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Zaid’s suggestions to the Najib advisors

“We are not racist”

By Zaid

Media reports attributed these remarks to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, which he made during an interview on CNN with Christiane Amanpour: “We are not racist at all” and that “the majority of the people must not be marginalised.”

I totally agree with the Prime Minister. There must never be any group, majority or minority, that is marginalised in our country. However, I would like to suggest that Najib’s advisers (including his speech writers) do not put him in a spot by trying to paint a picture that the Malay-Bumiputera are marginalised.

They aren’t.

To be marginalised means to be—or to be put—on the fringes of society and to be isolated or excluded from the mainstream of political, social and economic life. Anyone familiar with the situation in Malaysia will tell you that the Malays are not on the fringes. They aren’t isolated at all but in fact constitute a “special” lot with privileges and rights others do not have.

There are marginalised Bumiputera—in Sabah and Sarawak, the Orang Asli in the Peninsula. The Malays may once have been marginalised by a former colonial power, but to describe them as such in the year 2013 is wrong.

It is especially wrong when we have been an independent country for the past 55 years and all the top leaders, both elected and hereditary, have been Malays, and when all the crucial policies of this country have been crafted by Malays for Malays. How on earth can anyone describe the Malays as marginalised today?

And if we’re talking about the colonial era then it wasn’t just the Malays who were marginalised, but everyone else whose skin was not white. In the 1930s, the Royal Selangor Golf Club had a sign up that forbade Chinese and dogs on the premises. That’s marginalisation.

Groups that can be correctly described as marginalised today include the disabled; lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender persons; indigenous people; religious minorities including Shi’ites; the poor of all races; and so on. The list might be growing but those who are definitely not on that list are Malays as a racial category. To say otherwise is to say that Malays marginalise themselves.

It is entirely possible that despite all the benefits and the support provided by the Government in the past 55 years, many Malays are still in need of help and assistance. It doesn’t matter whether or not they have made full use of facilities or assistance given to them. As long as they need help, the Government must come to their assistance. The same should apply to everyone else too.

But to describe the Malays as marginalised makes a mockery of those who are really marginalised in our country.

Well, I know that the Prime Minister has to deal with difficult questions when he is visiting the capital cities of the world and he has to answer them as cleverly as he can.

As such, I’d like to suggest that his advisers refrain from redefining words and expressions that have universal meanings. It would be easier for Najib to call a spade a spade. Just say that we have been practising racial discrimination for many years now and that it works for us.

The current government has won every general election in the history of this country. This “shows” that the majority of Malaysians favour racial discrimination.

Equally, Najib should just say that Malay-Muslims are “special” because if they aren’t treated as special, then they will be upset and when they are upset you won’t like it. Peace and stability will be affected. So on and so forth.

That’s what matters to him, right? So why doesn’t he just come out and say it?



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35 thoughts on “Zaid’s suggestions to the Najib advisors

  1. ha ha ha zaid.
    if you were a malay with no help of UMNO who gave you, your current businesses, you would sing a different tune.
    zaid, grow up.

    1. Zaid ni masa kat UiTM dulu, lunch served with 3 pieces of burnt burgers pun licin juga pinggan makan dia. Apa pun Zaid, tanpa kemudahan UiTM hang bole jadi lawyer ke?

  2. Sudahlah Zaid Ibrahim ni, tak boleh pakai punya orang. Dah berapa kali dah orang sound, dia ni tak relevan langsung dalam politik Malaysia terutamanya berkenaan orang Melayu dan bumiputera. Saya baca satu dua perenggan aje dah menyampah terus tak baca.

    Saya tak tau kenapa Helen ni suka sangat dengan Zaid Ibrahim ni.

    1. re: “Saya tak tau kenapa Helen ni suka sangat dengan Zaid Ibrahim ni.”

      Sama-sama liberal :D

        1. Now do you understand why most UMNO leaders prefer to tow the line and “tak nak memandai-mandai?”

          It is not a good thing or even the right thing to do, but rather the safest thing to do.

          1. re: “most UMNO leaders prefer to tow the line and ‘tak nak memandai-mandai’?”

            Methinks KJ terlalu ghairah memandai-mandai, terkinja-kinja dan menunjuk-nunjuk.

            1. Me think, he is fighting a losing battle trying to woo the Chinese votes back to BN.

              At present state and scenario no UMNO leader is up to mark to be able to do that, so my suspicion is that he offered himself to do just that. Remember I wrote before the demographic that he is looking at is urban@ Chinese mostly, young and IT savvy.

              1. Admittedly the BN is lagging behind. Takde orang muda yang nampak menonjol on the side of the ruling party. It could be that youth are just inherently anti-establishment.

