positions, among others– to be used to extract information from suspects. The Obama Administration even granted final immunity to Bush’s CIA torturers.

      41. Both parties use gerrymandering to gain a political advantage through more favorable district boundaries.

      42. Despite the increase in use of illicit drugs in the U.S., a rising drug war death toll in Mexico, and the highest public support for marijuana legalization ever, both parties generally avoid speaking about ending the War on Drugs or legalizing marijuana in lieu of a more effective approach. Since the beginning of prohibition in 1937, no administration has attempted to legalize marijuana. Even though there is more scientific evidence than ever indicating the benefits of marijuana, every administration has kept marijuana regulated under Schedule I of the Controlled Substance Act. A Schedule I classification places marijuana in a stricter regulatory category than cocaine, labels it as having no medicinal benefit, and prohibits doctors from prescribing it. Hemp production, which would provide many environmental and economic benefits, continues to remain outlawed and ignored as well.

      43. Both parties rigged aspects of their 2012 conventions by using teleprompters with pre-loaded and predetermined vote outcomes, and then ignored overwhelming delegate dissent during voice votes.

      44. Both parties generally ignore the fact that the United States has the highest incarceration rate per capital in the world with over half imprisoned for nonviolent drug use, and neither platform offers solutions to this problem.

      45. It’s common for Republicans and Democrats to pander to various demographics, attempting to win them over.

      46. The Bush Administration’s Guantanamo Bay has remained open under Obama and although he did sign an executive order calling for the closing, the Senate, in an overwhelmingly bipartisan effort, blocked the federal funding to ship the prisoners to Illinois. Obama then signed the federal fund-blocking bill into law when he could have vetoed. The Obama Administration has also imposed new arbitrary rules for the prisoners and Romney has said that he would like to see it double in size.

      47. Both parties rely heavily on marketing operations that use brand logos, names, messaging and colors to “sell” their candidate.

      48. Under the Bush Administration, not one Senate member voted against the bill that founded the Transportation Security Administration and the House displayed overwhelming support as well. Obama supports the TSA and Romney claims he will make a few improvements but the TSA will remain.

      49. A bill designed to ensure that the internet remains open and minimally regulated received strong bipartisan support in the House. On the other hand, there has been bipartisan support for bills such as SOPA and PIPA, which critics such as Google, Wikipedia, and Facebook say would allow severe internet regulation, censorship and provide the president with an “internet kill switch.”
      What’s the number one way Republicans are just like Democrats?

      50. Both platforms agree that “clean coal” is an essential resource for U.S. energy requirements. Romney and Obama both advocate for the use of clean coal as a way of furthering America’s energy independence.

      51. Democrats and Republicans are responsible for the 16 trillion national debt and are largely responsible for the 58 trillion in total U.S. debt.

      52. Both parties have failed to propose a plan for the immediate balancing of the budget. Romney and Obama both propose federal budget plans that would add trillions to the national debt.

      53. Neither party plans on cutting defense spending, which is currently larger than the combined defense spending of the next 13 countries.

      54. According to Gallup, Congressional Democrats and Republicans have record low approval ratings of only 10 percent and according to another poll, 81 percent of those polled have trust in the government “only some of the time or never.”

      55. Both the Democratic and Republican platforms mention God and both parties are theistic in nature.

      56. There is strong bipartisan support for increased gun control measures. Both Romney and Obama are also supporters of increasing gun control.

      57. Republicans and Democrats allow the U.S. to maintain military bases in over 120 countries. A Rasmussen Reports poll found that 51 percent of Americans polled want all troops withdrawn from Western Europe.

      58. The Bush-Clinton NAFTA free trade agreement was passed in a bipartisan effort. Obama has not only failed to renegotiate NAFTA, but is now pushing for more NAFTA style deals. Romney has stated that he will be a champion of free trade.

      59. The U.S. Cuba trade embargo has been largely bipartisan and neither a Republican nor Democratic administration is likely to lift the embargo.

      60. There was strong bipartisan agreement that the NFL lockout should end.

      “62 percent of Americans polled said they want to get rid of electoral college.”

