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Umno must demand to know where lies the MCA’s loyalty

MCA has allowed the newspaper group which it owns to be staffed full of evangelistas and controlled by opposition-inclined editors. This fact is an open secret in the media industry.

This Deepavali shine the floodlights on two-faced Firsters and expose the hypocrites!

Below is today’s front page banner headline in The J-Star Online as at 12.30pm (since this morning).

The Star Online - Malaysia, Business, Sports, Lifestyle and Video News 2013-10-29 11-22-18

Hannah Yeoh: Rahman Dahlan “another low class BN MP!”

Obviously the Guan Eng-worshipping Scissorati do not like Umno’s outspoken Rahman Dahlan.

Like their Evangelista icon — see Hannah Yeoh’s tweets (below) calling Rahman “another low class BN MP!” and Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang a “low class politician” — the Bintang Lima manning The J-Star are most agitated by those BN leaders who will stand up to the DAP 3.0’s “bullying tactics“.

Another low class BN MP! hannah

low class politician Hannah

Where the J-Star‘s loyalty lies

It is clear enough.

Over the last six years, the Jerusubang paper has given Hannah Yeoh more coverage than that accorded many BN ministers.

When the Subang Jaya Adun was appointed Speaker of the Selangor Dewan, the MCA paper tweeted the news 10 times!



J-Star brainwashing young voters

Below is a tip-off that my blog got from one reader @ 2013/10/10 at 6:19 am

Apparently The J-Star is offering a year’s free subscription to students aged 19 and above. Indeed the commenter has raised a valid query: What is the paper’s motive in doing this?

MCA puts the blame squarely on Umno - Helen Ang 2013-10-29 12-10-19

J-Star, the Voice of DAP

The MCA-owned and MCA-controlled paper has been responsible for helping create and spread the personality cult of the DAP evangelistas.

At the same time, The J-Star blacked out their negative coverage such as the Singapore prosecutor implicating in its investigation the City Harvest Church of Subang Jaya in what amounts to money laundering.

As well the paper blacked out also the news (carried by the NST and Malay Mail) when Hannah Yeoh was questioned by the police over a sedition report made against her by Kelana Jaya MCA.

Hannah and her lawyers when she presented herself at the police station for questioning on making alleged seditious statements (NEWS BLACKOUT BY THE J-STAR)


Positive publicity

Provided by the MCA’s media for the BN’s arch rivals

And now the DAP is all out to get the young voters … with the help of the machinery belonging to a BN rogue component

Otak di Kepala Lutut Star reporter interviewing Hannah Yeoh
Odikal from the J-Star interviewing Hannah Yeoh

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Young people, your role did

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Selangor State Assembly



Kick Out MCA Already

There is every possibility that BN can lose the next general election due to the very large numbers of young and first-time voters in the urban areas.

  • What is the rationale for keeping MCA in the BN when it sent along 90 percent of Chinese voters to the opposition camp?
  • What is the rationale for keeping MCA in the BN when the Chinese party’s own members voted DAP?
  • What is the rationale for keeping MCA in the BN when it does not consider DAP to be its opponent (but regards Umno as the enemy) and while its machinery and manpower will be covertly campaigning for the opposition?




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31 thoughts on “Umno must demand to know where lies the MCA’s loyalty

  1. Ah ha ha ha ! Hannah calling people low class. Only a low class person would call another person low class. The Aussies made the right decision rejecting her application for Australian PR.

    Maybe the Aussies knew what we didn’t know. Maybe they knew all along that these wanks are low class people and granting them PR status would invite more of these wanks to turn their country into another Malaysia.

    Send them back. Send them back.

    1. Ms H. I recommend all Oz rejects to apply to Canada. The reason why Opposition members are rejected by Oz is that place is already chock-a-bloc with MCA types loaded with the filthy lucre. Remember the Minister of/for Tourism ?

  2. Helen,

    Saban hari you whack STAR, MCA, Hannah, Dapster etc kau-kau….

