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What the evangelistas really think of Malays and Muslims

Find out more at the blog Life of Annie that’s the biggest Dapster magnet … latest hot posting — ‘DAP cybertroopers still angry with Annie‘.


Lim Guan Eng says Umno is turning into “Nazi stormtroopers”. Umno claims to have 3.5 million members. So, in the eyes of the DAP sec-gen, 3.5 million Malays and their millions more “Umnoputra” dependents are really Nazis in the making.

He also insists that Chinese have been treated like “fourth class citizens” for 50 years.

And you can hear it straight from the horse’s own mouth for yourself.

Guan Eng tells a Chinese crowd in Penang that they have all been second class citizens, third class citizens, fourth class citizens over the last half a century. He said it in Hokkien, the most widespread dialect on the island.

Evangelistas speak from two sides of the mouth. They say one thing to the Chinese and another altogether different thing when they are in front of a Malay audience.


Lim Guan Eng’s speech begins at minute 1:55

The gathering at Han Chiang High School in Penang on 6 March 2008 (two days before GE12) has been dubbed ‘the Mother of All Ceramahs’ and attended by 60,000 people, according to claims by the opposition.

Excerpts from Guan Eng’s speech

4:35 — “There cannot be such double standards. BN practices double standards … they have no more issues, they are politically bankrupt aaah (applause and cheers from the crowd). We will not allow ourselves to be distracted by personal attacks.”

Minute 6:30 onwards in the video above — Translation from Hokkien

“Is it possible for us to become first class citizens in Malaysia? For 50 years, over a period of 50 years we have been second class citizens, third class citizens, fourth class citizens, aaah. Enough is enough, true or not? So we need to tell Abdullah Badawi, to say to Ong Ka Ting, say to Koh Tsu Koon so that they will know … we want to be first class!”

“Do I have your promise that all of you here will vote for DAP?”

Evangelistas go berserk at mualaf and mamak

Read HERE what the evangelistas think about Chinese who convert to Islam vis-a-vis their comments about Annie’s mother.

Annie is an Anon blogger and thus her mother is an Anon once removed. But still, the commenters can launch the most vicious personal attacks on an AnonAnon just because they think she is Annie’s mother, or even on Annie’s grandmother.

A corroborating view from ‘Malay Princess’: “Evangelistas look down on Indians” / On mamak and mualaf too?

And their Leadership By Example, Papa Dapster: ‘Does Guan Eng have something against mamaks?

Below is the Mama Dapster sedang bermuka-muka.


Statistik pilihan raya kecil 2008-2013 menunjukkan prestasi PAS kian merosot(click to read)

Talam dua muka

Other samples of the Firster race relations:

Poor Bangladeshis, kena bash (literally on 5 May 2013) … ABU: Treat dubious voter like a robber or a rapist

Tweet senator kontroversi DAP tentang mamak

Di Perak “hitam metalik”, di P. Pinang “Melayu celup kopi”


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37 thoughts on “What the evangelistas really think of Malays and Muslims

  1. Closet racism. That’s what it is all about.

    When addressing a Malay audience, they will say we are all brothers and sisters. They will say we are all Malaysians without any hint of irony that the word Malaysian if applied in the truest sense actually means Malay.

    What they really think of Malays and Muslims ? To them, the same way the early white settlers who settled the USA looked at the Native Indians and later on the Africans brought to the USA as slaves.

    For these evangelists, the Malays and Muslims are savages.

    1. What rubbish by Survivor. The Chinese themselves are considered dirty and a non race by white people. The chinese are just dulang washers and kuli. How could they have time to think about the Malays.


      1. I know the word is sensitive to you but I also want to point out that the word pig in Chinese 猪 is used frequently by the Chinese to describe the Malays and Muslims in derogatory ways as in 马来猪

        1. Malays call other Malays ‘babi’ too, I’m aware. We Chinese scold each other ‘pig’ as well.

          However in the context of my open domain blog, it’s best to steer away from this.

          I admit that harsh words are allowed in my moderation, and I myself invented the contraction ‘odikal’, but “babi” is a powder key with pronounced racial connotations.