      61. Both the Republican and Democratic platform agree that the death penalty should remain in place, which Obama and Romney also support.

      62. Although 62 percent of Americans polled said they want to get rid of electoral college in favor of a more direct approach to democracy, neither the Republican or Democratic Party present this as an option.

      63. As Jon Stewart points out, the last eight presidents have gone on television and pledged to move America toward an energy-independent future. In 2012, both party platforms as well as both Romney and Obama pledge to bring America into a new era of energy independence.

      64. Voter fraud paranoia is largely bipartisan. Voters belonging to both parties are paranoid that the opposing party may be involved in voter fraud.

      65. Political campaign advertisements from both parties have long focused on attacking the other candidate in often misleading ways. Gary Johnson takes a different approach to campaign ads, deciding to not mention his opponent by name.

      66. Americans of both parties overwhelmingly oppose the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling that allows corporations and special interest groups to spend unlimited amounts of money, in secret, on political campaigning.

      67. Yet both the Republican and Democratic parties continue to heavily rely on the same super PAC funded campaign strategies permitted by the Citizens United ruling.

      68. Both Democratic and Republican parties are exploiting loopholes that allow members of Congress and presidential candidates to assist super PACs in their fundraising efforts.

      69. Among those polled, there is strong bipartisan support for Obama’s Keystone Pipeline project, and the bill passed the House with strong bipartisan support. Romney has indicated that he supports this project as well.

      70. The Democratic and Republican parties refuse to ban contributions from corporations and interest groups, whereas the Green Party runs on a platform of refusing to accept corporate donations.

      71. The two-party system continues to operate largely due to laws and regulations created by the two parties, which severely limit and regulate the ability of third party candidates to gain traction and ballot access.

      72. There has been bipartisan congressional support of filibuster reform.

      73. Neither the Democratic or Republican Party are willing to address the 130,000 plus Iraqi and Afghan civilian deaths that have happened as a result of the bipartisan Global War on Terror.

      74. Republicans and Democrats are both responsible for the gutting of the welfare system.

      75. Presidential signing statements have been a significant source of controversy, but have been employed heavily by every administration since Reagan.

      76. Line item vetoes have been supported by presidents and candidats of both parties: Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney. Bills designed to allow line item vetoes have also received bipartisan support in the House and Senate.

      77. Both Republicans and Democrats are concerned about the public’s knowledge of their use of drones and the use of cyber weapons against Iran.

      78. In the 2012 presidential race, both the Democratic and Republican campaigns have decided to not spend taxpayer money on their campaigns.

      79. Both parties act as if the other party is the worst thing that has ever happened to America.

      80. A new farm bill, which will finance dozens of price support and crop insurance programs for farmers and food assistance for low-income families, received strong bipartisan support in the Senate.

      81. Among those polled, there is strong bipartisan agreement that conservatism is patriotic.

      82. Federal term limits, which many say would be a huge step towards ending corruption in Washington, have been repeatedly rejected through bipartisan votes. In a poll conducted by, 51 percent of those polled said they would support a one-term limit for members of the House and Senate.

      83. Both parties largely believe that the government has the power and right to take private property for public use, and sometimes private use, through eminent domain laws.

      84. Both parties are responsible for continually growing the size of the federal government.

      85. Multimillion dollar no-bid contracts are awarded to companies by both Democratic and Republican administrations.

      86. Instead of encouraging an open press, Republicans and Democrats demonize the leak publishing organization known as WikiLeaks, and its founder Julian Assange, who are responsible for leaking information that has reportedly damaged U.S reputation. The U.S. military recently classified WikiLeaks as an enemy of the state, the same legal category that Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are placed in.

      87. Medicaid and Social Security were initially passed with strong support from both parties.

      88. Republicans and Democrats often claim that their administrations are transparent, but there is plenty of evidence indicating otherwise.

      89. The Bush Administration invoked a state of national emergency following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and the Obama Administration extended the state of emergency, which allows for revocation of the right to habeas corpus.