                Whereas in Pakatan, Nurul and Rafizi are young and likewise DAP high flier Liew Chin Tong and so many of their Aduns, not to mention MPs, are young. In PAS I’d suppose Nik Abduh qualifies as young blood.

                Nobody from Puteri is making waves since Azalina. I hope the new Gerakan Youth leader Tan Keng Liang will be given a more prominent platform on the national stage.

                1. Re. Nobody from Puteri is making waves since Azalina.

                  I hope she is reading to make her come back in the next PRU14. By then Sharizat is already 65 I think, and it is about time to let go.

                  Azlina needs people like you to support her in her mission without sidelining the important of the Malay candidate. Let’s face it, in current scenario no Chinese is able to link, jive and even talk with the same wavelength with any Malay leader if one is not a liberal or “jilat pungkok” type.

                  Despite all the argument and verbal assaults from both sides, there is a need for national reconciliation effort. The question is who is going to start first and on what term?

                  We are lucky that we are yet to face the crisis like that in Thailand and Indonesia, despite the effort made by the Ketua Penipu and Pakatan in the past.

              2. , Aku melayu,

                What irritates me is those who are already successful today refuses to guide these young Malay graduates. After reaping the huge benefits through DEB, now they have no qualm in questioning DEB.

                Granted there are spoilt brats among graduates. But not limited to Malays only

              3. LOL,

                Wise men say that the truth hurts. And the truth is that chinese no longer supports BN ( more importantly UMNO).

                My advice to UMNO again and again is that please accept such reality that is staring to everyone in this planet. accept that Chinese no longer supports BN.

                It is not the end of the world. after all, UMNO still “holds the fort” despite almost total rejection by Chinese. And that after Najib accomodate their mind boggling demands.

                No need to worry about reaction from Chinese. Najib and his entire administration are rejected simply because UMNO reigns supreme in BN. that is already a cardinal sin to some.

                So if zaid wants to bring the chinese to BN again, good luck. And he reminds me of a saying “blind as a bat’.

  3. Of-course, if I’m working with, doing printing businesses, need favours, contracts or assistance from rich non-Malay customers, corporation, pro-PR agencies etc, I would have said exactly as he have said. After-all, I’m sure he no longer gets any grants from the gomen.

    Remember that CIMB boss, distancing himself away from Utusan in support of Air Asia boy, without even realizing that the Bank he is supposed to own was formerly Bank Bumiputera Malaysia Berhad. The reason is also the same.

    In Malaysia, this is what will happen when the Malays become successful in life.

    1. Memang betul. Bumiputera yg dah successful mudah lupa dan tidak mahu menolong atau membantu bumiputera yg lain. Because of the unwritten ‘phd’ policy.

    2. RD,

      It happened in 1995. I was just relaxing while waiting for zohor prayer near a mosque in KLCC.

      A smartly dressed guy was puffing a cigarette beside me. Naturally we started conversation.

      He was lamenting that Bumiputera graduates are not up to mark. Some he said were simply “petrified” with his presence.

      I looked at this guy. Then I realised he is a CEO with a GLC.

      I asked him where were him 30 years ago. He did not get it initially. I asked him again whether he back then was as articulate as he is now?

      Of course no, he replied.

      Precisely. I told him that he was comparing himself who has 30 year experience in business with a 23 year old recently graduated staff.

      I told him just as government of the day( meaning the one led by UMNO) “opened” a “whole new world” to him, he too must must “open a new whole world” to others.

      In simple word, he must not forget his humble beginning . He was given “a help” by the government. As such, he too must extend help to these new graduates, Guide them.

      Conversation stopped as beautiful “azan” filled the atmosphere.

      1. New Malay grads should be given a chance in private sectors. Everyone initially will have ‘butterflies in their stomach’ in new situations and environment. I worked as a company secretary for many long years in Malaysia before migrating to the US. My first job in the US was as an assistant manager at a McDonald’s restaurant. For someone who had never cooked in her life, it was a pretty scary experience. But I did the job well until I had had enough of being near hot ovens and went back to school. Then I became a pharmacy technician for more than 3 years until again I went back to school for an x-ray program. After graduation and passed national certification, the economic downturn happened and the only job available for a radiology technologist new grad was only a 3rd shift (I’m too old to lug around the mobile x-ray unit) which I rejected. Instead I became a Social Worker at a nursing home. Now I’m happy at my current job as a supervisor at a clothing store chain. The hours are great and the bonus is that it is only a 10 minute drive from my home. I’ve done all kinds of jobs, some very satisfactory than others. The key thing is to have an open mind and accept whatever comes your way irrespective of pay.

