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  1. Helen,

    The thing about Dr Mahathir is he never wastes time to please people. He could not be bothered about popularity.

    He is firm. He is fair. He throughout his tenure always sent the message that he did not tolerate anarchy. Those who are bent to creating chaos knows very well that Dr Mahathir was not afraid to lock them up.

    And he loves the detail. Just read his explanation on how George Soros manipulated currencies.

    He is for chinese votes. But he unlike Najib never “terhegeh hegeh”. The message is always ” you too need UMNO”.

    If only Najib wants to reduce his ego by just using Dr Mahathir’s time tested method. it is after all free. Not like his overpaid “consultant’ who created massive disater for UMNO.

    1. re: “Just read his explanation on how George Soros manipulated currencies.”

      Coincidentally I am — ‘The Malaysian Currency Crisis How and Why It Happened’ (a slim volume published by Pelanduk).

      1. Surely from there on, Helen, you must come to realised just how bad these Soros-financed Malaysians are?!

        They can’t sell me the OKM’s service for the country remarks.

        Perhaps BN’s politician sells the country’s rich for their personal gains.

        PR’s sells the country for their selfish personal gains.

        There’s a big difference there. And more reason for me to hate Anwar and cohorts.

        1. re: Perhaps BN’s politician sells the country’s rich for their personal gains. PR’s sells the country for their selfish personal gains.”

          Methinks also that Pakatan will sell the country for their selfish personal gains. It can already be seen from all the hanky-panky that they’re doing now with only the limited state power that they have at present.

          How much further will they go with federal power (rhetorical statement, not question, as I’ve already got an inkling of the answer).

          Whatever his critics and detractors might say of the Tun, he is a true nationalist. He loves the country and he loves the Malays. That is why it rests on his shoulders to save Malaysia by stopping KJ & the evangelistas.

          1. ‘Whatever his critics and detractors might say of the Tun, he is a true nationalist. He loves the country and he loves the Malays. That is why it rests on his shoulders to save Malaysia by stopping KJ & the evangelistas.’

            He loves all Malaysians. Chinese, Indians and lain-lain alike. But of course his detractors will beg to differ.

    2. shamshul anuar. Excellent comments. The 3 Golden Attributes for a Prime Minister.

      1) Commonsense. – Do not run around the streets of KL or take off one’s pants in public.

      2) The Ability to Think out of the Box. – The highways, the middle income Malay group which pulled up the non-Malays with their purchasing power.

      3) Compassion – The brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore, has none.

    3. It has hard because personality dictates policies. This is an inescapable fact. People with strong personalities can drive their will upon other people and force them to do things they won’t normally do, like be compliant and obedient.

      Mahathir’s personality and willpower made the chinese obedient because ultimately they respect one thing aside from money — that’s strength. This phenomenon is characteristic of all people, regardless of race or creed.

      The problem I see is that Najib is fundamentally weak. He has a stereotypical Malay ‘tidak apa’ attitude. Mahathir, with his mamak background, does not have that same weakness.

      Democracy , in its truest form, makes the leader a ‘tidak apa’ leader. He has to kowtow to the majority view, the prevailing polls, the party sentiments etc. and set aside his personal views. So Najib is the true democract.

      1. Couldnt agree more. There was a research on leadership traits amongst Asian countries done by Harvard. Due to its multiracial status, Malaysia leadership need more than just democracy and control of all races. Tun has all.

        1. Mas. The non-Malays the world-over are biased towards the Malays and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. They are brain-washed. TUN DESERVES THE NOBEL PRIZE FOR PEACE.

  2. The very best of leader who truly loves the country and the people. I am very fortunate to be able to chart my future and my life during his time as my leader. I made it in Malaysia TUN, because of you!! . Alas how I wish he is still leading us, so that we wouldn’t be in such a mess now!!

      1. Helen, maybe he won’t personally think it as a Tun M against KJ thingy, he’s too magnanimous for that, but surely if he sees things that the hates or perhaps he thinks of no good for Malaysians, obviously he won’t minced his word.

        Thus the hates among Dapsters and kakis. People just hate it when they are being outsmart by other people.

        Especially certain high class do gooders!