    Namun begitu, they continue to prosper hinggakan Hannah sekarang jadi madam speaker, wong chun wai naik pangkat, lim guan eng kekal km penang, MCA looks ready to “rejoin” government…..

    Jadi natural justice tahu siapa yang benar dan siapa yang cuma acting of of frustration………..kesian Helen……..

    1. re: “MCA looks ready to “rejoin” government…..”

      Good point. Should MCA be allowed to rejoin the government?

      re: “they continue to prosper hinggakan Hannah …”

      Makin hari makin melebar, err, pengaruhnya.

      re: “Jadi natural justice tahu siapa yang benar dan siapa yang cuma acting of of frustration………..kesian Helen”

      Natural justice: Siapa yang benar, KJ atau Mukhriz?

      I see MM as a future prime minister. God help Malaysia if KJ rises up any further. So don’t speak too soon, my friend. History will find its equilibrium.

      1. How could you and all of us miss this Helen? ROTFL

        PETALING JAYA: Menteri Belia dan Sukan, Khairy Jamaluddin mempunyai bakat sebagai bintang filem selepas berjaya melakonkan watak sebagai penjual ayam percik menerusi filem pendek berjudul Inspektor Mastura.

        Pengarahnya Elaine Daly berkata, dalam filem itu Khairy menjual ayam percik di pasar malam.

        “Saya terjumpa Khairy di sebuah acara pada Oktober tahun lalu dan terus bertanya sama ada dia berminat untuk berlakon dalam filem pendek saya atau tidak kerana saya mahu watak penjual ayam percik lakonan seorang lelaki yang tiada kaitan dengan industri hiburan.

        “Tak sangka pula beliau mahu menerima tawaran tersebut,” katanya kepada mStar Online.

        Filem pendek berkenaan dihasilkan sempena projek Ikal Mayang: Telling Women Stories cetusan idea daripada organisasi bukan kerajaan (NGO), Women: Girls. – mStar Online

  3. Tsunami Cina was a blessing in disguise. Not necessary for UMNO to demand anything as the element of WAS WAS berjaya ditanamkan dalam minda dan hati kami.

    Nak beli barangan keluaran Cina, we now scrutinize.. Tak puas hati check online may it be its product, producers, halal or prices. These also will include services as well as service air lioq.

    WAS WAS kalau darurat aje.. our networking dah gitu meluas. Give us time, yang benar2 merugikan will be those in Business – which is I suppose the lifeline of 95% of the Malaysian Chinese.

    Star or whoever, keep on your good work of keeping us constantly reminded that these once alien species are all out to jahanamkan Bangsa, Agama dan Negara kami.

    1. yes, also stop buying products made in the cainis’ motherland like iphone, ipad, seluar dalam, etc.. buy meleis first and last.

      at least the dapsters ada long term plan, strategy, bukan buat membabi buta ikut suka hati mak bapak depa, kejap ini boleh, jap tu tak boleh, cam concert Kesha kena ban last minute. why not blanket ban all american pop stars, shows macam american idol, etc.. oh wait, kalau take away the anglophilic culture and education, rasanya tinggal apa ye.

      takpelah, sekurang-kurangnya ada yang kahwin mat salleh, produce babies yang kiut cam artis-artis pan-asian kat malaysia. kalau ada dna yahudi sikit pun rasanya nanti pandai berniaga gak. expand the gene pool beyond the nusantara.

      1. ‘cainis’ motherland’

        Kami pergi beli sendiri la. China pun belum tentu mengaku ko tu warganegara. Kau tu saya HIDUNG TAK MANCUNG, PIPI YANG TERSORONG-SORONG!

        Ada Faham?

  4. Demanding that question from MCA is similar to the question MP Kota Belud asked LGE (from your previous posting): You ain’t gonna get any answer. Period.

    However, reading between the lines from the ex has-been MCA Datuk that the chinese rejects MCA due to its association with UMNO, we all can deduce that this relationship is similar to being in a loveless marriage but due to the ‘kids’ (the country) both just carry on keeping up appearances: dancing to the line of formality as neither would want to be the one that walked away.(How to use the victim card then?)