        1. The truth is Fresh Graduates in Malaysia are very pampered. In the US, fresh graduates who work as intern usually don’t get paid, they work their way up until the boss or the department has an opening for them. The interns in the US, do tasks that include making coffee, photocopying, delivery inter-office mail etc. essentially all the menial office job FOR FREE.

          In Malaysia some company pays intern up to RM800.00.

          Things are changing here in Malaysia, graduates have to understand that there are more and more fresh graduates on year basis and more and more new private colleges are opening here in this country, including foreign universities. It is a sign of progress in term literacy rate and tertiary education. The job market can’t actually keep up with the statistics.

          Current university students have to learn to start doing part time job in between classes, weekend and semester break to enhance their CV. No job is too small or too insignificant in this stage and era. Work experiences is very important going forward. I started as a filing clerk after I graduated, just to get myself into the system.

          For fresh graduates, if they are smart they should accept even the lowest position in any organization such as clerical staff in the beginning. Swallow your pride, by knowing and understanding you are not the only graduate in this country at the moment. It works as two pronged strategy;

          1. It will give them a head start and training ground,

          2. Should there be new opening in the organization they will have the first to know.

          Provided that they start building networking with key people in the organization, I am not talking about the CEO or GM, it would be great if they could, but I am referring to the secretaries to the big bosses. These are the gate keepers, most of the time they know whether there is any new opening. Plus, very often than not, from my previous observation and experiences, if you are good, the company is more than willing to counter offer you once have a new offer from other organization.

          For the Muslim Malay, here is my advice:

          1. Face the fact the Chinese and Multinational companies have long discriminate the Malay Muslims and Indian.

          I have experienced that before, even at middle management level, I was made to report to “PEREMPUAN CINA TOLOL”, who knows nut about the job, just because the GM is Cina DAP. I shouldered on and moved to another company after that. I am glad to know that both of them are no longer in the company after I left, where the CINA DAP GM was unceremoniously asked to leave for failing to deliver.

          2. Always believe that “Rezeki itu Allah SWT yang tentukan”, no matter how little it is, the “Barakah” is much more important than the figure;

          3. Don’t get disheartened with the Cina DAP’s mantra that Malay graduates are of lesser quality. Just remind yourself of this story:

          Dr Lim Mah hui is a Phd holder and currently head of Penang Think Tank. He is famously known as someone who claims that bumiputera contractors have no quality, the irony is, here is the result of Pulau Pinang under his advice and guidance:

          Penang’s Deficit Hits RM262 Million in 2013

          What does he have to say about that?

          4. Always share news about job opening in your organization with you fellow Muslim Malays.

          1. This is a very inspirational news that I have kept in my mind for the quite sometime about “courage during adversity”. I do hope she is in better position now.

            Terpaksa tipu ayah

            Artikel ini disiarkan pada : 2012/10/29

            PUTRAJAYA: “Ayah marah dan hampir dua minggu dia tak bercakap dengan saya. Ayah saya kata rugi saja hantar ke universiti belajar tinggi-tinggi, tapi akhirnya jadi pemandu bas,” kata Nur Hafiza Abd Rani, 32, seorang pemandu bas Nadi Putra yang memiliki Ijazah Sarjana Muda Sains Perniagaan Tani, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

            Menurutnya, hampir setengah tahun dia merahsiakan pekerjaannya sebagai pemandu bas daripada pengetahuan bapanya kerana bimbang dimarahi. “Pada mulanya hanya ibu yang tahu pekerjaan saya. Dia tidak memberitahu ayah yang saya bekerja sebagai pemandu bas. Pada waktu itu, saya bekerja dengan syarikat RapidKL sebelum bertukar dengan bas Nadi Putra. “Saya terpaksa menipu ayah dengan memberitahunya bekerja sebagai kerani biasa di syarikat bas itu. Sepanjang tempoh itu ayah hairan melihat saya keluar dari rumah awal pagi sebelum waktu Subuh dan balik pada waktu malam. “Ayah cakap orang kerja kilang pun tak keluar awal sebelum waktu Subuh. Dipendekkan cerita, rahsia saya terbongkar apabila ayah menghantar saya ke tempat kerja ketika motosikal rosak. Saya memberitahunya pekerjaan sebenar dan dia sangat marah pada waktu itu,” katanya.

            Ibu kepada dua anak berusia dua dan enam tahun itu memiliki segulung ijazah selepas menamatkan pengajian selama tiga tahun di UPM. Sebelum itu, dia belajar di universiti sama dalam jurusan pembangunan manusia di peringkat diploma.

