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Guan Eng: Umno treat Chinese like “second-class citizens”

And the Malaysiakini reporters covering the DAP sec-gen’s event earlier yesterday evening very likely agreed wholeheartedly with him.

Lim- Umno treats Chinese like second-class citizens

Third-class DAP members

So how does the DAP 3.0 treat the non-Chinese then?

Find out why Syed Araniri Syed Ahmad (pix below), who is the interim DAP Kedah vice chairman, has just quit the party — NST article (1 Nov 2013).

Syed Araniri Syed Ahmad

More irony

Something struck me as a supreme irony when I was blogging ‘Ironic that PAS’s Mujahid should now be camping in the churches‘.

It was that Dr Chandra Muzaffar was the man who came forward to defend the Sri Sundararaja Perumal temple in Klang as well as to give Muslim extremist group Isma a slap on the wrist for kicking up a ruckus over the temple refurbishment.

Dr Chandra is the public figure whom the Dapsters love to vilify. Nonetheless when push came to shove, he stepped up to the plate in the face of the DAP evangelistas keeping as quiet as a church mouse over the Isma assault.

This Deepavali shine the floodlights on two-faced Firsters and expose the hypocrites!
This Deepavali shine the floodlights on two-faced Firsters and expose the hypocrites!

Why blame Umno when DAP does nothing?

If the DAP evangelistas choose to keep their silence when the religious rights of the minorities are being beaten down, why then do their supporters shift the blame to Umno for the “second-class citizenship”?

Previously there was a pin drop silence from the evangelistas too when a 7-year-old Buddhist girl Tan Yimin was kidnapped in Penang and focibly converted to Islam in Selangor, both Pakatan-ruled states. Religion comes under the state purview, for everyone’s information.

The Dapster idols are after all the ones who hold the top positions in DAP 3.0.

They are the ones whom the Chinese voters elected to become Yang Berhormats.

And they’re the Elevated Ones not defending the rights of the minorities. It was Chandra Muzaffar, the chairman of the 1Malaysia Foundation, who did.


First class citizens

Now seriously … how do the Dapsters figure their party to help obtain them all first class citizenship?

Is the DAP leadership showing kepimpinan melalui teladan on how to be first class Malaysians?

What does a first class Malaysian look (dress) like? Urm, maybe Dapsters should begin to UBAH to look like DAP Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming below.

The DAP Super Cyberbully is standing in the middle (green baju Melayu)


imokman @fendyhasni Insya-Allah

Go on, kebas other Arabic words too

How should the first class citizen talk, if the DAP 3.0 leadership is to be an example?

Liberally sprinkle Arabic phrases in their speech and UBAH to talk like evangelista Ong Kian Ming above?

UBAH and start speaking a forced and stilted Malay even though the Dapster’s command of the national language sounds as tongkang pecah as Lim Kit Siang? (Hannah Yeoh’s BM is not much better either)

Khalid Ibrahim tidur2
Khalid Gagap tidur
Khalid Gagap tidur lagi
Khalid Gagap tidur lagi

Dan tidur lagi


Bila Melayu tidur, Dapster boleh ambil alih dan jadi first class lah

But please bear in mind that only the evangelistas drunk on power can become first class.

The DAP supporters feeding the evangelistas their power will be left to fend for themselves among the struggling classes.

hannah yeoh


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58 thoughts on “Guan Eng: Umno treat Chinese like “second-class citizens”

  1. DIAGNOSIS on Two (or Multi)-Faced Firsters:
    Extensive Cognitive Dissonance Syndrome…. that results in the betrayal and deception of other people … so DAPsters, cut the crap and start telling the Truth! Or be exposed!


    1. expose la, like what the host did, dun tube aje.

      ps/ just curiuos did u ever read yr own comment, do us a favor n translate it to english ok kah? bm oso fine.

  2. In the private sector especially factories in Penang, Chinese treats Malay like second class citizen. I have been working here for almost 10 years and it was obvious!

    1. Third class or below.. Caucasian no. 1, Chinese no. 2…. Malay, Indian, Bangla fight for 3rd of below in Betelham.

      1. They demand first class citizenship in the country and at the same time, this is their attitude to the majority population. They really need to relocate their Jerusubang and Betelham to another land, not in Malay-sia.

  3. I dont think this fella ever had his primary and secondary schooling in Malaysia…. thats why he didnt know… OR

    He just simply ignore his teacher and sleep during class or lesson for that particular subject…. OR

    Simply he is a STUPID, BASTARD ASS….