    1. Helen and Anak Jamil,

      No need for UMNO to demand where is MCA loyalty. Only morons will still want to believe that MCA is with BN.

      Najib, Muhyidin or practically all UMNO Supreme Council must be really stupid if they still hope MCA will deliver Chinese votes. Dream on.

      MCA will not deliver chinese votes to BN. What MCA is doing is preparing platform for those anti BN (DAP) to malign BN (or rather UMNO).

      My question to UMNO is will UMNO allow MCA to contest in Kulim, Tanjung Piai, Kuantan, Bandar Tun Razak, Alor Setar among others.

      As MCA is as good as dead, why not UMNO itself “takes bull by its horn”. engage with chinese with firm and fairness. Send the message that while UMNO loves to Chinese support, the opposite is much more releven.

  5. Helen,

    Consider this scenario.

    Problem 1 – The Star is basically a dying newspaper due to falling sales because it had been pushing the BN line.

    Problem 2 – MCA needs to win back the Chinese vote.

    Solution? UMNO gives the MCA-owned Star approval to present pro-Opposition/anti-UMNO views.

    Result? (1) Sales go up and (2) MCA becomes more palatable to the Chinese – mind you, the Chinese DO KNOW who owns the Star.

    After all the articles you have written attacking the Star, I find it hard to believe that nobody has noticed what you have been saying UNLESS the pro-Opposition/anti-UMNO views have been sanctioned by MCA and UMNO.

    1. quote,”Result? (1) Sales go up and (2) MCA becomes more palatable to the Chinese – mind you, the Chinese DO KNOW who owns the Star.”unquote.

      for a millionth time, who are actually buying STAR papers? the pro oppo ppl especially the Cina Dapsters and the likes had said many times that STAR paper is a running dog of MCA and only deserved to be used to ‘wash one’s back’. pro-BN ppl started to boycott the STAR since GE13.

      so, has the STAR paper sales really gone up?

      1. Setem,

        You are right.

        Helen actually brought it to my attention in my previous comment when she said that we’d have to wait until GE14 to see if the Chinese vote would return to MCA.

        What I should have said was that :-

        2/ MCA HOPES to become more palatable to the Chinese.

        But, notwithstanding my mistake, the downward spiral of Star circulation numbers may be a temporary phenomena, at least that is what MCA would hope :)

        To address the falling circulation numbers, would it not make sense for MCA to try and change the tone and tenor of the Star to appeal to the pro-Oppo/anti-UMNO-BN readers?

        I guess, MCA is in a no-win situation here. Having the Star rejected by Oppo readers OR having the Star rejected by BN readers.

        At the moment, the Star seems to be rejected by BOTH Oppo readers and BN readers :)

        1. Actually Helen said we’re waiting to see how the Chinese will vote in the Sg Limau by-election coming up.

          1. Helen,

            Oooppsss! My bad :( Sorry :(

            I was thinking too far ahead as I didn’t think Sg Limau would be significantly influenced due to the relatively short time that I have noticed you complaining about the Star – about a year?

            Obviously if the pro-Oppo/anti-UMNO trend you have identified persists until GE14, than MCA may yet benefit.

            Of cos, this will depend on the subliminal messages, if any, telling readers what a great party MCA is.

            Anyway, with the falling circulation of the Star by both Oppo readers and BN readers which you and others have mentioned, it’s all a moot point, isn’t it?

            Perhaps that is why my opinions are unimportant :) They are all wrong :)

        2. Where have you been stupid. We have been running Haram Beli TheStar campaign all year. The Malays have stop buying the STAR once its exposed that its editorial is actuall Sidang Injil.

          Thats how TheStar readership is down by quarter of a million. Roughly estimated down by 50 million revenue per year.

          Nothing to wiht MCA or DAP. Its just a chinese english paper.

