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KJ insulting 1,400,000 civil servants

Khairy Jamaluddin seems to believe that Malaysia’s 1.4 million-strong civil servants do not have enough ability nor “quality” to get the job done.

KJ believes that the fat salaries paid by the Prime Minister to a whole slew of con-sultants is wholly justified. He says that it is very necessary for these fat-salaried con-sultants to be brought in to “improve [the] public service”.

He argued “you want certain quality, pay” (see his tweet below).

Since the PM as well as Khairy’s Youth Ministry are willing to pay for staff (such as KJ’s Press Secretary Regina Lee) whom they want but who are not civil servants, their decision implies that the con-sultants meet a “certain quality” which cannot be found among the existing pool of civil servants.

Twitter - Khairykj- @imokman @SharaadKuttan Not

@imokman counters KJ by saying: “quality = pay is also a simplistic argument, look at the pay of Kenneth Lay of ENRON before it went bust”.

@imokman adds that the “chairman of Syabas is well compensated too, but it is not a representation of quality, still needs govt bailout”

Twitter - TalentCorpMsia- YB @khairykj officiating

The CEO of TalentCorp receives a monthly salary of RM30,000 and a monthly car allowance of RM5,000, annual bonuses and allowances of RM60,000 and an overall income of RM420,000 yearly.

So what has his TalentCorp achieved? Are the numbers of re-emigrated Dapsters (that TalentCorp has managed to entice to come back) big or small? Is their return a good thing or bad?

KJ asserts that “we need to pay to get the best” (see his tweet below). Apparently, Malaysian civil servants are not “the best” and hence the gomen has to rope in outsiders — the expensive best con-sultants — in order to meet KJ’s benchmark for quality.

Twitter - Khairykj- @imokman Realistically

She’s simply the best

Better than all the rest …


A Pemandu con-sultant (senior manager) —  equivalent to a Grade 54 civil servant — has a maximum salary of RM21,000 a month. The annual income of a Pemandu senior manager is a quarter of a million ringgit.

So how much does Pemandu senior analyst Farah Intan (photo above) get paid? She is in charge of monitoring the performance of the police, btw.

Twitter - Khairykj- @imokman

If you do not agree with Khairy that “bringing top individuals w/ private sector experience to improve public service” (KJ’s tweet above) is justified, then you are a most “shortsighted” person.

Syabas to the Youth and Sports Minister for bringing in a woman on top with private sector experience to improve the public service in his Ministry.

According to KJ, “Everything has to be benchmarked on performance”.

We trust that the performance of his Scissorati Press Secretary hired from the JStar meets with the Sports Minister’s satisfaction.


Malaysian gomen paid billions to ‘innovate’

In his 2012 Budget speech, Prime Minister Najib Razak announced ‘2012 as the year of National Innovation Movement’. He said to realise this aspiration of pushing innovation, his government had planned “several strategic initiatives with an allocation of RM100 million“.

This included the introduction of the Cipta 1Malaysia Award (C1PTA) to “recognise the most innovative inventions of students and youth at the national level”. So what stunning innovation has been cipta-ed from a part of the RM100 million funding, may we ask?

Meanwhile, in his 2013 Budget speech, Najib continued his support for “inclusive Innovation” by granting Agensi Inovasi Malaysia together with Mosti a total of RM2 billion to carry out a Green Technology Financing Scheme (GTFS) until 31 Dec 2015.

Also included in the “inculcating innovation” focus is the initiative to establish an Intellectual Property Financing Fund scheme amounting to RM200 million.

Most recently in his 2014 Budget speech, Najib talked about the registration and patenting of intellectual property which will be carried out by MaGIC — the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre which is “a one-stop centre to empower entrepreneurs”. MaGIC has been allocated RM50 million.

The government further proposes an allocation of RM120 million for an integrated package to increase innovation and productivity of SMEs.

So for all the billions splashed on “innovation” can we SEE it what the money has produced? What are the products/results of these innovation initiatives?

“Pamper sesssion”

Twitter - reginalah- Yes. Badly. RT @ACutAboveGroup
: KJ’s Press Secretary @reginalah tweets about him all the time
zaidibrahimWho is Regina Lee
zaidibrahim Regina Lee is

 Nice job in the innovative training, MCA and The J-Star.


Siapa KJ untuk menilai mutu kerja penjawat awam?


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32 thoughts on “KJ insulting 1,400,000 civil servants

    1. Ahli UMNO perlu bangung dari tidur. 2 billion untuk inovasi. Siapa tu CEO Inovasi? Keling Singh! Ya Presiden UMNO bagi berbilion untuk CEO keling lagi. Kenapa ya.

      Innovasi apa yang dah capai dengan 100 juta?

      Najib has to go. Halau Najib…baruah India..

      Bawa balek Cina dan India konon talent. Mereka penyokong DAP. Apa punya bahlol Presiden UMNO ni?

      Hanya kerana Najib anak Tun Razak kita ingat dia pandai dan
      fikir untuk Melayu. Jangan sentimental. Anak Tun Razak ni jahat-jahat belaka. Tak macam bapa dia orang.