      90. Since the 1992 presidential debates — which was the only year to include a Democratic, Republican and a third party candidate — the Republican and Democratic candidates have refused to participate in presidential debates that include third parties. Obama and Romney campaigns both received invitations to the Free and Equal debates as well as the IVN online debate, but neither candidate responded.

      91. Both parties are reportedly routinely involved in voter fraud.

      92. The United States Intelligence Community, which consists of at least sixteen various agencies, has grown out of control and has been left largely unchecked by either party, with some reports indicating that no one knows how much money is spent.

      93. Both the Democratic and Republican parties routinely pander to the middle class as they blame their opponents for hurting the middle class, and both platforms advocate for middle class tax cuts. However, multiple studies have demonstrated that the United States has more income inequality than most other developed nations, with the poverty rate at 15 percent and the middle class suffering from almost a 40 percent wealth loss between 2007 and 2010. The top one percent, which most of our lawmakers belong to, has seen increased earnings up to 275 percent in the past 35 years with the top one percent now controlling 40 percent of the nation’s wealth.

      94. The Republican and Democratic parties and candidate fail to adequately address the issue of peak oil, which is when the maximum rate of petroleum extraction has been reached and the rate of production begins to decline.

      95. Both parties refuse to accept responsibility for the credit downgrade and neither was successful at stopping the downgrade. When S&P decided to downgrade the United States from an AAA credit rating to an AA+ rating, they stated that the blame lies with Congress and policymakers from both parties, dating back to 2001 and the Bush Administration.

      96. Thanks to our Democratic and Republican lawmakers, the United States is one of only two countries in the world that permits pharmaceutical companies to advertise directly to consumers. The pharmaceutical lobby is routinely the top lobbying industry, spending a total of $124,441,774 on lobbying in 2012 alone. Obama and Romney each received over one million dollars. In 2009, nearly three dozen former congressmen worked as lobbyists for a pharmaceutical or health product company.

      97. Republicans and Democrats agree that the government needs more money.

      98. This Gallup poll suggests that many Americans — 46 percent of those polled — believe that a third party is needed because the Republican and Democratic parties are not doing an adequate job of representing the people.

      99. There is bipartisan agreement that the Social Security payroll tax break should be allowed to expire, which would raise taxes on 163 million Americans regardless of who wins the election.

      100. Presidential nominees for both parties are selected through a very complicated and expensive process which involves state caucuses and primaries that happen over the course of many months.

      1. Copy paste… Nothing original yeah, just like your username. I mean, Islam is so 7th century. Not the 1st religion.

        Bipartisan politics is always bad, even at the workplace, and even on this website.

        So, if you want to get rid of democracy, go ahead. Have a Shura council or Consultative assembly. Why not? Saudi women still can’t drive. Driving wrecks ovaries!

        1. ‘Copy paste… Nothing original yeah,’

          The article has an author. I copy paste to shake some sense out of you. But then again, may be NOT!

          100 points to rebut your ‘katak di bawah tempurung’ take on American politics and all you can see is that I copy paste. How sad.

          ‘Islam is so 7th century. Not the 1st religion.’


          ‘Saudi women still can’t drive. Driving wrecks ovaries!’

          LU MANA SEKOLAT?!

          1. Oooh angry muslim alert. Are you going to suicide bomb for 72 virgins? Or are you going to find another woman, and marry her just to satisfy your lust and uncontrollable urges?! BTW, I am just trolling you with all the stereotypical biased islamic talking points used by opponents to the ‘religion of peace’ (TM).

            And, when you copy -paste from a website to rebut my posting– which is original content coming from yours-truly– it proves to me you lack originality.

            Tahu la kau sekolah pondok . Aksyen la tu.

            1. ‘Oooh angry muslim alert.’

              Obviously you are very sedate when you blurts these ‘So, if you want to get rid of democracy, go ahead. Have a Shura council or Consultative assembly. Why not? Saudi women still can’t drive. Driving wrecks ovaries!’ from your stinking mouth.

              ‘Are you going to suicide bomb for 72 virgins? Or are you going to find another woman, and marry her just to satisfy your lust and uncontrollable urges?! BTW, I am just trolling you with all the stereotypical biased islamic talking points used by opponents to the ‘religion of peace’ (TM).’

