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Sg Limau by-election: Who is lying, MCA or DAP?

With regard to the Sungai Limau cliffhanger by-election tomorrow, Lim Kit Siang alluded that money politics has reared its head there.

(Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin had announced an allocation of RM2 million for Chinese primary schools in Sg Limau.)

This Sg Limau voter looks like he's angry at MCA vice president Gan Ping Sieu
This Sg Limau voter wagging his finger looks like he’s angry at MCA vice president Gan Ping Sieu

Fishing the 6.72 % Chinese voters

DAP vice chairman Teresa Kok is more explicit. In a statement today, she said: “It is obvious to all that BN’s u turn [from Kedah MB Mukhriz Mahathir’s earlier stance] on the issue of allocation to Chinese schools is due to its political need as BN is eager to solicit support from the 1,800 Chinese voters who will be voting in the Sungai Limau by-election”.

The huge allocation relative to the small size of the schools indicates the kingmaker role played by the Chinese minority electorate in constituencies going down to the wire, such as Sg Limau where Umno and PAS are neck and neck up to the 11th hour.

Look who turned up in Sg Limau; did Nori accompany?
Look who turned up in Sg Limau; did Nori accompany?

Kit Siang claims 45% Sg Limau Chinese voted BN last election

What’s most peculiar though is the claim by Kit Siang that 45 percent of Sg Limau Chinese voters had supported BN in the last general election.

This is contrary to earlier this year when Kit Siang had expounded on the domino theory as to how the BN could be toppled in Johor.

Kit Siang had revealed in January a DAP analysis based on an opinion poll that showed support from the Chinese for Pakatan to be around 70 percent.

In fact, DAP went as far as to make mathematical simulations predicting that with Chinese support pegged at 75 percent, Pakatan would be able to win 16 Johor state seats, while with Chinese support reaching 80 percent, Pakatan would snag 20 Johor seats. (Both assumptions take it that Pakatan netted 35 percent Malay support and 50 percent Indian support.)

Inroads made by the DAP into Johor

DAP still denying the Chinese tsunami

In the event, Pakatan managed to win 18 state seats in Johor and thus according to the DAP’s own formula, Chinese support for the opposition gained in the BN fortress might have been something like 77.5 percent (a conservative estimate).

The DAP had been confident enough that it commanded a high level of Chinese support but Kit Siang can now turn around and swear that a whopping 45 percent of the Chinese electorate in Sg Limau had voted BN in GE13.

Even more mind boggling is this! As embarrassing as it may be, the MCA themselves are nonetheless willing to admit that BN secured only 10 percent of the Sg Limau Chinese votes,

The TMI article above has been reproduced in Kit Siang’s own blog, here, and in Yahoo! News, here.

Like father Ah Pek, like son Ah Beng

Yet The Malaysian Insider (2 Nov 2013) reported Kit Siang as saying that MCA “lied when they said only 10% of the Chinese voted for Barisan Nasional (BN). According to the DAP analysis, BN received 45% of Chinese votes”.

So let’s make this clear: MCA says BN got 10 percent of the Chinese votes. DAP claims BN got 45 percent of the Chinese votes.

The TMI headline again: ‘Don’t lie on number of Sungai Limau’s Chinese votes, Kit Siang tells MCA’

Apek, oh, Apek.

You’re clearly demonstrating to us bagaimana mustahilnya ketam mengajar anak berjalan lurus. So now we know from where Lim Guan Eng’s lidah bercabang is inherited.


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22 thoughts on “Sg Limau by-election: Who is lying, MCA or DAP?

  1. Who do you think will win tomorrow?

    My bet is on BN, counting on Allahyarham Tan Sri Azizan’s loyalists who will swing their votes to BN, roughly between 20% to 25% from PAS. UMNO needs minimum roughly 15% PAS vote swing to lead. This will be even lower if the Chinese change their voting pattern too.

    Keputusan PRU13 Sungai Limau

    Jumlah Pemgundi : 27,287
    BN : 10,520
    PAS ; 13,294
    Calon Bebas 1 : 100
    Calon Bebas 2 : 84
    Undi Rosak ; 351

    Still I may be totally wrong since the “Totok PAS” have long been indoctrinated with “UNDI PAS MASUK SYURGA DAN UMNO KAFIR”.

  2. I’m curious to know the actual percentage of Chinese votes for BN in Sg Limau last GE13. LKS trying his best to deliver the Chinese to PAS? MCA should look into the management of Chinese schools more closely. There are a lot of angry parents.

    1. The problem is Melayu mudah lupa. Remember Sg Limau was an opposition area. Does UMNO really think 6 month down the line the Chinese will suddenly love BN. Bullshit.

      More like bribing the Chinese to like BN. Please lah don’t waste money on those schools.

      1. Lebih baik beri pada sekolah Cina daripada beri pada Melayu totok Pas. Orang Pas bukan saja tak nak bayar cukai, zakat pun dia orang bayar pada parti Pas. Lagi pun org Cina baru dalam piliharaya umum yg lalu tolak BN, totok Pas org Sg Limau ni dah tolak BN sejak lima penggal yg lalu.

  3. My prediction, pas will remain the seat. It has to do with malay attitude; Tak Berani Hijrah (same case like PAU recently)

    Even so I still hope BN will win

  4. I think for PRK Sg Limau 99% Chinese will vote for BN since they have more to gain by doing so. PRU14, 99% will vote for PR. I just hope UMNO leaders are not stupid to be played again and again by the Chinese.. But then again with the present crop of leaders.. who knows? Maybe they are that stupid!