  4. Aku memang menyampah dgn DAPster ni. Perangai mereka seumpama Israel yg bantai penduduk Palestin dan kata Palestin pengganas. Sama juga senario di Malaysia. 2nd class? My ass la LGE.

    1. Kalau kepada audien yang rata-rata Melayu, adakah dia akan bercakap perkara tersebut? Itulah yang saya maksudkan si Firster adalah merupakan hipokrit yang tiada tolok banding. Biawak lidah bercabang.

      1. Balik-balik dia akan salahkan UMNO. Adakah selama UMNO berkuasa Cina dinafikan gak KERAKYATAN, BERNIAGA, MEMILIKI HARTANAH? Insane la parti anak beranak ni. Biawak Commodore pun takut kalau jumpa LGE ni.

      2. Helen,

        On the contrary I must say that UMNO’s treatment of minority is a model of generosity, benevolent , beauty and a source of inspiration.

        I never tire to remind that at strokes of 9 pens by 9 malay sultans, more than 1 million citizenships granted in a scale unheard off in other countries. Of course, as mortals, UMNO has its share of weaknesses. But it is not racist .

        UMNO’s sin(from Lim’s view) is simply it acquires dominance in political landscape. And simply by virtue of securing the lion share of the largest racial group: the Malays.

        A Malay party to Lim is supposed to be submissive. In this case, PAS fits the criteria. another criteria is that a good political party must wage war against Malay interest. And this remind me of PKR.

        The truth is that DAP is enticing Chinese to think that they are indispensable and can dictate terms to the Malays. What it has not been telling the chinese is that there is a limit to its fatal move.

        Meaning it simply backfires.

  5. Saya teringat satu ketika bila Tun Hussien Onn begitu marah dengan China yang kerap mengatakan bahawa mereka ‘second class citizen in Malaysia’ Tujuannya untuk menuduh kerajaan zalim.

    Apa kata Tun Hussien Onn, ‘Dia sanggup jadi second class citizen kalau China beri semua harta mereka kepada beliau’ ( lebih kurang itulah maksudnya )

    Sekarang saya pula ingin bertanya, APA LAGI YANG CHINA MAHU?

    Adakah mereka mahu semua yang ada di Malaysia menjadi hak milik eksklusif mereka sahaja. Mereka mahu supaya mereka ‘disembah’ seperti TOK PEKONG?

    Jawapannya, ‘NO WAY MAN’ Baliklah ke Tongsan kalau itu yang mereka mahu!

  6. Malays are second class in the domestic private sector. If you extend the private sector to include the multinationals, then the Malays become third class citizen.

    Malays are few and far in the Chinese dominated domestic sector while at multinationals, even if you do find Malays, they are mostly there to serve as ornament, decoration or as the Chinese say, as a flower vase.

    What can I say ? Malays too shoulder responsibility. Stop being too fun loving. But telling Malays to stop being too fun loving is not going to be of much help anyway. Its just the in their nature.

    Go to any public university and look at Malay undergraduates. The quality of their work is, well, most of them are atrocious. That’s why Malays dominate public universities while non Malays gravitate to private universities. Even on the campuses of foreign universities operating in Malaysia, Malays are far and few in between.

    Once they enter the workplace upon graduation, they carry on as if its business as usual, thus the fun loving continues unabated.

    1. Re. Go to any public university and look at Malay undergraduates. The quality of their work is, well, most of them are atrocious

      RTFL. You know how bad are the Chinese are at Masters level. They cheat like nobody business. They paid people to do their assignment and thesis. I am not talking about IPTA, this is foreign university here in Kuala Lumpur. Some even SLEPT with the classmate to get their assignment done for them.

      Some of them without my guidance and coaching in group, can barely pass the subject. Just early this year, one of my Cina DAP ex-college mate came crawling to me asking for advice on his MBA thesis and without my advice and guidance, he would definitely fail. I hope he is reading this. POODAH CHIT!

      First quality MY ASS. This is the mirror of what your people are in reality.

      “Riot after Chinese teachers try to stop pupils cheating
      What should have been a hushed scene of 800 Chinese students diligently sitting their university entrance exams erupted into siege warfare after invigilators tried to stop them from cheating. ”

      1. Bangsa Cina ni adalah bangsa yang PALING PENGOTOR DIDUNIA dan tidak mempunyai nilai adab sopan. Hanya setelah mereka berhijrah baru mereka mempelajari and mengadaptasi tatasusila dan adab sopan bangsa lain.

