Ironic that PAS’s Mujahid should now be camping in the churches

Below is Mujahid Yusof Rawa who is vying for one of the PAS vice president positions in the coming muktamar.

Mujahid with Bishop Sebastian
Mujahid with Bishop Sebastian, promoting his book ‘Berdialog dengan gereja’

Mujahid has recently been making a name for himself, alongside his predecessor Khalid Samad, as the opposite numbers to DAP SuperCyber Bullies Hannah Yeoh and Ong Kian Ming.

If Hannah and @imokman are famous (or infamous) for the evangelista posturing in the masjid and surau, then Mujahid and Khalid are their kindred spirits at the other end visiting the churches.

The Malaysian Insider has a story on it today titled ‘As Allah debate continues, PAS leader gets more calls from churches for interfaith dialogue‘. Hannah Yeoh has most kindly publicized the article to her 83,270 Twitter followers.

Hannah Yeoh (hannahyeoh) on Twitter

The irony is this

It is DAP Christian fanatics and the Muslim extremists who are screwing up the relationship between the adherents of the various faiths, and now they’re the very same ones seeking publicity for conducting ‘interfaith dialogue’.

Mujahid told TMI: “The court ruling [on ‘Allah’] and the very public debates have not have not dampened my efforts to mend broken relationships between Muslims and Christians”.

So he himself admits that the relationship between Muslims and Christians is “broken”. And just because the two big boys are at loggerheads, they want to screw up the relationship between Muslims and Buddhists/Hindus/Sikhs/Taoists/animists/agnostics-atheists as well.

Malaysiakini KJ John

Is not Islam being shamed?‘ (Malaysiakini, 30 Oct 2013) — read commentary HERE

Now for the next bit of irony

It is the DAP evangelistas who are trying to drag the other religions into their spat with Islam — see ‘Sah! Guan Eng memang mencampur-adukkan politik dengan agama (ini buktinya)’ — but at the same time, they’re pretending that they be the loving peacemakers. What hypocrites!

The TMI article reports that:

  • according to Mujahid, “politicians and right-wing groups have muddied the issue with their interpretations of the [Allah] ruling”
  • “Mujahid lamented that the decision was a setback to interfaith relations and that right-wing Muslim forces and politicians were responsible for the current confusion on the use of the word”.
  • “There has been a lot of media coverage by the government media, representing the extreme right-wing views,” said Mujahid.

That’s a lot of blame being heaped on the right wingers. Very soon Mujahid will be overtaking Khalid Gereja as the opposition’s most beloved PAS Malay churchgoer.

Toyota 4Runner SUV
Even an SUV (Toyota 4Runner) can look hostile like Darth Vader

Injecting some sense into the debate

Dr Chandra Muzaffar is a man the oppo people love to hate but I find that he speaks a lot of common sense.

‘Intolerance and disrespect prevalent among communities in Malaysia, says Chandra Muzaffar’ (TMI, 1 Nov 2013) refers.

TMI reported:

“Citing the refurbishment of the 130-year-old Sri Sundararaja Perumal temple in Klang, Chandra pointed out that it was valid as it was enshrined in the Federal Constitution that religious communities have the freedom to maintain their places of worship.

“He said the refurbishment of the Hindu temple in the centre of Klang town does not affect inter-religious ties nor does it harm anyone. He said it should not even be an issue as Malay NGO Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) has made it out to be.

“Chandra was commenting on the remarks made by Isma that the refurbishment of the temple would create a negative impression among Muslim tourists who visited Malaysia. He pointed out that the temple refurbishment does not affect anyone.”

Chandra said restraint was a precious value which should be brought to the forefront to preserve peace. Isma is evidently lacking in that precious value.

Isma is also likely to be the “right wing”, “extreme” Muslim force cited by Mujahid. Unless he means Umno, of course.