              Is that not being stereotypical and biased at all? Geez. I don’t think you even know what it means. LU MANA SEKOLAT??

              ‘And, when you copy -paste from a website to rebut my posting– which is original content coming from yours-truly– it proves to me you lack originality.’

              I cut paste to rebut your stupidity, err, originality. If you are so bijak, why don’t you rebut the 100 points given. Try la questions the author;s credibility ke, says that its all lies ke, try harder la.

              Saying it lacks originality, when it is obvious that I did not plagiat the whole things, and even if I did, I don’t think you would know the difference anyway, just goes to show your shallow mindedness, simply because, I did provide the link!

              Is your brain even working? Kakakakakakaka kelakar la lu!

              I put more trust on IVN than I would ever did on you. Firstly, they are a bunch of independent Americans, you I supposed, err, Malaysian?

              Secondly, they have facts and figures to prove. Whereas you, mere rethorics, err originality.

              Here some more copy paste. Kakakakkakakaka

              ‘IVN is committed to the belief that democracy functions best when the most people participate. Today’s political climate discourages such a participatory democracy. This is evidenced by the fact that current congressional approval rating is just over 10%. Trust in the news media is under 40%. And, most importantly, voters are fleeing the parties in record numbers, with 40% of Americans self-identified as independent voters.

              These voters tend to vote less frequently and have less of a voice than their partisan counterparts because both our electoral process and our media outlets have divided the population along partisan lines; those who don’t fit within the lines get left out.

              The purpose of is to provide unfiltered political news and policy analysis across the political spectrum. Unlike traditional media outlets and elsewhere in the “blogosphere” where the diversity of viewpoints is often reduced into partisan circles, IVN actively encourages contributors and readers of differing political tendencies to engage in a constructive dialogue.
              IVN’s History

              IVN began as, and during the 2008 and 2010 election cycles averaged 150,000 unique visitors each day. The new network was BETA tested at the end of 2011, and was officially launched in January 2012. In addition to its news role, will integrate a number of interactive online community features.
              IVN’s Publishers

              IVN is a project of the Foundation for Independent Voter Education (FIVE) and the Independent Voter Project (IVP). FIVE is dedicated to restoring the importance of open dialogue, engagement, and constructive compromise in our political system, unfiltered by the partisanship that drives the larger public dialogue. FIVE defines “independent” as people, positions, or information not dictated by a partisan point of view.
              IVN’s Mission

              The mission of is to raise the level of civil discourse to a place where solutions are more persuasive than talking points, and participation is not conditioned on your party affiliation.

              Meet the IVN Team

              Shawn M. Griffiths

              Shawn is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas and has been actively involved in grassroots efforts in the state since 2005. His political philosophy is founded on the principles of individual liberty, limited government, and fiscal responsibility. He is not affiliated with any political party, and has great appreciation for intellectual independence and objective truth.
              Social Media
              Jane Susskind

              Jane is the Social Media manager at IVN, administering all social media channels for the network. With a B.A. in Political Science and Religion from the University of California, San Diego, she has always been involved in politics, working as a government relations intern in the Sacramento Office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations and down in the San Diego Office of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Focusing on the growing importance of online communications in the political sphere, her role is to facilitate conversations, allow for open dialogue, and update you on what’s going on with IVN and in politics.
              Content Managers
              Michael Higham

              Recent graduate from UC San Diego with a B.A. in Political Science. Aspiring educator in hopes of being the coolest high school teacher or college professor your kids ever had.

              He enjoys writing about education and energy policy, and manages the internship program.
              Alex Gauthier

              Alex manages new and potential contributors for IVN. He recently graduated with a B.A. in Political Science from San Diego State University. He also contributes on a wide range of topics including fiscal policy, state and local policy, and local events.
              Design and Development
              James Willmott

              IVN is the platform that James built. He also fixes the printers and builds the desks. James hails from the land of the Torrey’s, but his work ethic is 1940′s American. Having launched successful marketing campaigns for everyone from the local taco shop to multiple fortune five-hundred companies, James has provided the engine for all kinds of campaigns. At IVN, he sails the ship.
              Chad Peace

              Chad is the Director of Operations at IVN. He graduated from UCLA with degrees in Economics and Philosophy, and has a law degree from the University of San Diego where he also served as the President of the International Arbitration Team. He is a licensed attorney in California and likes to cook.

