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MCA’s latest attack on Utusan

MCA is DAP is MCA is DAP is MCA is DAP is MCA …

MCA joins PR to slam Putrajaya’s call for GLCs to advertise in Utusan

Twitter - eddydaud- 'MCA joins PR to slam

“yup MCA shd join PR. Period”

By the way Eileen Ng, the writer of the TMI article above, is a migrated Scissorati.

Another migrated Scissorati @reginalah has been given Permanent Residence (PR) in the office of the Minister of Youth and Sports.

The tweet below shows Regina Lee receiving a “welcome home” message from the MCA vice president who, coincidentally or not, was the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports in the previous Cabinet.

Twitter - ganpingsieu- @reginalah aiyoooo...very

The J-Star slams Utusan too

And now MCA joins PR to slam Putrajaya’s call for GLCs to advertise in Utusan.

The MCA-owned media J-Star’s Star Editor once tweeted that “1Msia for Utusan to print outrageous lies.”

Star Editor's Choice (TheStarEC) on Twitter 2012-12-30 21-08-17

In anger at Utusan, Hannah Yeoh bashes Najib

The J-Star darling Hannah Yeoh tweeted that “Perkasa = Umno = Utusan”.

Hannah Yeoh also tweeted: “What an irresponsible Prime Minister we have in @NajibRazak allowing Utusan to stoke racial tension post 5 May.” She was retweeted 1,118 times.

Twitterhannahyeoh Perkasa = UMNO = Utusan

hannahyeoh What an irresponsible PM Utusan

In DAP eyes, Utusan and Umno are the same

Hannah Yeoh further tweeted: “I only have to look at Utusan and I know the BN government under @NajibRazak administration is not serious about fighting racism. Period.”

And she tweeted some more: “PM @NajibRazak your tolerance of Utusan and Perkasa speaks volume of your acceptance of their words and deeds.”


Twitter - hannahyeoh- PM @NajibRazak your tolerance

MCA is loyal to the BN, you think?

The J-Star is at the forefront of promoting the Hannah Yeoh personality cult. Their Scissorati were so elated at her appointment to the Speaker’s chair that the newspaper’s official Twitter tweeted the glad tidings 10 times in the span of a single day.

The @staronline Twitter account has 299,149 followers. Therefore, the news of Hannah Yeoh becoming Selangor Speaker was sent out by the MCA media (10 times multiply 299,149 equals) to 3 million receiving twit antennas.

The Star Media Group may be owned by MCA but it definitely does not back the BN.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- So mad seeing @MAS promoting

Twitter - ganpingsieu- MCA VP Gan Ping Sieu’s comment ... 2013-11-11 12-40-29

Compare the connection

See their tweets screen captured above. Hannah Yeoh is “so mad seeing @MAS promoting Utusan Malaysia“.

MCA vice president Gan Ping Sieu is similarly much against GLCs supporting Utusan through ads.

There is no difference between the DAP and the MCA in their mutual antagonism against the mainstream media voice of the Malays.



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23 thoughts on “MCA’s latest attack on Utusan

  1. Ms H. How many of us consider that the DAP, PAS and PKR are really BOUTIQUE POLITICAL PARTIES, each catering to a particular clientele ? Do they really cater to the Rakyat without any POWER ? We all know what BOUTIQUES ARE LIKE – catering to the elite without care for the expense of TIME and MONEY ! For their 0.01 leadership it is A-OK. Can the long suffering supporters WAIT ?

    1. Gan, aku dah lama boikot brg cina (BCL) hinggakan aku perlu yakinkan diriku bahawa it’s okay to have nasi goreng cina hahaha

      MCA can f#*k off n die

    2. Fact is most of the time MCA gave problems to BN every now and then……

      FACT : KPKT under MCA did nothing to check house price hike till it became big issue amongst majority of Malaysian.

      FACT : MOT under MCA are full with scandals like PKFZ, AES etc and also incompetencies such as Rail Double Track Project cost over run/variation order Rawang-Ipoh n north/south portion. Look at KLIA2 project delay also partly due to MoT incompetency.