More on Eppod, HERE

Uthaya spending Deepavali in prison

This is the second time that P. Uthayakumar is spending his Deepavali in prison. The first was under ISA at the Kamunting detention camp, Taiping in 2008.

Uthaya says:

“For the second time in 5 weeks, I have yet again been locked up for 31 days, 24 hours a day in the 10 feet x 10 feet also the dark room isolation lock-up.

Uthaya says he is in cell No.12, which is the very last death row cell and immediately next to the hanging chambers. He shares the cell with five other prisoners who are hardcore criminals.

He adds: “I also heard the hanging floor being let loose open as it was being tested, perhaps for other imminent hanging.” Are the prison authorities trying to spook him, by any chance?

Although he has been sent to the Semenyih government clinic after persistent requests, the doctor who examined him refused to admit Uthaya into hospital for his deteriorating prolapsed disk condition.

Hence he has to remain in his 10’x10′ cell which is dark and dirty, cramped and damp, cold at night but hot and stuffy during the day.

The rarely seen oarfish that beached in California just before the Japan earthquake
The rarely seen deep ocean oarfish that beached in California just before the Japan earthquake

Indians were the first to feel the effect

(Read ‘Can Oarfish Predict Earthquakes?’ and ‘Oarfish Warning : 7.3 Earthquake Hits Japan’ to understand how signs and symptoms are felt earlier by those living in the fringe)

Today in 2013, with the passage of time, we can see things clearer.

A Reuters story headlined ‘Malaysia PM says curb on use of ‘Allah’ key to stability’ on Oct 31 said: “The court decision [on Allah] this month fanned religious tensions and raised questions over minority rights in the mainly Muslim country”.

Currently we’re willing to admit that Malaysia is indeed suffering religious tensions and there’s open talk of minority rights being encroached.

We must remember it was during 2006-2007 that Hindraf (Hindu Rights Action Force) rose up and gained prominence. That was some eight years ago when the country was still in denial about the heated religious temperature, as well as before the Chinese tsunami happened for us to confirm the breach between the races.

It – the religious tensions – was already there and the Hindus, as a small minority group, were the most vulnerable to it. The bigger and more well-to-do religious groups were better insulated but the Indians felt it first when a spate of temple demolitions took place.

Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple Klang -- Photo by Nehru Nagappan
Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple, Klang — Photo by Nehru Nagappan

Uthaya’s political predicament is this

The same belligerence and intolerance is on display in the Perumal temple episode narrated by Dr Chandra Muzaffar.

Uthaya was fighting for the rights of minority Hindus who were caught in the crosshairs of religious tensions that were spiralling into a conflict situation.

From the vantage point of our present-day hostilities, we can understand the development which we could not comprehend then.

Uthaya was whacked by both sides with being labelled “racist” by Lim Guan Eng and his blogger hatchet men and their Scissorati friends – Regina Lee then with Malaysiakini was one of them – and by the Firsters Evangelistas, needless to say.

On the other side of the fence, Umno, Utusan and the Malay groups portrayed Hindraf as gangsters and having ties with Hindu extremists abroad.

The truth of the matter is, Uthaya was and remains an activist for a justifiable cause even if you do not agree with his means of pursuing it. He was a victim of bad press.

Uthaya has already served 1½ years of ISA detention for the sedition charge against him. The chapter should have been closed already. His current imprisonment is double jeopardy.

He ought not to be serving prison time any longer. It’s best that his sentence be commuted.


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  1. RE: According to Mujahid, “politicians and right-wing groups have muddled the issue with their interpretations of the [Allah] ruling”

    “Mujahid lamented that the decision was a setback to interfaith relations and that right-wing Muslim forces and politicians were responsible for the current confusion on the use of the word”.

    “There has been a lot of media coverage by the government media, representing the extreme right-wing views,” said Mujahid.