      2. Pro Opposition supporters, including DAP supporters, do not read The Star. I know a lot of people who have dropped their subscription for the newspaper. They voted for the opposition parties in the last elections.

        Which is why a little backstabbing of the pro Barisan Nasional newspaper from Helen Ang is welcome. It is always good news to see infighting in the enemy camp. :)

  6. hahaha! After the hugh ad campaign of CIMB in Malaysiakini, now CIMB put up another campaign in Malaysian Insider from today. Everytime you go to MI, you got a CIMB pop up ad.

    1. ‘…now CIMB put up another campaign in Malaysian Insider from today. Everytime you go to MI, you got a CIMB pop up ad.’

      So that what the slanders on Tun M and sons was all about, huh?

      Sebab itu Nazri iklan besar-besaran kat MI dan Mkini.

  7. Well, as a non-Malay I think MCA’s loyalty should be to the Chinese and MIC’s to the Indian, Sabah and Sarawak parties to their respective ethnicities and state as much as UMNO’s loyalty lies with the Malays.

    Yes we need to be united as Malaysians but we also should be aware of wolves in politics who will line their pockets for while using racial rights as an excuse.

    Just look at seat allocations in General Elections. UMNO used Malay population percentage as an excuse to grab seats that were usually allocated to MIC representatives in Perak while at the same time preaching one Malaysia as they campaigned for Ghani Othman in Chinese majority Gelang Patah.

    So it’s okay to reject an Indian candidate to be placed in a Malay majority area using racial composition but it’s wrong for the Chinese to reject a Malay candidate in a Chinese majority area. UMNO wouldn’t have done that to MCA heck it wouldn’t have done it even to the LDP in Sabah. But the MIC represents Indians. Even the papers didn’t bother mentioning about this problem.

    Every Malaysian understands we need to be moderate. But moderation can only be achieved if the other party is moderate too.

    1. MIC had a good deal in terms of Ministers — 2 Cabinet Ministers (Palanivel & Subramaniam) and 2 Deputies (Saravanan & Kamalanathan).

      MIC had 4 MPs and all 4 were appointed to head the Ministries (as above).

      1. Re. MIC had a good deal

        Yes by GOYANG KAKI aje… It took Najib to apologize the the Indian Community prior to PRU13, but these ungrateful ministers never admit that they are part to be blamed as well for failing to help the Indian.

        I think Hindraf brought more Indian votes to BN than these four GOONS.

        Trying to locate the video but I couldn’t locate it anymore. It was in one of his speech to the Indian audience during the campaign prior to PRU13.

  8. cik helen saya pembaca tegar the star anti utusan.. sebelum pilihanraya saya beli utusan stop the star.

    saya benci sebab kes alvivi makan babi/having sex story alvivi on front page. saya stop dan dah tak hantar iklan dalam star. saya tukar ke surat khabar utusan,berita,kosmo,metro.

    dulu sata rasa tak kelas baca suratkhabar samapah ni. tetapi kini saya sengaja baca utusan dalam lrt/bank/lobby hotel atau mcd/kfc. nak tunjuk kat bangsa penyokong the star.. I am ULTRA MALAY. from moderate i jadi extremist..

  9. lagi satu uncle Tami/Indian muslim yg jual suratkhabar kat tepi jalan atau dekat kedai mamak. i tengok the star selalu jam 2 timbunan masih tinggi.

    utusan,sinar,metro,kosmo,berita jam 11 dah habis. selalu utrusan jam 10 dah tak ada. ini dekat area wangsa maju/seri ramapai. i cari major petronas/petron pun habis. uncle cakap sekarang suratkhabar melayu permintaan boleh tahan..

    1. That’s really good news. All the Malays should boycott The Star so that it will go bankrupt. I’ve stopped reading The Star online after GE 13.

  10. The Star is a low class and a weird paper and I already boycott it. It always does not report or selective in the news which deemed offensive to the opposition or praising the government. And HY, DSAI etc is just as low class just like what HY said to the BN MP’s. I hope that The star will be loss more readers soon.

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