          1. I take that you too are aware that when Chinese call Malays 猪 they mean the Malays are dumb and useless as in the Chinese mind that’s what 猪 stands for.

            While it is true that Malays too scold other Malays 猪 the connotation is different from what the Chinese intended for the Malays when Chinese people “instinctively” call Malays 猪.

            Granted that other Chinese also call Chinese 猪 but that too is in a wholly different context.

            1. re: “what the Chinese intended for the Malays when Chinese people “instinctively” call Malays 猪”

              It works the other way around too. When Malays call Chinese “babi”, the intention is hostile and confrontational.

            2. My he is one stupid Jew. Who cares what the chinese thinks of the Malays? Does Jews stop what tehy are doing just because of what people think of them. Please lah just think the chinese as dirty and spit loving people.

              1. re: “Please lah just think the chinese as dirty and spit loving people.”

                I am Chinese. So I’m a dirty and spit-loving person.

                1. No lah. Its just a natural way of teaching that Jew should adopt instead of feeling inferior. Calling himself a Jew,,hehe.. The Jews have very superior thoughts of themselves so dont bring shame to the Jews thinking what chinese think of Malays. Thats stupid.

                  Stick and stones may break your bones but what that International Jew of you never hurt you..muaha..

      2. Re : Not nice. Chinese, including me, sensitive to the word…

        Malah semua kaum sangat sensitif dengan perkataan tersebut. tak perlu maki-hamun untuk menzahir perasaan hati kamu itu…!

        Semua itu akan memalukan emakayah kamu sahaja kerana anak-anak adalah cerminan ibu dan ayahnya.

        Tetapi kalau sudah marah sangat dan tiada perkataan yang boleh memuaskan rasa hati kamu yang amarah itu…., maka gunakanlah sahaja perkataan – “kerbau pendek”. Noktah.

        1. ‘Semua itu akan memalukan emakayah kamu…’

          Shame on you to bring his parents into the picture. I’m sure you won’t like it if he were to bring your ancestors into the picture as well.

          Would you or wouldn’t you?

  3. Ms H. After 47 long years the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP did nothing for the Malays, Chinese, Indians and all. After garnering 90% of the Chinese votes, the DAP still wants something which has caused the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, to be outside of the mainstream of Realpolitik.

    Is the DAP by shouting just TWO WORDS ‘First Class’ can hope to fill the wishes and stomaches of the Chinese, the Indians and all ? Just like that ? And the LEADERSHIP REMAINS IN THE SADDLE FOR OVER 50 YEARS ? You may con some people some of the time but you cannot con all the people all the time.

    Look at Singapore, the spiritual homeland of the DAP led by their spiritual leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore – EVERYTHING IS FALLING APART WHICH IS BASED ON MONEY, MONEY, MONEY,- SIA, CPF, MRT, JOBS, COST OF LIVING, WAGES ETC. in a 75% homogenous society which he governed for over 55 years. And yet……….. Hidup our beloved Malaysia.

  4. The girl Annie is really gutsy. She has my respect. I admire her guts and courage. I cannot say the same about those gangsters trolling her blog though. All they can do is assault her with foul language when the room heats up. Pity those gangsters. After years of education they still cannot think with a brain.

    I hope she keeps up the attack on the opposition though. We need people to stand up to these gangsters.

    1. I stop reading Annie blog after realising she is just a mouth piece of that Kerala Indian Mukhriz..hehe..
      Just like his father attacking Tunku because the Chinese tunjuk kemaluan dan Tunku biasa di tunjukan kemaluan, the Malays thought he is for them. Just look now. His sons are billionaires while the Malays are still beggar in their own land.
      Annie is a paid writer to purportly attacked the Chinese while furthering the Indian kerala profile.
      Dont waste your time reading Annie and her paymaster RD.
      In fact we Malays dont have the the time to atttack or belittle the Chinese or indians. The Malays have enough on their hands keeping the robbers in UMNO from stealing from the state.
      Annie is just a goon of the UMNO robber barons trying todeflect attention while her robber paymaster steal from the Malays.