        Kalau tak percaya baca sini:

        a. Chinese Wonder Why Their Tourists Behave So Badly

        From faking marriage certificates to get honeymoon discounts in the Maldives to letting children defecate on the floor of a Taiwan airport, Chinese tourists have recently found themselves at the center of controversy and anger.

        b. Chinese tourists warned over bad behaviour overseas

        China’s deputy PM says tourists spitting, speaking loudly and other ‘uncivilised behaviour’ is damaging country’s reputation

        c. Ni pulak gambar dia orang berak kat restaurant dan tempat awam.

        Kalau google banyak lagi cerita dan gambar pengotor dia orang.

      2. Betul sanfat LOL. The current generation of chinese are malas n sudah pandai meniru. It is the malays who are shining at post grad level.

        1. Re. The current generation of chinese are malas n sudah pandai meniru.

          Malas dan meniru dah satu cerita. MENIPU tu jadi amalan dia orang, senang cakap 10 sen pun nak menipu. This is one of their common “CHEATING” practice. Some of them, when they fail to get minimum number of respondents for their survey questionnaires for their dissertation, they will do it on their own by creating fictitious respondents.

          So all supervisors out there be wary of your CINA DAP students. Please do a spot check on the authenticity of their respondents.

          There are many others way that they cheat…but I am not going to elaborate here.

          1. At post graduate level, the best of the chinese is no where near the best of the malays. The chinese lack creativity, not innovative

            1. Q: What’s the difference between Chinese students and Malay students?

              A: Chinese students are too dumb so they cheat but get employed and join a Jerusubang church and then DAP as racist retards.

              Malay students are too dumb to know how to cheat so they leave the cheating to their lecturers and supervisors but end up unemployed and join JI or UMNO as racist retards.

              Owing to their stupidity, they spend the rest of their delusional lives arguing about who’s smarter.

              1. Penang Dude

                Re. Malay students are too dumb to know how to cheat so they leave the cheating to their lecturers and supervisors but end up unemployed and join JI or UMNO as racist retards.

                You mean like this:

                1. Penang Think Thank Head

                ‘Dr Lim Mah Hui’

                and here is the result

                2. Penang Deficit

                Penang’s Deficit Hits RM262 Million in 2013


                So clever one worr… the Cina DAP. ROTFL

  7. Ms H. You mean after 47 long years in the Opposition, some fellows discover Realpolitik in Malaysia. Someone must have misled somebody sometime !

  8. The throughly despicable ang strikes again. Do you not have an angle beyond race and religion for your politics?

  9. I haven’t heard Malaysian talking about low class, high class, first class, second class and no class until the rise of the DAP’s evangelist in Malaysian politics.

    They definitely are turning the clock backward for Malaysian to progress as a nation by relentlessly and incessantly getting everyone hooked up daily in this class struggle when there wasn’t one to begin with.

    We need to get the dinosaurs in DAP out of the window.

    1. re: “class struggle”

      There is the proletariat (working class), the bourgeoisie, the capitalist class etc.

      But I agree wholeheartedly that the evangelistas style anyone else, other than themselves, to be “low class” people.

      1. Just read at sakmongkol DAP blog, another class have been coined ….’sad class’ of people.

        We’ll, that’s is folk,.its class, class, class for the next few don’t know how long until the the guru in DAP feed their bullies with other words of the month to use…

      2. Helen,

        This is what my chinese convert friend told me

        ” Kita selalu bila cakap pasal Yahudi terfikir yang nereka ada di tanah arab saja. disini pun banyak. cuma kita tak perasan sebab kuasa ditangan kita. Nak tahu bagaimana zalimnya mereka, beri kuasa pada mereka”.

        1. ‘…beri kuasa pada mereka’

          Sudah. Masa Komunis perintah dulu.

          Sekarang masa DAP perintah Penang, tengok apa jadi kat peniaga-peniaga Melayu as opposed to peniaga Cina.

          Dan lihat pula cara DAP melayan ahli-ahli 50 sen mereka! Walaupun sudah hampir 30 puluh tahun menjadi ahli DAP bila anda kritik DAP dan Dinasti Lim, anda adalah tali barut UMNO!