      What say u Gan?

      1. Totally agree with you. Friend of mine was part of the original contractor of KLIA2, before they step out. Former minister asked to build the airport runway without following SOP. The delay was because they built the runway without proper piling. And that caused soil erosion and they had to redo the work again. Which cost more money and time. The minister didn’t listen to the exact plan by the original contractor, instead he changed the contractor with his kaki/crony. So who was the f**king KPKT minister back then???

    1. Thanks. So BLCs are Barisan-linked companies.

      So we can take it that in MCA’s eyes, Umno-linked companies are the same as gomen-linked companies, and vice versa.

      And the bottomline is that MCA refuses to allow BLCs to support Utusan. If PAS during its coming muktamar is going to reevaluate its relationship with the DAP, then Umno too should reevaluate its relationship with the MCA.

      1. quote,”…..Umno too should reevaluate its relationship with the MCA.”unquote.

        It should be MCA to reevaluate its relationship and purposefulness with UMNO.

      2. Both of you got it all wrong. It should be ULC = Umno Linked Companies. Since the Dapsters hate Umno so much and they label Umno people as Umnoputras, we should just give it to them and send them to Heaven in perpetually hysterical state by calling all GLCs as ULCs. That would surely make their day.

  2. Over 60% of Msian population comprises of Bumiputras whose main language of communication written and oral is Bahasa Malaysia. The balance of the population, I don’t know how many % are fluent or able to read and write in our National language. So if they read English papers or whatever other “foreign languages” papers itu dia orang punya pasal le.

    Najib did the right thing, advising the GLC or whatnot to advertise in the Bahasa Malaysia papers so it can reach out to the majorities who are Bahasa Malaysia speakers.

    Bising2 apahat? Don’t like the majority to get latest/up-to-date information ke? What is wrong with you people? Jealous of Perkasa, UMNO, Bumiputras and Utasan teramat sangat ke?


  4. Apa nak heboh? Hannah Yeoh dah explain, UMNO=Utusan and Utusan mouthpiece of UMNO government, jadi sememangnya lah Najib suruh iklan di Utusan.

    And Gan, GLC is GOVERNMENT-linked company. Government sekarang, in case you miss the whole PRU13 tsunami drama, is actually a bumiputera-majority-supported government. Jadi nak hairan apa kalau GLC iklan di Utusan, Takkan lah dia dah landa kita dengan tsunami, kita nak hadiahkan STAR, China Press dll dengan lebih banyak lagi wang ringgit.

    Ooohhh, I see your point. Najib, the second class citizen lebih memerlukan bantuan kerajaan, So yes please support the Star and the like. If you don’t support macamana dia nak stage the Perfect Storm for the next GE?

  5. helen,

    There is nothing surprising on MCA’s attack on UMNO, Utusan. MCA is actually “DAP” within BN.

    Only UMNO refuses to act. and this angers the Malays. Why support or more importantly provides life line to MCA that continues to attack UMNO.

    UMNO should take note on growing anger in Malay community. Do understand that places like Alor Setar, Bandar Tun Razak, Kuantan were simply won by PR due to UMNO’s refusal to put UMNO candidates in malay majority areas.

    I believe it is sinful to allow your ally attack you and you know that. What is it with najib that he simply becoming “too cool” to the point being indifferent .

  6. shamsual anuar. What used to be Blue KMT MCA has now become Red Beijing MCA. What used to be Red Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP has now become Blue Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP with LKY/Washington links. What a mess for Malaysian Chinese politics when their forefathers and the present DAP leadership did nothing to bring the 3rd Gen after Merdeka 1957 to be aware of themselves as Malaysians. Hence, they worship all sorts of icons outside the borders of our beloved Malaysia.

    1. AK47,

      and what UMNO going to do about it. obviously MCA is not honest here. It behaves like DAP. It refuses to tell the chinese that they have to moderate their views.

      MCA continues to portray that UMNO is bullying other components. The reality is that UMNO reigns supreme because unlike MCA that does not have Chinese support, UMNO manages to get the lion share of Malay votes.