    1. Ha ha ha !

      Even Mokhzani’s partner at Kencana Capital is a Chinese by the name of Yeow Kheng Chew.

      Ha ha ha !

      They are not stupid. They want to get rich fast and what better way to do it than to partner with Chinese businessmen.

      A win win arrangement for both sides.

      Ha ha ha !

      The average Malay and Sabah Sarawak Bumiputera, all he will ever get is getting screwed in the process through endless promises of help from Umno and those other Bumiputera based parties in the form of Bumiputera Economic Empowerment and things like that, help that will never arrive. .

      As for the average Chinese, he thinks the Malays are screwing the Chinese. Well, truth be told, the Malays are indeed screwing the Chinese but with help from Chinese businessmen.

      The Indians will of course find themselves being played like a harmonica by both the Malays and the Chinese and all they can do is…….okay this may offend Indians but the truth must be said,……..they will allow themselves to be screwed again and again.

      Promises here promises there, accusations flying all over the place.

  5. This by election just demonstrate that Chinese can be king maker when they are minority and when the Malay are busy competing each other. So no worry in the future when Chinese population % reduce further. AT that time race might not be an important factor and both side will fight for Chinese support.

    1. Ha ha ha ! Then we should demand that vernacular schools be converted into national schools.

      You do have a perverse way of thinking. You think being a minority gives you leverage.

      Re AT that time race might not be an important factor

      Now I repeat what I said earlier. Since by then race will not be a factor, everyone is Malaysian, vernacular schools should also ride into the sunset.

      But then you will come again and say “don’t touch vernacular schools”.

      That’s what doublespeak is, brought to you by the Malaysian First Voodoo Club.

      1. Re “Then we should demand that vernacular schools be converted into national schools.”

        Consider that Muhyddin giving RM 1 million to a school with only 15 student, it is UMNO that have no ball and gut to even ask to convert such schools. Being a minority with economy power certainly such leverage.

        Re”vernacular schools should also ride into the sunset”
        Actually I welcome such move but again UMNO WILL NOT allow this as when everyone becomes true Malaysian without consider the race, that will be the time UMNO dies because they can’t play race based politic anymore.

        1. Re Actually I welcome such move…..

          There you have it. That is how the Malaysian First hacks see Chinese education but will they say it to the Chinese ?

          How can they tell the Chinese ? If they tell the Chinese their position on Chinese education, the votes are gone for them.

          Am I right ?

        2. Kingmaker my ass!

          In 2008 when PR won big. It was claimed by so many sociopolitical pundits, that it was thanks to the Cinas, the king maker.

          The Cinas proudly took the credit.

          When Tsunami Cina was announced only recently by the PM himself and seconded by many others, Helen’s included. The Cina apparently tak mahu took credit plak. It was obvious they had rejected BN in toto, but the difference is, this time around they simply won’t accept victory!

          Despite calls for the Cinas to own up. They have since refused to do so and was very adamant that all Malaysians, had voted off BN.

          ‘This by election just demonstrate that Chinese can be king maker when they are minority…’

          malaysian, what makes you think that 1800 Cinas can make a difference in an election, when it was obvious, coupled by their own admittance that 6 millions odd Cinas could not do a thing?

          1. The Chinese race is the kingmaker? Hahahaha! The best joke I’ve ever heard. Si Malaysian ni perasan and think his race is so important in Malaysia. Without their existence, he thinks that we cannot survive or Malaysia will go bankrupt. He must he using a crystal ball which is made in China (buy one get one free) to telek the future.

            1. The Melayu Lembu Bodo Sakai Go Back To Jungle good for nothing, only hidup bermalas-malasan with half past six credentials on UMNO gomen handouts!

              Kedah Tua, Langkasuka, Sailendra, Sri Vijaya, Majapahit dan Melaka was built by the Cinas maa!

              If they don’t come over, the Melayu will still lives on trees!

      2. Or why don’t the TV channels dub all Chinese programs. In Thailand, the TVB soaps are all dubbed in Thai. In fact all Chinese films in the cinemas are dubbed.

        I would really like to see TVB in only Bahasa.

        1. ‘I would really like to see TVB in only Bahasa.’

          Me too. But surely the Cinas would go berserk and call for Obama to send drones our way, just like last time!

        2. true, the cina DAP all close minded, boycott the Malay mainstream channels. so no point having mandarin shows. The cina DAP all have enough money as second class citizens that they are forced to watch Astro.

  6. knowing the fact that both holy son and father are bad with anything Microsoft – Excel and Word, let me be the one to correct LKS.

    “MCA says BN got 10 percent of the Chinese votes. DAP claims BN got 45 percent of the Chinese votes”. There’s a typo here. It’s not 45 as in Forty Five but 4.5 as in Four point Five.


  7. Helen,

    it’s been 6 months (+/-) already. So,they start spinning the data and statement hoping with enough barking/shouting people will forget what really happen and the history will be changed.

    After managed to secured 85% to 95% of chinese vote and seeing that it was not enough to win Putrajaya (and at the same times creates the situation where a Malay started questions Apa Cina Mahu?), they know if they don’t spin the real data, they will lose the GE13 momentum. So, what left, spin, spin, and spin all day and all night.

    :P sarah

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