      1. ‘Kerala Indian Mukhriz’

        ‘Annie is just a goon of the UMNO’

        Ala kalau dah DAPster RBAs tu mengaku jelah, tak payah nak poser kata hang tu melayu bagai!

      2. Re: In fact “we Malays”?

        Betul ke awak ni Melayu? I have the gut feeling that you are 100% Chinese and a paid DAP cybertrooper to boot. WE, THE MALAYS KNOW YOUR MODUS OPERANDI, so stop your charade.

        FYI, Mamaks are Malays. Tun Dr Mahathir and Mukhriz are Malays. The blogger Annie is a Malay eventhough her mother is Chinese. We, the Malays have no problems with Mamaks or mixed-bloods as long as they are Muslims and berjiwa Melayu.

        I’ve read somewhere that the authorities are considering of granting bumi status to Indian Muslims in Malaysia. I have no problem with that and I hope it will become reality.

        1. The Malays have had vassal states as far as Chittagong on the northwest and Vietnam on the northeast, had no problems with people of different ethnicity.

          Our ancestors had run empires on international entrepots and travelled as far as Madagascar and Easter Islands.

          We have no antagonism to diversity, the historical marks we left on the Ainu and the Maoris are testament to that!

          1. re: “Our ancestors had run empires on international entrepots and travelled as far as Madagascar and Easter Islands.

            We have no antagonism to diversity, the historical marks we left on the Ainu and the Maoris are testament to that!”

            When your ancestors were animists and Hindu.

      3. You should have been brave enough to use the same nickname in Annie’s. What honesty is there, using different identity everywhere.

        I don’t have the money to pay anybody I don’t even know, mind you. I’m just a peace loving man with a family to feed. I would love to see them and their children grow old and die a natural death, not the kind of death we see in the streets of Baghdad, Narathiwat or Zamboanga.

  5. Tiba2 cemas rasakan being treated as 2nd class, 3rd class, 4th class citizens ke atau Chinese business monopoly dah terancam owh? Be direct la, tak payah duk merepet all these classy nonsense.

    Agaknya dulu your forefathers in China were treated as what class citizen sampai sanggup abandon their tanah ibunda? Anih mai sini sampai dah 50tahun being treated as 4th class citizen pun duk menenggung tunggu apa lagi? Cabut lari le.

    1. Dulu kat mainland pun depa dah 1st class, tapi makan tauhu je la…

      la ni depa 2nd class, 3rd class dan 4th class tapi boleh makan babi hari-hari, sea food hari-hari, malah boleh makan yee sang lagi tiap-tiap tahun, tu yang BUTA PERUT TAK DAK AKAI!

    2. 4th class citizens. .ptui..ptui

      Kalau masih tak sedar dan tak bersyukur.. eloklah pack your bags dan berambus.. bawak sekali tok nek suku sakat kau..

  6. Ms H. As Singapore is the spiritual homeland of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP with its spritual leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore, how come there are more than one class of Singaporean citizens today ? 75% of Singapore’s population is CHINESE.

    Some wisecracks call some of their political compatriots ‘LOW CLASS’. I would have thought these 2 words are more appropriate for Singaporean usage than Malaysian given the fact that in Singapore if you have money, you are high class and no money low class.

  7. Ms H. If we gather the top leadership of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP and place these smart meritocratic folks according to their intellect as compared to the dysfunctional meritocratic pyramid of Singapore with the smartest fellow on top, I doubt if these smart folks will make it pass the pyramidal base. If they are any good, they will be in their homeland of Singapore and not our beloved Malaysia.



  9. quote,” Evangelistas speak from two sides of the mouth. They say one thing to the Chinese and another altogether different thing when they are in front of a Malay audience.”unquote.

    I think Anwar had taught them well….

  10. Did you not recently equate the political party that is not aligned to yours Nazis? Have you not been preaching and bitching about political parties to aligned to yours through race and religion? What are your religious leanings? Does the end justify the means?

    1. hh,

      You do have a point.

      Rather surprising to find someone with the same initials as mine (albeit in small caps) lurking in this haunt.


      1. I’m glad you have met you other half here. You guys have so much in common, you could be the same person.

        Anyway, happy lurking guys!

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