        1. re: “high class do gooders”

          I disagree both that they should be regarded as “high class” (they’re not; they only like to label other people “low class”) and neither are they “do gooders” (instead they’re adept at exploiting the Gospel in the pursuit of Gold and their own Glory).

          1. I should have done this, instead, agree Helen?

            Especially certain ‘high class do gooders’!

            Hehe. Certainly made a big difference!

    1. heheh you all must be living in bolehland. Mcam budak sekolah. Memang budak sekolah je yang puja orang yang mereka tak kenal. Helen do you know Petronas revenue is in the trillions? Ke mana pergi duit Petronas?

      Helen adakah anda tahu orang Cina dan India mempunyai aset berbilion seperti didedahkan oleh Forbes. Takan Forbes nak tipu.

      Lesen IPP, beras ahh…korang bodoh. kesian.

      Tapi kita orang akan amju.

      The KJ threat? KJ pun sama mcm Mahathir mamak. Melayu sokong KJ sebab tak cukup maklumat.

      Keadaan tak mcm dulu. Sekarang kita tak bergantung kepada NST atau pun Utusan atau STAR.

      BAnyak maklumat mcm Anwar keling, semua kita dapat dari internet. Gambar bogel anwar, tokpa, mat sabu, eli wong semua dari internet. sharing is caring hehehehe.

      So just do your job expose KJ and his DAP Vegina Lee sooner or later we will get pics if there are any. But let the sleeping evil Mahathir Kutty dog lie.

    2. dino. You are absolutely right. A great leader is compassionate, no self-glorification like the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore and NORMAL.

    1. antihipokrit. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is one of 7 great statesmen of Asia in the late 20th century. The others are Mao Tse Tung, Soekarno, Jinnah, Nehru, Ho Chi Minh, Deng Hsia Peng. Let all Malaysians be proud of him.

      1. Mao Tse Tung. Under his Great Leap Forward plan, millions of people died and his country plagued by famine, disaster, and economic failure.

        1. Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution was a case of Chinese leader harming (causing to be killed/to die) tens of millions of Chinese.

          Pol Pot’s return to Year Zero was a Khmer leader who killed millions of his Cambodian people.

          The DAP evangelistas’ power lust will cause untold damage to their own supporters — the Chinese.

          1. Re The DAP evangelistas’ power lust will cause untold damage to their own supporters — the Chinese.

            Ha ha ha !!! You actually think they care at all what untold damage it will inflict on their supporters ?

          2. Mao Tse Tung and Pol Pot were dictators with absolute power.

            The closest approximation in Malaysia would be the ultras and far-right in UMNO and Perkasa, who would like to see a return of the Internal Security Act, jailing of activists and dissidents, restrictions on the internet and media, and blind loyalty to them.

            There are even some people here on your blog who have expressed the desire of ethnic cleansing.

            1. re: “Mao Tse Tung and Pol Pot were dictators with absolute power.”

              Kim Guan Eng is a dictator too albeit without the absolute power.

                1. Chin Peng was a Melayu (like Zairil).

                  See photo (on the left), he’s wearing baju Melayu:


                  1. Ya la, Helen.

                    Strangely, Mr Reginalah donning baju Melayu makes him look rather Melayu. Not the KJ type or Tun M type of Melayu but Nik Aziz looking type of Melayu.

                    1. Isteri diberi jawatan sebagai Setiausaha Akhbar Menteri, si suami yang ‘gi tempah baju Melayu.

            1. AC-DC. As I said many times before, when the Emperor enjoyed the finer things in life, China was in turmoil.. If the Emperor chops off a few heads, like the authoritarian Government today, China is at peace and harmony. In other words, the way to rule these Chinese is to be firm with them like the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore !

              Just look at the Chinamen/women in Malaysia today – in absolute turmoil. When the British were here, no squeak. Same with the Hong Kees. Because of the vastness of China, all Chinamen/women are individualistic by instinct unlike the Japanese who live on a barren land and have to harvest the sea for food.

              1. the contradiction and illogicality of yr comment is akin to hans christian andersen the tortoise and the hare. not every ugly duck could turn into a swan, some become joker.

      1. Mr Puke, sorry ! I now give you 10 reasons why your brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore did not make it to my list of 7 great statemen of Asia.