            Sewaktu di universiti, dia bukan saja memberikan tumpuan dalam kuliah akademik, malah turut aktif dengan program kampus dan pernah menyertai Pasukan Latihan Pegawai Simpanan (Palapes) UPM. Nur Hafiza berkata, dia memiliki lesen memandu bas sebaik tamat belajar peringkat diploma pada 1999 selepas disarankan ibunya supaya berbuat demikian, memandangkan ketika itu banyak pekerjaan sebagai pemandu bas dan lori diiklankan di dalam akhbar. “Waktu itu saya menerima wang biasiswa dan tak tahu nak buat apa dengan wang itu. Jadi, ibu menyarankan saya mengambil lesen motosikal dan kereta termasuk lori serta bas sebagai persediaan sekiranya tidak dapat pekerjaan selepas tamat belajar.

            “Apa yang saya lakukan itu memang ada kebenarannya. Saya pernah cuba meminta kerja di pelbagai tempat termasuk menjadi tentera, tapi rezeki tidak berpihak kepada saya,” katanya yang akhirnya memilih kerjaya sebagai pemandu bas. Nur Hafiza yang berpengalaman memandu bas lebih 10 tahun berkata, dia sangat meminati tugas sebagai pemandu bas kerana senang dengan suasana, cara dan masa kerjanya, berbanding kerja dan suasana di pejabat.

            Katanya, dia tidak berasa rugi mahupun rendah diri walaupun mempunyai ijazah sarjana muda dan bekerja sebagai pemandu bas.”


            1. LOL,

              i think the parents are partly to be blamed. I remember a long time ago, our mom would not allow us to work while waiting for our MCE (SPM) results. So for 3 months, we did nothing except eating, watching TV and sleeping. My husband, on the other hand, started earning his pocket money since he was 7 years old by delivering newspapers in the neighborhood. It’s not that his parents were poor (his father was a medical doctor, his mom was a hospital administrator) but he and his siblings were taught to be independent at a very early age. With independence comes confidence. That’s what actually lacking in our youths. Too much coddling and pampering.

              1. Re. started earning his pocket money since he was 7 years old by delivering newspapers in the neighborhood

                They are no longer their parents’ responsibility after reaching college age of 18yo, unless they are trust fund baby.

                Re. Too much coddling and pampering.

                Don’t we all love that….LOL.

                But seriously, as a community we have to start alerting and advising our “khariah” to advise the same to their children from now on. My nephews and nieces have started that long before, currently I have a nephew who always goes back to the same chocolate factory in Johor as line worker during semester break, just because he loves to eat chocolate; not a smart move in term of diversity of tasks. He is in final year of engineering study.

                  1. Nope, Chicago! But in 5 years’ time we might be moving to North Carolina, the state my husband was born. We grow our own vegetables and the growing season is just too short. And we are also growing older and can take the snow no more.

              2. Apa pun Zaid jgn lupa pepatah org tua kita “hutang budi dibawa mati”. You may have reached the stars and the moon tetapi jangan sesekali lupa daratan.

        2. Aku melayu,

          What irritates me is those who are already successful today refuses to guide these young Malay graduates. After reaping the huge benefits through DEB, now they have no qualm in questioning DEB.

          Granted there are spoilt brats among graduates. But not limited to Malays only

  4. Although I view him as one of the Malay politicians whom the chinese should not trust, he is correct in his explanation wrt marginalisation. Discriminated yes. None of the major racial groups are marginalised except for the non-muslim bumiputeras and those with disabilities.

  5. .

    one person une must use as

    an example of one who your children

    must not follow [in bm , we call it

    sempadan-keep him away] .




    Zaid is the Cicakman- a chameleon. Flexible

    moral, ac-dc … Let us say, he will make

    a stand on any issue as long as it will

    benefit him.

    When TDM sacked the chief Justice, he as

    the President of ‘Muslim’ [cheh, mat kelate tak

    tahu malu] Loyar Association rallied behind

    Mahathir by giving moral support to the new

    beneficiary of Madey’s immoral [possibly illegal]


    When the tide turned the other way, and as a

    minister in Dolah-1-euro cabinet he personally

    carried the compensation cheque to the families

    of the sacked judges [as a result of Mad Madey’s

    grand evil design] . So Zaid -Joni-Walker-kelate style

    don’t give us your 2-sen worth. Your filosofi is as

    good as sampah on the street…


    And what does Zaid-Joni-Walker-come-lately think

    about my ‘favourite’ 1-Malaysia -pubic-enemy-no -1,

    P**dek Lingam who wrote judgments for judge favouring

    him and act as a broker for tycoon chingkie Tan

    to place ‘pliant’ judges in key post so that tycoon

    chingkie can get ‘humongous’ awards in judgements

    [so that he can buy the Cardiff FC with the money] ?