              IVN believes that traditional media, in large part, has encouraged the polarization of our political process by sensationalizing the headlines and reducing the dialogue to a “left v. right” mentality. The Independent Voter Network was established to counter this trend by providing independent news. “Independent News,” is defined as news that is not developed from a partisan point of view. By providing a place for independent sources of news, we can begin to repair the broken political system and empower writers, contributors, commentators, candidates and voters who are willing to speak for themselves.’

              Kaakaaa, what about you? Any closer? I doubt it.

              Kakakakakakaakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakka, just don’t die laughing will you!

          2. sedih aku tgok peraturan bangang mcm ni masih wujud.. tpi harap2x berubah sebab byk NGO kat saudi sendiri dah berkempen mengubah fenomena abnormal ni… harap2x mereka berjaya

  6. Liberalism vs Conservatism.
    Welfarism vs Laissez Faire/Unregulated Capitalism
    Deficit Economy vs Surplus Economy
    Affirmative Actions (sexism/racism/genderism/orientation/ageism etc) vs No Affirmative Action
    Open Immigration vs Closed borders
    Jus Soli vs Jus Sanguinis
    Regulated Media vs Totally Open Media
    Political Oligarchy vs Racial Oligarchy
    Personal religion vs State-controlled Religion

    I think these topics have to be explored further in the Malaysian context.

  7. Helen.

    Pada pendapat saya Helen, sejarah KJ yang akan dicipta mulai dari sekarang didalam hiraki politik UMNO adalah tak ubah seperti yang dilalui oleh TRH dan AI.

    Pada satu ketika kelak, apabila menunggu giliran dan pertandingan sebagai jadi satu penyiksaan, kesabaran dan kewarasan akan lenyap dalam diri dan kerakusan, ketaksuban dan keghairahan akan mengambil tempat. Apatah lagi pencabar kelak adalah yang tidak kurang kehebatannya.

    Akibatnya akan berlaku lagi penyingkiran dan penghijrahan dari parti asal ke parti baru. KJ akan melalui keadaan yang lebih rumit lagi kerana mempunyai s/u dari golongan yang memusuhi perjuangan parti sendiri. Sudah tentu segala rahsia dan perancangan parti akan terdedah kepada musuh.

    Ini tidak dapat dielakkan kerana KJ mempunyai rahsia yang sentiasa dihidu ole s/u nya sendiri kerana KJ adalah 1 dari 7 orang pemimpin kanan UMNO. Kesimpulannya, KJ adalah satu liabiliti bagi BN/UMNO. Itu yang ditunggu oleh DAP untuk ambil kesempatan dalam PRU14.

    AI pada PRU14 nanti peranannya tak akan lagi diperlukan oleh rakan gabongannya kerana tak ada hasil yang mereka perolehi dari beliau, a fail strategist. What say you Helen.

      1. Helen,

        Yup. UMNO is courting disaster here.

        I did write once that my mother when she had been alive often said she “just” not comfortable with Anwar. when I asked further, she replied that she felt that Anwar was up to no good. Yet she did not know why. she “just” felt it.

        I believe that is “women intuition:.

        Now I just do not want to think about this “postman: khairi. My sincere advice to UMNO is UMNO is simply courting disaster.

  8. Helen aku tua setahun drpd KJ.. Aku dah buat mcm2 bisnes tapi aku tak kaya mcm KJ yg dulunya hanyalah penganggur. Cuma nasib aku berbezalah , aku bukan menantu PM.

  9. Next UMNO election KJ for sure will stand for DP. He is in hurry juz like Al-Juburi😝 and this time around d race will be damn pack ie; we have “keris bangsawan lembik”, “big headed kelapa” n “1 outsider dynamic Langkasuka” but NR ada berani ka to call the election when the time is due?
    Just my “50cents”

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