        1. Money was used as investment of Foreign Policy. Vide. Thaksin, Shinawatra and the Bangkok Riots.
        2 2 Child Policy of 1970 & 1980. This is the killer. Vide. Singapore Government White Paper on Population. 2013.
        3. The dysfunctional meritocratic pyramid of yes-men with the smartes fellow on top lost US$108 Billions in October 2008 on Wall Street. Malaysia Foreign Reserves 2013 = US$140 Billions
        4. Humanity & Multiculturalism was never practised. Vide Channelnewsasia. The Curry Smell Tribunal. Dec. 2011 etc.
        5. The perfunctory Judiciary well-known the world-over. Vide.
        The unfortunate & fortunate Mr Chee. Tan Koon Swan. etc.
        6. 5,000 pigs imported daily. Flower nurseries contracts, King of the Road. etc.
        7. A world class transportation system absent. Vide. Mahubani. Distinguished diplomat and scholar.
        8. The highest paid full Cabinet of the World for a one street town. Vide. Warren Buffet.
        9. The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP was founded 1966 and has been in the Opposition since without delivering a conquered Malaysia to the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew to save his legacy.
        10..Lee Kuan Yew assume power in 1959. He is still there and sources alleged he will be there until 100.

  3. tidak ada lagi pemimpin seperti tun yang sayangkan rakyat malaysia. dulu ,kin,selamaya. tun lebih melayu dari melayu..

    1. He already mentored someone he trusted so much. And he got betrayed.. And i guess you know who was that..

  4. Tun M seorang Negarawan. Kita mesti menghormati selama hayat nya.

    Biasa lah. Bila yang baik terlalu ramai musuh nya. Apa lagi yang memendam rasa, dendam dan benci. Tidak semua kehendak boleh beliau tunaikan untuk semata-mata mengisi hasrat peribadi seseorang atau kumpulan semasa menjadi PM. Hanya yang berbudi akan di balas setimpal.

    Hakikat nya Tun M berjaya di persada Malaysia dan Dunia. Semoga Allah memberkati beliau dan lsteri, juga seluruh warga yang telah menyokong usaha beliau.

    Cuma KJ masih berkecil hati terhadap ‘Atuk’ nya….

  5. Tun Mahathir’s time has come and pass. If he were to return to active politics, he will become like Michael Schumacher. People remember his failure with Mercedes GP, not his glory years as 7 time F1 champion.

    Let us long for his touch as the PM.

  6. TUN will always be remembered not as a PM but as a Father of this Nation. He nurtured the Malaysian to be on their own feet, well educated with much accommodations surrounding them. It’s up to the Malaysian to shape their own future. Deep inside of each of us, we truly LOVE TUN as who he is.

    1. Tun Dr Mahathir is the best PM we have ever had. He is an examplary leader and has surpassed everybody including the late Tun Razak who came second.

  7. off topic. i’ve always wondered what happened to the guy who stood in front of the tank (at tianamen square), as shown in the photo.

  8. We used to have a Prime Minister to run this country …. all we have now are consultans running the show , what a shame.

    1. beastofburden. Consultants of any colour or kind are only useful when the Boss tells them what to do.

      Do not expect any consultant to make money or solve problems for anyone. At the bottom of their contracts there is always the disclaimer that they are not responsible for anything. All all faults rest with their clients and they only take the credits.

  9. Been ding Kadir Jasin’s latest piece http://kadirjasin.blogspot.com/2013/10/the-budget-and-story-of-shahrazad.html and found this to smile about.

    ‘Also, those days, except on rare occasions, a Prime Minister did not double up as Finance Minister. People who were well versed in money matters were appointed Finance Minister.

    Today, it appears that whoever is the Prime Minister (good, bad or indifferent) is also the Finance Minister – a very dangerous and dicey situation for the country’s economy and finances.’

    Succinctly encapsulate who Tun M, Pak Lah and Ah Jib Gor is, as PMs.

    ‘(good, bad or indifferent)’

    LOL. KJ (not Reginalah ‘my minister’ lah) hit bulls eye on this one!

    1. re: “Reginalah ‘my minister’ lah”

      Sharp of you to notice. Yes, she does have a tendency to gush “my minister” all the time.

      What kind of people are they?!

      1. “What kind of people are they?!”