      Begitu juga anak pemimpin UMNO yang lepas mereka cuma tahu
      wang ringgit saja.

  1. What does KJ knows about corporate governance and private sector performance? Was he a pioneering business man? As far as we all know, he is among the wealthiest unemployed.

    To pay to get the best?? Really? No need if you are smart.

    Only dumb people had to pay. Smart people think!

    1. re: “Only dumb people had to pay. Smart people think!”

      Team Najib not thinking for themselves as heads of the gomen.

      Instead Team Najib are outsourcing the thinking that needs to be done.

      Team Najib are overpaying outsiders to cook up “Endless Possibilities”.

      Team Najib are handing over the steering wheel to overpriced, unsafe (and even drunk) Pemandu to drive the country.

      Are Team Najib so keen to hand the thinking and the running of Malaysia over to con-sultants and Dapsters in their offices?

    1. islam1st, we’re talking about how KJ cukup berkenan dengan the deservingly highly paid “top individuals” in the private professions whom he believes should be brought into the gomen (and Minister’s office) to teach and help the low “quality” civil servant to improve their performance and skills.

        1. To clarify: He said it is justified that top professionals (of both gender lah) deserved to be paid top range salaries.

      1. Helen ,

        I seems to agree with Khairy J , he sound very practical and he did it ,paying his way to best position twice . Ealiar he pay his way to beat Mukriz and recently he brought down Akramsyah to get his best position.

        I think everybody should adept Khairy practicality .

  2. ramai civil servant yg berkualiti malah lebih baik dpd ‘so called’ keluaran Oxford (dia tu pengkhususan apa?) tp perangai setengah2 Menteri yg rasanya dia tu bijakpandai bekerja dgn pakai mulut bkn guna otak ramai yg bijakpandai dan berkualiti ni menyampah… jd Menteri2 ni sangat suka dpt pegawai kurang berkualiti tp jd ‘yes sir…’.

    1. re: “dia tu pengkhususan apa?”

      POLITICS, Philosophy and Economics.

      Belajar 3 tahun ijazah di uni, satu jurusan =(lebih kurang lah) satu tahun pengajian kot.

    2. Civil servants perlu peka dengan perkembangan politik sekarang. Semua orang di luar sekarang tahu teknik nak rompak kerajaan Melayu UMNO.

      JPA di anaktirikan. Buat Agensi itu dan ini. Gaji berjuta-juta dan bajet tak ada sape control. Buat suka hati.

      Agensi-AGensi diluar kawalan JPA hanya untuk merompak orang Melayu.

      Kerajaan duit banyak dapat berbilion dari Petronas.

      Agensi-Agensi Najib diketua keling dan Cina dan mereka merompak aset Kerajaan Melayu.

      Jadi pegawai kanan dan PTD mesti main kan peranan mereka dalam politik Melayu.

      Jangan biarkan dalang keling dan cina membuat polisi yang memperkayakan mereka. 500 ringgit setahun untuk rakyat mereka makan besar bilion sekali.

  3. Pemandu mabuk ditubuh sebagai salah satu strategi utk jamin kelangsungan politik BN. Jika prestasi pru13 jadi ukuran, nyata Pemandu itu gagal dan BN tatap ditolak pengundi bandar. Elok juga Auditor Gen masuk selongkar perbelanjaan yg dibuat oleh Pemandu, AIM, Talencorpse dan seumpamanya.

  4. Kalau begitu baik pecat aja semua JUSA. Sebab tak berkualiti. This idea actually is nothing new. Zaman Pak Lah dulu ada cadangan untuk serap mereka yg dtg dari SWASTA terus melompat masuk kerajaan dgn gred yg tinggi dan gaji special. Jadi anda patut tahu idea siapakah itu..

  5. You know how people always quote when you pay peanuts you get monkeys … well, i think we must be paying our sports minister bananas.

  6. Yeah….I agree with Orangkampung…
    Our sports minister seems trying to “think outside of the box”. But you can do that if “your box” is somewhere in the middle of the field…but it your box is near the drain… be extra care full because you may be falling in the drain and be swept away….

  7. KJ??? Did he posses any working experience before??? NONE!!! talking **** from the day he entered politics through his sleepy head bapak mertua…. as mentioned by Carlos… the most richest unemployed person on earth!!!! …

    strategically… he is good… superb… he managed to excel beyond other UMNO member dream through pak lah.. by marrying her daughter… that was superb… to get married and leverage on that to accomplished his target… politically….. but to offer people on his opinion on quality of work???

    nonsense la KJ… khaik tuihhh to you la KJ…. you dont have any working experience, you do not know how hard pakcik and makcik kat kampung to earn money… and you simply give conclusion…… ptuiiiihhhhhhhh….

  8. REmind me of the “brilliance” of level 4 think tank…….
    ha ha ha what a joke !
    Pundikuttty !

  9. For someone who “slept” his way into the government, this comes as no surprise.

    Now you must be thinking, he “slept” his way into the government……

    What’s that all about ? How could someone “slept” his way into the government ? Is it possible ? If possible, how ?