      It is better for UMNO to kick MCA out. How far MCA can survive without Malay supports considering that almost entire Chinese population already reject MCA.

      A political party must earn its support. Failure to do that will relegate them to a page in history.

      For UMNO, stop babysitting MCA. The era of MCA winning in Malay area is coming to its end. Unless UMNO wants to donates seats to PR.

      1. Saudara shamshul anuar. The answer to the present conundrum as created by the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, is straight forward or simple. The bread is on the table. BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties just abide by the Constitution and if the maverick Chinese of Malaysia unlike the true and real Chinese of the World (who all vote for the incumbent Government even in China), continue to be recalcitrant, the BN should just abide by the Laws, implements fair and equitable Policies, maintains a normal and functional bureacracy, and eschews making money by using GLCs and just rule over us – And generally the BN behaves like the British way of treating the Chinese in both Hong Kong, Malaya and Singaporer, there is nothing the Opposition and the Chinese can do until the next 14th GE.

        1. …sangatlah benar dan dapat diterima oleh akal yang waras apa yang diluahkan oleh AK47. Seperti yang saya tegaskan sebelum ini…, umno/BN hendaklah memperlengkapkan diri sebagai pembangkang selepas ini….!

          Sebenarnya mereka mengetahui dan sangat arif dengan perjalanan politik mereka. Tetapi mereka sudah tidak menang tangan dan tenggelam punca untuk mengatasi segala ritangan dan halangan…!

          Lihat dan tunggu sahaja pimpinan tertinggi umno/BN membuat pertimbangan lalu membuat keputusan untuk mengatasi pelbagai masalah yang membeliti mereka.

          Inilah akibatnya apabila sudah tidak dapat kepercayaan rakyat untuk mentadbir negara tetapi berusaha untuk berkuasa juga…., masihkah boleh bermain silap-mata, meskipun telur sudah di ujung tanduk…?

  7. I don’t agree with the government giving directives to favour politically-owned entities. The GLCs should have the freedom to run its operations. OTOH, I would agree if the PM issued a directive to support some government initiative. But placing advertisements? Why the PM even gave that directive is beyond me.

    1. Re. Why the PM even gave that directive is beyond me.

      PM dapat jadi PM dalam PRU13 atas undi majority orang-orang Melayu, to be exact 88 Kerusi Parlimen. Totok-totok Melayu ni kebanyakan adalah pembaca tegar Utusan Melayu. Tanpa Utusan Melayu (dengan izin Allah swt), totok-totok Melayu ini semua tidak akan dapat didekati atau ditarbiahkan oleh GOMEN dengan secara berterusan. Jadi adalah menjadi amalan orang Melayu untuk membalas budi orang lain yang membantu mereka, seperti kata perutamaan “Orang Berbudi Kita Berbahasa”.

      Unlike MCA owned the J-Star, where the Scissorati cum Evangelista have been using the MCA’s mouthpiece to promote DAP and Pakatan with MCA blessing. They basically did nothing to help the GOMEN, not even the MCA candidates during PRU13. I believe Helen has blogged about this before.

      All GLCs are indebted to Utusan Melayu indirectly, for without it, the whole jingbang at the top of GLCs might no longer be there presently, should Pakatan take over recently.

      1. Ms H. In the Singapore Straits Times, all the GLCs and the corporates support it. Just a nod and a wink will do. No need 20th century directives of the Malaysian kind.

  8. Ms H. Somehow the 3rd Gen Chinese, Malaysian Chinese forgot that before the establishment of the Federation of Malaya, all Chinese were citizens of KMT China which even had consulates in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Singapore till 1949. The majority of the Chinese was enfranchised by the laws of the Federation in 1951 And now, some Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, want to start it all over again !

  9. The latest “addition” to DAP : MCA new wanita chief and beside her Dr LFH . WHW of DAP on the right , he just can’t hide it in his face. Some of them come begging , my oh my. So what is their common cause ? Chinese education and everything Chinese ? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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