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So which one is Big Bird?

Spot the bird

Ubah mascot in the J-Star page belowStarUbahCuckoo

Spot the bird

… at sea


… on land


… and in the air


Spot the bird…


… brain who doesn’t know how to use Excel

Other types of DAP birds

The fighting cock

Adun Komtar Ng Wei Aik
Former Komtar Adun, now Tanjong MP Ng Wei Aik on the right

The hen-pecked

Mr Hannah Yeoh (?)
Mr Henna Yeoh

Oh how cute

The Ubah Muslimin dan Muslimat

Zairil must have modelled for the artist


The Pakatan yellowbird


The Pakatan bluebird


The Pakatan dodo



So now which one is the Big Bird?



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8 thoughts on “So which one is Big Bird?

  1. The inflatable Ubah bird at Jelutong area has become sort of a local tourist area with some people even putting up some temporary stalls to sell stuffs; don’t know what the heck they’re selling though.

  2. So which one is Big Bird?

    The answer is ‘the one that has a beutiful dream’ to take over Sarawak… So, Orang Kuat Sarawak Mr. Pehin Taib kena careful lah…

  3. Burung punei is the biggest bird, bigger than burung pungkok yg rindukan bulan purnama yg kian malap….. kesian

  4. Helen…which one is the Big Bird?
    Hahahaha….saya percaya the Big Bird tu ada satu aje dalam minda diaorang.

    Itu Big Bird memang boleh Ubah… boleh ubah rupa ikut masing-masing PAS, PKR atau DAP…. sebab the dear leader mereka pun kenis kameleon-iguana.

    So, the three bird yang kita lihat kat gambar tu is actually One-Bird.

    Samalah dengan kes kalimah Allah yang puak-puak evangelis ni cuba nak sapu kononnya ‘Allah’ yang mereka kenal sama dengan Allah yang orang Muslim kenal…..
    Masalahnya PAS yang memperjuangkan Islam pun pakai maskot ‘burung’ jugak….? alahaiiii……….!

    1. re: “So, the three bird yang kita lihat kat gambar tu is actually One-Bird.”

      Hahaha, so the Ubah mascot is also 3-in-1.

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