          1. iSLAM1ST,

            Sebab tu bapa mertua saya secara sinis berkata jika dia terserempak dengan Anwar Ibrahim atau Hj Hadi, dia nak sedekahkan kain kapan pada mereka. Sebab kedua dua mereka mengetuai parti politik yang “berperang” dengan orang Melayu.

            Saya pula kata pada bapa mertua jangan berhenti pada kedua dua makhluk ni saja. Masukkan juga nama seprerti Mahfuz, Mohd sabu yanf sehingga kini tiada sebarang jasa tetapi lebih porak perandakan umat Islam.

            Dan juga jangan lupa pada pemimpin UMNO yang ramai juga yang pondan pondan belaka.

            1. SA,

              Per: “……. kedua dua mereka mengetuai parti politik yang “berperang” dengan orang Melayu.”

              Apa maksud berperang dengan orang Melayu? Adakah itu merujuk kepada UMNO?

  10. My neighbour pun a Chinese family, our so called 2nd class citizen;

    …Living in a huge 7 rooms bungalow with a maids’ separate quarters (2 filipino maids la) in their huge compound with a swimming pool
    …5 cars in their garage (today Sunday so all at home)
    …2ce a year a must family overseas holidays
    …Owns 6-3-storey shopoffice (sewa kat 7E and 99SpdMart)
    …Private home tutors for his kids
    …Afford to spend RM300K on rituals to send dead father gifts etc

    Best juga jadi 2nd class citizens in Malaysia owh

    1. Tengoklah Tanjung Tokong.
      Mula-mula didiami oleh 1st Class citizens (Huanna)
      Datanglah tsunami
      Developer semua gembira.
      (UDA termasuk jugak)
      1st Class citizen dah no class
      Diganti dengan 1st Class Caucasian
      Dan second class Ah Beng.

      Don’t you love Penang.




  12. He is so obsessed with class & caste, and it echoes throughout the party. After a while, I get so jaded and extremely bored with this professional victim.

  13. re: The DAP supporters feeding the evangelistas their power will be left to fend for themselves among the struggling class

    yeah. But when they wake up, it was too late already. The sad things is, sorry to say this guy, in Malaysia history, when chinese lead, the chinese was the one who suffered. just g+ to during tin minings times or darurat or Penang early workers history. How the lowly chinese was the one who suffered while their chinese leaders lead a glittering :) lives


  14. This Tokong LGE is obviously sick in the heart and sick in the head.

    What a lousy, useless leader(?) he is.


  15. Bagi Tokong, bila semua Melayu dah hilang segalanya, cina bolot segalanya.. Barulah Mereka 1st Class citizen.

  16. Kawan-kawan and kak Helen, can you please ask Dr Ong Kean Ming to stop such disgusting services in his Serdang?

    “Sexually-arousing, the erotic massage at one centre in Serdang visited by the paper’s probe team, is provided by scantily-dressed women from China, Vietnam and Indonesia.”

    And what is the outcome of the rape case at Serdang? The one dealing with the SUKMA.

    Dr Ong please dont become a sleepy MP.

    1. Mulan,

      I am not a fan of Serdang MP Dr. Ong. But I will not blame him 100% on the illegal activities in Serdang

      A simple question here. Who has the burden/authority to stop all these activities?

      Have you consider the following authorities:-

      1. Immigration Dept
      2. Companies Commission of Malaysia
      3. Police
      4. Local council

      Don’t you think these authorities have the higher burden/enforcement powers to stop illegal activities than an MP?

  17. The Chinese are really lazy nowadays. In my school, only few of my Chinese classmates including me and all of the classmates from other races does do the Prinsip Perakaunan Paper 3 work accordingly. All other classmates only copy works from my friends and me. The Chinese are not really ”low” class as LGE said because some of my Chinese friends are really rich and LGE likes to play racist games. It’s the Malays and Indians are poor.

  18. Nowadays Chinese’s are greedy in duit and they can cheat in everything just for duit. Look at melamine milk in China, Mixture of poor quality and good quality oil and sold as high quality oil in Taiwan and so on are caused by the selfishness of the manufacturer and already cause the locals distrust their local products.

    1. Shaun. Even in Malaysia, by some multi-nationals since the beginning of time. Locals are not exempted.

  19. Ms H. In Singapore, the spiritual home of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, we have 1% rich citizens class and 99% poor citizens class. It is money, money, money.

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