    Talkshow: Mujahid’s Outreach to Christians: [YouTube]

    Are the following essays from rabid “right-wing Muslim forces”? Or learned men in faithful intercommunication?:

    What about this unrepentant religious personage responsible for the break-up of Orang2 Melayu? Hear it from PAS strongman Cikgu Non [YouTube]

  2. Isma itu bodoh, bodoh itu Isma.

    Another bloody club filled with moron coward Muslim fundamentalist.

    id love to see one of their hypocritical Australian educated Ustaz in the hands of the Egyptian police.

  3. .





    Dear Mustapa [kj] John

    If the gomen were to suggest that Indians and Chinese

    take up malay names as the norm in Indonesia , practically

    all Indians and Chinese would be against the idea totally

    and giving all sorts of reasons under the sun why they would

    not want to use malay names. And yet you want to use the

    name of the god of the melayus [and of course god of all

    christians , pagans and atheist of this world]. And if you would

    refer Allah as your ultimate single god , who are we to say no to

    a correct usage of Allah!

    For a start let us presuppose that your evangelist frens would

    use melayu

    names like Mustapa John and a Tommy Thomas would be

    melayunised as

    Omar Thomas. There is no issue that your god is Allah. It

    becomes untenable when catholics

    start to ubah the ‘Allah’ as having a son and a component

    as holy ghost [a proper translation would be pontianak bersih


    It is no issue if unitarians use Allah as god and Jesus [peace be

    upon him] as a prophet! Surprising there is no interest for

    such a quest from them!


    . And see how carelessly holy ghost is mistranslated in

    BM as ‘roh kudus’. Roh is the attribute of man. Roh is issued to

    a new born

    and taken away by an angel at the point of death. In Islam the

    key attribute

    of God is infinite. Hence Allah is omniprescient. God exist


    [looking at the past] and will continue to exist infinitely into the


    A catholic god Jesus ‘died’ at the cross meaning his ‘roh’ expired

    at the cross!

    Jesus’s life was finite- meaning he lived for x number of years.

    Obviously the

    God refferred to by the catholics are not Allah -the

    Omniprescient. Even the

    attribute of Allah sounds grand!

    Again, I or the melayu muslims need not be ashamed for wanting


    keep the attributes of Allah uncorrupted by sleazy catholics who

    carelessly constructs a 3-in 1 god and still maintain that they

    pray to 1 god.


    If you say 1+1+1=1 to natives and a truly believing

    flock catholic they will accept it as the ‘gospel’ truth . Islam is a

    thinking religion and in the Koran Allah reminds believers to

    use their mind throughout the book.

    There are nevertheless

    unelightened melayus like Mujahid ,Asri

    and whole bunch of PKR mf’s who would sell their belief [my take

    totally] for political votes.

    And not forgetting shameless catholics masquerading

    as islamic scholars like Reza Aslan who tries to belittle what

    I have proposed. One must note Reza does not understand BM

    -so technically he is cat trying to bark

    in the dog house. What a fucking lulu..




    With the fallout from the Allah controversy still brewing, Pas representatives have been extending a hand of friendship to representatives of the Christian churches.

    On Tuesday, 22 October, Pas central committee member Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, Tasik Gelugor Pas information chief Abdul Rahman Kasim and a Pas delegation dropped by at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Penang to visit Bishop Sebastian Francis and Mgr Bernard Paul, the parish priest.

    The discussion in the bishop’s office centred on the differently styles of decision-making and consultation (both advisory and binding), within the Muslim and Christian hierarchies and noted some similarities in how decisions are reached within the respective faiths.

    Inevitably, the Allah controversy was raised, and Sebastian said he was not perturbed; he believed the Spirit was working in the entire episode and that a “purification” would come out of the whole process.

    1. re: “a “purification” would come out of the whole process”

      The Bishop should be careful what he wishes for.

  5. Anybody saw the magic in malaysian insider just now on the 40K bangla phantom voter disclaimer by anwar?

    suddenly unfavorable comments directed to anwar’s disclaimer was removed.

    freedom of speech my ass hahaha




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