    Elegant Silent. Haha .. Zaid-Brandy : you are one

    Mat Pantat 1- Malaysia can do without!







    1. re: “he will make a stand on any issue as long as it will benefit him”

      I disagree. He’s been consistent in making a principled stand.

      re: “P**dek Lingam”, “chingkie Tan”, “Mat Pantat”


      1. .
        I must say you have a great

        disposition as to tolerate my rants

        on Zaid. I had been prejudiced on

        Zaid since the days he supported

        Mahathir in the sackings of the

        Chief Justice of the day-Tun Salleh Abbas

        and the other Justices involved. The

        sacking had a tragic implication- Mr Justice

        Abdool Kader committed suicide,

        If Zaid is sincere on his take on the

        marginalised natives especially those

        in Kelantan [who claimed that the state

        gomen is stealing the land ] and Sarawak

        [where ex policeman Ramli Yusuff were

        given native lands where there were

        lots of natives had opened up] , his law

        firm [reportedly the biggest in 1 -Malaysia]

        could offer to take up a ‘class action’

        on those state gomens.

        To expect such a thing to materialise is

        as good hoping for the cow to fly over the moon!

        Bising saja- no use. Show-lah what u can do, Mr Zee!

  6. sekarang takut nak lepaskan anak-anak. umur 18 tahun tunggu bas orang kidnap. kerja kilang balik shift takut kena rogol. kerja part time kat mall susah nak sembahyang. kerja kat restoran gaji kecik. orang melayu banyak stigma.

    saya anak umur 7 tahun dah hantar kelas baking/memasak/menjahit untuk kanak-kanak. setiap cuti sekolah sibuk dengan program kemahiran hidup. malah saya hantar kelas muzik /komputer supaya dia serba boleh. di takdirkan dia tak pandai dalam akedemik dia ada kepandaian kemahiran hidup.

    bila orang islam /melayu terlalu susah untuk mencari kerja yg sesuai dengan tuntutan agama ibubapa kena kreatif. hantar bidang kemahiran hidup. bila cuti sekolah dia masih boleh mencari duit dari rumah. tetapi ibu bapa profesional malu hantar anak perempuan/lelaki pergi kelas menjahit/kraftangan/memasak. mereka sendiri malu jika anak mereka tak berjaya jadi orang profesional seperti mereka.

    bukan ke dengan network dan kepandaiana kita anak-anak kita belum tentu mewarisi dari mak dan ayah mereka.

  7. salam..
    maaf cakap..kita melayu nih terlalu banyak perasaan takut itu ini gitu gini… saya cari duit poket sejak umo 8/9tahun kira sejak tau nak membeli lah.. org kg.. jd kerja rencam jew… petik kopi menebas cungkil kelapa (mesti adew yg takto… xpew xpenting pown..)

    org susah katakan.. tak dew lauk klo musim kering menimba lah ..musim ujan memancing kitew.. rezeki dikilang… alhamdullilah… bkn alim /iman kuat.. solat tak susah bas/van adew jew… dimana pown kita adew bilew sorang2 jgn layan org yg tak kita kenal walo brapa pown umo kta.. biar org kata sombong janji diri sendiri selamat…

    saya dah 30 th keje kilang dr operator ke guard aka security in house.. x pedulik org kata apew sbb rezeki saya disini sbb saya dah usaha dan saya dapat buat/beli apa saja kepeluan saya dgn kadar kemampuan saya… di m’sia kalo gaji tak riban riban n keje tak glemer org keliling pandang rendah lebih malang klo kuarga senrik yg pandang rendah…

    pd saya senang jew.. saya dapat keje guard sbb mungkin bila saya dpt keje menejew kew hapew kew saya lupa diri dan bongkak… tu pasai Allah beri saya kejew /gaji kecik supaya saya ingat siapa saya… asal tak minta duit makpak itu dah kira berbaloi baloi bg saya……. yg penting kongsi duit yg kitew dapat dgn kuarga yg memerlukan….

    org m’sia patut dididik kerje patut dipandang hina adalah jual org dadah jual badan amik rasuah. buat ic/paspot palsu.. dan segala mak nenek kejew yg negative pd diri negara n org keliling….

    jgn bilew dah kaya dgn bantuan kerajaan secara langsung n terus menerus mula nak cantas org miskin yg memerlukan….. bkn nak nolong nak kaut kat dia semua…. jadi org yg memberi jgn duk meminta n melolong sepanjang masa….

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