        The same kind of people who fawn over a former Prime Minister and think his strict top-down approach will still work today. This despite being discredited for another time in the recent party elections.

        The same kind of person who yearns for the authoritarian rule of a former Prime Minister all because someone hired a former journalist from a newspaper that she dislikes.

        1. :D

          Do you read Annie’s blog? She brought up from

          the gangster movie The Untouchables,

          “Here’s how you get him. He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue!”

  10. Dan zaman Tun semua rakyat hidup saling hormat menghormati, tiada kutuk mengutuk mcm skg ini. Konon nak liberal sgt. Rakyat hidup saling tikam menikam belakang masing2.

    1. Anonymous. You are great. You understand who is great and who is not. Indeed, Tun M is one of the greatest Asian statesmen of all time. He does not glorify himself. We should not be afraid of the truth as it is told.

  11. He is past it. I doubt he still has it within him. He won’t come out of retirement.

    For many Malaysians, especially Malays under the age of 30, he is just a memory. How many of these new Malays know him ?

    Even if he comes out of retirement, what can he do ? If anything, the results of Umno Youth elections showed that the Malaysian First cheerleaders within Umno is on the ascendancy and with the passing of the elders, Umno will, with the passage of time, resembles more and more like the DAP’s Anglophiles and Evangelistas.

    I m a pragmatist and by the looks of what’s happening right now, there’s not much hope for average Malays with the rise of the Malaysian First faction within Umno.

    1. The concept of equal citizenship is great (from my Chinese POV). It’s the conmen peddling the Firster snake oil that worries me, particularly the devastation they will bring upon the working class whom they tipu and they exploit through their Politics of Hate.

      1. Re The concept of equal citizenship is great

        You do believe it don’t you ? But the way I look at it, the whole thing about equal citizenship is a big lie. What it will achieve is provide a pool of votes for political parties to harvest come election time.

        If it ever existed, the case of Tan Yimin would not have occurred in the first place since under “equal citizenship” the little girl and her father would have recourse but as you and I know, under a dual track judicial system as practiced by Malaysia, the myth of equal citizenship, as demonstrated by the Tan Yimin case, was fully exposed.

        *Equal citizenship = equality before the law.

  12. 1 simple thing yg najib n dollah tak dapat belajar dari Tun M…

    “Don’t give a shit!” … Tapi dollah n najib give a shit dekat semua yg ada. In the end, semua tak tercapai. They give a shit utk tarik penyokong, in the end, semua tak sokong.

    Miss u Tun M…

    If ever Najib or dollah can be like… 50% of you… pun cukup lah bagi Malaysia… But… they dont give a shit about what u advice and what you said. Kitkat advisor lagi terrer dari orang yg pernah jadi PM 22 years. bangang…

    1. Brw,

      Many people accused Dr Mahathir many terrible thing . PAS despite claiming championing islam has never exhibit anything Islam when it comes to mocking Dr Mahathir.

      I heard myself once that “khatib’ insulted Dr Mahathir by calling Tun as Mahafiraun. And not to mention one cartoonist drew a portrait Dr Mahathir resembling a pig.

      And who could forget how one late PAS assemblyman slandered Dr Mahathir by saying he watched pornographic movie with his grandchildren.

      These people are simply lucky. Say all that in Singapore and you are finished. But Tun being Tun is a magnaminous man.

      Many did not realise that Tun while showing firmness is also a patient guy. Remember his book was banned. In 1976 he was appointed as Deputy Prime Minister . Yet he did not use his power to get the ban lifted. where could you find the No 2 man with a book banned in his own country. That shows character.

      BUT THE REAL REASON why we love him is we know he is plain sincere. He feels what we feel. And he is able to feel despite not having consultants around him as he is “ikhlas’.

      Tun trusted Malaysians. He underwent an operation in KL conducted by Malaysian surgeons. Tun is never comfortable with strings of consultants . more so if they are not “beriman dan bertakwa”.

  13. Can anyone confirm that when Dr. M met KJ in London, he said the following “You are just another Anwar Ibrahim (wannabe)”?

    Bring back Dr. M! DOCTOR Mahathir. Calling him ‘Tun’ means he’s no longer relevant.

    This country needs strong medicine, from a ‘doktor cucuk’, not some honourary ‘doctor of …’.

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