    Look at his wife. Who is she ? The daughter of an ex PM. That’s what I meant when I say he “slept” his way to get to where he is.

    Think about it. If his wife is not the daughter of a PM, an ex PM or the daughter of a political heavyweight, where would he be today ?

    This is not exclusive to politics. In the world of business, it is the norm. What this young chap did, countless others in the business world have done and continue to do. After all, it is the easiest and fastest way to get there, provided of course you fulfill certain criteria, namely good looks. I must say that this is not restricted to men in politics and business. Women do it too.

    So is he smart ? He is smart but only to a certain extend. But I must remind people that in politics, as in the entertainment business, success is temporary. Politicians are similar to celebrities in that they have an expiry date. Once they are past the expiry date, just like those celebrities, they will fade into irrelevance.

    The chap is not yet 40. He has time on his side but with the emergence of so many new faces can he hold the people’s attention long enough for him to reach the pinnacle of Malaysian politics and become PM ?

  10. What i want to know is, who is monitoring the performance of all these top over-qualified individuals? Do you even set any objectives and goals for them to achieve and when they fail to deliver are you going to sack them or give them golden parachutes ke handshakes ke?

    1. who is monitoring the performance of all these top over-qualified individuals?

      bukan ke yang kena monitor ialah orang yang bayar gaji?
      masalahnya orang yang bayar gaji tinggi selalunya ialah orang yang tak boleh berfikir sendiri maka mudahla dia diputarbelitkan.

      maka bermaharajalelalah mereka yang dikatakan top over-qualified berkenaan sehinggalah akhirnya ‘tergadai’ negara!

      perkara ni pernah berlaku di syarikat-syarikat milik kerajaan (GLC) yang akhirnya terpaksa dijual senyap-senyap….!

      rakyat biasa seperti saya cuma mampu berdo’a moga tidak sampai tergadai negara tercinta ini…….!

  11. KJ was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. had always had it easy. i know some of his boys, most of them too were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. they dont know the meaning of struggle or working their way up the ladder.

    As for talentcorpse, i personally know some of its staff, they are earning quite a bit but all they do is travel around the world and trying hard to be middle men for other govt agencies, organising career fairs and netowrking dinners.

    they organise their meetings at starbucks at the curve and sure have a jolly good time at the office (ive been to the office, pretty hip i must say). they are brilliant academically but i feel that their ‘talent’ is wasted at talent corp. such irony dont u think?

  12. what is the different between mca member and dapster? i think everyone knows except this “mr quality”

  13. .


    I am properly pissed off with KJ and his ilk.

    As a former civil servant , son and grandson

    of a civil servant [gran was a sargent major

    in the Police] I am sad that KJ can look down

    on the civil servants. We as civil servants [past and present ]


    formulate policy as a duty or as a contributor

    to the gomen moulding a public policy.

    Look even as a contributor to

    the ‘letters’ to the nst- I had initiated a campaign

    for the Information Ministry to adopt some sort

    of filtering /grading of media output as per the US

    media standards as early as the 90’s. When a program is just

    starting you could see a brief grading on the ‘porno-content’

    at the beginning of the show-whether it is 18sx or a U ! What

    inspired me to write a proposal for a regulated national

    media screening policy in 1993 was when I read about a 11 year


    in Sentul who after a shower, playfully strangled his brother

    with the towel , just as one ninja turtle would do to another

    as their signature act!. The result was tragic-the brother died.

    Lately to complement the 1-Malaysia thingy, I suggested radio

    and Tv stations adopt what I had used as a greeting –

    “SALAM 1 MALAYSIA !’ in the blogs

    KJ cannot just dismissed the 1.4 million strong civil serants

    as unimportant or lacking ablity. Having dealt with with

    consultants appointed by the PM office before, their strategy

    had and will always be: call the senior guys and ask for their

    opinion. And having distilled all the ideas, the conn-sotan

    will repackage and claim million as fees! I am pretty sure some

    conn -sotan has made a claim for the ‘salam 1 malaysia’ thingy

    and made millions going by what has been claimed by some

    brother bloggers!

    So KJ you ask the interns to write a 500 word essays and then


    ideas from those essays, yes?

    Is GST ideas from your conn-sotan? when a gomen is broke ,

    what strategy

    can it do? Raise taxes. You don’t need a degree in rocket


    or Keynesian economics to know that. So you have a masta in


    economics. And nazir ole boy too had one from nearby oxbridge


    Not to be seen as denigrating you- Did’nt the late Saif Gadafi got

    a doctorate

    in the same ‘ bidang ‘ from nearby King’s College?

    Don’t make fools of the melayus who had voted for you? A fuck

    you is in order for

    you. Well if your FIL could sell a almost a rm billion asset for a

    few ringgit [ hence ,he will be hereafter referred to Dollah

    -1-euro] . I wonder what

    ‘brilliant’ thingy would you dare do?




  14. Re: Regina…anyone who has worked for The Star cannot be that clever. As for KJ, I think my son, who is a civil servant, has a higher EQ and IQ than the Oxford graduate. And a much better command of the Queen’s English too.

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